I Told You So 271


Remember that I have been telling you that even the rich are susceptible to rodent infestations?

It was just made public knowledge that Buckingham Palace has and has had a rodent problem for centuries and you better bet it isn't because of piles of garbage and feces because those British servants keep that place spotless.

Gee, who would have figured?

Listen, EVERY house is made of and contains things that are plant and animal by products, which bugs and rodents eat and the rodents also eat the bugs. Therefore, every community needs free roaming feral cats to keep those bug and rodent populations below epidemic levels to prevent a disease epidemic or pandemic.

Maybe Buckingham Palace needs to bring back palace or castle cats?

That would be a good idea.

Just understand that the bigger the house, the more room and food there is in that house for rodents and bugs so the house is more likely to have rodents and lots of them. Remember that Orkin and other pest control businesses don't make their billions of dollars from the poor but from the middle and upper classes and this proves it...again.

Remember that the White House also has a rodent and bug "problem"? Maybe they should have castle cats?

Eyes Opening

Remember that I have been telling you that God told me that He is opening eyes so people can make an informed choice between His side and Satan's side?

Watch this video.

Increasing numbers of younger people are turning back towards God. The young people have grown up watching Satan's lefty crap fail all around them and are deciding they don't want any of it. Keep praying because it is working. Satan is losing ground!

These Commierat "debates" or free-stuff bribing contests are really showing increasing numbers of people the ugly truth about the lefties, causing increasing numbers of people's eyes to open, especially among the young. More and more people are saying, "I am no longer a Democrat."

Bernie has admitted that he is going to have to raise your taxes to pay for the "free stuff" he is going to give you and the rest of them just have not admitted it yet. They will ALL have to increase your taxes to pay for the "free stuff" they are trying to buy your votes with, you know, buying stupid people's votes with their own money.

People, if you have to pay for it with increased taxes, IT.AIN'T.FREE! Only stupid people believe that stuff is going to be free. The commies are ALL lying to you about free stuff. THERE.AIN'T.NO.FREE.STUFF!

For those of you who have not figured it out yet, the way it works is like this: They will take, say, $1,000 from you in increased taxes to give you $500 back in "free stuff" that most of you will be denied when you try to get it because, because, because (called government regulations to save money so they can stick more of your money in their pockets), it will be a much lower quality product or service than you could buy on a true free market for the same or lower price, and the other $500 dollars goes into the Commierat pockets. Basically, the "free stuff" is just a front to steal more from you in taxes so they can stuff more of your money in their greedy pockets, which is what they really mean when they talk about "redistribution of wealth", you know, from your small bank account to their much larger bank accounts. It is all a con and fraud and they should go to prison and not the White House or Congress.

Listen, if the lefty lips are moving, they are lying.

And God said, "The love of money is the root of all evil."

I want you to pay very close attention to just how evil the lefty pagans are and, by now, all of you should have seen that they are evil. They are not well intentioned stupid people; they are evil. These evil Commierat politicians are evil people pandering to other evil people to get those other evil people's votes, you know, the base of the Commierat Party.

They lie to you, they steal from you, they oppress you, they censor you and the truth, they murder innocent unborn babies, they now want to openly be able to legally murder infants, they want to be able to legally rape children and animals, they use drugs, they beat up anyone who opposes them, they riot in your streets destroying your buildings and cars, they persecute Christians, they practice slavery with their "human trafficking", they murder, they more and more openly worship Satan and other established pagan gods like Baphomet, Baal, and Molech, some while claiming they are atheists or Christians, they worship their pagan gods Marx, Darwin, and money at the altar of Satan, they want "to do as they will" or anything they want no matter who it hurts, and their hearts are "constantly filled with evil thoughts" with them doing no good for anyone except themselves while pretending to care about their slaves, you know, you.

If you can't now see how evil the lefties are, you either don't want to see it, you are not paying attention, or you are just really stupid. If you are planning on supporting or voting for any of these evil lefties, you are part of the problem because you are enabling their wickedness by voting for them and that makes you complicit in their criminal activity, which is why God will punish those who support such evil. The lefties can't commit their crimes without you voting them into positions where they can safely commit their crimes.

This is how evil the Canaanites were when God ordered the Hebrews to purge the cursed Canaanites from the land God was giving the Hebrews and, since you won't purge these evil people, God is soon going to start the process, after He lets these evil people have more of what they want to show you just how much more evil they really are, and then you have to finish getting rid of these evil monsters yourself because you slept while letting them gain power.

Please note that, even as the lefty evil plans fail and they get more and more desperate, the lefties continue to come out of the closet more and more, showing just how evil they really are, causing their evil plans to fail more and more, causing the lefties to get more and more desperate and more and more willing to use violence to get what they want and what sane people should not want.

Note that by not choosing good, you automatically choose evil because you only have two choices. I suggest you choose wisely.

Also note that the evil people don't want you to have a choice, they want to force their evil on you.

God is requiring that we all choose now and I have chosen good over evil.

Bogus Science

Remember that I have told you that the government deep state controls what scientists on the government pay check can say or study and, if those scientists don't say what they are supposed to say, they and their universities don't get any more government money to pay their salaries?

Watch this video.

What I have been telling you about bogus science is true and this is extortion by the deep state. She really blew the whistle on the deep state and the unscrupulous members of the science community. You say what the lefties want you to say or they screw you and your career, just like I have been telling you for years.

She is under attack by the "academic whores" who sold their Ph.D.s to Satan and his people. If they don't attack her to silence her, they lose their government pay checks.


There are a lot of people who have been brainwashed to think the government should take care of everyone but that is a ridiculous and stupid idea. It simply is not financially or economically possible. When tried, it always destroys the economy, plunges all but the elites into poverty, and makes things much worse.

If provided with adequate opportunity, most people would really prefer to take care of themselves as long as the government would get out of the way and quit stealing everything they have with taxes and regulations.

The only people who really need care by the government are those who are either too sick, injured, or incapacitated to care for themselves. Those people really do need help and used to get that help from the church until the Marxist government took over and some churches were more than glad to let the government take over because that meant more money for the leaders of the church to stuff in their pockets.

And God said, "The love of money is the root of all evil."

Get it straight that caring for the poor was a commission God gave to the church 3,600 years ago when He founded it in the Sinai Desert. The church needs to do its job and not the government.

Yes, there are some lazy people who want to sit on their butts doing nothing, smoking dope, screwing, or just playing while the government takes care of them but most people don't want that kind of dependency on the government.

Civil War

Remember that I have been telling you that we are in the beginning of a civil war with the lefties and that the lefties are desperate because they are failing in achieving their agenda and are resorting to violence?

I just saw a video about the lefties, you know, Antifa, arming with guns and training for using those guns. I don't agree with everything this guy says but his information is pretty reliable.

The lefties are right now escalating that civil war they started and are waging against us. You just might want to pray long, pray hard, pray often because this IS getting worse and will get much worse before it gets better, the lefties will make sure of that. The lefties are ramping up for an all out war RIGHT NOW. You can bet that the lefties will start the shooting soon...except they already have started the shooting, especially in killing cops. Soon the lefties will start shooting civilians...oh, they have already starting shooting civilians too, you know, with their mass shootings.

BTW, Antifa attacking a journalist has backfired and everyone, even including CNN, are demanding actions against Antifa such as legally classifying them as domestic terrorists and unmasking them.

Will Trump use this great opportunity to crack down on Antifa and other lefty terrorist organizations?


Remember that I told you that the people fleeing the oppressive Marxist government of Commiefornia are spreading the disease epidemics taking place in Commiefornia to other cities and even other countries?

They just had a 6.4 earth quake in central Commiefornia followed a day or two later by a 7.1 quake and with almost constant aftershocks since the 7.1 quake.

You know that will cause even more people who were just thinking about leaving Commiefornia to escape the Marxist oppression to leave, spreading the diseases to other cities even faster. With the almost constant shaking and even worse expected quakes to follow, parts of Commiefornia are barely habitable and some areas may not be habitable at all right now.

Don't be surprised to see one million or more people flee Commiefornia this year alone.

BTW, these quakes are a warning from God that He has had just about enough of their evil and will soon deal with them if they don't turn back to God. We are talking Sodom and Gomorrah type Biblical justice, people. God will soon cause their destruction just like I warned you years ago but God is first getting some of the better people out of His way by causing them to flee Commiefornia, then the hand of God will come down hard on Commiefornia.

Keep an eye on this.

Globalism Failing

Remember that I have been telling you that globalism is failing?

I got this from Breitbart by John Nolte:

"The global box office is down six percent this year because foreigners don't like Hollywood's crap any more than Americans do.

Hollywood's greedy and cynical crusade to open the international market, even if that means licking the boots of tyrants and human rights abuses in places like China, was supposed to save the movie business, supposed to result in unheard of profits, but it didn't work out that way. In fact, the push to make the movie business a worldwide enterprise has painted Hollywood into a dire and deadly corner that will someday blow up in their face.

The problem with catering to the world is that there is only one kind of movie that appeals to the whole wide world, and that is the blockbuster, the $350 million (production budget plus advertising) gamble that has to gross between $600 and $750 million before anyone sees a profit.

That is no way to run a business.

Throwing out one massive gamble after another puts every studio at risk of catastrophe if just two or three of these dice throws comes up snake eyes.

Opening the foreign market was not a gift, it was Pandora's Box."

The globalists are not just failing politically, they are also failing financially with even Hollywood taking serious damage. Gee, who would have figured that the smarty pants' plans would fail? Dem Hollywood geniuses don't look so smarty pants right about now, do they?

Man plans, God laughs.


Remember that I have been telling you that the lefties hate cops and will shove them under ye ole commie bus when the commies take over?

I got this from Breitbart by Warner Todd Huston:

"A Tempe, Arizona, Starbucks ejected a group of six uniformed police officers who were enjoying their morning coffee because one customer complained to the management that they "didn't feel safe" with the police officers present."

Hey, who is waiting until the commies take over, just shove the cops' butts under ye ole commie bus now and cause completely insane chaos for everyone.

What idiots.

You cops better think more than twice about taking guns away from everyone for the commies because, after you do, you're next for ye ole commie bus trip.

Food For Thought

I am watching the lefties, especially their media using extreme scare tactics concerning "Trump trying to seize permanent control of the US and set up a dictatorship" and I see no such signs.

Are the lefties trying to make it look like it is Trump staging the coup to justify their staging a coup against Trump so they won't be seen as the bad guys they are but be seen as the "heroes rescuing us from evil Trump"?

It sure looks that way. Keep an eye on this.


Remember that I have been telling you that Britain will come out ahead with a "no deal" Brexit?

I got this from Breitbart by Victoria Friedman:

"Jaguar Land Rover will start building its next-generation electric car at its Castle Bromwich plant in 2020, sustaining thousands of British jobs.

The British car manufacturer announced it will be building the XJ, featuring an all-electric powertrain, in the West Midlands plant, with major investment to the site planned to the tune of billions of pounds over the next few years."

Gee, you don't think Brexit will cause Jaguar and other companies to move to Britain to increase their profits by saving money on EU commie taxes, do you?

Keep an eye on this. If anything will finish off the EU, this will.

John 3:16 For God so loved the world, that he gave his only begotten Son, that whosoever believeth in him should not perish, but have everlasting life.

You better....

Pray long, pray hard, pray often!!!

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