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You have probably noticed that I have hit a spell in which I have been doing less writing for now. God has been keeping me a little more busy with other things BUT, when I do read the news, it is almost all about the sick, twisted games the lefties are playing to stage their coup and it is increasingly obvious that all of their games are backfiring against the left. These whackos are chasing away voters by the millions and the top ones are too stupid to realize it, though increasing numbers of other lefties are realizing and admitting it.

And God said, "Be not deceived, your sins will find you out."

So many people are realizing and talking about the lefty evil that there is little to no inspiration for me to write about their evil, you know, the evil everyone else is already seeing so I don't need to point it out. Besides, the lefties increasingly make me want to barf.

Trump is using the lefties doing what they want and showing their own sick colors against them by regularly pointing out on Twitter how sick and twisted the lefties are, you know, the same reason God is letting the evil lefties get what they want for a while. Gee, what a coincidence.

Why has Trump not already designated Antifa a terrorist organization?

Because, if he did, then law enforcement would have to move to round them up, stopping their violent behavior. If Trump does not designate Antifa a terrorist organization and Antifa continues with their violent behavior, increasing numbers of people will realize Antifa is a terrorist organization, be repulsed by Antifa, and turn to the right.

Besides, if Trump doesn't designate Antifa a terrorist organization and the local lefty run governments don't do something to stop Antifa's crimes against the local people, it exposes the local lefty politicians and their evil. Also, increasingly, more conservative local governments are moving to stop and prosecute Antifa making increasing numbers of people want to vote for conservatives at all levels AND the lefties can't blame Trump for doing the arresting.

Trump is playing the lefties for everything they give him and doing a fantastic job of it. He is doing the same thing God is doing by letting the crazy lefties get what they want to prove the lefties are crazy and evil and it is working really great.

Hey, Antifa is chasing voters to the right with their increasing violence so why would Trump want to stop that? Why would I want to discourage the idiot lefties or stop them other than I am just sick of their evil?

Trump is using Antifa against Antifa and the left and the left is helping him by doing really stupid things like openly raising funds to defend violent Antifa members in court, proving that Antifa thugs are the lefty thugs and the lefties are the violent Nazis, chasing even more voters to the right. The lefties say they are not Nazis while acting like Nazis.

Then you have satanic whackos like Jim Carrey, who I don't have to point out he is satanic because all he needs to finish exposing his true evil self is a pair of horns, a tail, and a pitchfork and increasing numbers of people are seeing it so why point it out?

The more the evil lefties talk, the worse they look so, please, stupid lefties, keep talking...I just don't have to listen because I already know how evil you are.

As the evil lefties come further and further out of their closet, they expose their evil more and more and I see so many others pointing this out. God didn't put me here to repeat what others are already saying but to point out that which they are not yet pointing out.

When God inspires me, I write, when He doesn't, I don't. I am sure I will start writing much more very soon so don't go anywhere plus I do still write some, just less for now. I have a list of at least 8 different topics and another developing "I Told You So" essay I need to write on but I am just a wee bit short on energy and time.

I realized months ago that I could easily write a large college text or two or three on just free roaming feral feline behavior because it is so complex and in a perpetual state of flux. There are so many factors that affect the behavior of free roaming feral cats such as the maturity of the clan, male and female behavior from birth to adulthood, the affects of kittens on clan behavior during their different stages of development, and many other factors.

Did you know that free roaming feral cats have a number of different methods for population control including a form of birth control?

I could write a chapter on just that. I have even used my knowledge of biology to turn a breech birth with my finger so the mother could have the breeched kitten. I have ripped the placenta open to watch a kitten take its first breaths and then emit a tiny meow saying, "Mommy, where are you?" and watch the mother respond with a chirp, "I'm here." I have learned a lot and have a lot to share but I still learn more almost every day, therefore, I still have a lot to teach.

Look, obviously, I don't write this site to make money. I write because God wants me to and to help you. I don't even have a donate button because I don't want anyone to think this site is about making money but is about helping people. I didn't even tell you about my two e-books for a long time but then I realized that I also wrote them to help you so I finally told you about them.

Even with me living in poverty, God is taking care of me, providing just enough, just in time.

If you feel a need to help me, just buy one of my two e-books for much less than many people would give in a donation AND you will also get a book that was written to help you. If you can't find a link in one of my one or two previous essays, where I posted them, let me know and I will send you a link by e-mail and, if enough of you ask, I will post links on this site again. If you want, I will even do a book revue page for each of them so that the page will provide more information about the books and they will be much easier for you to find for the link.

I definitely don't get paid for views and there is no advertising on this site so I feel no compulsion to write for views and money the way I see on so many YouTube sites, even "Christian" sites. I only write when God says write and, if there ain't nuttin' worth talking about, it don't get written on this site. You can find it on YouTube and elsewhere but not here.


I got more detailed information to see what is going on with the Obamas.

First, he purchased 2 multimillion dollar mansions since he left office in January 2017, you know, in the last 2.5 years, one in DC for $8 million and the one in Martha's Vineyard for $15 million. He already owned one in Chicago he paid $1.4 million for before he became president. That gives him 3 mansions worth about $25 million with an estimated cost of ownership of from $5 million to $7.5+ million per year, which will require a minimum investment of $50 to $75 million bringing in a minimum of 10% interest per year just to keep and maintain those properties as per the socio-economics for those rich guy neighborhoods. You can't even mow your own lawn in those neighborhoods. You have to hire very expensive professional exterior decorators to maintain the grounds on the property and they MUST be properly maintained.

That does not include other luxury life expenses and the Obamas love to spend money.

Then Obama and Valerie Jarrett started a political nonprofit organization right after Trump took office to begin working on staging a coup against Trump and the US Government.

By now you should have an idea how these things work, especially after one of my last few essays showing how the upper class trash have legally rigged things so they don't pay taxes while having their political whore puppets tax you to death. These activist nonprofit corporations are normally funded by larger nonprofit political corporations, which are normally funded by "philanthropic" donations from the upper class trash tax shelters or trust funds, where the upper class trash keep their wealth to protect it from the taxes their political whore politicians force on you. This way, the "philanthropic" donations from their trust funds to those evil nonprofit corporations give the upper class trash tax deductions for any moneys they remove from their tax shelters for personal use, which is very little because those shelters buy and maintain their mansions, yachts, jets, expensive cars, vacation trips, living expenses and just about everything else as "benefits" for them running their own tax shelters.

What a racket, huh?

These upper class trash and their corrupt legal teams don't just launder money, they dry clean it. It is all rigged, people, and, if you don't believe me, just get an MBA, where you are trained to run this crap for the lefty upper class trash.

So you should know that Obama's nonprofit political activist organization is being funded by either other nonprofit political corporations or even directly from one or more rich guy trust funds. You can bet he is putting very little money into it himself and is being paid for running it along with the paying for the staff he has running it, which includes Valerie Jarrett, who, remember, she and her husband moved into the Obama mansion in DC with the Obamas to help run the political activist program to stage a coup against Trump and the US Government, which should be a capital crime.

Then, a few weeks ago, it was announced that Obama got in behind one of the Commierat presidential candidates, which meant that he and others backing him were financially supporting that candidate (I didn't bother to find out who it is because I ain't voting for any of the commies but against them all because I really don't want to live under a commie dictatorship) and he and his political corporation or a new political corporation will be helping with that candidate's campaign, probably a new nonprofit political corporation.

Then it was announced very recently that Obama started a new nonprofit political corporation, while still maintaining the first political activist corporation to stage a coup against Trump and the US Government. Obama and Valerie are just a wee bit politically busy committing treason.

Obama's resources are that he was officially worth $10 million when he left office (not including what is probably hiding in one or more offshore accounts), he and his wife sold their book for $68 million, they made a deal with Netflix for an undisclosed amount that is probably at least tens of millions of dollars, and Obama is being paid and receiving benefits from at least two or three known nonprofit political activist organizations and who knows what else might be going into offshore accounts.

You need to know that all of those incomes have been going into at least one trust fund tax shelter managed by Obama and Valerie to keep from paying the taxes they are forcing on you. It is very rigged, baby.

Obama and Valerie's political actions corporations are about the only known thing the lefties are doing which have thus far not back lashed against the left and is failing so, in that regard, they are succeeding and you need to keep an eye on this. You can bet that Valerie is still doing at least 70% to more than 80% of the actual work for these political organizations, while Obama flies around the world making great sounding stupid speeches, just like she did in running the nation while the Obamas jetsetted around the world making great sounding stupid speeches, golfing and on vacations. Valerie is the brains and muscle behind everything the Obamas do so keep an eye on her.

Obama's asset is that he is good looking, he is half black, very charismatic, can make a lot of great sounding stupid speeches, and is a pretty good and consistent liar who will say whatever he is being paid to say by the upper class trash so he is a very good front man, you know, almost just like Hitler (Hitler wasn't black).

Keep an eye on this.

Easy Prediction

A very easy prediction is that, with increasing numbers of major stores making themselves gun free zones with large numbers of people in them for easy killing, there will be a rapid increase in mass shootings inside those stores because the killers will know that NO ONE will be armed and able to defend themselves. Those stores are setting up their customers like sheep for the slaughter.

If a member of your family is injured or killed by a mass shooting or stabbing in one of these stores, litigate, litigate, litigate because those stores are liable because they denied you your constitutional right to self defense by denying you your constitutional right to bear arms, making you easy prey for mass killers. Therefore, those stores are liable for damages caused by their unconstitutional policies and, with those stores publically announcing they are now gun free zones, they are just advertising for some mass killer to kill in their stores.

"Hey, look, all of our customers are easy prey for you to murder them because we have disarmed them for you."

Yeah, that is going to end well.

It will take one store losing a lot of money in litigations for that insane crap to stop.

Do you still think the lefty upper class trash are smarter than you because they stole more money than you can earn? Really? Why?

After I wrote the above, I found this at Breitbart by Awr Hawkins:

"Two El Paso shooting survivors are suing Walmart for negligence due to the alleged absence of armed security guards on the day of the attack.

The New York Post reports that Jessica and Guillermo Garcia, both of whom were shot in the attack, filed suit. 'Guillermo had to be hospitalized after being shot in the spine,' and Jessica received 'bullet wounds to her legs.'

The negligence suit says, 'Jessica Garcia and Guillermo Garcia's injuries would not have occurred but for the negligence, gross negligence, and premises liability.'"

Hey, if the store won't permit the people to protect themselves, then the store becomes liable for their protection. The more responsibilities the store takes from you, the more responsibilities they assume for you.

These businesses are literally going to turn their businesses into massive slaughter houses or shooting galleries by inviting those brainwashed, doped up psychopaths to come to their businesses to butcher their helpless customers. When this happens, the CEOs should be hung.


More and more the evil lefties are showing their true colors and where they want to take us. Bernie is now "floating" global population control, read planned genocide, you know, just like Hitler tried to do with his work camps.

I hope you realize by now that, if the lefties get back into power, we are royally screwed. All insane Hell will break loose on mankind. We can't let these nuts back in power.

You still think that the lefties are not evil?

I just got this from Breitbart by Chris Tomlinson:

"Swedish behavioural scientist Magnus Söderlund has suggested that eating other people after they die could be a means of combatting climate change.

The scientist mentioned the possibility of cannibalism during a broadcast on Swedish television channel TV4 this week about a fair in Stockholm regarding 'food of the future'."

Missing a few cards in their deck, are they? What deck?

Satanic and twisted.

You know where this would end up. The satanic, evil upper class trash will decide they want to eat someone, bribe a doctor to diagnose that person with a terminal illness and send them to a death panel, and that person will be delivered well butchered in time for dinner. No one will be safe.

Just when you think the lefties can't get any more evil, they prove you wrong.

BTW, take a good look at Commiefornia. The commies have gotten in control to the extent they can set up and force their commie dictatorship on everyone and, to make sure they don't lose power and get everything undone by someone like Trump, they are moving as fast as possible to get their dictatorship secured. They are passing their insane tyrannical laws almost every day now.

That is exactly what will happen if we let the lefties regain control of the US Government again. For two years, it will be a mad rush to pass all of the insane tyrannical laws necessary to secure their dictatorship, you know, before the next elections, and then you will be their slaves because there won't even be a US Constitution left to protect you from them.

The lefties in Commiefornia are proving that you can never let the lefties back in control of the US Government again or there will never be another election and you will lose all of your freedoms and rights. We are right now right on the edge of the tyranny precipice, people. One wrong step and the evil upper class trash tyrants own us.

John 3:16 For God so loved the world, that he gave his only begotten Son, that whosoever believeth in him should not perish, but have everlasting life.

You better....

Pray long, pray hard, pray often!!!

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