I Told You So 303


Remember that I have been warning you, especially the lefties, that the law, especially God's Law, is meant to protect good people from bad people and these stupid lefties who don't like "being oppressed" by the law and want to live by Satan's one law, "Do as you will" are not going to like it when others start doing as they will to them?

I got this from American Thinker by Christopher Skeet:

"In October 2018, biological male Rachel McKinnon took the gold at the UCI Masters Track Cycling World Championships in Los Angeles. Afterwards, he took to Twitter to condemn as 'transphobic bigots' anyone who pointed out that his "victory" consisted of a man competing in an all-women's event. He called mandatory testosterone suppression for transgender athletes a human rights violation."

These "transphobic bigots", A.K.A. feminists, lesbians, and homosexual males are turning on Transgenders or homosexual queens, who are bisexual, you know, like I told you better than 90% of homosexual males are, are turning on "transgender" men for 1) trying to force lesbians to have sex with them in spite of the fact they are biologically men and 2) for using sports to beat up on women. Some are even talking about taking the T out of LGBT.

I warned you that, if you can do as you will to others, then others can do as they will to you.

So, how is that working out?

What? You lesbians don't want to be forced to have sex with men who claim to identify as women?

How shocking, especially since you just tried to force conservatives, especially Christians to buy the lie that these men are women because they say so!

If these men are women because they say so, why wouldn't you lesbians want to have sex with them? Maybe they are not really women?

And you male hating feminists, who just love beating up on men, how long did you think it would take for angry men to find a way to return the favor by beating up on women, you know, like in sports as transy women? What, you don't like taking your own medicine?

And God said, "Do unto others as you want others to do unto you."

Now those others are doing unto you as you have been doing unto others and you don't like?

Hey, if you can do as you will to others, then others can do as they will to you. If you don't like it, talk to your god, Satan, about it; it's his law and you chose to live by it.

Remember that it was God who gave you laws to protect you from the abuse of others.

This is just one more split in the left that is already starting to make the lefties shatter like an antipersonnel land mine, called a "Bouncing Betty" blowing up in your face.

Maybe you lefties are realizing that your satanic law of do as you will ain't so good after all? Maybe you should have stuck with God's Laws that were designed to protect you from others like you?

Yeah, right, then you wouldn't be able to enjoy your sins and abusing others. It is alright when you abuse others but not when others abuse you.

Easy prediction: This is just going to get worse until all hell breaks loose between these different factions within the Commierat Party, with total chaos and barbaric violence.

Think not?

Then stop and look at the obvious fact that the different lefty groups are increasingly going after each other more than they are going after Christians.

Keep an eye on it because this is already getting interesting.


Remember that I have been telling you for years that the things the lefties are doing is all a big conspiracy by the upper class trash?

Here is an article by a cop explaining it in more detail in relation to RICO, a US law.

Yes, the lefties really are staging a conspiracy to seize control of the US government and set up a lefty commie traitor dictatorship to enslave you and steal from you AND their crime is so blatant that it is public knowledge.


Remember that I have been telling you to join a militia, organize internally, locally, regionally, and nationally and then organize with law enforcement and the military for the coming war?

A sheriff in Virginia is now organizing a county militia to stop gun confiscation. The rest of you need to do the same thing. Law enforcement is now waking up to the fact that they will need to work with citizen militias to prevent this lefty commie dictatorship so you just might want to work with them.


Here is another case where the parents of an infant are being prosecuted for "starving" their child, when they were clearly feeding their child and the child died of malnutrition because the idiot DAs don't know enough about biology to know the difference between starvation and malnutrition. You can die from malnutrition with a full stomach.

I got this from Breitbart by Katherine Rodriguez:

"Two Florida vegans are accused of murder and child abuse after they allegedly starved their 18-month-old son to death. The child weighed only 17 pounds at the time of death, the amount a seven-month-old should weigh, the Tampa Bay Times reported."

Get it straight, contrary to what the ignorant DAs are telling you, these vegans are not starving their children, which means they are denying the children food. These vegan parents love their children and are feeding their children. These vegan children are dying because the food they are being fed is not providing them with enough nutrition because the people writing the books these health food nuts depend on for information are completely biologically ignorant and clueless about nutrition. It is the authors of the books who are killing the children.

The ignorant DAs prosecuting these well meaning but stupid/ignorant/misinformed parents for "starving" their children WILL NOT SOLVE THE PROBLEM and stop the children of health food nuts, especially vegans, from suffering from malnutrition. What the DAs need to do is 1) learn something about biology and 2) start prosecuting the authors of those health food books for fraud and manslaughter. In this cause, the DAs could also get the authors for child abuse because their bad information is being used to feed children and cause them to be malnourished.

Most attorneys are very ignorant about anything but the law and should not be making such decisions. They don't know squat about science and health.

You just know what is going to happen; these two parents, who love their children, will have their children taken away from them and go to jail while the book authors continue getting rich teaching parents how to inadvertently and unintentionally kill their children so other idiot DAs can make a big show about putting other loving parents in prison.


Remember that I told you that lefties were lying about plastics lasting forever and how sunlight destroys plastic?

Sometime after I pointed this out, the lefties changed their tune saying that sunlight only broke plastic down into smaller pieces of plastic.

What should this tell you?

That they knew they were lying about plastics being a horrible pollution that would never go away and they are still lying to you because sunlight actually breaks plastic down into non plastic molecules, which are absorbed back into nature.

The simple minded and ignorance based concept that something will only break down into the smallest pieces of that something goes back thousands of years but ended when we discovered the molecule and, later, the atom. We now know that EVERYTHING can be broken down into molecules and atoms and that includes plastics.

Which should tell you what?

The lefties are still lying to you to get what they want and will never stop lying to you to get what they want. You can't believe ANYTHING a lefty tells you.

Poser Christians

Remember that I have been telling you that Satan infiltrated his poser Christians into the church to destroy the church from within?

These spawn of Satan are increasingly causing problems under the name of Christianity and are finally being denounced by true Christians.

This video and this video provide an example of this. Just remember that lefties are lefties regardless of the clothing or curtains they try to hide behind. This is the reason why increasing numbers of these Satanic "Christians" are converting to Islam.

Note that, in the second video, this man points out some of the faults in this pagan Christian group's beliefs because their beliefs are not Biblical.

College Professors

Remember that I have been warning you about lefty college professors?

I want to emphasize that not all college professors are bad because there are good college professors and academe. It is just the lefty college professors and academe that are bad and those college professors have taken over control of most of our colleges and universities and brainwashed most of our public school teachers.

It is those people that you have to clean out of our educational system to get your children and nation back. We need the good or conservative professors and academe to help rebuild our nations.

Lefty Concentration Camps

Remember that I told you that the lefty idea of putting you all in "concentrated housing" in the cities was really them turning out cities into concentration camps?

I got this from Breitbart by John Nolte:

"Yang speaking; "Well, first, we should obviously be paying to relocate Americans away from places that are hit by climate change. ... Part of my plan is literally called 'Move People to Higher Ground' because that's what we need to do. And that's literal and figurative.

Nolte: Oh, joy, the government's going to relocate us for 'our own good.' And I'm sure it won't all start with a Trail of Tears to remove Republican voters from swing states."

Nolte makes reference to the US relocating American Indians to reservations but a better analogy is Hitler, Linen, and Stalin moving or relocating people to "work camps" or concentration camps and Mao moving or relocating people to "reeducation camps" or concentration camps.

Get a clue, people, these satanic human demons have no good intentions and clearly plan on putting all of you in concentration camps by turning your cities into the concentration camps and moving some of you to more secure areas and, if you have studied Marxists in the past, you know that it will only be a matter of time until the lefties turn those camps into death camps.

Please note that Yang was not talking about asking everyone to move but about "moving" everyone or forcing them to move. Think about that.


Remember that I told you that this impeachment thing was just character assassination of Trump and the lefties didn't want to let it go to the Senate, where the lefties would lose control and it would come back to haunt them?

If not, then why is Pelosi refusing to turn the articles of impeachment over to the Senate "until they are sure there will be a fair trial" (read rigged against Trump)?

She has no intention nor ever had any intentions to turn those articles over to the Senate. It is just character assassination and the lefty trolls on the Internet are already trying to turn people away from voting for Trump "because he has been impeached", implying that Trump being impeached makes Trump a criminal. The problem is that it has already been made public knowledge that Trump is not officially impeached until those articles are turned over to the Senate. Oops!

Man plans, God laughs.

What is really funny is that the lefties had become so very good at their character assassination thingy that they just knew this would turn the people against Trump that they now cannot understand why this attempt at character assassination is turning the people to vote for Trump or backfiring on them.

Gee, you think that maybe, just maybe the people are not all as stupid as the lefty upper class trash think we are and the upper class trash are not as intelligent as they think they are?

It is just like God told me and I told you, eyes are opening and the lefties are failing. Of course, every failure by the lefties just means they get more desperate but still won't quit until they are dead, which is why Barr brought back the death penalty.

Then I got this from American Thinker By Lloyd Marcus:

Lead: "Every tactic proven to destroy Republicans has failed on Trump, driving Democrats, the Deep State, and the fake news media crazy."

Read they are getting more and more desperate, not just crazy. And then:

"Blowing up our government with their faux impeachment proves that Democrats, the fake news media, and the Deep State will stop at nothing to block Trump from giving our country back to We the People as our Founders intended."

Yes, the lefty Commierats will stop at nothing and the only thing that will stop them is death and, as they get more desperate or "crazy", their actions will get more desperate until they resort to massive violence and they have already used violence many times in the past.

Note that, if the lefties succeed at this impeachment, they will have effectively destroyed the US Constitution and they will be able to do anything they want to anyone they want anytime they want and none of you will be safe from them.

This headline is from American Thinker by Thomas Lifson:

"Sharyl Attkisson explains why one FISA warrant on one person can lead to spying on thousands of people"

People, I told you about this years ago, you know, how the US government uses computers to watch us all and I told you how I intentionally used it to get the FBI to watch me so I could use it to get them to investigate a crime I did not have enough evidence on to get them to other wise investigate it and actually ended up getting them to investigate a number of crimes, one of which I actually saw go to grand jury but am still waiting on the rest to go to trial.

I was trained by SAC to know how this system works 50 years ago, people, and I have been telling you about it for at least a decade.

Believe me yet?


I got this from American Thinker by Thomas Lifson:

Headline: "Tucker Carlson calls out DC establishment conservative nonprofits for selling out and protecting hi tech bullies that censor conservatives"

I have been telling you how corrupt almost all major nonprofit corporations are for at least 12 to 15 years. This is no big surprise here or should be a surprise to anyone who reads and believes this blog.

Believe me yet? Are you getting the idea about just how massively corrupt the lefties have made everything?


You people better know that every baby you have helped or supported being murdered by abortion will be waiting to testify against you on Judgment Day and it ain't going to be purdy, people. On that day, you pro murdering abortionists ain't going to feel so smart and so righteous with those kids testifying against you for murder.

KNOW, they are waiting for you and the Bible promises that they will get justice.

Animal Rights

Remember that I have been telling you just how ignorant and stupid the feel good, lefty animal rights and conservationists are?

I have been noticing on FB that it is considered to be perfectly alright to lock big dogs up in small cages in homes with no more than 5 to 10 square feet of room but it is "cruel", "terrible" or "animal abuse" to put a dog on a 10 foot chain in the back yard with more than 300 square feet outside to run, play, and have fun, while preventing the dog from getting out of the yard and possibly being hurt or killed.

For those of you don't know basic math, the area of a square or rectangle, as in a cage, is one side times the other side so that a 2 foot x 5 foot cage will have 10 square feet of space. The area of a circle, which a dog would have to play in with a chain is pie (3.14) x the radius squared. With a 10 foot chain as the radius, which would be 10 squared (100) times 3.14 or 314 square feet of space, much more room than one of those cages dogs are being kept in inside homes, much, much more space.

Now, if that 10 foot chain is put on a 20 foot runner, the area the dog would have to play in would be 20 feet x 20 feet or 400 square feet PLUS the area of the half circle they could play in at each end of the runner, which would equal another 314 square feet, for a total of 714 square feet.

And the cage in the house is more humane than the chain in the yard? Really? These stupid lefties think that keeping a dog locked up within 10 square feet is more humane that letting it run and play outside in 714 square feet? Is that stupid or what?

Idiot lefties make my brain hurt. They have no common sense.

John 3:16 For God so loved the world, that he gave his only begotten Son, that whosoever believeth in him should not perish, but have everlasting life.

You better....

Pray long, pray hard, pray often!!!

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