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Upper Class Trash

Remember that I have been telling you that all of the upper class trash, including the European Royal Family, are evil criminals?

If I am wrong, why did the British branch of the European Royal Family threaten ABC to get them to cover up for a member of their family being a pedophile?

Oops! The upper class trash is above the law because they own the law.

Believe me yet? They just proved it. Think about it.

How much more obvious does this have to get before you believe what I have been telling you for years?

They are all involved in a number of criminal activities and hiding them all to make you believe they are saintly and good people, when they are the cause of most of our problems. For thousands of years, the upper class trash have caused most of the pain and suffering on this planet and history proves that to be true.


Remember that I told you that increasing numbers of the more intelligent atheists are saying that they would rather live in a nation run by Christians than a nation run by atheists?

Here is a great article proving this to be true and showing that increasing numbers of Atheists are realizing that destroying Christianity will be our civilization's downfall and return us to dog-eat-dog barbarism where no one will be safe.

Ready for a Christian theocracy to protect your butt yet, especially from the upper class trash?


Remember that I told you that you must join or form a militia, organize within, locally, regionally, and nationally with other militias for mutual support, with law enforcement, and with the military?

This video tells you to do some of the same things plus some other things.

It is obviously time to prepare for what the lefty commie traitors are going to force on us.


Remember that I have been telling you that they have been rebuilding Babylon to become the political, financial, and religious capitol of the world and that the Vatican is getting ready to build a new Vatican building in modern Babylon and move there?

Watch this video, which talks about Zachariah 5 talking about just that.

Note that he clearly did not know what I have been telling you about them currently rebuilding Babylon and this video was uploaded in 2012, seven years ago. Gee, what a coincidence.

BTW, I told you that one reason why Babylon is called Mystery Babylon in the Bible is probably because she is the only city in the history of the world to be the greatest city in the world and one of the 7 wonders of the world, decline, become deserted, be covered up with sand by God to preserve her, found by man, uncovered, and rebuilt with plans to once again be the greatest city in the world.

But God has showed me another reason why John probably called her Mystery Babylon.

You have to understand that, at the time of John, the greatest cities in the world, you know, like Babylon, were much smaller than many even moderate size cities today because the global population and those city populations were much smaller, the buildings were made mostly of large carved stones, the tallest buildings in those magnificent cities were no more than 10 to 20 stories or 100 to 200 feet high, most of the streets were narrow or about 10 to 20 feet wide for mostly human foot traffic and small animal drawn carts, there were no massive factories or refineries, ships were all wooden ships that were less than 100 feet long and about 10 to 20 feet wide with about 20 to 40 foot high sails, and those people didn't even know about most of what we know today concerning science, engineering, and technology. It was a very different world.

I really enjoy watching sailboat cruising videos like this and this because the people take you to different parts of the world and show you how people are still living today. This helps keep you in touch with what most of the people on this planet consider reality, not our overgrown, plastic luxurious cities in the West. Pay close attention in those videos to the narrowest streets these two people visit and know that most streets in John's time would have been like those narrowest streets and these narrow streets were built just a few hundred years ago in Europe, not 2,000 to 3,000 years ago in the Middle East.

Sure, there were some larger streets in the most magnificent cities like Jerusalem and Babylon but even most of their streets were narrow enough that you might not have been able to drive even one car down them. Most of the greatest cities in the world at that time were no larger than medium size cities in the US like Albuquerque, New Mexico and Tucson, Arizona. Today's largest cities would dwarf their largest cities and Modern Babylon is already designed to be the largest and most spectacular city in the world today and will soon start construction. Modern Babylon is DESIGNED to dwarf even Dubai in beauty and magnificence, which is currently considered to be the most magnificent city in the world today or any day in history. You can see about 21 pictures of Dubai here and Modern Babylon is DESIGNED to be even more magnificent than that.

Since Modern Babylon is designed to be a Muslim city, I expect it to have at least the largest and most spectacular mosque in the world, if not the half dozen to dozen largest and most spectacular mosques in the world.

Then just imagine that you are John, who was taken up to Heaven from 2,000 years ago, where you got to see 21st Century Babylon, which would have included rebuilt old Babylon, which would have been no big deal to John because Babylon was still one of the greatest cities in the world with a thriving economy during John's time and he didn't know that, in about 1,000 years, she will cease to exist for almost 1,000 years BUT, and this is a huge but, either right next to her or possibly partly surrounding her you see 21st Century Modern Babylon with at least several dozen buildings that would have been 100+ stories or more than 1,000 feet high, absolutely and completely dwarfing what you thought was magnificent Babylon, roads and freeways that would be about 100+ feet wide, with cars, buses, and trucks, that you had no idea what they were, moving along the roads at incredible speeds, massive gas and oil refineries and warehouses that you had no idea what they were, a massive harbor that alone dwarfed old Babylon filled with massive steel oil, gas, and cargo ships that were larger than most cities 2,000 years ago, airports with aircraft coming and going, none of which you had any idea what they were, and you were looking at science, engineering, and technology that you could not have even begun to dream of or understand.

Just imagine the absolute, overwhelming aw that you would have felt with not even being able to understand what most of what you were looking at was, how it worked, or how it could possibly have been made. It would have all been a completely overwhelming MYSTERY to you and it would only be natural or basic human nature for you to call this city you were told is Babylon, "Mystery Babylon" and, I believe, that is why John called her "Mystery Babylon".

It is common sense human nature that John's first thoughts would have been something like, "What is this? What am I looking at? This is a complete mystery to me, why...it is...Mystery Babylon." Think about that.

As I thought about this, I had to feel sorry for the poor man because he could not possibly have understood most of what he was looking at because he had never seen almost any of it before. You know that what he saw haunted him for the rest of his life and, since he didn't understand most of what he was looking at, there is no way he could have explained it to anyone so it would have only been natural for him to just simply call it Mystery Babylon because it was an overwhelming mystery to John.

I believe that is what John almost certainly called Modern Babylon and why.

People have often wondered what it would be like to travel back in time and try to tell people about the incredible things we just take for granted on Earth today, you know, like cars, trains, planes, spaceships and satellites.

As I thought about all of this, I realized that, what it would be like to go back in time just a few hundred years, forget thousands of years, to the time of the US founding fathers and try to tell them about the things of today, they would think you were demon processed, tie your butt to a wooden post, stack fire wood around your feet, and light the wood on fire. It would get just a wee bit warm very quickly.

Now, if God had permitted John to understand what he had seen of 21st Century modern Babylon and John had tried to explain it to the people, they would have either burned him at the stake or stoned him to death and God needed John to remain on Earth for more years to do more work. Therefore, I believe, that God permitted John to not understand what he saw so he couldn't even begin to try to explain what he saw and would only refer to it as "Mystery Babylon", saving John's life.

I am certain that is Mystery Babylon.


Remember that I have been telling you that the lefties converted to Islam in 2012 and are now closet Muslims?

This is from Fox News By Caleb Parke:

"Massachusetts high school students pretended to be Muslims in the 'Islamic' city of Jerusalem as part of a class assignment used in Newton Public Schools to teach about the Israeli-Palestinian conflict, a new report revealed."

Today the lefty teachers and college professors are always teaching and promoting Islam while ignoring the bad it causes.

Gee, you don't think that maybe they are closet Muslims, do you?

Question: If I am wrong, why do the lefties always take the side of homosexuality and everything else the lefties love against Christianity but always take the side of Islam against homosexuality, feminism, and everything they take the side of against Christianity?

Just a wee bit obvious, is it?

Think about it.

Wealthiest of the Wealthy

Remember that I told you that, as a boy, I noticed that the wealthiest of the wealthy come from or do business with the nations with the strongest economies, which have the middle and lower classes with the largest disposable income?


Because people who have more disposable income or have more money spend and invest more money, which drives the economy, which increases the potential earnings for everyone, including the wealthy. Therefore, stealing from the people with things like taxes and fines decreases disposable income, which decreases spending and investments, which decreases the earning potential of the economy, which decreases the earning potential for everyone, including the wealthy.

Think I am wrong?

Trump has been increasing disposable income by decreasing taxes and regulations and the economy just keeps booming. Just watch this video that will tell you what I said is true.

And the greedy, power mad upper class trash and their puppets and minions are so stupid they can't see this or figure it out, which is why they have been stealing from everyone they can for more than 2,500 years. This means that the stupid people are running the planet.

Common sense says that, if the economy is depressed by stealing from the economy, then there isn't even as much to steal from the economy so the wealthy depending on that economy can't get as wealthy as they can from a booming economy.

Stealing from an economy creates a catch 22 because, if you steal from the economy, you depress the economy and decrease the amount there is to steal from the economy, decreasing even a thief's potential wealth from that economy. Stealing is stupid but that is the only way the greedy upper class trash know how to increase their wealth because they are stupid.


I have told you that the Koran is almost certainly in chronological order in spite of what the all-knowing, all-wise, intellectually superior, natural elite, x-spurts who got the right degrees from the right universities tell you. I also explained to you how and why Muhammad certainly did and would have dictated the Koran to a scribe so it was completed during his life, he just kept adding to it, and proof of that is in the Koran in that Muhammad ordered his followers to not take their copy of the Koran when they traveled to other nations because he was afraid the other nations would read the Koran, realize Muhammad was trying to conquer the world, and would have united to wipe out Islam.

Think about it, if the Koran wasn't already a book, why would Muhammad tell his people not to take their copy of the Koran to other nations? Duh, no brainer.

Concerning whether it is in chronological order, if you learn to recognize the brainwashing part of the Koran so you can see past that to the meat of the Koran, you can see what he was concerned about while he was writing the Koran. The first half dozen or so chapters talk about him having problems with raiding caravans, which he did early in his campaign and life, and the last dozen or so chapters talk about the problems he was having at the end of his campaign and life, therefore, the chapters in the middle of the Koran had to be about and written during the middle of his campaign and life? That sounds logical to me but most of the x-spurts don't get it.

Do you better understand why most x-spurts who got the right degrees at the right universities make my brain hurt?

Most of them don't have any common sense.

Now, based on what is being taught, it is likely that some of the earlier Caliphs moved a few chapters around a little bit, deleted a few chapters, and may have added a few things here and there but, most of it is in chronological order and was dictated to a scribe by Muhammad because Muhammad was illiterate and couldn't read or write.

One thing that really blows my mind is that these x-spurts, who have the right degrees from the right universities, believe that Muhammad could write enough notes to make the Koran but he couldn't write the Koran? Really? Are these x-spurts really that stupid?

Yes, many of them really are, which is why you cannot impress me or intimidate me with any degree from any university. I have seen too many stupid people with Ph.D.s from the right universities.

Question everything you are told, do your own homework, and always seek the wisdom of God or what we call common sense. You would be amazed at how many people with Ph.D.s have no common sense, which is why many of them are college professors.

End Time Prophesies

I keep seeing preachers, who have no clue about certain things saying that certain prophesies are telling us that nukes will be used in battles like Ezekiel 38 & 39 or Armageddon.

For example, at the end of the prophesy for the Battle of Ezekiel 38 & 39, it says that, when people are passing through the land after the battle, if they find the remains of weapons or people, they will be instructed to not touch those things, to mark them, and to report their location to the authorities and ignorant preachers scream that proves nukes will be used in the battle, which isn't true.

There are a number of different things which could cause that to take place. First, if chemical, biological, and even some modern conventional weapons are used, they can also leave behind a residue which can injure or kill you, if you are exposed to it.

Second, if the forces have nuclear, chemical, biological, or certain conventional weapons that were not used or detonated but those weapons were damaged so that certain toxins may be released, it would cause the same situation and instructions for anyone passing through the area.

Third, you have to understand that nukes have a "shelf life" because their fissile materials are constantly breaking down and will eventually reach a point to where the warhead will either not detonate or have a reliable detonation. Before nukes reach that point, they are removed from inventory, the fissile material is reworked to remove the degraded material or depleted uranium and the rest of the good fissile material is used to make new nuke warheads. Only U238 is good nuke dirt.

What do they do with the degraded material that is no longer uranium 238 but is now a lower grade or depleted uranium?

They mix it with steel to make a stronger uranium based steel for tank armor and tank and artillery shells for better piercing armor. If those non nuclear shells are used or that armor is damaged in battle, they will leave a radioactive residue that will cause the authorities to warn people to not touch anything they find, mark those objects, and report their location to the authorities.

Know that all of the US tank and some other armor along with many of the US munitions are uranium based and could just as easily cause such a situation WITHOUT the use of nuclear, chemical, or biological weapons and with only the use of conventional weapons.

Therefore, such a prophesy does not mean that nukes will be used in the battle. They could be used but it doesn't mean they will be used.

Will the invading forces bring nukes to the fight?

Probably but they will most likely be smaller tactical nukes such as low yield nukes with neutron warheads, especially since everyone knows that Israel also has tactical nukes. They don't want to bring the larger strategic nukes because then the Temple Mount would certainly be contaminated and ain't no Muslim leader going to want to stand on a radioactive Temple Mount to order the rest of the Muslims to murder all non Muslims, you know, just before that leader dies from radiation poisoning.

The invading army will also likely bring chemical weapons, which many nations also have because certain chemical weapons are pretty easy to make with just a little knowledge about chemistry. Only the larger and more advanced nations have the ability to make much in the way of biological weapons, so there may or may not even be any biological weapons.

Most of the weapons that will be used in the Battle of Ezekiel 38 & 39 will be conventional weapons, which, with today's conventional weapons, will do the job fast enough. With many of our conventional weapons like "bunker buster bombs" and "MOAB" bombs, they are destructive enough that you don't even need tactical nukes for most targets.

Another myth I have seen promoted by ignoramuses like that John Hagee dude, say that nukes will be used in the Battle of Armageddon, which is nuts and ain't happening, people. It is stuff like this is why I tell you to pay attention to the details for the prophesies because God gave us those details so we can have a better idea of what will and will not happen.

Hagee and others assume that, because all of the invading army is wiped out, it must mean nukes will be used, which is a stupid assumption that ignores other details in the prophesy. One of the details for that prophesy says that the blood from the invading army will flow up to the horses' reigns down the middle of the Valley of Megiddo.

What happens to blood when you nuke people?

The heat from the nuke vaporizes ALL of the blood so it ain't going to flow nowhere, not one inch. Oops, I guess that means that nukes will not be used against the invading force in the Battle of Armageddon. You can take that one to the bank.

So, what is going to kill the entire invading army so that the people must hemorrhage violently, which is required for that much blood to flow through that big of valley.

The Bible tells us what will happen, if you just pay attention to the details. It says that Jesus will come with a two edged sword preceding from His mouth.

What is the "sword of the Lord"?

It is His Word or Him speaking, which tells us that Jesus will come and, just with the power of His Word, He will cause everyone in the invading army to hemorrhage violently so that much blood will flow through that large of a valley and everyone will die. Basically, Jesus will speak, you know, just like He did when He created the cosmos, and everyone in the invading army will hemorrhage violently and die. It won't have nuttin' to do with nukes.

That is why I keep telling you to pay attention to the details in prophesy because those little details tell you a lot.

But some modern preachers just gots to tell us that we humans are going to nuke each other because it scares more people and gets more people to give those preachers more money to hear more stupidity. People, that is taking the glory from God by them saying that God can't do it so we humans will do it with nukes, when, if you pay attention to the details, obviously it ain't going to be us stupid humans using nukes.

Another nuke story I keep hearing is about the end time destruction of Modern or Mystery Babylon. The scriptures tell us that a "mountain" or huge meteor will fall from the sky, hit Babylon, and knock it into the sea.

First, you have to understand that, in those days, they didn't call the Persian Gulf the Persian Gulf, they called it a sea, probably the Babylonian or Persian Sea. Therefore, you know that, what the prophet was telling us is that Babylon and all of its debris will be blown into what we call the Persian Gulf about 150 to 200 miles from Babylon, which is important to understand.

Ignorant preachers tell you that will be caused by a nuke, you know, everything powerful has to be caused by a nuke, after all, it can't be God doing it.


I know, let's do the math, I love math. The largest nuke ever made or detonated was a 50 to 60 meg nuke built and detonated by the Soviet Union in the late 60s to early 70s and today no one has any nukes in their inventory that are larger than 10 megs because larger nukes than that are a waste of material. You don't get as much bang for the buck.

KNOW that a massive nuke of 100 megs, which no one has ever made, would not have the power to blow the entire super city of Modern Babylon 150 to 200 miles just to the edge of the Persian Gulf so it can't be a nuke, baby.

Then what is going to do the job?

God told you. It will be a massive meteor capable of creating a crater that will be at least 100 miles across just like the sunken super crater off the northern coast of the Yucatan Peninsula. Yep, it is going to take a rock that big, you know, a mountain, to blow Modern or Mystery Babylon all of the way into the Persian Gulf.

Get it straight, it ain't goin' to be no nuke, baby! Mystery Babylon will not be destroyed by the hand of man but by the hand of God but these preachers keep trying to write God out of His own book, which is raising man up to God's level, which is blasphemy. Basically, they are sinning their butts off by demeaning or insulting God.

Pay attention to the details of prophesy because God gave you those details for a reason.

John 3:16 For God so loved the world, that he gave his only begotten Son, that whosoever believeth in him should not perish, but have everlasting life.

You better....

Pray long, pray hard, pray often!!!

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