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Some cops were recently asked to leave a Starbucks because another customer "didn't feel safe".

Maybe the cops should have investigated what crimes that person has committed that caused them to "not feel safe" because the cops were there? Just what were they on the lamb for?

This should make it very obvious that lefties hate cops and plan on shoving cops under their lefty commie traitor bus as soon as they can.

Easy Prediction

Here is an easy prediction. Bernie's campaign is faltering, he just became buds with AOC, they are both devout radical commies (gee, what a coincidence), they are working together on different items, including soon declaring climate change an emergency, and AOC ain't running for president, folks.

Watch for them to soon announce that AOC is Bernie's vice presidential candidate.

Keep an eye on this.

Walmart in Trouble?

For some time I have been seeing empty shelves at Walmart and asked one of their people why so many of their shelves are empty so much. He told me that Walmart is "having trouble getting stuff into their warehouses".

He said that the stuff is going to other stores before Walmart gets their stuff.

People, this is one of the largest retailers in the nation and it is common practice for them to get their stuff first.

Now, why is Walmart not getting their stuff first and having to have empty shelves?

Having empty shelves is really bad for a retailer because it means lost sales and lost customers because those customers will go somewhere else to get what they want, if they can't get it at Walmart.

I would have a tendency to think that maybe some of it is because of the tariffs on China, where Walmart gets quite a bit of their stuff but Walmart has been having empty shelves since before Trump started placing tariffs on goods from China.

Are their buyers doing a lousy job and need to be replaced? Is Walmart having financial problems we are not being told about, they are not paying their bills on time, and the whole sellers are refusing to send merchandise until they get paid?

Something is going on, but what?

If you know, let me know.

Jeffrey Epstein

And God said, "Be not deceived, your sins will find you out."

I have been watching this and other things for almost half a century. I have seen about half a dozen cops over the years who were interviewed in silhouette to protect their identity. They all said the same things though years apart and in different parts of the nation.

They said that the upper class controls the drug, human trafficking, pagan cults, and sex markets by using front men and women to cover their butts, you know, like the Wizard of Oz controlling everything from behind a curtain to deceive people. The cops all said that the upper class trash are sexual perverts who will screw or rape anything or anyone, including children. Some of the cops said the upper class trash are using some of these children from their "human trafficking" as human sacrifices for their pagan cults and this goes back about half a century now.

The cops said that every time they try to open an investigation into who controls these illegal activities, their investigations get shut down from the top, you know, the "pillars of our society" I call the upper class trash.

This thing about Epstein is just the tip of the iceberg and please notice that none of the upper class trash are surprised to find out about his pedophile slave market and are just trying to "distance themselves" from Epstein to keep from being caught up in the investigation because they know they will go to jail too because they are part of it.

If law enforcement were permitted to conduct a thorough investigation, almost all of our top leaders and many of their aids would go to prison for the many crimes they are committing and I mean really bad crimes. Most of them should be hung. I keep telling you that the upper class trash are evil and they are the problem.

You are just now beginning to find out how evil and corrupt the upper class trash really are and, until enough of you pull your heads out of your butts, open your eyes, start paying attention, and learn how evil they are, God is just going to keep permitting things to get worse until enough of you know the ugly truth about these pagan monsters.

THESE.PEOPLE.AND.THEIR.MINIONS.ARE.REALLY.BAD.PEOPLE! They are not just stupid, they are also evil.

They are RIGHT NOW committing the worst genocide in the history of the world, they are RIGHT NOW owning, selling, raping, and murdering slaves, including children, you know, with their "human trafficking", which sounds much nicer than slavery, they are RIGHT NOW using drugs and making a fortune selling you drugs (get a clue, the drug cartels answer to them, which is why we can't win the war on drugs), they are RIGHT NOW using Antifa thugs to beat up, terrorize, and intimidate anyone who exposes the truth about them, they are RIGHT NOW seizing control of the Internet to censor and silence anyone and everyone who tells the truth about them, they are RIGHT NOW stealing everything they can from you and trying to create ways to steal more and more, they are RIGHT NOW working to destroy the US Constitution and our nation so they can set up their commie global dictatorship, and on and on and on.


Still don't believe me?

Just keep hiding your head up your butt and eventually God will rip your head out of your butt and rub their evil deeds right in your face until you do know the ugly truth about the upper class trash and their evil minions. If you keep in denial about this long enough, God will make it very personal to you.

I can't wait until Judgment Day when we will find out absolutely EVERYTHING about these evil people and NO ONE will be able to deny how wicked they are.

And God said, "Everything will be made known."


When are intelligent people going to learn that discussion or debating will not change the minds of people with an evil agenda?

We have let the academe convince us that, if we just say the right words the right way, bad people doing bad things will see the light be good little boys and girls.

Bull crap. The bad people have seen the light and love the dark so showing them the light again simply will not do any good, I don't care which words you say which way.

To think that you are so brilliant that you can just say the right words the right way and convince everyone on the planet to see your magical light is both arrogance and ignorance. These "intellectuals" think they is are be such smarty pants that they can change anyone's mind to being good little boys and girls when those people just don't want to be good little boys and girls.

If people have chosen evil, you are not going to talk them out of it and can only scare them out of it sometimes, many times you cannot even scare them out of it, you just have to hang them. This is the big truth that these arrogant "intellectuals" refuse to learn, you know, see the light about, probably because they chose to be arrogant intellectuals, which also makes my point.

The idiot intellectuals disprove their own belief system by refusing to see the ugly truth and reality of life. If these arrogant fools won't change when shown the light, how can they expect others to change when shown the light?

If people WANT to believe what they want to believe, showing them the facts and evidence proving otherwise will not cause them to change their minds. These people will simply continue to believe what they want to believe regardless of the facts and the lefties are proof of this when they censor the truth to get others to believe what they want to believe and so they can themselves continue to believe what they want to believe. Most of the time, their "reasons" for believing what they want to believe are just an intellectual smoke screen.

You have to learn to tell when their arguments are a smoke screen or are a true reason for their beliefs and act accordingly. If you show them the facts and they change their mind, then they were honest but misinformed. If you show them the facts and they refuse to change, usually playing word games as a cover for continuing their beliefs, you are wasting your time talking to them.

A good example is that an article on Arutz Sheva stated that Omar and Tlaib should enter Israel through the Hamas tunnels, you know, to show them the light about Hamas and Israel.

What, do these people think these Muslim sympathizers and Israel haters don't already know about the Hamas tunnels and that showing them the tunnels will cause Omar and Tlaib to convert from being Israel hating Muslims? Really? Just how stupid are most people?

Listen, Omar and Tlaib already know that the Muslims Israel is fighting are terrorists waging an offensive war against Israel and Omar and Tlaib support that war against Israel so showing them the truth that the Muslims waging war against Israel are terrorists ain't going to be no revelation, baby. You have to be really stupid to believe that Omar, Tlaib, and other Israel haters just don't know the truth about what is going on and just need to be shown the truth. Omar, Tlaib, and most Israel haters already know the truth, they hate the truth, they reject the truth, and they continue with their hatred of Israel in spite of the truth.

The only people that the truth will help are those who are middle of the road and don't know the truth, which is why I write this blog.


I don't give any money to any nonprofit corporations because of the greed by all of the top nonprofit corporations. I have told you before that NONE, not one, of the top nonprofit corporations in the world gets even just 3% of their total revenues to where those revenues are supposed to go because the nonprofit corporations are too busy stuffing better than 97% of their revenues in their greedy pockets but it is much worse than that.

Think about this: If any nonprofit actually finds a cure for whatever problem they are supposed to be trying to solve, they will have just made their nonprofit corporation obsolete with no purpose. Therefore, they don't want to solve the problems they are supposed to be working to solve so they can keep stuffing your donations in their greedy pockets.

They are not going to help anyone but themselves and their bank accounts.

Think I am wrong?

Name just one nonprofit corporation that has actually solved just one problem in the last 10 to 20 years. Yeah, I can't either so they don't get my money.


I think you should all pray about this:

2 Chronicles 7:14 "If my people, who are called by my name, shall humble themselves, and pray, and seek my face, and turn from their wicked ways, then will I hear from heaven, and will forgive their sin, and will heal their land."

We need to do this right now. As a civilization, we really need this if we want to keep our civilization.


Think about this, these countries all censored their political opponents: Socialist Germany, Communist Soviet Union, Communist China, Communist North Korea, Communist Cuba, Communist North Vietnam, Socialist Venezuela, in some ways all socialist countries in Europe, and Socialist America. That is right, socialists in America are increasing their censorship of the truth by the right and are even now openly calling for more censorship.

They are all Marxist and they all censor to stop the people from hearing and seeing the truth because they want the people to believe their lies. Gee, what a coincidence.

Wanting to censor everyone to hide the truth should tell you what?

They all know they are lying.


One of my "laws" for life has to do with biology and it says "molecules in must equal molecules out". Your body can't put out or burn up more molecules than you take in or you will eventually get sick and die and your body shouldn't take in more molecules than it puts out or burns up or you will eventually get sick and die. For a healthy body, molecules in must equal molecules out.

One of the problems we had in sports when I studied exercise physiology and sports medicine was that the average life expectancy for athletes was only 35 years of age in the early 1970s.


Because most athletes would retire from sports early and not retire ye ole fork with their sport, basically they kept eating like an athlete without burning calories like an athlete. They were taking in more molecules than they were burning up so they would get fat, clog their arteries, and usually, not always, die of a heart attack before they were 35 years of age.

Concerning diet, you have to take in as many calories as you are burning up or you will eventually die from taking in too many or too few calories.

For example, we have known in biology for more than 50 years that, if you diet, you know, the starvation way, your body will burn up all of its available calories and then start consuming its own molecular structures within the cells until the cells can't function, then the cells die, and, when enough of the right cells die, you die. You will literally digest or break down your own internal organs, including the heart and brain, until you die from organ failure. Dieting ain't good for you but eating in moderation along with proper exercise is very good for you.

Except in extreme cases for short periods of time, you should never diet and this is why doctors should also not staple people's stomachs to cause them to lose weight because, if the doctor makes the stomach too small to maintain weight, eventually the patient will get to where they can't get in enough food to sustain life and they will die from organ failure. You would be surprised at how many medical practices being done today are as stupid and bad for you as bloodletting. Some of the things doctors are doing to patients that sound really great will eventually kill you or just cause more problems.

Most humans are inherently stupid and, if you give them a college degree, they are just well educated stupid people, you know, like most of today's college professors...and politicians...and journalists...some of those people never got enough molecules in, you know, the people who keep voting for the lefty upper class trash.

Molecules in must equal molecules out.

This also applies to reproduction. I am sure I have already told you that, during a famine, better than 90% of human females will stop ovulating because they are not getting in enough molecules to continue the molecule consuming process of ovulating and even most of the women who do continue ovulating and get pregnant will lose the baby during pregnancy because they are not getting in enough molecules to 1) support the pregnancy and 2) for the child to grow, if the baby makes it to birth, it can be still born. Therefore, during famine, just like with ALL other species, most human females stop reproducing but, when there is what we call in biology an abundant food supply, females start popping kids out like incredible baby factories, ALL females for ALL species, because they are getting in lots of molecules so they can grow lots of babies.

Molecules in equals molecules out or you will have some problems. That is Carl's law of biology, well, one of them.

Masters of the Universe

I got this from Breitbart by Tim Ciccotta:

"Breitbart News Editor-in-Chief Alex Marlow warned students about the growing power and bias of the Silicon Valley Masters of the Universe during a speech at the Young America’s Foundation’s National Conservative Student Conference."


"Marlow, who has led a push to highlight the immense power and political bias of companies like Facebook, Google, and Twitter at Breitbart News, argued that it would be difficult to combat the vast influence of Silicon Valley with free-market startups.

'The one I really want to put on your radar because it is big for you guys is the threat of big tech. We call them at Breitbart, the ‘Masters of the Universe’ because they control so much. Facebook is 2 billion people. Google has a 90 percent market share on search and that’s only part of their business,' Marlow said. 'These are monopolies. These are not things that the free market is going to fix on its own. These are the biggest lobbyists in all of Washington. Number one now.'"

Let's get something straight here, these businesses would not be so over powerful if the government had not permitted them to buy up their competitors. No business or business owner should be allowed to directly or indirectly buy out any of their competitors. Allowing businesses to buy out their competitors has virtually destroyed the free market and created the mess we are in.

Second, these criminal jerks running these businesses only think they are the "Master of the Universe", I know who the real Master of the Universe is. The true Master of the Universe is God and all of these corrupt, greedy, power mad criminals will eventually answer to Him. They won't think they are so smart, powerful, and wonderful while they are burning in Hell.

John 3:16 For God so loved the world, that he gave his only begotten Son, that whosoever believeth in him should not perish, but have everlasting life.

You better....

Pray long, pray hard, pray often!!!

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