I Told You So 269


Remember that I told you years ago that Iran isn't just working on building one nuclear weapon but is working on building an arsenal of nuclear weapons?

I just got this from Newsmax By Eric Mack:

"The pause on Iran's nuclear program is over and they are working on an 'arsenal of nuclear bombs,' according to Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, the Times of Israel reported Thursday.

'It's very clear Iran is lying,' Netanyahu told former International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) leader Olli Heinonen, per the report. 'Iran is continuing to work toward an arsenal of nuclear bombs, and we're committed to stop it.'"

Gee, who would have figured?


Remember that I have been telling you that legalizing pot was just the beginning and other drugs will follow?

I just got this from Breitbart by Warner Todd Huston:

"Oakland, California, has joined the 'shroom gang by becoming the second U.S. city to decriminalize the possession and use of hallucinogenic mushrooms.

The 'Mile High City' of Denver voted to decriminalize mushrooms last month to 'deprioritize, to the greatest extent possible' the criminal penalties for 'the personal use and personal possession of psilocybin mushrooms.' The Denver city council added it would 'prohibit the city from spending resources to impose criminal penalties.'"

If you give the pagan lefties an inch, they will take everything you have. This is only the beginning.

Commiefornia Fires

Remember that I told you that the Commiefornia fires were caused by over forestation drying up the land?

I got this from AP via CenturyLink by staff:

"SACRAMENTO, Calif. (AP) - Sparks from a hammer driving a metal stake into the ground ignited a 2018 blaze in Northern California that killed a firefighter and became the largest wildland fire in state history, officials said Thursday."

My first thought is, "Wow, that must have been an incredibly dry forest for sparks from a hammer to start a fire. Gee, you don't think their idiot conservationism and tree hugging caused the forest to be over forested to the extent that it dried the forest up enough to cause that fire with such a negligible heat source, do you?"

I have hit too much steel with too many hammers to believe that the sparks from a hammer striking steel could cause a healthy forest to combust.

Don't believe me?

Try to start a campfire using green wood by striking a hammer against steel and let me know how it goes.

It is like I have been telling you, the problems they are having in Commiefornia with drought, lack of water, and fires are being caused by over forestation caused by their tree hugging conservationism. Another great sounding stupid lefty conservationist idea has failed and they refuse to admit it. If you want to solve those problems, just log out their forests to a healthy level and almost all of that will magically go away because their conservation great sounding stupid ideas are bull crap.

We studied that and the results of their conservationism in Wild Life Management. I saw with my own lying eyes the damage that over forestation caused by their stupid conservation ideas does. The lefties are destroying our forests and at least some of them know it but most of them are too ignorant and stupid to figure it out.

But, hey, that would require the lefties to take responsibility for the problems they cause and you know they ain't gonna do that. You know how they will "solve" this problem.

"We needs to outlaw and confiscate all AR-15 assault hammers. Dat will stop duh fires."

And when that doesn't stop the fires, they will just blame something else and confiscate it too with more false promises of that solving the problems they caused with their great sounding stupid ideas.

All they have to do is log out an average of 80% of the trees where the lefties caused it to be over forested; more in some places and less in others. The water tables will come back up, the drought will go away, and the fires will all but stop, with only rare and minor localized fires continuing.

Internet Take Over

Remember that I told you that the left would take over control of as much of the Internet as possible before the next elections?

It has started with the big tyrannies, you know, FB, Google, YouTube, Twitter, and such, doing everything they can to censor the truth. They are putting on a surge censorship of the conservatives right now. This is the left staging a desperate power grab to set up their lefty commie traitor dictatorship, you know, treason.

And you think the lefties are not conspiring to set up their global dictatorship?

This is going to get much worse before it gets better. You better pray long, pray hard, pray often because only God can stop these power mad satanic monsters.


Remember that I told you that, right now, a number of pandemics are breaking out and spreading across the US and to other nations, what I call a polydemic or numerous pandemics occurring at the same time?

This is because God is letting the Commierats have what they want.

They wanted to kill off the free roaming feral cats with their environmentalism and conservationism, which has created pandemic populations of birds, rodents, and fleas in all of our cities, you know, just like killing off all of the free roaming feral cats did 700 years ago before the Black Plague.

They wanted to have illegal aliens come into the US to illegally vote for the power mad corrupt Commierat politicians so God is permitting these illegal aliens to bring deadly diseases into the US, especially to our cities, with some of those deadly diseases getting into our rodent and flea populations and being spread through our cities, mostly to Commierats, who are the majority of people living in those cities and will be the majority of people who will die from those diseases.

They wanted their drugs so God is letting them have their drugs and is using their sharing of needles to transmit some of those deadly diseases to each other, while also dying from overdoses.

They wanted their free sex so God is using their free sex to transmit some of those deadly diseases to each other on a pandemic scale.

They wanted their abortion so God is letting them use their abortion to murder off tens of millions of their own voters.

(Are you getting the picture yet that just maybe you should be careful for what you wish for, much less what you insist on getting? Maybe, just maybe you should want what God wants for you instead of what Satan tempts you to want?)

Now that this polydemic or numerous diseases (typhus, tuberculosis, measles, and possibly Yersinia Pestis, among others) is ALREADY breaking out and quickly spreading across the US by the lefties fleeing places like Commiefornia, the pagan lefty Commierats are starting to reap the fruits of what they want.

But, hey, it gets better.

RIGHT NOW, they are having a major outbreak of Ebola in Africa with large numbers of refugees illegally coming into the US from those parts of Africa without being medically checked to prevent the bringing of Ebola into the US cities.

Did you know that Ebola can be spread by rodents like shrews, mice, and voles, probably also rats? Did you know that Ebola can be spread by urine and feces, you know, just like the homeless urinating and crapping on their streets in major cities? Did you know that Ebola can be spread by shared needles? Did you know that Ebola can be spread by sex (it remains active in male semen for up to 90 days after the male has been cured of the disease)?

Gee, what a coincidence that we are RIGHT NOW at risk of Ebola coming into the US and it being spread by many of the things the pagan lefty Commierats are doing and causing, you know, what those pagans want.

But, hey, it gets better.

There are plenty of other diseases which cause harm to or kill humans which are transmitted by rodents, fleas, birds, and other organisms the pagan lefty Commierats have caused significant population growths for with their environmentalism.

Are you poser Christians figuring out that maybe it isn't alright with God for you to continue in your sins because you pretended to accept Jesus as your savior?

Please note the incredible coincidence of timing here, you know, with this polydemic breaking out just about 1.5 years before the next election, you know, just in time to kill off a bunch of Commierat voters before the next election.

Gee, you don't think God is purging Commierat voters right now, do you? Gee, you don't think God is purging poser Christians out of the church, do you?

Gee, what a coincidence.

Yep, a bunch of you Commierat minions are about to stop voting for your corrupt Commierat political whores to get free stuff, either before you die or because you die, but many of you will stop voting for them.

But, hey, just think about all of the free stuff you will get for voting for your Commierat political whores. You will get free pandemics, you will get free mass graves to save money on caskets and burials when you are dying so fast they can't bury you individually any more, you will get free fear while you watch your friends and family die all around you, you will get free pain and suffering from those deadly diseases, and you will get free housing when so many people die that no one will care that you just move right into an infected house vacated by other dead people.

So, Commierat minions, how is that free stuff working out for you? How is your beloved Marxism doing?

You sold your souls to the Devil for free stuff and Satan is about to collect on your souls, leaving all of that free stuff behind for others to enjoy while you burn in Hell.

Not very good at making deals, are we? Didn't read the fine print, did we? Didn't stop to think that, when you sell your soul to Satan, he will ALWAYS collect on the deal, taking your soul to Hell, and it will always be sooner than you wanted or expected, did we?

Yep, that was smart. Let's see, eternal damnation; that is a pretty high price to pay for free stuff, which I guess isn't free after all, is it?

Yep, you Marxist WILL stop voting for your lefty commie traitor whore politicians, either before you die or because you die, but you WILL stop voting for them and it looks like quite a few of you won't be voting in the 2020 election because you got what you wanted.

Maybe, just maybe you pagan left commie traitors just might want to repent, turn to God, and accept Jesus as your savior before it is too late, which for some of you will be really soon?

John 3:16 For God so loved the world, that he gave his only begotten Son, that whosoever believeth in him should not perish, but have everlasting life.

You better....

Pray long, pray hard, pray often!!!

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