I Told You So 285


Remember that I told you that Turkey is probably holding our nukes in Turkey hostage to keep Trump from militarily intervening?

I just got this from Newsmax by Eric Mack:

"As President Donald Trump potentially enacts a maximum economic pressure campaign on Turkey's Syria aggressions, the roughly 50 U.S. nuclear warheads in Turkey are precariously positioned, The New York Times reported Monday.

The nukes are now potentially to be held "hostage" by Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdo?an, a senior official told the Times."


"'To fly them out of Incirlik would be to mark the de facto end of the Turkish-American alliance," the Times reported. "To keep them there, though, is to perpetuate a nuclear vulnerability that should have been eliminated years ago.'"

The article didn't mention that the men, planes, and other weapons we have at Incirlik are also certainly hostages at this time. You can bet that Incirlik is on lock down.

BTW, based on all of the sources I have seen, it is probably at least 60+ nukes. The actual number is classified. They are the most advanced variable yield nukes we have.

Then I read that Turkey has agreed to a cease fire...wait for it...for 120 hours or 5 days, you know, just enough time for the Syrian/Russian forces to intervene. Boy, Erdogan sure caved fast.


The lefty media has gotten everyone thinking that the "Kurds helped the US defeat ISIS" but that is wrong.

Remember that ISIS was overrunning the Kurds and the US sent in troops to HELP THE KURDS STOP AND DEFEAT ISIS?

The Kurds owe the US, the US doesn't owe the Kurds. It is the US that came to the help of the Kurds and not the Kurds who came to the help of the US.

Sucker Punch

I think Trump just sucker punched all of us...again. He is a grand master at the sucker punch.

Trump came out stating that he was not taken by surprise because he saw Erdogan massing his troops at the Syrian border.

So, what happened?

Trump knew Erdogan was going to invade Syria whether Trump got his troops out of the way or not, you know, Erdogan said he would, putting the US troops in harm's way, so Trump removed the troops to protect them and set this up to be a sucker punch for Erdogan and the rest of his critics.

Remember that Erdogan went rogue after Obama tried to murder Erdogan and stage a coup against him?

Erdogan began playing the US against Russia and started buying Russian weapons like their best fighter planes and the S-300 SAM system against Trump's protests, causing the US to quit selling weapons to Turkey. Erdogan was going completely rogue and, when Trump tried to protect the Kurds against a Turkish invasion, Erdogan decided to just roll right over the few troops the US had in the area posing a threat to those troops.

Erdogan probably figured that the US would keep some of their troops in the area between him and Syria/Russia so it would be safe for him to occupy that part of Syria but Trump got the US troops out from between the Turkish troops and the Syrian/Russian Troops to cause a direct confrontation between the two forces, knowing Erdogan would back down, especially after Trump hammered Erdogan with sanctions.

Add to this that Putin ain't going to sell rogue Erdogan any more of Russia's best weapons now that Turkey is a direct threat to Russia and her Syrian ally. Oops.

So now Erdogan has been internationally exposed by Trump as an evil, power mad tyrant, Erdogan can't buy weapons for either Russia or the US, and Erdogan has been internationally humiliated by Trump with the Turkish elections approaching and with the Turkish economy just hitting the skids because of the US sanctions.

Of course, Erdogan, being too stupid to learn from his mistake, is still posturing about destroying the Kurds but with no ability to do so, which will just make him look even more like a fool.

At the same time, every lefty, RINO, the idiot lefty media, lefty famous celebrity know-nothing x-spurts, and even top lefty military officers jumped all over Trump for "abandoning" a US ally, the Kurds, making it look like we owe the Kurds because "the Kurds helped the US defeat ISIS", when it was the US helping the Kurds defeat ISIS. They got their hero worship backwards.

With Trump backing down Erdogan and stopping the invasion, guess who is wearing egg all over their faces right now and it ain't Trump. The lefties just charged right into that sucker punch by Trump, you know, like always.

Remember that I have been telling you how stupid the politicians are?

Trump keeps proving me right again and again and again.

Trump knew what I told you, that a land locked Kurdistan couldn't work because Syria, Turkey, Iraq, and Iran would prevent the Kurds from being able to conduct commerce with the rest of the world so he helped the Iraqi Kurdistan to make an agreement with Iraq for partial autonomy and is now in a position to negotiate a deal between Syrian Kurdistan and Syria for partial autonomy, making Trump look like the good guy again.

Have you noticed that Trump is playing chess and his opposition is playing checkers and not very good checkers at that? Do you believe me yet that most politicians went into politics because they are too stupid to earn half as much legally? And you want these people micro managing your lives for you? Do you still believe they know what is best for you?

Trump keeps proving me right and you know the idiot lefties will take the next sucker punch with just as much zeal because they are too stupid to learn from their mistakes.

Eyes Opening

Remember that I have been telling you that God is opening eyes and people are chosing?

Watch this video and see just how many eyes are opening and how much God is opening their eyes.


Remember that I told you that FB and some of the other platforms are bleeding customers and, therefore, money because of the way they have been treating conservatives and that this will come back to haunt them, with some of these CEOs possibly losing their jobs?

Sucksberg had a meeting with conservatives to try and save his butt. I guess he finally figured out that losing those customers is costing FB and the shareholders lots of money. In other words, Sucksberg just got his butt reamed for costing FB share holders a fortune, undoubtedly with a significant mention of "How would you like to lose your job?"

Remember that, under FCC rules, minority share holders have rights and protections from the actions of majority share holders and can take legal actions to protect their investment.

Of course this means that Sucksberg is now also getting backlash from the left for trying to save FB and his job by making nice with conservatives.

Gee, who would have figured?

Watch this video to see how bad things are getting for Marky Baby.

It would have been best if he had just remained neutral in this mess because him getting involved and then having to back out is causing the lefties to feel they are being stabbed in the back by Marky and could cause him to lose his job anyway and, with the mess he has created, I wouldn't want to be the CEO who has to follow him and clean up the mess.

This is going to get nasty for Marky and FB, very nasty.

The Mess

Remember that I have been telling you that the lefty school teachers and college professors are playing a major role in causing our current Marxist problems?

Watch this video which, at the start, confirms what I have been telling you for years. The video then goes on to talk about failing CNN.

This video and this video also confirm what I have been telling you about lefty teachers and college professors causing our Marxist mess with indoctrination or brainwashing.

To permanently solve this Marxist problem, you have to get rid of the lefty teachers and college professors brainwashing our kids.

And don't forget the roles being played by the media and Hollywood.

Ezekiel 38 & 39

Remember that I told you not to be surprised to see lefty Hebrews join the invading army for the Battle of Ezekiel 38 & 39?

Israel is having trouble forming a new government because the two leading parties are tied and neither can form a government because they both want the power and control.

There is increasing talk about the lefty minority party forming a government with the Muslim Arab minority party, which would give shared control over Israel to the lefties and their Muslim pals. Gee, what a coincidence.

The lefties prove again and again that they will do ANYTHING for power, control, and greed, ANYTHING!

Hey, what do you expect from a group of people who live by Satan's one law of "do as you will", sanity?

If the evil lefties and their Muslim pals gain control over Israel, the Israeli military will only have two choices: 1) stand back and watch the lefties and Muslims destroy Israel from within or 2) stage a military coup to save Israel.

Especially if the IDF stages a coup to save Israel, then you will see lefty Hebrews join the invading Muslim army to destroy Israel, which means God is going to also kill a lot of satanic Hebrews in the Battle of Ezekiel 38 & 39 to save Israel.

Get it straight, the lefty Hebrews are trying to destroy Israel the same way the lefty Americans are trying to destroy the US. All lefties are evil, brainwashed minions of the upper class trash.

Infinite Stupidity

Remember that I have been telling you that we humans have invented infinite stupidity because our stupidity is never ending?

The Lebanese Christian Party just left their government in protest against the Muslims, you know, giving the Muslims complete control of the Lebanese government.

For decades I have watched leaders from different countries where the bad guys manage to gain control and the "good guys" walk away from their responsibility to govern "in protest" because of what the bad guys are doing. These fools leave in protest thinking that them leaving in protest will cause the bad guys to stop being bad but it NEVER works that way. All it does is give the bad guys absolute control, power, and authority and it ALWAYS makes things worse but our glorious, intellectually superior leaders just keep right on doing it again and again and again, ALWAYS making things worse.

For any political party to leave their government in protest just gives the other side a dictatorship.

This great sounding "leaving in protest" thingy has not worked once, not one time, but the fools still do it today.

Why, stay in government and fight to regain control from the bad guys?

No, not them, they are too righteous and wonderful and must show everyone how righteous and wonderful and stupid they are by giving the bad guys complete control to do whatever they want by leaving in protest and it always gets worse, usually with those righteous and wonderful leaders who left in protest being rounded up and put in prison or killed.

Learn from history?

No, no, no, the upper class must never learn from history so they don't make the same mistakes, why, after all, are they not all-knowing so how can they possibly learn anything?

Sometimes, I just want to jack slap the all-knowing upper class who got the right degrees from the right universities. My farts are more intelligent than those fools and their college professors because my farts would never do anything that stupid. I am convinced that no intelligence is better than the intelligence of stupid people who keep making the same mistakes again and again and again.

And you know who will always pay for these natural elites leaving in protest. Yeah, the people, they always pay for the stupidity and foolishness of the upper class.

How much longer, Lord, how much longer?


Remember that I told you that the people will not rebel against the upper class trash as long as the people believe they have more to lose by rebelling than they have to gain but, when the people realize that they have more to gain by rebelling than they have to lose, they will rebel.

I have been watching all of the rioting against the upper class trash spreading globally and just realized that we last saw this rioting against the upper class trash was more than 200 years ago, you know, the last time the upper class trash pushed the lower classes too far.

Globally, increasing numbers of people are waking up and realizing that, if the upper class trash globalists retain/regain power, the upper class trash plan to take everything everyone has. Therefore, if the people don't rebel, they will lose everything, which means that the people are realizing that since the upper class trash will take everything they have anyway, then the people know that they no longer have anything to lose by rebelling and have everything to gain by rebelling, so they are rebelling.

And, here we are again, repeating history because the power mad and greedy upper class trash refuse to learn from history. They just gots to get their little slavies back with their glorious Marxism and they are getting the same results they got more than 200 years ago, the lower classes rising up and getting ready to start taking off upper class trash heads.

But, do you think the upper class trash will learn and back off?

No, no, no, they are just within reach of their glorious Marxist global dictatorship and, if they just push a little harder, they believe they will get it so they persist in spite of the warning signs.

So, how long do you think it will take the lower classes to realize again that fighting cops in the streets won't get them anywhere and the people have to go to where the upper class trash live, drag the upper class trash evil butts out in the streets, give them some designer tar and feathers, and either use the upper class trash for tree ornaments or give them guillotine haircuts? How long will the cops and military continue to protect the evil upper class trash this time before they give up, join the lower class rebellions, and start helping the lower classes to round up and execute the evil upper class trash?

What I see around the world is that the people have already passed the breaking point and, once again, the evil, vile upper class trash don't get it and won't get it until it is too late because the upper class trash are just inherently stupid that way. Dey just gots to have more power so they can steal more from more people faster.

Do you believe me yet that having more money doesn't mean you have more intelligence, it just means you have more money? Do you believe me yet that the stupid people are running the planet?

The biggest problem the upper class trash have is that they over estimate their own intelligence and under estimate the intelligence of the people. Basically, they think too much of themselves and too little of everyone else. The upper class trash are just greedy, power mad, over educated, heavily inbred, arrogant fools with more money than brains.

But what do you expect from thousands of years of inbreeding?

Obviously, a bunch of them are going to have to lose their heads again to straighten up this mess.

Upper Class Trash

Remember that I told you that the upper class trash Nazis regrouped, reorganized, changed their name to communists, and started over again using the Soviet Union to get their global dictatorship after their efforts with Nazi Germany to set up a global dictatorship failed and, when their efforts with the Soviet Union failed, they regrouped, reorganized, changed their name to globalists, started working with the Muslims, and formed the EU to get their global dictatorship?

Now that their efforts with the EU are failing, I was wondering who the upper class trash were going to use next to get their Marxist global dictatorship to get their little slavies back.

Former German Nazi SS soldier, George Soros, just publically stated that China is their future and they need to work with China to set up their global dictatorship or one world Marxist government. I guess they are going to start openly calling themselves communists again?

Remember that I told you that the only thing that will stop these human demons is death? They just keep proving me right, don't they?

Pearl Harbor

Remember that I told you that there is a theory that FDR knew the Japanese were going to attack Pearl Harbor in advance and permitted the attack to happen to make it easier for FDR to persuade the people to go to war before it was too late?

I just found the following video that was recorded by the US Navy during the attack and I noticed some interesting things. (Note that, when I saw this film, I remembered seeing it as a kid but I didn't know enough then to notice the things I saw this time.)

Note that, at the beginning of the film, they stated that an entire fleet of ships was sent to Pearl Harbor at the same time, after returning from a failed mission to get a peace treaty with the Japanese, you know, to set up the sucker punch I told you about earlier. They set up too tempting of a target for the Japanese to pass it up.

Normally the Navy would have never put all of those ships at dock in one place with such military tensions. They would have kept at least half to two thirds of them and their escorts on patrol under such tense conditions and Japan being on a military rampage to prevent a surprise attack by the Japanese. That action alone is just a wee bet suspicious.

First, you can tell by the different scenes during the attack that they used multiple cameras, which means, either a team of camera crews responded very quickly to the start of the attack and got into positions very quickly or they knew in advance and positioned to capture the attack.

Second, they had cameras where they knew the action would take place capturing the most devastating parts of the attack such as the USS Arizona being hit and blowing up and all of the different battleships and other ships burning.

Third, notice the movements of the different cameras in relation to the actions taking place and you should be able to tell they had different cameras on land and on boats in the water during the attack and didn't use those boats for rescue attempts because those boats were dedicated to the camera crews. Wow, they really got those camera crews in those boats quickly and very early in the attack for them to not have known about the attack in advance.

Fourth, they state that the replacement planes arrived within a few days. Gee, that sure was fast.

Remember that I told you that all of the planes at Pearl Harbor at the time of the attack were already obsolete by the time of the attack?

They very quickly brought in more modern fighter planes and bombers, which usually doesn't happen that quickly because they would have had to gather those planes from different parts of the nation, which, that alone, would have required at least a few weeks of selecting planes, sending out orders for troop movements, and then transportation time to get those planes hundreds to thousands of miles to the West Coast and then 2,000 miles from the US to Hawaii, especially since many of those planes couldn't fly the 2,000 miles and had to be transported by ships, which would have taken longer.

We know that they also already had the replacement B-17s for the ones destroyed at Pearl Habor and they were more modern B-17s in route between the continental US and Hawaii at the time of the attack. Gee, what a coincidence.

How many of the other replacement planes were already in route at the time of the attack?

When considering logistics, for them to have arrived within days, they had to already be in route to Hawaii. Those old war planes only traveled at from a few hundred to less than 400 miles per hour and most only had a range of hundreds of miles and had to be transported to Hawaii by ships.

Note that they also tried to make it look like one man shot all of that film but there is no way one person got that many different shots from different locations on both the land and water from different distances during that attack. It could have only been filmed by teams of film crews.

Yeah, kind of obvious that someone knew the attack was coming and was ready to record that attack on film, huh?

This video is film proof that they knew the attack was coming in advance and prepared for it to get the people wanting to go to war before it was too late. Filming that attack and showing it to the people to cause the people to get angry enough to want to go to war was obviously very important.

They also knew that very few people knew enough to connect the dots and figure it out.

John 3:16 For God so loved the world, that he gave his only begotten Son, that whosoever believeth in him should not perish, but have everlasting life.

You better....

Pray long, pray hard, pray often!!!

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