I Told You So 282

Opening Eyes

Remember that I have been telling you that God is opening eyes?

This video is another good example of God doing just that.

Polls, statistics, and other information are showing that millions of people's eyes are opening and many of them are turning from the left to conservative because they are realizing they are being lied to, the lefties really don't care about anyone but themselves and their bank accounts and the lefties are staging a coup of our government to set up their Marxist dictatorship.

Eyes are opening. Praise God.

Lefty Imams

Remember that I told you that most of the lefties, especially the upper class trash secretly converted to Islam in 2012 and became closet Muslims?

Here is a little food for thought I just realized by connecting a few dots.

1) Lefty shrinks are treated by lefties like pagan gods or Muslim Imams, why it is blasphemy to question them

2) It is getting increasingly obvious that these same lefty shrinks are dumbing down, brainwashing, and doping up their clients to send them out to do mass shootings in increasing numbers so the lefties can use those shootings to justify taking your guns away from you, you know, just like Muslim Imams send out suicide bombers and killers

Gee, what a coincidence.

Does this mean those lefty shrinks and closet Muslims now see themselves as lefty Muslim Imams sending terrorists out to murder people?

After all, you should know by now just how violent the peace preaching lefties are with things like Antifa and BLM, especially with them even murdering cops.

Think about that for a while.

Also note that the same lefties trying to use murder to disarm you are the lefties who are murdering you to terrorize you into giving up your guns, you know, the same way they use terror to scare people into voting for them with things like climate change, you know, the same way Muslims use terror to get what they want.

Gee, there sure are a lot of coincidences, aren't there?

Gun Grab

Remember that I have been telling you for years that the lefties are really working towards stealing your guns so they don't have to worry about getting their brains blown out setting up their lefty commie traitor dictatorship?

I got this from Breitbart by Awr Hawkins:

"A poll conducted by The Hill/Harris X shows Democrat voters are the driving force behind confiscatory AR-15 policies like those espoused by Robert 'Beto' O'Rourke.

The poll, reported by The Hill, shows that 82 percent of Democrat voters support 'a mandatory buyback program' for AR-15s and AK-47s. Fifty-one percent of Independent voters also voiced support for mandatory buybacks, but fewer than four in 10 Republican voters were on board."

Nah, it wouldn't be a conspiracy, would it?

At 82% wanting to steal your guns you better bet it is. That is where it has been all along it is just that they have been lying to you about "not wanting to confiscate your guns".

Gee, does this mean we can't trust lefties because they lie about everything?

That is right, almost all lefties have no integrity. Lefties will say whatever they need to say to get what they want. No lie is beneath them.

And Jesus said, "The truth will set you free" and you just got the truth.

What are you going to do with it?

It is treason, people, it is all about treason and it is now a conspiracy fact. Everything else is a lie.

Bogus Science

Remember that I have been warning you about bogus or bad or fake science?

I got this from Newsmax by staff:

"Cutting back on red and processed meat brings few if any health benefits, according to a review of studies involving millions of people, a finding that contradicts dietary advice of leading international agencies and raised immediate objections from many health experts.

Most people can continue to eat red and processed meat at current average intake, typically three or four times a week for adults in North America and Europe, said a study's authors, who also made new recommendations based on the analysis.

"Based on the research, we cannot say with any certainty that eating red or processed meat causes cancer, diabetes or heart disease," said Bradley Johnson, an associate professor at Dalhousie University in Canada who co-led the review published on Monday in the Annals of Internal Medicine journal."

A study involving millions of people is pretty definitive.

Now this has me wondering who paid for all of that bogus science that convinced so many of you to be afraid of eating red meat? Maybe the health food/vegan industry and the corporations that make that vegan fake meat to get more of you to eat their vegan fake meat instead of red meat? The upper class trash who are currently trying to get you to cut back on eating red meat? Maybe even the poultry, fish, and pork industries to get you to eat more of their meat?

Probably at least a few of the above conspired to scare you into not eating red meat so they would make more money from you eating their meat.

Who do you think paid for all of the bogus science to scare you into not eating sugar and to consume their chemicals they use to replace sugar for things that are sugar free or dietary and we know those chemicals cause health problems?

Yeah, you know the chemical companies paid for that bogus science.

Who do you think paid for the bogus science that scared you into not eating salt so you would consume their low salt, no salt, and salt replacement chemicals?

Yeah, the chemical and food companies that make money from you consuming their products.

Who do you think paid for the bogus science to scare you into being afraid of getting ANY sun on your skin when you need sunlight hitting your skin for your body to make vitamin D?

Yeah, the chemical companies that make the sunscreen chemicals.

BTW, recent research has shown that those sunscreen chemicals are causing damage to your skin and other health problems.

Do you believe me yet when I tell you that better than 90% of the "research" or science that has been published about exercise and diet is bogus science done to make someone rich at your expense?

Do you believe God yet when He said, "The love of money is the root of all evil"?

Do you get the picture yet?

Yes, the upper class trash do conspire or plan and work together to steal from you. Nothing like a little friendly fraud, baby.

If they can't show me at the molecular level how something causes harm to you, I don't listen to them and know it is probably bogus science.

This caused me to want to share something with you to help you learn more about proper exercise.

Mark sent me an e-mail concerning my second article about bogus science in my essay, "I Told You So 281" telling me that he had done a fair amount of research and run into more bogus science concerning diet.

In response, I sent him the following e-mail to help him:

"You don't realize it but you proved my point.

'Athletes, on the other hand, are different. Their consumption of calories and carbs is offset by their athleticism. Athletes, by definition, burn all the calories and carbs they take in.' and ' Average citizens, which I am, are not athletes. I exercise briskly every morning on my two-mile brisk walk. But the amount of carbs I was taking in in the past were not burned off by that routine.'

You agreed with me that exercise is more important than diet because, if you exercise right, you will burn the carbs and you won't have those medical problems.

'I do not have time for more exercise.'

Yes you do, you just don't know it.

'I exercise briskly every morning on my two-mile brisk walk.'

For almost everyone, a brisk two mile walk is at a pace of 4 miles per hour and takes half an hour. OK, you only have half an hour for exercise so sit back watch the coaching magic.

Do this, walk the first mile at your brisk pace, run 1/4 mile at a 6 minute pace or in 1.5 minutes (don't jog, jogging is bad for you, run), walk the rest of it at your brisk pace. When it gets to where that is easy, walk the first mile, run 1/2 mile at a 6 minute pace or in 3 minutes, and walk the last half mile at your brisk pace. When it gets to where that is easy, walk the first 3/4 mile, run 3/4 mile in 4.5 minutes, and walk the last 1/2 mile at your brisk pace. When it gets to where that is easy, walk the first 1/2 mile, run one mile at a 6 minute pace or in 6 minutes, and walk the last half mile. By this time, you will be completing your exercise program in 21 minutes, 9 minutes shorter than your current 2 mile walk. Wow, at only a 6 minute per mile pace, you could run another 1.5 miles for a total workout of 3.5 miles but we will get to that later.

When it gets to where that is easy, walk a 1/4 mile, run 1.25 miles at 6 minutes per mile, and walk the last 1/2 mile. When it gets to where that is easy, walk a 1/4 mile, run 1.5 miles, and walk 1/4 mile. When it gets to where that is easy, walk 1/4 mile, run 1.75 miles, walk 1/4 mile. When it gets to where that is easy, walk 1/4 mile (warmup), run 2 miles, and walk 1/4 mile (warm down) for a workout time of only 20 minutes or 10 minutes less than your current workout for only 2 miles, plenty of time to spare.

When it gets to where that is easy, walk 1/4 mile, run 2.5 miles, walk 1/4 mile for a workout of only 23 minutes. When it gets to where that is easy, walk 1/4 mile, run 3 miles, and walk 1/4 mile for a workout of only 25 minutes. You will still be finishing 5 minutes earlier than your current walk. When it gets to where that is easy, walk 1/4 mile, run 4 miles, and walk 1/4 mile for a total workout of 4.5 miles in just 31 minutes and you can eat anything you want because you will burn the calories.

Note that the faster you run, the farther you can run in the same time so you will get more workout in the same time. For example, if you get it down to just 5 minute miles, you can run 5 miles in just 25 minutes and can eat anything you want with 5 minutes to spare.

Like I have been telling you, it isn't how long you workout but how you workout that matters. You are working out wrong and I just showed you how to workout right by building up gradually and you can do it all in about the same time you are currently working out. I just gave you a chance to improve your life in more than one way and forget about diabetes.

You see, exercise is more important than diet and your exercise determines your diet, you know, what you should and should not eat.

Everyone could and should be an amateur athlete and it doesn't take that much time. You just have to know how to do it, which is why I wrote my book, 'A Better Way To Train.' It works. :-) If you workout right, I don't care what you eat."

You need to understand that this program I set up for him is a very simple program for doing off season base work for a lower level amateur athlete that can easily be used for just regular fitness. It also teaches how to develop such a program for someone who isn't in very good shape, how to develop the ability to run at a given speed and for increasing distances, and how to avoid overtraining.

This program is more complex than most coaches are trained to program an athlete even for base work but is much more simple and limited than what I would use for a competitive athlete for base work but will do just great for normal fitness. This program is extremely simple compared to what I would program an athlete for on season, post season, off season, and preseason training.

If you can't run a 6 minute mile, it teaches you how to develop the ability to run a 6 minute mile without risking injury and I would use a more complex system to get you to where you could run a 5 minute mile or better.

Whenever you hear any x-spurt tell you that you should workout half an hour a day or an hour a day, you should always ask how because how you workout is more important than how long you workout. Time just tells me what training parameters I have to stay within.

If you only have half an hour to workout, I can program you to get a very good workout in half an hour and, if you have an hour to workout, I can program you to get a better workout in an hour but, if you have the adequate fitness, I would prefer to program you to workout something like 2 to 3 hours on one day, 1 to 2 hours on another day, 1 to 1.5 hours on a third day, and half an hour three days a week with one day off (not in that order) and I would use a complex system of rest cycles and training techniques to keep you developing fitness very quickly. The thing is that those workouts would be very structured with specific goals for each part of each workout because how you workout is much more important than how long you workout.

Note that most people who are "coaching" other people or are licensed fitness trainers are not trained or capable to do any of that.

Why did I have him run at a 6 minute mile pace?

Because a 6 minute mile pace is too fast for him to jog, forces him to run, and jogging is high impacting, causing significant damage to your body, especially, you joints and internal organs, especially if you are significantly over weight (more than 20 to 30 pounds for a 5' 8" male who should weigh about 150 pounds).

Why did I tell him to do a specific workout until it felt easy, you know, like he could easily do more?

Because it tells him that his body has conditioned to that quality of workout and helps prevent him from getting training related injuries by increasing the intensity of his program too quickly.

Remember, in my book, "A Better Way To Train", I wrote 80 chapters about training and competition for bicycle racing AND show you how to modify my program for other sports like running and swimming. Good 21st Century coaching should never be simple because we know too much about how the human body and mind function in relation to rest, exercise, and competition and, people, that ain't bogus science; that is real science.

I hope that helps at least some of you.

How good was my training?

When I studied coaching, physical education, and the sports sciences at the University of New Mexico, it was ranked as one of the top 3 to 5 such programs in the US and was easily one of the best in the world. That was partly because of all of the science we had to study (we had to study biology up to junior and senior molecular biology, you know, pre-med biology that doctors were also required to study) but also because we had some of the best specialists in the world as professors.

Heming Atterbom, Ph.D. from Sweden was head of our exercise physiology program and his book on exercise physiology was used at ALL of the top universities in the US and Europe for more than a decade after I left the program. He requested that I assist him on a research project, which is a huge honor, but I already had too many irons in the fire to be able to commit the time required to do the job right.

You have to understand that it requires at least 40 hours per week to assist on a science research project and do the job right and not doing the job right could destroy your career. Also, for you to make commitments to people and then break those commitments would also destroy your credibility and career.

I politely thanked him for the offer and grudgingly explained that I had to turn it down because of prior commitments and he understood.

Heck Kenny, Ph.D. was the second ranked athletic administrative specialist in the US and easily one of the best in the world. I am trained to take any sports program at any level, including college, professional, and national to international governing bodies, start from scratch, design, plan, build, manage that program and to work with architects to design custom athletic facilities for that program.

I studied athletic training or sports medicine under Toe Deem when he was ranked as one of the top 3 collegiate ATs in the US and one of the best in the world. I am trained in better physical therapy than any commercial physical therapists for helping athletes recover from injuries and illness, how to prevent injuries and illness, and I regularly got athletes recovered from injuries, back in shape, and back in competition with minimal potential for reinjury at least one to two weeks faster than any PT (physical therapist) can just get them recovered enough to return to normal 8 to 5 work, forget about getting them recovered fitness wise and back into competition.

Almost all of my professors were ranked in the top 2 to 5 in the US and were some of the best in the world within their specialty.

We studied the history and growth of modern sports for the previous 150 to 200 years including coaching, sports management, and sports sciences. We studied some of the best coaches in the US and the world like Knute Rockne, Vince Lombardi, and Tom Landry and why their programs were so successful.

I am trained to participate in, coach, officiate, manage, and promote almost 20 different sports, most of them Olympic sports. I am trained to custom design sports programs for fitness and competition for everyone from small children of 6 years of age up to people who are 60+ years of age, for men and women.

Did you know that you have to program fitness development for different ages of children differently based on what their bodies are developing at their age?

Then I went out in the real world and used my biology training in field research to do research and improve on everything I had been taught, EVERYTHING. I used my athletes as my lab rats to improve on my knowledge about the sports sciences and improve on training systems by seeing what works in the real world and what is just theory and doesn't work n the real world. Instead of me doing my exercise physiology research in a lab out of touch with reality, I did it in the real world to see what really works. My science wasn't theory, it was fact, baby.

At that time, these huge sports arenas like football stadiums, were privately owned because the owners had not yet started bribing your corrupt politicians to use your tax dollars to build, maintain, and finance those facilities, which required those facilities to be managed differently, you know, to be able to pay the bills and make a profit instead of the bills being paid with your tax dollars. I researched how those athletic administrators managed those facilities to make a profit and learned much more about real world athletic administration.

Hey, if I get the money to build an indoor board track for bicycle racing, only about $6 million, you ain't seen nuttin' like what I would build but they are starting to get closer in Europe. I am still about a quarter to half of a century ahead of their best designs and management.

And all of my competitors?

Almost all of them were just former athletes who were trying to reinvent a 200+ year old coaching/athletic administration wheel by riding their bicycles up and down the highway a few thousand miles a year, you know, thinking they would learn in that saddle what I had learned in 4 years of one of the best colleges in the world. That is called 19th Century coaching, people. They were just a wee bit behind what I had learned in college for the late 20th Century.

Some of them literally told me to my face they were afraid of me and others told their athletes, who told my athletes, who told me, that they were quitting coaching because they couldn't figure out how to beat me. One quit coaching juniors because of me, thought I had quit coaching juniors, came back, got his butt handed to him even worse than the first time, and permanently quit coaching. Of course they couldn't, they didn't have the knowledge to figure out how to beat me. All they knew was what they had learned from riding bicycles, clinics that lasted a few days and their stupid cycling magazines, which never got it right.

Gee, I wonder why? You don't think that maybe it was because they were 19th Century coaches and I am a 21st Century coach, you know, at least 150 to 200 years ahead of their coaching training, do you?

I was beating internationally ranked pro teams with a pro-am team that had one pro and a handful of amateurs and it was made very clear to me that none of my competitors wanted to see what I could do with a full pro team so I got black listed out of the sport. Yes, you can be too good in relation to your competition, especially if you scare the crap out of them. Scared people tend to gang up on you, you know, turn into a lynching mob.

You want to know how bad I was beating them?

They were recruiting the best athletes they could find and doping them up, I was recruiting kids off the street who had never raced, training them up from scratch, racing them clean (no dope) and still beating their pro teams within just 3 to 4 years and they didn't know enough to figure out how I was doing it so it was lynch mob time. "It gots to be witchcraft, baby!" My science is very good science.

I learned more from the real world than I had bargained for and that was a real life lesson. OK, it sucked too but not as much as me also almost dying from a virus I got from my ex-wife. That sucked worse, almost killed me, and plunged me into poverty, which I am still trying to work my way out of the illness and poverty. When it rains, it pours and it was ark building time with Jesus ending up being my ark and the only reason I am still kicking and able to keep teaching you.

Just know that most of today's coaches and trainers don't know squat and there is a huge amount of bogus science out there about diet and exercise, so much so that, if we threw away better than 90% of what has been published about either, you would all be better off and healthier.

I wish we could do away with all of the bogus science but then the corrupt lefties couldn't achieve their evil agenda and make all of that fast easy money they steal from you.

One other thing I learned from all of this is what would happen if you went back in time knowing what we know today?

They would probably burn you at the stake for witchcraft because you would scare the crap out of them by being able to do things they can't understand. I learned that that is basic human nature for most people, if you don't understand it, destroy it.

John 3:16 For God so loved the world, that he gave his only begotten Son, that whosoever believeth in him should not perish, but have everlasting life.

You better....

Pray long, pray hard, pray often!!!

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