I Told You So 272

European Monarchy

Remember that I have been telling you about how inbred the European Monarchy are, how they are all one family with the British, Spanish, and other "monarchies" just being different branches of the same family, how large the extended family really is with members you never heard of, how corrupt they are, and how they are the cause of most of our problems?

Here is a link to a site called "Decadent Facts About The French Monarchy", which tells a little about the French branch of the European royalty showing a little about them all being one family, being corrupt, being inbred, and everything else. Remember that this site is just the tip of the iceberg concerning the European monarchy.

It is a long read with pictures of the different monarchs and you may not be able to stomach reading all of it (I couldn't) but know that ALL of the European branches of the European monarchy are just as bad. They are the cause of most of our problems, have been for thousands of years, and are a significant portion of the upper class trash.

Here is another read called "Facts About Utterly Ruthless Historical Figures" (I couldn't read all of this one either because, after so many decades of reading about such evil, I have really grown tired of it). Remember that these are just a few examples of how evil the inbred upper class trash have been for thousands of years and continue to be today.

Believe me, the upper class trash running the left don't care about you or anyone else AT ALL! The only things they care about are themselves and their bank accounts. They really are very evil people. There have been a few good ones, usually because they were true Christians, who lived by Biblical Christian morals, values, and ethics, but not many. Most were either out right pagans or pagans posing as Christians.

Don't believe me?

Study history.

Remember that such inbreeding decreases intelligence and increases insanity but, hey, since the upper class trash prefer to call it "selective breeding", it must be OK, right? With a better sounding name the molecules and DNA won't function the same, right?

I am sick of the upper class trash (not all upper class) and I want my own planet away from them. One of the reasons Paradise will be so wonderful is because there won't be any upper class trash or their minions. We will have peace with no war or crime because Jesus will enforce Biblical Law and the people who chose evil will burn in the Lake of Fire with their god, Satan.

Bogus Science

Remember that I have been telling you about the government and businesses hiring unscrupulous scientists to do bogus science?

Here is a good history video of that taking place. I have studied this going on for more than half a century and you would be amazed at what you have been taught to believe by unscrupulous scientists that isn't true, which is one reason I write this site to expose that bogus science.

One of the first things I learned studying science in college is that most of what most people believe isn't true and the thing which is most commonly wrong is "common knowledge". If most people believe it, it probably isn't true.

The upper class trash do their best to control you by controlling what you believe by feeding you bogus information as "facts" fed to you by the media, schools, and other sources of information they own, such as the academic whores I have warned you about.


Remember that I explained why the first simplest cell could not ever happen by accident and coincident so that it is scientifically impossible for evolution to happen?

Here is a good video also explaining that. This is a very good video and explains the problems in a different way than I did so you end up with more information as to why evolution by accident and coincident is scientifically impossible because the accidental and coincidental occurrence of the first simplest living cell is not possible.

It is like I have told you. The God haters started evolution with the intention of proving God does not exist and, when they realized that it is scientifically impossible to prove God does not exist, they changed their strategy to trying to make it possible for God to not exist and then they ended up proving that God MUST exist. There is simply no other possibility than God MUST exist.

Let me say, I love watching the young of species as they learn and grow into an adult organism because, I can see in my mind the extreme complexity of their body structures and the systematic changes which must happen at specific points in their development and the order they must happen in along with the physical activities each species must undertake to stimulate those changes in order for that young organism to become a healthy and fit adult. It is absolutely mind boggling and amazing requiring a creator whose intelligence is far beyond human comprehension to cause just one kitten to grow up to become an adult cat.

I have learned that it is simply not humanly possible to comprehend the totality of the existence of the being we call God, absolutely no way. It would be even more difficult for a human to comprehend the totality of the existence of God than for an earthworm to comprehend the totality of the existence of a human. It just is not possible.


Remember that I have been warning you for almost two decades that the secondary education thingy is a racket and the upper class trash are not as smart as they make you believe they are?

Here is a great video that illustrates that well.

The lying, thieving upper class trash are not as intelligent as they make you believe they are. I have been waiting for almost two decades for the racket about them bribing their spoiled rich kids' ways into the right unkneebersities and it is now well known except you have only barely seen the tip of a huge iceberg. It is much, much worse than anything they have let you know.

Hey, what do you think all of those big donations to the right unkneebersities by rich people are really for? Gee, you don't think the rich are bribing those universities to let their spoiled, rich brats into their schools, do you?

Now I am also waiting for it to be made known that those spoiled rich kiddies are red flagged when they take intelligence tests like SAT so that they are certain to make higher scores to get into those right unkneebersities when the bribes are paid. You can't get into those right unkneebersities without high scores.

It should be obvious that the upper class trash kiddies attending those universities are not intelligent enough to get the very high scores they always rub in our faces and they must have to get into those right unkneebersities their parents bribe to get those spoiled rich kiddies into.

Keep an eye on this because something is obviously going on here.


Remember that I told you that the lefties are trying to legalize polygamy while lying to you about it meaning one man with two or more wives when it really means polygyny, polyandry, and polyamory so they can use polyamory to destroy the Christian family?

I got this from Breitbart by Dr. Susan Berry:

Headline: "APA Task Force Promotes Multiple Sex Partner Status as Legally Protected Class"


"The American Psychological Association (APA) has created a task force to promote 'consensual non-monogamous relationships' (CNM) and a petition seeking legal protected class status of individuals with multiple sex partners."

Hey, you were stupid enough to take the sucker punch and let them legalize homosexual marriage so that now the only difference is that each marriage partner will be able to marry two or more people of either sex. Just imagine your marriage partner being able to marry anyone they want WITHOUT your consent and you suddenly finding there are 3 or more adults in your marriage relationship with each of them having legal rights to your property, wealth, and kids. That will really screw everything up, won't it, especially the kids.

No marriage will survive that mess but, hey, the attorneys will make a fortune every time one of the adults decides to divorce whomever they are married to in the group and take whatever is legally their share of everything, including the kids. Everyone in that "marriage" will have to lawyer up for protection. It won't take long and people will just stop getting married and having children, you know, so the upper class trash can depopulate "their planet" by purging you.

Hey, baby, Satan knows how to screw up everything good to destroy mankind.

Easy Prediction

Here is an easy prediction. With this Commierat Party civil war being as heated as it is, quickly escalating and there still being more than a year until the final election, don't be surprised to see violence used in this civil war, especially by the far lefty commies, and even see people die. I am expecting to see Antifa get pretty busy attacking and fighting the less radical lefties for the far lefties. You are just beginning to see how evil the lefties really are.

If you are not a Commierat, enjoy the show. If you are a Commierat, you are the show.

Another easy prediction is that the number of people leaving the Commierat Party will quickly escalate and the Commierat Party will explode into two or more parties, especially when it becomes obvious they won't win anyway so they won't have anything to lose. The far lefties will start a new, more violent and aggressive party, you know, like the German Nazi Party, to stage a violent coup because everything else they are trying is failing.

BTW, the Clintons just got booed at a Billy Joel concert by their own lefties. Me thinks they are washed up and could soon find themselves being shoved under ye ole commie bus, you know, like being sold out by Jeffrey Epstein with the permission of the upper class trash to save his own bacon at least a little. Their political career has ended so don't be surprised to see them get "suicided".

Here is another easy prediction. They are currently building Michelle Obama up as being a lefty goddess, you know, "she is just so wonderful, magnificent, and fabulous...uh, and popular too", while all of the current Commierat presidential candidates are busy destroying each other. At the last minute, they will dump Michelle into the race too late for anyone else to tear her to shreds.

By building her up before she is committed, the stupid people are more likely to believe the lies and propaganda without question than if she were running. That way, they build her image up to "magnificent" and she should shoot right to the front of the race.

They want you to believe she is your holy messiah that will save you from Trump. They may even soon start a movement to "draft" her into being a Commierat presidential candidate, you know, to make it look like she is reluctant and "only doing it for you".

I can think of no other reason why the lefty media keep talking about how wonderful and popular she is. You know they are up to something and with the lefty primaries coming up soon, it is almost certainly that. It is that timing thingy, baby.

It is a con job. Keep an eye on it.

Illegal Aliens

Remember that I told you that the lefties bringing in illegal aliens to vote for the lefties is just another great sounding stupid idea by the lefties because the illegal aliens won't vote for the rich, white lefties but will vote for their own people to replace those rich, white lefties?

Think I am wrong?

Ask Pelosi how she is enjoying fighting to maintain control of the Commierat Party the new people voted into office by illegal aliens are trying to seize control of...and Pelosi is losing the fight, you know, just like I told you would happen. Yeah, it is working out just like I told you it would. Those stupid lefties who brought in illegal aliens to vote for them are being voted out of office by the illegal aliens the lefties brought in to vote for them just like I said would happen. It is just another failed great sounding stupid idea by the lefties.

The illegal aliens the lefties brought into the country to vote for the stupid lefties are destroying the Commierat Party and will cause it to split into at least two groups. That is what the Commierat civil war is all about. The people voted into power by the illegal aliens are trying to seize control of the Commierat Party just like I told you would happen.

Smart move.

Man plans, God laughs.

And the idiot lefties are too stupid to learn or admit they made a mistake so they just keep bringing in more illegal aliens to finish destroying the Commierat Party...while I enjoy my popcorn.

Do you believe me yet that these idiots are not more intelligent than you and are really stupid people?

If not, just keep watching. I have the utmost confidence the lefties will prove it.


Remember that I told you years ago that God will sort out the poser Christians from His church?

This was posted on FB by Mark:

"I used to believe that the Southern Baptist Convention was safe from religious liberalism, or should I say progressivism, or should I say social justice warrior proclivities, or should I say 'woke' values. I was wrong. We Southern Baptists have some leaders in our convention that are decidedly left progressive. Our SBC President, J.D. Greear, is advocating for LGBT rights. Here is a direct quote that I personally observed him delivering in a video of his sermon:

Greear said that we Southern Baptists should 'stand up and be among the fiercest advocates for the preservation of the dignity and the rights of LGBT people because we recognize that gay and lesbian people are essentially just like us; people made in the image of God like us and deserving of all the dignity and respect that we desire for us or our children.'"

Yep, the sorting is going on right now and Satan's people are coming out of the closet. It is time to choose between God and Satan.


Remember that I have been telling you that the lefties are waging a war against us and their violence is increasing?

I am not the only one noticing. This is a video by "Patriot Nurse" pointing out what I have been telling you for years. Note her frustration and her being careful in selecting her words to prevent being censored. The censorships are causing everyone to be intimidated into being careful about their wording and expressing the truth about what is really going on. The censorships are working, well, except for my site.

Note that the increasing violence by the left is meant to draw you into defending yourselves and your nation so the left can "justify" taking everyone's guns so they can safely set up their dictatorship. It is a sucker punch and it is getting increasingly violent.

What should you do?

Join a militia that will organize internally, locally, regionally, and nationally with other militias, law enforcement, and the military. Establish safe zones to send your families when the fighting goes full bore, to prevent the lefties from kidnapping your families to extort you into not resisting their coup and commie dictatorship, and to protect your weapons and munitions supplies. Then everyone needs to establish local, regional, and national military strategies and tactics for dealing with different contingencies with every militia unit being 1) a reaction force to defend and prevent take over long enough to 2) set up a counter attack and offensive to take your nation back from the commies.

Then you better pray long, pray hard, pray often because we really need it. Keep your heads and don't get stupid because it will just give the lefties the justification for rounding up weapons and people they are fishing for.

John 3:16 For God so loved the world, that he gave his only begotten Son, that whosoever believeth in him should not perish, but have everlasting life.

You better....

Pray long, pray hard, pray often!!!

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