I Told You So 294


Remember that I have been telling you that they have a lot of problems they have to solve before we humans can safely colonize Mars?

I got this from Newsmax By Solange Reyner:

"NASA scientists have discovered an important risk to human health in spaceflight: stagnant or reverse blood flow and blood clots.

Karina Marshall-Goebel, a senior scientist at NASA, authored the study, 'Assessment of Jugular Venous Blood Flow Stasis and Thrombosis During Spaceflight,' which appeared last week in the Journal of the American Medical Association.

She found, of 11 crew members on the International Space Station, six demonstrated 'stagnant or retrograde flow in the internal jugular vein,' a major blood vessel on the side of the neck, due to weightlessness. One crew member developed a blood clot and another was found to have a potential partial blood clot.

It is the first time researchers have observed these conditions in astronauts."

Yep, they found a new problem they will have to solve for space travel and colonizing Mars and there is more to this than they have realized. Please note that they have been sending people into space for more than half a century and these geniuses who got the right degrees from the right universities, most of whom have Ph.D.s and MDs, just noticed this problem. Think about that.

Let me tell you why this problem exists (this is my hypothesis based on science and I have already proved again and again that my science is good science, which is why I keep writing so many "I Told You So" essays about so many different topics.)

On Earth, we have gravity pulling the blood down from the brain to the feet and the cardiovascular system is designed by God to overcome gravity to get and keep enough blood flowing back up from the feet to the brain (not directly). Without the gravity, the cardiovascular system will be able to push too much blood into the brain causing the blood flow to the brain to exceed the flow through the brain, which will cause back pressure and even a reverse blood flow.


You have to understand the structure and function of the cardiovascular system in relation to gravity. After the arteries leave the heart with the aorta, they begin to divide to carry blood to the different parts of the body. When these arteries divide, they have to get smaller to increase hydraulic resistance to maintain the pressure within the cardiovascular system required to push the blood through the very small capillaries feeding all tissue and back to the heart. (Plumbers have a similar problem in running water pipes to and through a house.)

These capillaries as so small that red blood cells can barely flow through them, making it possible for the blood to expose more cell tissue to the nutrients within the blood, which also increases the resistance of blood flow through them. Therefore, the greatest resistance to blood flow is through the capillaries.

Because of this, the cardiovascular system also functions using a push/pull system. When the heart contracts, "push" valves open permitting the heart to push blood into and through the arteries towards and through the capillaries. When the heart relaxes and expands in size, the "push" valves close to prevent back flow into the heart from the arteries and "pull" valves open exposing the blood returning to the heart from the capillaries through the veins to the partial vacuum in the heart so the heart will pull or suck that blood back to the heart.

Because the cardiovascular system is designed to overcome gravity to get blood out of the feet and move blood against gravity to the brain, the lack of gravity in space causes the cardiovascular system to move much more blood to the brain than the heart can push through the capillaries in the brain, which causes the back pressure, which causes the stopped and even reverse flow through the Coratid arteries in the neck, which causes the blood clots and thromboses, which causes strokes in the brain and anywhere else those blood clots can end up, like in the lungs (causing pulmonary embolisms, which cause the lungs to fill with blood drowning the person in their own blood), especially with the reverse blood flow taking the blood clots back towards the heart to be pushed out everywhere else in the body, including to the heart to cause heart attacks.

Yeah, it is a wee bit complex and there is much more to this so this is just the nutshell version to keep it simple enough for most people to understand.

This excess pressure in the brain can cause edemas (vessels stretching, rupturing and bleeding) so this has to be watched carefully. Keep in mind that they just discovered this problem after decades of space flights.

This backflow is also causing the blood to stagnate in the carotid arteries in the neck, causing blood clots, which, when blood flow to and through the brain resumes, especially after returning to gravity, can cause those clots to move into the brain and cause thromboses (blood is cut off to parts of the brain causing those parts of the brain to die because of vessel blockage caused by the blood clots, commonly called a stroke.)

What really kills me is that these geniuses who got the right degrees from the right universities with most of them having Ph.D.s and MDs, can't tell whether these problems will adversely affect the health of the astronauts? Let me get this straight, these geniuses who got the right degrees from the right universities can't tell whether things like endemas, thromboses, strokes, and pulmonary embolisms causing the lungs to fill with blood will adversely affect the health of people? Really? How do these people get these degrees?

This will probably still cause problems even on Mars because Mars only has a little more than 1/3 the gravity of Earth, which means there will be about 1/3 of the gravity resisting blood flowing to the brain, which will cause this same problem but to a lesser degree, which means it will take the average person longer to develop the same medical problems on Mars they will eventually develop in the zero gravity of space but not a lot longer and it will take a little longer for these people on Mars to die.

This is a very strong message that the body needs one G of gravity to function properly, which means that prolonged living on Mars will probably require the development of artificial gravity just to maintain proper blood flow through the brain and who knows what else they have not yet discovered.

BTW, don't be surprised if they find out that the feet are not getting enough blood because of a lack of gravity because the blood flow to the feet is mostly gravity fed so that a lack of gravity will decrease the blood flow to the feet in zero gravity so keep an eye on this.

How can we even be close to solving all of the problems if we have not even discovered all of the problems yet? Think about it.

Maybe we should spend some more time traveling to and from and living on the Moon, which is much closer to Earth and emergency medical care, to learn more before we set our sights on Mars?

That sounds reasonable to me, folks.

Do you believe me yet that, right now, sending people to colonize Mars without solving all of these problems is just sending those people to die on Mars? Hey, at least they will create the first Martian ghost towns.

If they don't solve these problems first, sending people to colonize Mars ain't going to be purdy, baby.


Remember that I told you that the Commierats do not want to make this "impeachment investigation" an impeachment because then it would go to the Senate, where the Commierats will lose control and the GOP will make the "Whistle Blower", Schiff, Pelosi, Nadler, and others testify under oath?

I got this from Breitbart by Charlie Spiering:

"President Donald Trump said Friday he looked forward to a Senate impeachment trial, noting the Democrat-led impeachment investigation was a 'scam.'

'Frankly, I want a trial,' Trump said in an interview on 'Fox and Friends'.

Trump criticized the House Intelligence Committee investigation for blocking due process for the White House and Republicans. He said a Senate trial would allow Republicans to get testimony from important witnesses such as the so-called 'whistleblower,' Hunter Biden, and House Oversight Chairman Adam Schiff himself.

'There's only one person that I want to see more, and that's Adam Schiff ... I want to see Adam Schiff testify about the 'whistleblower,' who's a fake whistleblower,' Trump said."

Trump is telling you that he knows that, if Schiff and the others testify under oath, they will either commit perjury and go to jail or have to confess their crimes and go to jail.

It is like I told you, the Commierats do not want to give up control of this "impeachment investigation" by letting it go to the Senate so they are going to try to keep it as just an "investigation" to try to make Trump look bad to discourage people from voting for Trump next year. The Commierats will just end this phony investigation before they let it go to trial and turn control over to the GOP controlled Senate...in order to keep out of jail...but Barr will still have something to say about that latter because these Commierat criminals have obviously and openly committed a number of crimes you can bet Barr will start investigating when the Commierats have finished committing their crimes.

Schiff, Pelosi, Nadler and the other Commierats involved in this coup have really screwed themselves and the only way they can now save their butts is to get rid of Trump so they can get rid of Barr so they can replace Barr with one of their swamp rats like Comey to stop the investigations against them. They are running out of time and have to find a way to successfully stage a coup before it is too late. That is why they keep getting more and more desperate and this entire phony impeachment investigation is just an act of desperation to save their evil butts from Barr and Trump...and prison.

A big question here is, after Barr starts his investigation, which Commierats will go belly up first to save their own butts by ratting out the others?

The Commierats have painted themselves into a corner, are trying to paint their way out of that corner the same way they painted their way into that corner (yes, they are obviously that stupid) but just keep painting themselves further and further back into the same corner. They are scared and should be.

I have been thinking about this wondering what Schiff thought would happen with this phony investigation or dog and pony show.

First, I am certain he is so arrogant that he thinks he is much smarter than he really is, that everyone else is much dumber than we really are and he just found out the hard way that he is wrong. Adolph Schiff is one of those people who made a career of politics because he is too stupid to get and keep a job in the real world to earn half as much money legally.

Second, he thought that, if he rigged this investigation so that only his side of this show would be shown, if he restricted the questions the GOP could ask, and he tyrannically bullied the GOP into submission, that he could win.

What happened is that he didn't have a leg to stand on, was so lousy and the GOP kicked his legs out from under him. Fortunately, his dog and pony show didn't have any evidence and was just pre-coached gossip, which became obvious, the GOP refused to completely submit to not asking the right questions, even pointed out how rigged the dog and pony show was, and the GOP didn't get bullied into submission but fought back.

Adolph Schiff thought in his simple little mind that he could just so easily outsmart everyone that he couldn't lose but was very, very wrong and did lose.

Man plans, God laughs and laughs and laughs...especially at clown Adolph Schiff.

Do you believe me yet that most people go into politics because they are so stupid they can't earn half as much money legally? Do you believe me yet that stupid people think they are much, much smarter than they really are?

Hey, the lefties keep proving me right, baby, which is why I keep writing so many "I Told You So" essays and I want to thank the lefties for making me look smarter than I really am. Thank you, stupid people!!! Though I do have to admit that you stupid lefties make it much more difficult for me to keep my head out of the clouds and my feet on the ground but don't worry, God takes care of that on a regular basis.

Do you know why satanic pagan lefties are so stupid?

Because they keep listening to their false pagan god, Satan, who is so stupid that he thought he was as intelligent or even more intelligent than Yahweh, who created him and everything else in spite of the fact that Satan could never create most of what Yahweh created, tried to elevate himself above God, failed, and has been trying to beat God for 6,000 years without succeeding even just once. Yep, Satan is that stupid and the stupid pagan lefties keep listening to Satan because Satan's lies sound just so wonderful "dey just gots to be true", instead of listening to the all-wise, all-knowing God, Yahweh, who really does know everything and is the most intelligent being in all existence.

I mean, can you believe Satan believes he can know more than the being who created him and everything else? Can you believe the stupid lefties believe Satan can make them all gods when they can't create squat compared to God? Yep, dem lefties sure is are be smarty pants, ain't dey?

Go ahead, stupid satanic lefties, let's see you create just one little habitable planet in this massive cosmos and then create all of the life on that planet by just speaking, you know, just like Yahweh did, which would still not make you as great as Yahweh because he created the entire cosmos. Why, you arrogant simple minded fools can't even colonize already existing planets like the moon and Mars without killing everyone. Think about it.

And dey tinks dey is are be gods? Really? Why? Because dey is dat stupid and arrogant? Yep, dey sure is are be smarty pants, ain't dey?

And God said, "Pride goes before the fall", you know, arrogance leads to failure and destruction, which Satan and his bunch have been proving for 6,000 years.

Me, I prefer to listen to Yahweh who really does know everything instead of listening to that arrogant fool, Satan. Stupid Satan can stuff it.

John 3:16 For God so loved the world, that he gave his only begotten Son, that whosoever believeth in him should not perish, but have everlasting life.

You better....

Pray long, pray hard, pray often!!!

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