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I am getting so sick of the selfishness of lefty pagans. I keep seeing lefties who know they have STDs giving those STDs to others because they only care about themselves and their immediate pleasure. They are worse than animals because they KNOW they are spreading deadly diseases to others, something animals wouldn't know.

In September 1990, I found out that the HPV my ex-wife gave me causes cervical cancer so I took a vow of celibacy with God, mostly because I just can't stand the idea of me giving cervical cancer to a woman. Yes, part of the reason was because I had two bad marriages and didn't want to risk having another bad marriage but most of it was because I couldn't stand the thought of giving cervical cancer to women.

I have to live with myself for the rest of my life and I cannot look in the mirror and lie to myself about that person being a good person when I know that person is giving women cervical cancer.

I already told you before how I managed being celibate and how it was easier than I thought it would be, much, much easier.

The absolute worst of these jerks are pedaphiles who keep giving these deadly diseases to minors or children. In my opinion, they should be hung, you know, used as Christmas tree ornaments because they are murdering children.

There are a number of things I would like to say about these evil jerks who knowingly keep spreading deadly STDs but none of them can be published on this family oriented site.


They are recalling everything right now and it is all because the upper class trash are ignoring safety and good health to increase their profits.

They are recalling cars, meat, vegetables, fruit, and now even cottage cheese and Cheez-Its.

These greedy jerks need to start having their entire fortunes confiscated and them being hung because they are knowingly murdering people to increase their wealth. It is all a numbers game with them about how much can they steal before they get caught in relation to how little they get fined and the back of their wrists slapped for their crimes. As long as they can make more money than the recalls cost them, then, to them, it is good business. The wrist slapping needs to stop and the hanging for premeditated murder needs to start.

These criminals are getting away with crimes against humanity and it must stop.

And God said, "The love of money is the root of all evil."

God Didn't Lie

Hunter Biden has been proved to be the father of a child he has been refusing to pay child support for with a DNA test and the child was conceived while he was supposedly bonking his brother's widow.

God said, "Be not deceived, your sins will find you out."

How many times have I seen this proven true in the last 60+ years?

Too many times to remember half of them but, hey, we humans are stupid and never learn.

Believe me yet that the upper class are not smarter than you, they are just richer than you?

Also, none of the lefty presidential candidates are geniuses or they would have gone into science instead of politics. They went into politics because they are corrupt and too stupid to earn half as much legally.

BTW, most of the lefty presidential candidates keep claiming they are victims for one reason or another and have "struggled" all their lives but they are all rich so that NONE of them even knows what it is to struggle. They have gotten almost everything they wanted all of their lives and are spoiled rich brats lying their butts off to get elected so they can steal more from more people faster so they can get more of what they want. They are ALL upper class, people. They are not "one of you".

Come on, how many of them even know what it is like to do an honest day's work? Do you see any calluses on any of their hands?

Unfortunately, most lefties have never worked hard either and didn't even notice how Jimmuh Carhturh couldn't use a framing hammer and Obama couldn't even use a pick axe. Trump has done more honest work in his life than every lefty president since FDR combined.

Don't believe me?

Go back and look at Jimmuh Carhturh showing up at housing sites when they were framing houses and that they always gave him a smaller and safer finishing hammer because they were afraid he would hurt himself with the bigger and heavier framing hammer. Amazingly, most people didn't even notice because most people have never done any woodworking and don't know anything about the different types of hammers and their use.

Go back and look at Obama using a pick axe like a dink to plant a tree. He didn't even know how to hold or swing a pick axe and just used it kind of dorky, you know, like a spoiled momma's boy.

Now go to a local construction site and watch real men, not mommies' boys, use framing hammers and pick axes. It is a world of difference and you will clearly see that none of these corrupt politicians ever had to work for a living.

They ARE NOT one of you!!!


The great war chief, Fauxcahontas, wants 10,000 federal workers to "rebuild our national forests".

What, she wants to log out better than 80% of the trees from our over forested forests to prevent those extra trees from continuing to dry up our forests, causing most of the trees and brush to die off, dry up, and become fire hazards?

I seriously doubt she is that intelligent or knowledgeable. She probably wants to do more stupid lefty "conservationist" crap to make them worse, you know, like planting more and more trees to dry our forests up faster and faster to turn them into worse and worse kindling to create worse and worse fires.

Remember that I have taught you that we have known for decades that only a maximum average of 20% of the land should be covered by trees with the rest being covered by grass and brush for erosion control and crops because trees use much more water and dry up aquifers faster.

Plus, this person who has blatantly committed fraud, you know, a federal felony, who knows how many times, stated that Trump "has committed crimes again and again and again."

You mean, like her?

Listen, if Trump had committed crimes again and again and again, he would have already been impeached years ago. It is Fauxcahontas that should be prosecuted and I want to know why she has not even been arrested for the many crimes she openly committed that are what we call public or common knowledge. Oh yeah, she is a Commierat so she is above the law.

One of the problems the lefties have is that, because they got rich committing crimes, they just can't even imagine anyone else getting rich without committing crimes, therefore, in their evil criminal minds, Trump has to have committed a bunch of crimes.

People, none of these upper class trash should be running our government because all they will do is ruin our nation. I wouldn't hire ANY of them to run an outhouse because you just know they would steal the toilet paper.


Butthead says that Trump "shouldn't have started the trade war with China."

Yeah, Trump should have just permitted China to continue to screw the US and American people and not try to stop it. You know that would eventually ended badly for the US and our people.


You have to understand that not all military people are good people. There are both good and bad people in the military, just like in any other line of work, because they are just as human as you.

Think not?

Consider what you are learning about top military officers right now, especially with some having committed acts of treason in an effort to remove Trump by staging a coup.

People like Mattis, Kelly, and now Lt. Col. Alexander Vindman are proof of what I am saying.

When I was in the military, I saw quite a bit of corruption on par with what you are seeing by our worst politicians, especially by upper level officers like colonels and generals but also from NCOs. General Schwarzkopf wrote about this problem in his book.

Unfortunately, the US Military has been infiltrated by corrupt criminals just like the FBI, CIA, and the rest of our government, especially our politicians. It needs to be cleaned out just like the rest of our government.

You cannot trust anyone just because they are a member of the military and definitely not because they are a military officer. You have to judge EVERYONE based on their individual actions and behavior regardless of anything else. I don't blindly trust anyone, not even people who claim to be Christians. They have to earn my trust with their actions because I know there are so many fakes out there.

Internet Economics

This is a pretty easy prediction.

In watching things like yachting or cruising on the Internet, I have come to realize we have an economic problem quickly developing. You see, there are literally thousands of YouTube and other web sites where people are making money doing different things, which is encouraging more and more people to use the Internet making money doing videos about What they are doing.

For example, there are more than 400 sites where people are making anywhere from a few dollars to more than $350 thousand dollars a year from YouTube, Patreon, and other sources sailing around the world or various parts of the world. This is creating several problems.

Most of these people are ignoring that they have to spend most of their time working on their boats and spending days making videos and not just playing tourists, which the better YouTube videos make very clear. In their simple minds, they will just get to go around the world on sailboats playing and seeing stuff, while, OK, doing "a little bit" of boat or video work. These people are getting out there, finding out how tough the life style really is, quit, go home, and go back to working for other people, leaving more and more boats for sale or being abandoned.

But there is another economic problem these YouTube videos are creating. It should only be common sense that, as the number of YouTube and other sites for anything such as sailing increases, the limited viewership will be spread thinner and thinner until it gets to where most sites won't even be able to cover basic expenses, much less make a living, so that only so many people will be able to make a living from covering any topic on the Internet.

You have to understand that only so many of the Internet viewers will be interested in any given topic, then you will be spreading that limited viewership over more and more sites because any person can only watch so many videos a day, even if they do nothing but watch videos all day, which is impossible for most people because most people have to work for a living and have even less time to watch videos, and only so many people can, much less will, be able to give money through things like Patreon and PayPal.

This means that, for any topic, there is only so much in potential revenues, the better done and most interesting persons will get most of those viewers and revenues, and the rest will get less and less of the viewers and revenues until most of them simply won't be able to even cover basic expenses for what they are doing so they will be financially forced to quit. Eventually, these basic topics will become more and more competitive until most people trying to make what seems to be a pretty easy living doing anything or just increase their income from doing something, will be forced to quit.

Basically, most people are still going to have to work for a living and even most YouTube production people will have to have other sources of income to make a living. You are about to find out that there is a market saturation for any and all industries, including YouTube and Patreon. There really is a bottom to everybody's well with only so much water in every well.

To make things even worse for most of you, the richest people have the most resources to buy the best equipment and hire the best staff for doing the best job of making their videos the most interesting so that the more wealthy will have the greatest potential of taking over most but not all of the Internet business for making videos. I see this with more and more wealthy people taking over the yachting video industry with much more expensive catamaran yachts owned by obviously more wealthy people and it is quickly growing. I see more and more of Yachting big money moving into this video market squeezing out the little guys.

There really is truth to the saying that it takes money to make money and it should also be noted that more money can make more money. Believe me, no seed capital means no business and you are about to learn that one the hard way. Many of you will not like this but, hey, reality ain't always purdy.

John 3:16 For God so loved the world, that he gave his only begotten Son, that whosoever believeth in him should not perish, but have everlasting life.

You better....

Pray long, pray hard, pray often!!!

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