I Told You So 275

Shiria Law

Remember that I have been telling you that God is going to permit the Muslims to briefly impose their Shiria Law on us?

God has let me know that there are a number of reasons why He is going to let the Muslims and lefties briefly force their Shiria Law on us.

First, too many people are still believing the lies about Islam being a peaceful, kind, caring religion and refuse to believe the truth about it being a ruthless warrior cult which requires all of its members to wage war against and murder all non Muslims so God is going to briefly let the Muslims impose their Shiria Law on us.


Because it is normal human nature for evil people to hide the ugly truth until they have enough control to feel safe in showing their true colors. After the Muslims have enough control to impose their Shiria Law on us, they will remove their sheep's clothing and show you the devouring wolves they are. They will rip your little heads right out your little butts and open your eyes for you. There will be no doubt as to how evil they are.

Second, God is going to use this to finish cleaning the fake Christians out of His church that Satan has infiltrated into the church to destroy the church from within.

When the Muslims begin to impose their Shiria Law on us, they will begin to persecute Christians and only true Christians will take that persecution and remain in the church. Satan's fake Christians will quickly leave the church and convert to Islam to avoid the persecution so that you will learn who in the Christian church is a true Christian and who is one of Satan's fake Christians.

Do not be surprised to see some of the most zealous "Christians" quickly leave the church and become some of the most zealous Muslims to prove to the other Muslims they really did convert and really are Muslims. These people will quickly lead the persecution of Christians and they know all about you. Think about that. You better keep an eye on these people as they leave your churches because they will be back with guns and torches.

You need to know these things so you can prepare for what is coming your way.

One thing you all need to do is get your young girls on IUDs to prevent pregnancy caused by Muslims raping them because, under Shiria Law, it is a good thing for Muslims to rape non Muslims.

The IUD is one of the most effective forms of birth control (far more effective than the pill or condoms) but you don't hear much about them because doctors don't get kickbacks from the drug companies every month the way they do with birth control pills. The doctors make less money from IUDs because they just put them in and leave them so the doctors are not going to promote them.

The truth is that IUDs are about as effective as tubaligations (because tubals sometimes fail) but not as effective as a hysterectomy but it is not as permanent as either and can be more easily reversed when the woman wants to start having children.

The IUD is considered to be almost 100% effective against pregnancy and no other form of birth control exceeds 90%. The last I heard, less than 1 woman in 100,000 get pregnant with an IUD.

Note that none of your methods for birth control protect from STDs caused by rape (a rapist isn't going to stop to use a condom.)

You also need to know that, if a member of your family does get raped, the Muslim government will kill that woman because, under Shiria Law, the woman is responsible for rape and will either get beat to death, stoned, or hung because she got raped.

Don't believe me?

Just pay attention to the news about Muslim women who get raped, report it to the government, and are the ones who get executed for the crime. It happens all of the time in Muslim countries.

You better all join militias and form Christian safe zones for your families, especially in the larger cities. Also, do not set up defensive lines and sit waiting for them to attack you after they stage their violent coup of the government. You have to go on the offensive against the homes of their upper class trash to force them to tie up their troops defending and protecting their homes so they can't use those troops to attack your home.

That is the only thing that can cause the Mexican standoff God told me will take place right after the coup and before the real fighting starts.

Epstein Death

Everyone is running around like chickens with their heads cut off acting like all of Epstein's customers are going to get away with their pedophilia because Epstein is dead and can't testify against the upper class trash.

What? Can't the victims remember who screwed them when they were minors?

Oh wait, one of them just did name two upper class trash attackers. And God said, "Be not deceived, your sins will find you out."

BTW, ALL of Epstein's customers were upper class trash. He did not let one middle class or lower class person have sex with his sex slave children, they didn't have enough money. There are probably hundreds to thousands of his rich clients who screwed Epstein's child sex slaves. That is why Epstein is dead and not just because of the Clintons.

I warned you about the upper class trash and their crimes for years. All of the upper class trash are into slavery called human trafficking, sex slavery, pedophilia, incest, drugs, and other crimes. They are all evil people.

Global Warming

Remember that I have been telling you that the upper class trash are just using climate change as an excuse to steal more from more people faster with new taxes.

Germany is now considering adding a tax to meat because of "climate change".

And just exactly what are the upper class trash going to do with that money they get with the new meat tax, well, other than stuff more money in their pockets faster?

But quit jet setting around the world in their private jets?

Don't hold your breath.

There is a young Canadian who has been trying to get something done about my hypothesis for continental drying and he has been trying to do it in conjunction with the Canada climate change crap. I have been watching him and he is honest, hardworking, and concerned. He asked me the following question in an FB discussion group:

"Carl Cantrell what do you personally think of the melting on the land based Greenland Ice Pack that we are hearing so much about this summer? I am thinking that this should cause people to be more open to your theory than they were a decade ago?"

This was my reply:

"Dennis Tate You have a wee bit of a problem in that the lefty upper class trash KNOW that they made up their global warming crisis (a con) to justify them using the Carbon Tax, that will do nothing to solve a nothing problem, so they can steal more money from more people faster so the upper class trash can stuff more money in their pockets faster. That is what THEIR global warming crisis is all about and they KNOW they made it up to steal from everyone else. Think not? Remember that actions speak louder than words and while they are shooting off their lying mouths about THEIR global warming crisis, they are not even trying to cut down on their huge use of fossil fuels, you know, like flying their private jets all over the world. Their actions tell you that they don't really believe there is a global warming crisis or they would be taking steps to fight the crisis at home too. They are professional liars and cons. Then you come along with a real crisis and they are not going to believe you because, in their evil minds, they think you are just talking about their made up crisis and not a real crisis. That is why I changed the name of my hypothesis from global warming to continental drying to force them to differentiate their fake crisis from my real crisis. As long as you continue to associate the continental drying crisis with their fake global warming crisis, they won't be able to realize that there really is a crisis. Until they do that, they are not going to listen to you UNTIL the continental drying reaches critical mass and entire continents start to become uninhabitable, which is one reason why I am studying how to garden in a desert. It just might come in handy before those criminals differentiate continental drying from their fake global warming crisis and realize that we really do have a crisis. I really respect your efforts but you have to realize that you are dealing with greedy, power mad, cons who don't really believe in their own global warming con and won't believe what you are saying as long as you associate continental drying with their global warming con. They think you are trying to solve their con."

He realized I was right and decided to start working on continental drying by itself. I figure God has him working on this for some reason and he just needed a little redirection. He responded with this statement:

"Carl Cantrell Well said......... I have a couple of discussion going that this statement can really liven it up!"

I later sent him some additional help with the following post on FB:

"Dennis Tate, if you need a quick, easy proof for continental drying, all you have to do is look around the world at 1) all of the former great agricultural communities from thousands of years ago that are now in the middle of deserts and 2) the former seaports from thousands of years ago that are under water and ask 2 questions, 1) where did all of the water go that used to be in those ancient agricultural communities that are now deserts and 2) where did all of that water on those sunken seaports come from? Connecting those 2 dots makes it very obvious that, contrary to what we have been taught, our weather patterns are not returning water to our lands as quickly as the water is draining and evaporating off of our land and this has been going on for thousands of years. The reason why no one realized this before is because our archaeologists are trained to do local micro analyses and not global macro analyses. This has reached a point to where it is a real crisis."

I figure that God has him working on this for a reason and I pray he does well.


Remember that I have been telling you that the lefty upper class trash are crazy, evil, and I even proved they are psychopaths?

I just saw an interesting video which stated the same here. The lefties are not just sociopaths, they are full blown psychopaths. The lefties really are evil.

Demons were angels who followed Satan, rebelled against God, hate God, and became demons. Lefties are humans who followed Satan, rebelled against God, hate God, became human demons, and are just as evil as the other demons, just with fewer powers, though they do abuse whatever powers they can.

BTW, I have not said anything about Jeffrey Epstein before because I had told you in the past that all of the upper class trash are doing these evil things like pedophilia, which is why they keep trying to legalize those things. You can tell what the upper class trash are doing by what their political whore puppets are trying to legalize.

I have been watching, reading about, digging into and studying what the upper class trash are doing for about half a century and they really are evil. Nothing, absolutely nothing is beneath them. Epstein turned up dead because he has the goods on and can put away at least hundreds and probably thousands of other upper class trash just because of pedophilia and not just the Clintons.

BTW, the autopsy shows that Epstein has a broken bone in his neck that is not normally broken by hanging and is normally broken by being strangled, you know, like when someone murders you.

For more than half a century I have been watching what I call shadows moving in the background, which tell you all kinds of things most people won't talk about and it is really bad. God opened my eyes to this crap a long time ago.

For example, did you ever wonder why the upper class trash, especially the European royalty have castles and mansions with hundreds of bedrooms?

Decades ago, I read a number of different articles telling about how the rich use those mansions with all of those bedrooms for orgies with families and friends, which is why they have so many bedrooms. Hey, they have lots of family and friends they regularly screw.

These people have been spoiled rich brats for so many generations, who have had everything given to them or they can just buy everything, that they have become so bored that their idea of recreation is using drugs, getting into the occult, and screwing each other, including their children. Many of them have no motivation to actually go out and achieve anything real in life because that would require work and sacrifices and they just want to play like over grown children all of their lives. Most of their children are given big enough trust funds to live on all of their lives that they can live in pretty good luxury without doing anything for the rest of their lives and many get into orgies, the occult, and other crazy stuff to pass time and entertain them. They are not good people.

I have been warning you about these evil people for years and now you are starting to see the tip of the ice berg. Just know that it is much worse than what you are currently seeing. If there is any evil being done on this planet, it probably involves them. They really are the problem.

Wee Bit of History

In my essay, "Wee Bit of History", one of the things I wanted you to notice was that it is always the same evil upper class trash causing our problems for their benefit, while only pretending to care about you. They keep changing their names such as Nazis, socialists, communists, progressives, liberals, and others to fool the stupid people but it is still the same evil monsters working towards their evil goal of regaining absolute power over us to enslave, rob, rape, oppress, and murder us because they just can't leave us alone.

This has been going on for thousands of years and won't stop tomorrow unless you hang them today. God taught me half a century ago that the upper class trash cause better than 90% of our problems. If all of them were to die tonight, within days, our lives would be at least 10 to 20 times better without the upper class trash than they are now.

Next to living forever with God, the most important reason why Paradise will be wonderful is because the upper class trash will not be there to cause problems for us, they will be burning forever in the Lake of Fire. Next to the upper class trash causing problems for everyone, the biggest cause of problems are the small problems we individually create for ourselves and natural disasters.

The Bible teaches that God will heal the planet so there won't be any more natural disasters, the upper class trash will be eternally damned so they can't cause trouble for anyone ever again, and Jesus will be ruling with a rod of iron to keep us in line so that Paradise will be almost perfect.

Just imagine living forever without the upper class trash to lie, rob, steal, oppress, enslave, rape, and murder us so that we will live in peace forever. Won't that be wonderful?

Also, Mark sent me this interesting feedback on that essay:

"While stationed in England, I studied European history under a Cambridge, UK professor who drove weekly to RAF Bentwaters, UK from Cambridge, UK to teach that class. It was a full semester 400 level class. The man was brilliant. He was a naturalized British subject who was born an American citizen in the CONUS. He emigrated to England. His accent was a mixture of American and British London accents.

He was the first teacher I studied under to enlighten me that all European wars throughout their history were family squabbles. That included countries like the Balkan states, the eastern European states, and Russia, which spans both the European and Asian continents. Intermarriage among royals was rampant and still is. In fact, many of our elites think they are royals. Your essay tells me that many of them may well be inbred royals.

Your essay did an excellent job with that history. I enjoyed reading it.

I was aware of how Germany was defeated in WW1 and the country was raped leading to a devastating economic depression. I knew that Hitler rose to power by charismatically preaching nationalism. He ran as a nationalist but was actually a socialist/communist I also knew the he did not have a majority of the votes when elected to office. That is normal in a parliamentary system. Look at Netanyahu, for example. His is still trying to put together a coalition.

I was not, however, as familiar with US history in the 20th century as I am familiar with European history. I was unaware that the western CONUS had such easy access to hostile forces due to the sparsity of population out West. I did not know the Pearl was a setup to sucker the Japs into making the colossal error they did. But it makes sense with the facts you presented.

I did not know FDR was that militarily savvy. My guess is that being a leftist, he was not that savvy. Socialists have something askew in their brains. They often think like teenagers whose brains have not yet fully developed. Just listen to the Leftist news media. They are bat excrement crazy.

It was the military leadership that prepped for war well ahead of time as they are doing right now.

Great essay. I learned a lot. Thanks for all your research.


You're right, Mark, FDR wasn't that smart. He caused the Great Depression with his socialism and his "Bean Farm" program was a much worse failure than Obama's "Cash for Clunkers" program, with men, women, and children dying, especially in the more remote areas. Better than 90% of FDR's bean farms failed in the first year.

The Pentagon talked FDR into secretly ramping up for war along with them designing the program for secrecy. Then the Pentagon also dreamed up using Pearl Harbor as a sucker punch to get the US into the war before it was too late and would have cost us much more dearly.

When FDR did get involved in the war, he just seemed to screw it up. For example, he refused to insist Churchill get rid of General Montgomery and get a British officer who could win a descent fight because good old Monty belonged to the right British family.

For example, I noted that some sources show that the first US forces got to North Africa in May 1941 but other sources show that they didn't get to North Africa until November 1941, right after Monty had his first victory against the German Army.


To make it look like Monty beat those bloody Krauts on his own and not because of the US. Hey, what is a little revisionist history by the upper class trash, baby?

The truth is that the US troops got to North Africa in May 1941, Rommel split his forces fighting Monty in half, sent half west against the US forces, and beat the US forces. Then the US replaced that general with Patton, who regrouped his forces and destroyed half of Rommel's forces in one battle.

This forced Rommel to split his remaining forces in half and send half to slow down the advance of the US forces so Rommel and his top staff could get out of North Africa and return to Europe, leaving most of their men behind, which devastated the German Army.

It wasn't until after Monty was only fighting one quarter of Rommel's forces and all of Rommel's top officers had fled North Africa that the mighty Monty managed to defeat the German Army and drive them back.

The British upper class trash arrogantly want to keep it quiet that Patton saved Monty's butt in North Africa but it gets better.

When they decided to invade Sicily, they gave the easiest and fastest route to their final destination in Sicily to mighty Monty to make him look wonderful and gave the longer and more difficult route to Patton, who still beat the mighty Monty to their destination by several weeks, making Monty look really bad and that he should have been replaced a long time before with a British general who could actually fight. Hey, in the British upper class trash, blood is thicker than smarts.

Notice that, when they were preparing for D Day, the allies stationed Patton in Egypt with a pretend army.


Because the Germans were afraid of Patton and it caused the Germans to direct troops away from the northern shores to the south, where the Germans were afraid of Patton staging an invasion. This decreased the forces the allied troops had to face for their landing on D Day.

Did they leave Monty in Egypt too?



Because the Germans were not afraid of Monty.

When the Allies invaded France on D Day, they gave the mighty Monty the left flank where all he had to do was fight inland to a point about 20 miles from their landing into Belgium and hold that point as an anchor and pivot while the rest of the forces fought in an ark to the south through France. The mighty Monty had the easiest job in the invasion because he was the worst general. They definitely wouldn't have given the easiest job to the best general. The best general always gets the toughest job.

After D Day, they put Patton on the right flank, which had to fight the greatest distance in the same time as everyone else.


Because Patton was the best general in the war, regardless of what you hear from anyone else, so they gave Patton the toughest job.

Even then, the mighty Monty got bogged down only about half way to his strategic destination, which forced the rest of the forces to halt in order to prevent a penetrable breach in allied lines the Germans could have used to divide and conquer the allied forces. So the allies sent Patton with half of his forces all the way up the battle line, while the other half held their position, to save Monty's worthless butt a third time. Patton pushed the Germans back, got mighty Monty in his strategic position, so that all mighty Monty had to do was hold ground, and returned to his right flank so the battle line could start moving again.

Even after that, Patton was kicking butt so much faster than anyone else that it was causing the allied commanders to become concerned that Patton would get far enough ahead of the rest of the battle line he would open a breach for the Germans to penetrate, divide, and defeat the allied forces so the commanders delayed fuel for Patton's tanks to slow him down and caused Patton to almost run out of fuel just before a German Panzer unit moved to engage Patton.

This would have caused a crushing defeat for anyone but Patton but, without enough fuel for tactical maneuvering during a battle, Patton just picked a battlefield and his position on the battlefield, positioned his tanks and troops and made them look like they had just been defeated in a battle. The Germans took the bait, drove into the battlefield to where Patton wanted them, Patton had his forces open up on the Germans, and they wiped out the entire German Panzer unit.

The reason why the Germans staged their "Battle of the Bulge" was to drive through the allied lines and take out mighty Monty so the German forces could drive down the Normandy beaches and cut off supplies and reinforcements for the Allied forces because they knew mighty Monty was the weakest link in our front. US forces managed to intercept the German offensive and fight it to a standstill so the commanders could send in Patton with half his forces again to force the Germans back to their original lines, saving mighty Monty's butt a fourth time. Then Patton returned to his right flank and continued kicking German butt for the rest of the war.

But, would the British upper class trash replace mighty Monty with a British general who could fight?

Oh no, mighty Monty belonged to the right British upper class trash family who could not bear to be insulted by their family member being replaced and too many soldiers died because FDR didn't stand up to them and insist on Monty being replaced with someone who could fight his way out of a sandbox.

Yeah, FDR and his Ivy League school upper class trash cabinet were not smart enough to secretly ramp up for war and set up Pearl Harbor as a sucker punch to get the US into the war before it was too late. It had to be the Pentagon.

Thanks for the feedback, Mark.

Christian Testimony

The Bible says that God doesn't give us more trials than we can handle so I began to wonder if God thought I was superman but then I realized that He was just reminding me that I am not superman and how much I need Him.

John 3:16 For God so loved the world, that he gave his only begotten Son, that whosoever believeth in him should not perish, but have everlasting life.

You better....

Pray long, pray hard, pray often!!!

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