I Told You So 276

Stupid People

Remember that I keep telling you that stupid people can't tell they are stupid because they are stupid? What is my best proof for that?

AOC. She is so obviously stupid and obviously can't tell she is stupid because she really is stupid.

Do you believe me yet that stupid people, you know, lefties, can't tell they are stupid because they are stupid?

If not, just keep watching AOC. She keeps proving me right almost every day. I think I have rocks in my yard that are as smart as she is.

AOC just said she is going to punish Israel by not traveling to Israel any more.

That is a punishment? Can someone get her to punish the US that way? Please!?

Hey, I know, get her to reward North Korea by moving there.

Maybe she will take the rest of her crazy lefty pals with her?

Billy Boy Clinton

Remember that I told you that better than 90% of homosexual males and better than 50% of lesbians are bisexual?

Them finding the picture of Billy Boy Clinton in a blue dress in Epstein's place, does that mean that Billy Boy is a bisexual queen pedophile? So, if Hillary is a lesbian, is that why she likes Billy Boy so much...or is it Billie Girl?



Remember that I have been warning you about the pandemic potential with the rodent pandemics in our cities?

I got this from CenturyLink by Mike Wehner:

"Officials at a Colorado wildlife refuge are cautiously moving forward with a plan to reopen parts of their facility this week in the wake of a plague outbreak amongst prairie dogs in the area. The Rocky Mountain Arsenal National Wildlife Refuge was shut down after plague-infected prairie dogs were found weeks ago, and parts of the refuge will remain closed to visitors even as the location reopens its doors to the public."

You need to know that in at least New Mexico, Colorado, and Arizona and probably other states too, plague or the bubonic plague is still alive and well. The last time I checked, there were at least 5 or 6 KNOWN strains of Yersinia Pestis or plague in just New Mexico with only 3 of those strains being treatable and curable. The other two to three strains are not treatable or curable and are as deadly as they were 700 years ago. Our modern medicine may drop the mortality rate for those strains down from 90% to about 70% to 80% but that is about all...unless it goes pneumonic (gets into the lungs) and then it will have a mortality rate of almost 100%.

Now, the question here is, how long will it be before someone goes camping in one of those or other states, becomes infected with a strain of untreatable or incurable Yersinia Pestis, takes it back to a medium to large city, and, somehow, gets it into their pandemic rodent population, you know, by being bitten by a flea, causing thousands to millions of people to die?

It isn't if but when will this happen.


Remember that I have been warning you lefty stooges that the lefty upper class trash are really working towards setting up their Marxist dictatorship to enslave you to increase their profits?

I got this from Breitbart by Neil Munro:

"Mark Zuckerberg's group of West Coast investors is lobbying the GOP to keep illegal cheap labor flowing into Georgia."

These lefty upper class trash Marxists are selling you out to decrease wages to increase their profits and, you know, increase "income inequality", lefty fools.

And you think these progressives care about you and are for income equality? Really? Why? Because they lied to you and it sounded so good you just blindly believed the lie?

It is like I have been telling you, all the lefty upper class trash care about is themselves and their bank accounts, everything else they tell you is a lie.

And God said, "The love of money is the root of all evil." God said that your greedy lefty leaders are evil, which is why those lying greedy lefty leaders hate God.

BTW, while they have been claiming to be conservatives, I have been seeing the Koch brothers making some shady moves that say they are lefties. I have been watching this closely for years. I just found out they are in bed with Soros, which makes them anything but conservatives. They and Soros are working together to keep the cheap illegal alien labor coming into the US so they can stick more of their companies' revenues in their greedy pockets and less in the workers' pockets. Just like I suspected, the Koch brothers are a big part of the problem.

Now I am going to once again show you just how inbred and stupid the lefty upper class trash really are. They are so greedy and power mad that they are focused entirely on the simple minded immediate profit maximization thingy that they can't figure out that, if they reduce all of the employees on the planet to subsistence living to increase their own upper class trash profits for the short term, who will be able to buy their products and services down the road, robots?

The pompous, arrogant fools, who got dem duh right degree from duh right unkneebersities, are so inbred and stupid that they can't figure out that, if they keep driving down everyone's wages to where none of you have any disposable income, who will be able to buy their products and services?

The answer is no one and so their businesses will all eventually go broke because of their insane greed and corruption. That is just how stupid these upper class trash twits really are.

BTW, their idiot college professors teaching them the right degrees from the right universities taught these arrogant fools that stupidity and the arrogant fools blindly believed it without question.

Then a few days later I got this from AP via CenturyLink By Michelle Chapman:

"The 'shareholder comes first' has for years been the mantra of the Business Roundtable, a group that represents the most powerful CEOs in America and their thinking.

The group's new principles on the role of a corporation released Monday imply a foundational shift, putting shareholders on more equal footing with others who have an interest in a corporation to some degree - including workers, suppliers, customers and, essentially, society at large.

'We know that many Americans are struggling. Too often hard work is not rewarded, and not enough is being done for workers to adjust to the rapid pace of change in the economy. If companies fail to recognize that the success of our system is dependent on inclusive long-term growth, many will raise legitimate questions about the role of large employers in our society,' the statement reads."

What, the CEOs are finally learning that their wonderful profit maximization and planned obsolescence have failed and they must protect the disposable income of the people to protect the economy, you know, just like I just told you?

And I didn't even have time to post this baby, though I did post an essay before about their profit maximization and planned obsolescence having already failed. Gee, there sure are a lot of coincidences between what I write and what people later do.

This is interesting and it will be interesting to see where the lefty upper class trash go with this because this flies in the face of their evil plans.

Have the good CEOs figured out that the bad CEOs (read lefties) are screwing up our economy for the long term and they have organized to stop it before it destroys our global economy?

Keep praying, baby, because God is obviously listening and He is opening some eyes.

I have told you before that not all of the rich are evil, only the upper class trash are evil. We need the good rich people but not the evil rich people. The evil rich people should be used for tree ornaments or testing rope tensile strength, guillotine testing, and firing squad target practice.

Incirlik, Turkey

Remember that I told you that we will probably have to leave the air base at Incirlik, Turkey because of what Erdogan is doing? Remember that I told you that we will probably have trouble getting about 50 to 60 B61 variable yield nukes out of that base because Erdogan will probably want to grab all that he can? Remember that I told you that we should consider setting up a replacement base on Cyprus?

Today, while waiting at the cashier, I saw a Air Force Times magazine with a story about Incirlik and decided to buy the magazine to see what they said about the problem. They pretty much said the same things I told you and more.

Sooner or later we are going to have to pull out of the Incirlik base and you can bet Erdogan will want to grab at least some of our nukes because he is power mad and nukes give power mad people a lot of power to go mad with. That is going to be one tricky move.

Nuke War

Remember that I told you that a nuke war will be NOTHING like what they are telling you?

EVERYONE always assumes that both sides will hit these little red buttons, every nuke will be launched, and the planet will melt down. Pure bull crap.

I got this from CenturyLink via BGR by Mike Wehner:

"It might sound silly to think that a nuclear war between the United States and Russia would be anything but the apocalypse, but for scientists studying climate and atmosphere, the changes such a conflict could bring to our planet are a worthy subject of study.

Now, a new paper published in the Journal of Geophysical Research: Atmospheres corroborates decade-old estimates and confirms that if the U.S. and Russia started throwing nukes around, nuclear winter would indeed follow. The study stops short of declaring a nuclear war the end of mankind, but given the study's findings, it certainly seems like the writing is on the wall."

Bull crap, bull crap, bull crap. The x-spurts have been watching too much TV and too many movies from Hollywood.

Remember that we have already survived one nuke war where we hit Japan with a couple of nukes, Japan got smart, and Japan surrendered and no one is paying attention to that lesson in history.

What will happen is that both sides will swap a few tactical nukes, maybe a strategic nuke or two, both sides will get the living crap scared out of them and decided it just might be a good idea to talk instead of blowing the planet AND THEM up...unless they are Muslims and then we will have big problems because Muslims worship death instead of life. Non Muslims ain't going to fry the planet with a nuke war because non Muslims worship life instead of death.

Remember that I already told you that our nations have already detonated THOUSANDS of nukes and there ain't been no nuke winter yet with some of those already detonated nukes being much, much bigger than anything in anyone's arsenal today. It ain't going to happen unless the Muslims do it. I call bull crap and the nuke x-spurts need to quit watching and believing TV and Hollywood bull crap.

When was the last time TV and Hollywood got anything right, you know, like us flying around our cities today in flying cars?

If you believe 10% of what you see on TV or out of Hollywood, you are grossly misinformed.

John 3:16 For God so loved the world, that he gave his only begotten Son, that whosoever believeth in him should not perish, but have everlasting life.

You better....

Pray long, pray hard, pray often!!!

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