I Told You So 277


Remember that I have taught you that it is very important to know and understand animal behavior because there are more than 20,000 dog on human attacks in just the US with most of those attacks being against the owner?

Now, most dog owners, as their security blanket, falsely claim, without any evidence, that those attacks are caused by the owner abusing their dogs. Wrong.

Have you ever seen a dog that has been abused by its owner?

Almost all of them cower when the owner gets near them. Very few of them will ever attack the owner because they are afraid of the owner.

It is because of the owners not understanding animal behavior or them ignoring animal behavior that most of those owners are being attacked by their own dogs.

I got this from CenturyLink via Newser by Bob Cronin:

"The owner of a game lodge in South Africa was killed by his lions when he entered their enclosure to repair a fence. Leon van Biljon, 70, was attacked Tuesday when he turned his back to three lions as he worked, the Mirror reports."

This owner was obviously very familiar with those lions or he would not have gotten careless enough to turn his back on them and had probably done so many times in the past but he did it one too many times and lost his life. He simply got too familiar with the animals and forgot about the basic animal behavior of lions.

Now, don't ever forget that dogs are big pack animals and vicious predators that can bring down almost any game lions can bring down, game that is many times larger than a human. I have explained before the pack behavior for dogs and how they will challenge family members for pack hierarchy by attacking them, especially if the owners permit the dogs to free roam and those dogs pack up with other dogs, decreasing the pack bond between the dogs and their owners.

Always remember that it is normal canine instinctive behavior that anyone or anything outside of their primary pack is fair game for attacking so you can't let them develop a pack of free roaming dogs as their new primary pack or you become fair game for attack. This should also tell you that you letting your dog free roam is putting your neighbors at risk of being attacked by your dog because they are outside of your dog's primary pack.


Remember that I have been telling you that there are significant rumors on all universities about college professors trading grades for sex and that almost all lefty shrinks are sexual perverts?

I got this example for CenturyLink via AP By Dave Collins:

"HARTFORD, Conn. (AP) - A Yale University psychiatry professor sexually assaulted five students at a research facility on the Caribbean island of St. Kitts and committed sexual misconduct against at least eight others, according to a former federal prosecutor's report released Tuesday."

He was just a wee bit free and easy with the sexual assault thingy, huh? You think that just maybe he has been sexually assaulting and abusing his students for some time with impunity to get that bold with young people? Gee, you don't think Yale has been knowingly looking the other way concerning his sexual assaults and abuses to avoid bad press, do you?

Remember that he was a professor at one of dem prestigious "right unkneebersities".

It begs to ask, "How many grades did he trade for sex?"

This goes on a lot more at our universities than you think, especially the more prestigious universities. Getting a degree from one of dem right unkneebersities ain't always about how smart you are but how willing you are to sleep with the professors.


I see that the upper class trash lefties are starting a new scare campaign about honey bees dying off in spite of the fact that the US bee population has increased by 40% in a little over a decade. They continue with the crap that, without honey bees, there will be no food for us. "We is are be all going to starve to death if all of the bees die off cause ain't no other critters pollinating plants!!!".


Start a garden and watch to see what pollinates your food plants the most. The vast majority of organisms that pollinate my flowers are not honey bees. There are all sorts of bees, wasps, butterflies, moths, ants, birds, and other organisms which pollinate the plants much more than honey bees.

The lefties are once again on the scare about vanishing honey bees in spite of their population in just the US having increased by better than 40% in the last few decades. It is just more lies, misinformation, and propaganda to scare you into voting for them unless you want to die from a lack of bees...or climate change...or whatever the latest scary fairy tale is.

You ain't going to starve to death because all of the honey bees die off and the honey bee population is actually increasing, contrary to what the lying lefties are scaring you with.

Yep, more scare lies like the climate change thingy. I keep waiting for the upper class trash to start a bee tax to steal more money from us faster but you know it won't save any bee lives.

If the left ever tells the whole truth about anything, I will probably have a heart attack.

Do any of them even know the whole truth about anything?

Probably not. The best thing lefties can do for this planet is shut up, crawl into a corner somewhere, and find something shiny to play with.


Remember that I have taught you that the lefties really are the Nazis and why?

Well, the lying lefties keep claiming they are not Nazis because the Nazis were nationalists and the lefty globalists are not nationalists, therefore, in spite of all of the other things being the same between globalists and Nazis, the lefties are not Nazis.

Really? Do you think that just maybe this is just another one of their lies and deceptions? What do you say we do the math and see?

The lefties say they are not nationalists because they don't want one nation with borders to be their nation or dictatorship. The lefties want to hijack the entire planet to be their socialist nation and dictatorship.

Hold it, then they really are nationalists?

Yep, the difference being they don't want to force their socialist dictatorship on just one nation but all nations by setting up one national government controlling the entire planet, but it will still be a nation with a national government so they really are still nationalists, just for a different nation than any current nations.

So these globalist socialists are really the National Socialist Global Worker's Party instead of Hitler's National Socialist German Worker's Party.

Did you know that Hitler's goal was to conquer the world and set up a socialist global dictatorship, you know, just like the globalists?

Gee, what a coincidence, Hitler ALSO wanted one global national dictatorship just like the globalists.

They are the same people doing the same things for the same reasons to achieve the same goal as Hitler. When Hitler failed, they regrouped, reorganized, and changed their name from socialists to communists to distance themselves from Hitler and use the Soviet Union to achieve their goal of global conquest and domination. When the Soviet Union failed, they regrouped, reorganized, and changed their name from communists to globalists to distance themselves from the failed Soviet Union and use the EU and Islam to achieve their goal of global conquest and domination. Now that the EU and globalism are failing, they are changing their name back to socialism, you know, they have gone full circle back to openly being Nazis. Oops!!!

The globalists are the same criminals doing the same things for the same reasons to achieve the same goal with different names to fool the stupid people but they are still the same Marxist Nazis working for global conquest and domination with a global Marxist dictatorship so they can oppress, enslave, steal from, and murder all of you with really great sounding reasons and excuses for committing their crimes, you know, just like Hitler had his great sounding reasons for the crimes he committed.

BTW, the old criminals in this international crime family are dying off and the younger criminals, their children and grandchildren, are much more radical and not willing to slowly take control of the planet. They are not as patient and more likely to use brute force, especially since they don't know the results using brute force had on Germany when their predecessors failed. They want their Marxist global dictatorship RIGHT NOW! History teaches us that always results in violence.

Health Food

Remember that I have taught you to stay away from health food and fad diets? Remember that I told you that the average health food nut lives 16.4 years less than the average American with many of them dying quite younger than that?

I got this from CenturyLink via Newser by Neal Colgrass:

"Two Australian parents are in hot water-but narrowly avoided prison time-after a judge chastised them for leaving their newborn gravely malnourished on a vegan diet, the BBC reports.

Unnamed in media reports, the 30-something couple fed their 19-month-old rice, toast, potatoes, oats, and other vegan foods despite signs of ill-health. The girl's March 2018 seizure finally persuaded the mother to call emergency services, who found a listless child without teeth.

'This child was severely malnourished, underweight and undersized and delayed as far as age-appropriate milestones were concerned,' said judge, who called the baby's diet 'completely inadequate.'

The court heard a litany of heartbreaking facts, from the baby's lack of basic vitamins to her inability to crawl to her diagnosis of rickets-a skeletal disorder caused by lack of nutrition, per the New Zealand Herald."

This young couple really thought they were doing the right thing and what was best for their child because they believed the health food bull crap fraudulently put out there to get the people in the health food industry rich at your expense and it almost killed their child, who, by the way, will not be out of harms way for a long time. They should litigate against the health food industry for damages.

I have told you before that, if you are not going to eat meat, you have to eat at least 2 large helpings of something from the corn or bean (including peas) families every day or you won't get the amino acids you need. NONE of your health food x-spurts know this or teach it because they don't know what they are talking about. That little girl's medical problems were caused by her being extremely short on vital amino acids required for growth and development.

Most of the amino acids the human bodies needs, even just for daily maintenance, come from meat and can only also be found in the corn and bean families. Anyone who tells you anything else doesn't know what they are talking about. End of debate.

If you want to be a vegan, fine but you better like lots of beans and corn.

The Bible tells you that, when Noah, his family, and all of the animals left the Ark, God caused some of the animals, including man, to eat meat because EVERYTHING had been vegetarian before the flood. This required that God changed their DNA so that all carnivores get much of what they need from eating meat and not from plants.

I don't care what great sounding stupid bull crap they tell you, you cannot convert your dogs, cats, and other carnivores to being vegan because it will kill them from malnutrition. Even feeding them beans and corn won't help them to survive your stupidity.

If you don't believe me, study molecular biology. We have known this for more than half a century but the health food x-spurts still don't know it.


I am pretty sure I told you that, after Ginsberg had her second or third operation for malignant cancer, it is spread throughout her body and will eventually kill her.

The way it works is that the malignant cancer grows unchecked and, as it grows, individual cells and tiny clumps of cells with break off from the main body of cancer cells and travel through your blood or lymph system until it lodges somewhere, usually in an internal organ, your brain, or muscles. Where the cancer cells lodge is where they will continue to grow or reproduce because they will still be fed by your blood with all of the nutrients they need to grow. These cells will all eventually grow into tumors wherever they lodge and cause damage by destroying good cells via compression of those cells.

When I saw that Ginsberg had two or three different surgeries for malignant cancer over a period of years, I knew it has spread throughout her body and will someday kill her. That is just common sense biology.

Well, kept quiet by the lefty media, she just had treatment for another malignant tumor telling me that my guess was right. She is dying from the cancer and it is not if but when will the cancer kill her. Of course, it is normal for her to want to believe she is cured...again so she doesn't have to deal with her impending death but that didn't keep the cancer from recurring before and won't prevent it from recurring again.

Keep an eye on this.


Then we have the ignorant idiots who are stunned because the people who are vaping are developing lung or respiratory problems. Really, they are stunned. They really are that stupid.

Listen, people, any time you suck any chemicals, whether it is tobacco, pot, crack, vaping, or anything else into your body, those chemicals will do cell damage to your very fragile lung cells and cause respiratory problems like emphysema and cancer. It isn't if it will cause cell damage but what damage will be done and how long will it take to destroy your health or kill you.

Of course the sellers of such things always tell their clients that it is harmless and may even say it will be good for them and those sellers should be prosecuted for manslaughter. The users, you know, the people who were stupid enough to blindly believe the sellers and other stupid uses will also tell you it is harmless, you know, just before they get sick and die.

Just know that they are all lying to you.

If those chemicals don't belong in your body, don't put them in your body.

Easy Prediction

Here is an easy prediction. When the lefties and their Muslim pals seize control of the US and force Sharia Law on us, watch Butthead...uh...Buttigieg quickly convert to Islam while falsely claiming that Allah and Yahweh are the same God, which they are not.

The man is clearly an abomination to God and a satanic infiltrator of the Church, according to the same scriptures he keeps taking out of context to seduce Christians into turning against Trump...and God. Butthead always makes general referrals to scripture with the lefty media lying and saying he is quoting scripture, which he is not, to con stupid Christians but not the smart Christians. He is clearly a satanic fake Christian infiltrator Satan is using to destroy the Church from within.

Maybe he should quote the scriptures that say that homosexuality, you know, what he chooses to do, is an "abomination" to God and admit he is an abomination to God?

Nah, he will never do that because then Satan can't use him to destroy the church from within. What, you expect the truth from a lefty? Really? Why?

Right now it benefits Butthead to pretend to be a Christian but, when it benefits him more to pretend to be a Muslim, he will pretend to be a Muslim with great zeal and wage open war against Christians to prove he is a Muslim.

Keep an eye on this.

People Choosing

Remember that I have been telling you that God is making people choose between God and Satan?

This video shows that is happening with both non Christians and Christians choosing to be Christians or pagans.

Even fake Christians who became famous and made a lot of money are leaving the church because they love their sins or crimes against God's Laws. You watch at least some of them will take a lot of people with them and purge the church of fake Christians even more just like God told me He was doing.

Mean while, God is bringing new converts into the church to strengthen it.

Keep an eye on this.


Remember that I have been telling you that most people go into politics because they are too stupid to earn half as much legally?

The biggest proof for this is that most of them can't even solve the problems they are elected to solve, they just change the name of the problem or those who cause the problem to make it look like there is no problem, so, there, they solved the problem...but only in their simple little minds.

This is a good video about this.

Fix something?

Oh heck no, just change the name so it sounds like nothing needs fixing. Even stupid people can do that.

Continental Drying

Remember that I have been telling you that the water on our continents has been draining and evaporating off of our continents faster than the weather has been returning it to our continents and a lot of cities either end up lost in deserts or under water?

This video states at 1:40 that "there is a lot to our planet that we have not even begun to explore yet, unfortunately, most of these places are under water."

Gee, I wonder why so many ancient cities are under water today. You don't think that just maybe it is because the water is draining off of our continents into the oceans and covering those places up, do you?

I am also certain that at least some of those cities are pre flood.


Remember that I have been telling you that the lefties are evil and not just stupid?

Watch this video to get just a glimpse of how evil the lefties really are. Listen closely and he will give you hints that the lefties have been working and conspiring for about 100 years to achieve their current evil goals, you know, just like I told you.

Remember that this man is an avowed atheist and speaks favorably of Christianity and against Atheism and Satanism. He does a pretty good job.

Believe me yet that the lefties are pure evil?


Remember that I have been warning you that we will still face judgment for our sins in this country?

Here is a video where another Christian is saying the same thing independent of me. Know that this nation is still cursed because we have not repented of or stopped murdering unborn babies. We will soon be held accountable for that and much more soon.

God said that, if we repent of our sins and call on His name, He will hear us, come, and save us. We ain't repented yet, baby, because we are still murdering the children. Repenting of your crimes against God's Law means you have to stop committing those crimes.

You better pray long, pray hard, pray often.

Japanese Code

Remember that I told you that the US had followed and studied the Japanese military actions before Pearl Harbor, had broken the Japanese code before Pearl Harbor, and probably knew the attack on Pearl Harbor was coming?

This history video tells you at the beginning that the US Navy had broken the Japanese code before Pearl Harbor, you know, just like I told you. Gee, what a coincidence.

John 3:16 For God so loved the world, that he gave his only begotten Son, that whosoever believeth in him should not perish, but have everlasting life.

You better....

Pray long, pray hard, pray often!!!

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