I Told You So 273


Remember that I have been warning you about the effects of drugs, especially pot?

I only take aspirin when I need it because of pain, especially if I need it to get to sleep at night. Some doctors started a fad decades ago about taking a daily aspirin to prevent heart disease but I refused because they didn't have the science behind it, it was just a medical guess or theory. You would be surprised at how much of what most doctors believe is still not true. I was surprised at how much of what many doctors use for medicine, they get from the media, you know, TV, newspapers, and magazines, you know, from those scientifically ignorant journalists, that has little if any scientific basis. When I learned this, I was amazed and appalled. Some of the crap I have seen, especially by psychiatrists, is no better than voodoo medicine.

I got this from AP via CenturyLink By Lauran Neergaard:

"After all, for years doctors urged people to leverage aspirin's blood-thinning properties to lower the chances of a first heart attack or stroke. Then last year, three surprising new studies challenged that dogma. Those studies were some of the largest and longest to test aspirin in people at low and moderate risk of a heart attack, and found only marginal benefit if any, especially for older adults. Yet the aspirin users experienced markedly more digestive-tract bleeding, along with some other side effects."

We already knew about the bleeding problem with regular aspirin use decades ago.

Now, do you really think that, if I only take aspirin when I need it, I will take even more damaging drugs like pot, alcohol, tobacco, or other recreational drugs, which we KNOW do much more damage than aspirin?

Hey, you only get one body, baby, and you can't take it back for repairs or replacements. I can't understand people who take ANY recreational drug or abuse any prescription drug for temporary "good feelings". We will see how great they feel when their bodies are all screwed up and hurting or dying. It ain't worth it, baby.

I often don't even take all of the pain medication a doctor will prescribe for me because, if I don't need it, I don't take it. I have studied too much molecular biology and chemistry to put any more of that stuff in my body than I absolutely have to, especially for crap where the side effects are worse than the medical condition being treated.

Recreational drugs ain't happening, baby. I treasure the one and only body I have been given by God too much to destroy it for some good feelings that don't last very long. But, hey, the damage lasts the rest of your life. I would much rather have my body last longer because I took better care of it, which is one reason I am still alive after everything I have been through. You can't just trot you little butt down to Walmart and get a replacement body, baby. Be a good steward and take the best care you can of what God gave you or you will pay for it.

God gave us His Laws to teach us how to care for our bodies and the Bible should be your "driver's manual" for your body. Hint, hint.


Remember me telling you that, if you believe 10% of what you get from the media and Hollywood, you are grossly misinformed?

Why, you would never consider believing anything from Hitler's propaganda machine, right? Who owns the MSM and Hollywood?

The upper class trash own the MSM and Hollywood. Yep, that is right, the MSM and Hollywood are just the upper class trash Nazi propaganda machines.

And you believe anything they tell you without question?

Think about it.

Global Depopulation

Remember that I told you that the upper class trash and Muslims bringing illegal aliens to the US might be to eradicate those populations to depopulate the planet, you know, using the US as their death camp to achieve their "final solution"?

I just got this from Breitbart by Dr. Susan Berry:

"Minnesota Rep. Ilhan Omar tweeted Monday that illegal aliens must have 'access' to abortion, which she equated with 'medical care.'"

Let me guess, the lefty upper class trash have not learned a thing from murdering off their own voters so they have to bring illegal aliens here to vote for the upper class trash and they are already starting to murder off those voters with abortions? Why? Gee, you don't think it is all a ploy to depopulate the planet, do you, hey, you know, turn the US into a global death camp for some more Nazi genocide?

Think about it.

Gee, connecting those lefty dots sure makes some ugly pictures.

Los Angeles

Remember that I have been telling you that the big city rat problems existed long before the homeless problem created all of that trash?

Watch this video and note the mention that the LA rat problem "extends far beyond the downtown trash problem". Also note the other big cities mentioned, where the rat problem is so bad that they all have "rat task forces", which are doing almost no good. Also note that they said that clearing the trash BEFORE getting rid of most of the rats just causes the rats to go elsewhere to find food, you know, spread those diseases throughout the entire city. Please also note that their "solutions" are just short term solutions, which probably won't work anyway, and not long term solutions that will work. Hey, baby, them "fixing the problem" is all smoke and mirrors to appease the voters so the voters will keep voting the criminals into power and not really fixing anything.

Yeah, just like I have been telling you, the rats are EVERYWHERE in all of our big cities, it just ain't being talked about, baby.

Here is an easy prediction, expect these lousy, corrupt politicians to start "rat taxes to clean up the rats", which, of course, won't solve a thing and will funnel more money into the corrupt politicians' pockets and the pockets of corrupt crony capitalists who pretend to solve the rat problem and will only state later that they need more money so they can justify increasing the rat taxes...which won't solve the problem so they can justify increasing the rat taxes again and again and again.

Hey, if they actually solve the problem, how can they justify keeping and increasing the rat taxes for solving the problem so they can keep stuffing that money in their pockets?

Planned Obsolescence

Remember that I have been telling you that the great sounding, stupid ideas of planned obsolescence and profit maximization have created a really great business opportunity? Remember that I have told you about some of the problems I have been having in finding shoes and pants that don't quickly fall apart because of these corrupt business practices dreamed up by our dope smoking college professors in their white palaces?

I finally gave up on finding durable shoes in local stores and turned to the Internet and a site which sells shoes to the military and police, which means their shoes should be durable because they have a very small market which would quickly learn of trash shoes causing that business to quickly go broke.

While looking at those shoes, I noticed that the most common concern by customers was durability and then I remembered seeing videos where subscribers' most common concerns about other things like cars was durability. Then I realized that planned obsolescence and profit maximization are already having a big backlash against big businesses using those business strategies because of greed.

You have to understand that the concept of planned obsolescence is based on the idea that you, the customer, are so stupid that, when their product fails, you will be stupid enough to return to buy that same failed product again and again so, by causing their product to fail quickly, you will have to buy more and more of their products causing them to make more money in the same time.

Pretty arrogant plan and idea, isn't it?

It turns out that this great sounding stupid idea by the upper class trash is chasing customers away to find quality products elsewhere that don't fail as frequently, which is why formerly successful businesses like Penny's, Sears, Macys, GM, and others are suddenly failing because their customers are going somewhere else. Those customers are NOT mindlessly returning to keep buying the same crap.

What are these "intellectually superior" upper class trash doing about losing so much market share in the name of greed?

They keep taking their worthless products out of country to be made by cheaper labor (often slave labor) so they can increase the profits on the products they are still selling instead of selling better quality products at a reasonable price to regain the market share their greed has lost them.

Kind of stupid, huh? And you think these idiots are smarter than you because they stole more money than you can legally earn?

This proves that there is a massive business opportunity for anyone who will make a quality product for a reasonable price because "brand loyalty" by the customers has already been broken by the upper class trash and Wall Street bean counter greed. There is a massive amount of market share just ripe for the picking by anyone who will make a quality product for a reasonable price by getting away from planned obsolescence and profit maximization and back to taking market share with good business practices and strategies.

And God said, "The love of money is the root of all evil."

Law and Military

Remember that I have been telling you that the lefties are going to shove the cops and military under the commie bus?

The lefties are already doing it. Watch this video. Increasing numbers of cops are leaving their jobs because they are being sold out RIGHT NOW. This is not something that may happen, it isn't something that will happen, it is something that is happening RIGHT NOW.

I expect the lefties to start replacing cops and the military with their lefty commie traitor Antifa and BLM soon, you know, their Citizens National Security Force. They may not even wait until they have staged a successful coup against the US government.

This is all part of the lefty coup taking place right now, step by step.

Personally, I think the cops in jurisdictions where their leaders are selling them out like in the above video should go on strike and refuse to patrol in the areas where those officers are attacked. Let the voters in those areas be subject to the lawlessness of their thugs and see how long the voters will continue to support leaders who sell out the cops. Let those voters find out the hard way that it isn't the cops who are the bad guys.

Keep an eye on this.


Remember that I have been telling you and proving to you that evolution by accident and coincident is scientifically impossible?

This video tells you the same thing. Evolution by accident and coincidence is absolutely scientifically impossible and REQUIRES that God MUST exist. There is absolutely no other possibility and, therefore, whether you believe in evolution or creation, God MUST exist to have caused life to happen, which means that evolution is just another means of God caused creation.

Therefore, if the evidence proves outright creation, it no longer makes sense to believe in evolution and one must simply admit outright creation as described in the Bible.

This means that creationists have already won the argument and evolution is just a pagan fairy tale, you know, just like I have been telling you for almost two decades. End game, God.

Please note that, in spite of the overwhelming evidence and science for God, these men, non Christians, still try to dismiss that He exists because they don't WANT to believe He exists so they bull headedly persist in trying to explain life without God and by accident and coincident while admitting that accidence and coincidence won't work. That is the essence of paganism. They know that God MUST exist but refuse to accept that God DOES exist.

"We don't want to believe God exists so let's make up some great sounding pagan fairy tales like evolution that contradict the evidence so we can ignore the evidence that God MUST exist."


Remember that I told you about how FDR's socialism caused the Great Depression the same way socialism is causing the great depression in Venezuela, Marxism caused a prolonged great depression in the Soviet Union, the same way Marxism caused the prolonged great depression in China, the same way Marxism caused the continuing great depression in North Korea, the way Marxism caused the continuing great depression in Cuba, and etc., etc., etc.? Remember that I told you the one thing which did the most to stop the Great Depression caused by FDR's socialism was the people getting a lot of money and using it to start new businesses, buy homes, buy cars, and buy other things, you know, capitalism?

So, what are the two main lessons you should take away from this?

1) Marxism always causes great depressions

2) To stop a great depression caused by Marxism, you take the money stolen by the Marxist government and give it to the people to start new businesses, buy homes, buy cars, and buy other things or capitalism

That is right, the cure for the severe economic problems caused by Marxism is free market capitalism. You simply take the money stolen from the people by the Marxist government, which caused the great depression, and give it back to the people so the people can start free market capitalism and the problem of a great depression is solved. It is that simple, just stop the government stealing from the people and the economy will do just fine.

Gee, isn't that a tough one to figure out?

Well, for the all-knowing, all-wise, highly educated, intellectually superior, grossly overpaid, natural elite, heavily inbred, upper class trash who got the right degrees from the right unkneebersities, it is impossible to figure out because they ain't figured it out yet, baby.

And you think they are more intelligent than you because they stole more money than you can earn? Really? Why? Because they told you they are?

Hey, they lie...a lot.

I sent an e-mail to a friend and he posted it on his site or discussion board saying:

"First, if you study the history of economics, you should learn that the Stock Market crash of 1929 DID NOT cause the Great Depression. By the time FDR got into office in 1933, you know, 4 years later, the economy was almost completely recovered and growing at about 3% to 4% of GDP. If was only after FDR implemented his SOCIALISM, you know, like in Venezuela, that the US economy crashed, causing the Great Depression. (Gee, what a coincidence that the US socialist economy was as bad as the Venezuela socialist economy is today.)

This simple fact has been well covered up by the lefty commie traitor lying media and lefty college professors for more than 70 years. FDR and his socialism caused the Great Depression and they have been blaming the 1929 Stock Market crash so you would fall for more of their beloved socialism.

What saved us from the Great Depression was WWII, FDR died during WWII, and a lot of soldiers came home from WWII with years of back pay they used to start businesses, buy homes, buy cars, and buy other things, you know, capitalism.

Don't believe me?

Study the history of economics."

Some guy named "Mushroom" replied with the following comment:

"That is almost totally wrong.

To begin with, that very simplistic post is confusing the two very different forms of Socialism that were being practiced at that time period.

The first is what the poster was claiming that FDR was followed, and that was International Socialism. That is the kind that was practiced in the Soviet Union, and is being practiced in Venezuela. Where essentially the State is the owner of everything, and has complete control over all aspects of life inside the country.

What FDR was doing was more akin to National Socialism. Where the Government takes on some aspects, but primarily businesses and organizations govern themselves without far reaching government influence and interference.

And the Great Depression was a worldwide event, not just in the US. The crash itself had almost no effect on the economy, but what it did was shook the confidence in the economy of the normal individual. And it was also an era of deflation, where the buying power of currency actually increased, even further reducing the flow of currency within the economy. This was exasperated by the hoarding of currency and removal of money from banks and being instead held by individuals.

And this can not be blamed on FDR, it really was a global phenomenon. Australia had unemployment up to 30%. Industrial output of Canada dropped by almost 60%. The economy of Chile collapsed when 80% of their exports ceased because of a drop in demand. Even France saw a decrease of national output of 20%, and a series of riots that led to the rise of their Socialist Party.

In Germany, the worldwide crisis caused the downfall of the Weimar Republic. And the rise of National Socialist governments in the Netherlands and Italy. As well as the rise of such movements as Sir Oswald Mosley's British Union of Fascists.

No, that quote is almost entirely wrong, trying to pretend that the Great Depression only affected the US, and ignoring the global situation entirely."

The first thing to notice here is that he did not refute my statement that the 1929 Stock Market crash did not cause the Great Depression and even admitted that the stock market crash did not cause the Great Depression, contrary to what the lefties have been teaching you for almost a century now. This should tell you that Marxists KNOW that the 1929 Stock Market crash DID NOT cause the Great Depression and they are using the stock market crash to cover up what really caused the Great Depression. He knew I knew better so he tried a different lie.

The second thing to notice was that he tried to use the Marxist lie of "two very different forms of Socialism", you know, "it was another type of socialism and not the type I push, you know, the good type of socialism, that caused the Great Depression". He then tried to distance US socialism from "International Socialism" with "The first is what the poster was claiming that FDR was followed, and that was International Socialism. That is the kind that was practiced in the Soviet Union, and is being practiced in Venezuela." You know, "it wasn't US socialism that caused the mess in Venezuela, it was international socialism. Yeah, that's the ticket, international socialism."

He further added to his smoke and mirrors by adding, "What FDR was doing was more akin to National Socialism," it wasn't FDR's fault because he used National Socialism, which doesn't destroy the economy. At least he admitted that FDR was a socialist and forced his socialism on us, you know, just like I told you.

Then he tried to prove this by saying, "And the Great Depression was a worldwide event, not just in the US," you know, while Germany's economy was growing so Hitler could build their military, lots of great buildings and entertainment venues, the Autobahn, and start Volks Wagen as a government owned business but Mushroom also claimed that Germany's economy caused the fall of the Weimar Republic, which is false, Hitler did that after he was elected as Prime Minister of Germany. Yep, it was global alright.

So I responded with the following:

"What? You admit that it was not the 1929 Stock Market crash that caused the Great Depression? You say it was a global phenomenon caused by socialism being implemented throughout the US and Europe which caused this global depression?

I just love the way the liars try to differentiate the different "types" of socialism or Marxism to say, "It ain't our type of socialism because our type is different and won't cause those problems. It were their type of socialism."

All "types" of socialism or Marxism are based on the concept of the people voluntarily submitting themselves to the control of the government and the government stealing money from the people to "take care of the people by spending the people's money in a more wise and intelligent way". It is that taking of the money from the people and the all-wise and all-knowing government, always idiots, "spending the people's money in a more wise and intelligent way" that always causes the severe economic problems regardless of the "type" of Marxism.

I just wrote the following to be posted at my site but feel free to post it first:"

Then I posted what I had just written at the start of this article: "Remember that I told you about how FDR's socialism caused the Great Depression the same way socialism is causing the great depression in Venezuela...(what you read at the beginning of this article."

And ended by adding:

"Know this, that, when the government steals from the people, it is stealing from the economy because the people ARE the economy."

Don't think the people are the economy?

Let's do the economic math.

Let's start by taking the globalists profit maximization to its inevitable end where all workers will either be replaced by robots, computerized machines, or be underpaid slaves living on subsistence wages to increase or "maximize the profits" from all of their businesses so that no one will have enough disposable income to buy any of the upper class trash stuff, which is what the upper class trash are regularly doing to increase their profits by taking wages from their workers anyway they can.

Without the people earning fair wages and having disposable income, who will buy the stuff made by the globalists' businesses, robot?

No one and there will be no economy. Therefore, the people are the economy because they are the ones who buy almost all of the products and services provided by the corporations with the corporations only buying some of those products and services.

"But," you say, "you said the upper class trash control the economy."

Yes, by hiring and firing people. If the upper class trash wants to build the economy, they hire and pay people money those people will spend on products and services. If the upper class trash wants to deflate the economy, they fire people so they won't earn money and be able to buy the products and services the major corporations provide.

What should this tell you?

That with the greedy globalists replacing well paid workers with robots, computerized machines, and slave labor to increase the profits for the upper class trash, the upper class trash are destroying the long term economy so they can maximizing short term profits. This can only continue until it reaches a point to where there will not be ENOUGH people in the economy to buy enough stuff to keep the major corporations functioning. When we reach a point to where there are not enough people with enough money to purchase enough stuff to maintain the corporations, then the economy will implode into a massive economic black hole, which will swallow everything in the economy.

Basically, right now, the upper class trash globalists are creating the greatest economic disaster in history because of their greed and them using their globalist profit maximization strategy.

Do you believe me yet that the upper class trash cause better than 90% of our problems?

Then what?

What will happen when the globalists achieve their greedy goals and there are not enough people with enough money to maintain the economy?

First, you have to understand that all businesses run by college educated people do what their professors tell them to do, which is to use leverage or loans to maximize growth and profits. When you take out a loan for your business, what you are really doing is temporarily selling part of your business to the bank and then buying it back with regular payments that include interest on the loan so that you are buying your business back at a loss.

Think not?

When you have taken out a loan on your business and the value of the business drops down to the amount you owe on the loan, you know, wiping out all of the equity on the loan, the bank now completely and legally owns your business, they seize your business, and sell your business to get their money back leaving you with absolutely nothing, not a dime. I have seen this happen to people whose businesses had been worth hundreds of millions of dollars when they took out the loans and, when the economy dropped, causing their business to decline and the value of their businesses dropped to the amount of the loans with no equity remaining, the owners lost absolutely everything.

AND without the income from their businesses, they couldn't even pay the loans on their homes, their cars, their planes, their boats, or anything else, all of which the banks sold to get their money leaving the owners broke and with nothing. It was cardboard box in the alley time, baby.

So, what will happen when the idiot globalists decrease the number of people with enough disposable income to where those people cannot purchase enough stuff to keep the business values above the loan values for those businesses?

Obviously the banks will sell those businesses leaving the previous greedy business owners and share holders living in cardboard boxes in allies dumpster diving for dinner. Do not be surprised to see arrogant, greedy globalists who practice profit maximization today, you know, like Zuckerberg, living in cardboard boxes in allies dumpster diving for dinner in the not too distant future, especially after they take back control of our government from Trump.

But it gets better.

What will happen when enough of these stupid rich globalists go broke that the banks can't sell off the businesses they repocessed so that the banks get stuck holding businesses with rapidly declining values?

Hint, think housing bubble. Easy, the banks will go broke but it gets better.

When the banks went broke because the "housing bubble" burst in 2007, the government was only able to save the larger banks from going broke but today our nation is many times further in debt than in 2007, thanks to our corrupt politicians and upper class trash, and probably won't be able to save any of the banks or Wall Street firms. Venezuela economy, here we come!

It is at that time that the US economy will turn into a massive economic black hole that will swallow almost everything everywhere very quickly breaking all of the upper class trash globalists and everyone else.

It is at this point that you need to understand that history teaches that people will not revolt when they feel they have more to lose than they have to gain by revolting but, when the people feel they have more to gain than they have to lose by revolting, the people always revolt and start killing upper class trash, which is why the upper class trash are trying to disarm everyone to keep from getting their worthless brains blown out.

This should tell you that, when the upper class trash globalists turn the economy into a black hole and the people realize they have nothing to lose and everything to gain, the people will definitely revolt and start killing upper class trash, which happens every few hundred years because the upper class trash have been inbreeding too long and never learn from history so they keep forcing us to repeat history by killing a bunch of them off.

For example, during the French revolution called Bastille, the French people wiped out all of the French royalty who caused that economic depression but the upper class trash never learn. Here we are a few hundred years later and the people are on the verge of giving the upper class trash free guillotine haircuts again and the upper class trash deserve it, as always.

Man plans, God laughs.

John 3:16 For God so loved the world, that he gave his only begotten Son, that whosoever believeth in him should not perish, but have everlasting life.

You better....

Pray long, pray hard, pray often!!!

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