I Told You So 30

I told you that, in May of this year (today is May 20, 2010), unless Ocommie found another way to hide more unemployment, US unemployment would go back up and why it would go back up. Well, it just did.

Just like I told you, the two main reasons it went back up were because the temporary government hires they used to conceal the true unemployment picture for the first 4 months of the year would start getting laid off in May and the commie's lying about the economy improving to save their commie butts would cause some of those people who had previously dropped out of the job market and were no longer being counted to return to the job market looking for jobs because they believed the commie lies about the economy improving and start being counted again. The more lies the commie's tell, the worse they are making it for themselves because so many people have been brainwashed to believe the lies and will just react to those lies in a way to prove they are just lies. The stupid commie's just can't keep from outsmarting themselves. I absolutely believe the commie's have invented infinite stupidity because their stupidity never ends.

Some of you had also previously asked me if the European Union was going to be the one world government the Bible prophesied and I told you no and why. Even though the stupid Western commie's wanted to believe their wonderful EU would be the one world government prophesied in the Bible while denying everything else in the Bible, it is turning out that the great EU probably won't even be around by the time the Rapture happens and the Tribulation begins.

The idiot commie's had this simple minded wet dream because Marxism was failing in every country it was tried in, if they could just get their beloved communism set up on a global basis, it would miraculously work. They couldn't deal with why their beloved communism was always failing (it is a seriously flawed concept) and couldn't explain the socio-economics behind why it would succeed globally when it has failed in every country on the planet BUT they just KNEW that, if they could get Marxism set up in every country at the same time, it would miraculously work. They probably thought some little commie fairy would come along and sprinkle magic commie fairy dust on it and make it work. Oops, they forgot to tell the fairy. :-)

Well, the commie's got what they wanted and their beloved commie global house of cards is imploding just like I told you it would. The commie's have screwed the pooch and the pooch is giving birth to those pups no matter what the commie's try for the same reasons that their beloved communism failed in every country it has been tried in. IT JUST CAN'T WORK!!!!

The situation is getting worse in Greece and more and more countries so fast that EU countries are now talking about bailing out on the EU to save their own commie butts with the Euro taking a big nose dive. You are about to get a first hand look at exactly how a fragmentation grenade works. It very quickly breaks up into a lot of small pieces, you know, like the EU is about to do. :-)

If you think the EU and the rest of the global communism is in trouble now, just wait until the damage the US commie's have done to the US and its economy causes this country to go under so bad it will no longer be able to prop up the rest of their little commie global house of cards. Think economic supernova! There will only be bits and pieces left.

And, yet, the idiot (intellectually superior) US commie's keep pushing more and more of their beloved communism down our throats faster and faster causing everything to get worse and worse faster and faster. Are these people insane or what? I am convinced that my farts are smarter than these fools.

Have you also noticed some other things I have been telling you would happen? Ocommie has become an increasingly severe liability to his Commiecrat friends so that, if he campaigns for them, they tend to lose and more of them are distancing themselves from him. I would think it would soon be a good move to get rid of him by exposing he is not a US citizen, acting surprised, and impeaching him the way I said they would do if he became a serious enough of a liability, then moving either Biden or Pelosi into the presidency. Even having that bumbling fool Biden as president and power mad Pelosi as the first female US Vice President would be helpful for getting some voters to be stupid enough to vote Commiecrat and might save a seat or two.

Turn on their beloved Ocommie? The turn has already been made and is getting worse by the day as Ocommie becomes less and less popular and more and more hated by the people. Better than 75% of the people in Congress signed and sent a petition to Ocommie concerning his betraying Israel. In case you haven't noticed, that would have to include quite a few Commiecrats. In more and more states the Commiecrats are running new people who have not voted for any Ocommie bills against incumbent commie's to get rid of the incumbents hoping this will help the commie's keep from losing so badly this coming November. Then it was recently revealed that power mad, arrogant Ocommie is thinking more along the lines of being a one term president, you know, like forever. So, how long do you think it is going to be before Ocommie MUST get rid of the rest of his commie buddies to save his presidency? If the Commiecrats want to win in November, they will have to get rid of him soon. It is dog eat dog time and I hear the dinner bell ringing. :-)

The fool commie's are too stupid to figure out that the worse they make things for the people, the worse they are making things for themselves. What goes around comes around. :-) I would like to suggest a new theme song for the global communism, "Bits and Pieces" by the Dave Clark Five. I really think the chorus is perfect for the commie's, "I'm in pieces, bits and tiny pieces..." :-) We might as well have some fun at the expense of the stupid commie's because we are about to hurt a lot because of the stupid commie's.

Also, let me share a little information with you concerning our national and global debts. The commie's have a neat little scam they use to make you think there is more money than there really is so they can get away with spending more money than there really is. What they do is say they are only in debt a percentage of Gross Domestic Produce (GDP). What is GDP?

In a nut shell, GDP is the total produce a country creates in physical goods and services for one year. In other words, it is everything that is sold in one year and is really nothing more than a fancy word for cash flow. Cash flow is when I pay you $10 for something, we have generated $10 in cash flow from me to you. This is how cute their little lie is because, if you take that same $10 and use it to pay someone else for something, then, with the same $10, we have generated $20 in cash flow. We still only have $10 between us but we generated $20 in cash flow or GDP. Now, if you take and pass that $10 around, you can easily generate more than $1,000 in cash flow with only $10 in a few months. See the deception? We only have $10 in the economy but we generated over $1,000 worth of cash flow making it look like there is more money in our economy than there really exists.

Now here is where it gets really nasty because, if you only have $10 in your economy and your national debt is 10% of GDP or a cash flow of $1,000, then your national debt is $100 or 10 times the amount of money in your economy. Let's see you ever pay that debt off. It won't work.

So what do you think is going to happen to all of these commie countries whose national debt is more than 10% of their GDP with their GDP being well over 10 times greater than their actually amount of currency or wealth? Oops, their countries don't have as much money as they have spent, just like I told you the commie's have and your country is broke. Then when you find out that the economists are telling us the US national debt will pass 100% of GDP within a few years, you will suddenly realize why I have been telling you that the US is already dead and it just hasn't finished kicking yet. The commie's have destroyed this country and its economy along with that of every country on the planet with their stupid commie spending and this country is already broke and dead, it just hasn't finished kicking yet. Sorry, folks, but that is reality and it is already biting us in the butt really bad.

Now what does history teach us about what happens when the upper class trash screw things up this bad? History teaches us that there will be a global revolution when everything finally goes completely nuclear and the people finally figure out what the upper class trash did. Then the people will storm the castles globally and execute the upper class trash for their criminal behavior and to get ride of the jerks. That is what the upper class trash is feverishly working to prevent at this time because they know they have screwed the pooch big time and pay day has arrived. Another thing history teaches us is that many of the smarter military leaders will do a Napoleon Bonaparte, seize the day (carp diem), declare martial law, and round up and execute the upper class trash for the people to get the people to except their new military dictatorships. It is extremely difficult to explain just how bad the commie's have screwed things up with short essays.

You better beat your plows into swords because we are about to have a war and it is going to get very bloody. This is going to hurt....a lot.

Pray long, pray hard, pray often because you really need it.

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