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You know, the former vice president who uses brail to communicate with women he doesn't know, you know, like other men's wives and daughters?

With all of the obvious mental problems Biden has, his doctor just said that he is healthy and ready to be the president.

And you thought a person having an MD meant they had credibility? Really? Ha, they just proved you wrong, didn't they?

Hint: It ain't the college degree that makes the man, it is the man that makes the college degree. You cannot impress or intimidate me with any college degree from any university and this is one reason why. There are too many people who prostitute their degrees.

It is blatantly obvious that Biden has some very serious medical problems causing him to behave the way he does. Any more, the guy barely even has a deck of cards and there ain't nuttin' wrong with him? Really? Just how stupid do they think we are?

Oh yeah, the upper class trash think we are all as stupid as their lefty minions.

I wouldn't hire Biden to manage an outhouse because he would probably fall in and I don't want to have to pull him out all covered in fecal matter. Go ahead, convince me Biden isn't just a front man who will do whatever he is told, you know, a front man for the upper class trash.


Pelosi just said that, in America, no one is above the law.

Then why are she, Schumer, Schiff, Nadler, and the rest of those lefty commie traitors not in prison?

I think it is pretty obvious that the only reason any of those criminals is not in prison or hung is because they have made themselves above the law for too long and they need to be brought back under the laws they impose on us. They very clearly are above the law and that needs to stop.

BTW, if you can't see that this impeachment is nothing more than an illegal and unconstitutional soft coup to seize control of the US government by removing Trump, then you are either not paying attention or are very stupid.

People, the lefties are illegally trying to remove the elected President of the US AGAINST the will of the people, which ain't no republic or democracy, it is nothing but a fascist dictatorship seizing control. The evil lefties are the fascist tyrants, the Nazis, and the problem.

It is unconstitutional for them to remove the president against the will of the people without proving conclusively that he committed a crime, yet that is exactly what they are trying to do and the people are just sitting around watching while these evil spawn of Satan steal control of their government and set up the lefty Marxist dictatorship, while the lefty media help them get away with it.

If you don't do something about it, then you are just handing your nation to these criminals.

If the lefties succeed with this crime, then they will be able to get away with anything they want to anyone they want because the US Constitution will no longer mean anything. It is definitely time to light the torches and storm the castle before it is too late.

If these traitors can stage a coup, then we, the people, can stage a counter coup to get our nation back again.

Then I read this at Breitbart by Hannah Bleau:

"A counter-protester appeared in the midst of activists at Tuesday evening's pro-impeachment rally in Los Angeles, California and shouted, 'Investigate Joe Biden' through a megaphone."

Some people are fighting back and refuse to just give up their nation to these criminals. God is still moving over the troubled waters Satan is causing.

If this nation survives this coup, this coming November, you should all send a really big message to the traitors by voting straight GOP tickets to vote as many of the lefty traitors out as possible. To vote for a Commierat or RINO is to vote for treason.

Yesterday, Wednesday, the lefty commie traitors voted to impeach Trump but they are holding back on sending the articles of impeachment to the Senate because they don't want to lose control of it to the GOP, you know, just like I told you.

So, this sounds like the lefty commie traitors have not yet been able to bribe enough Republicans to vote to remove Trump from office and are either 1) holding out in hopes they will get enough Republicans bribed or 2) this was just a character assassination plot all along with them hoping that Trump being impeached will cause enough people to vote against Trump for Trump to lose the coming election or just another way for the Commierats to rig the election to win because rigging it is the only way they can win against Trump.

Then I got this from PJMedia by Victoria Taft:

"Pelosi, Congressman Adam Schiff, and Senator Chris Van Hollen have now all floated the idea of freezing the House vote where it is and not sending the impeachment articles to the U.S. Senate, where President Trump would undoubtedly go down in history as being vindicated."

Yep, it sounds more like a character assassination to win the 2020 election.

Mean while the lefty commie traitor coup continues and will continue until you people stop voting for Commierats and vote them all out of office, then they will have to find some other way to stage their coup to set up their lefty commie dictatorship...unless you hang them for treason.

Then I got this from Breitbart by Ian Hanchett:

"On Thursday's broadcast of CNN's 'New Day,' House Majority Whip James Clyburn (D-SC) stated that he is willing to delay transmitting the House's impeachment articles to the Senate for 'As long as it takes' to get concessions on how the trial will be conducted, and that if he were in charge, he would potentially never transmit the articles."

So the lefties have given up on bribing enough Republicans and are trying to control the trial in the Republican run Senate to also turn that trial into a lefty kangaroo court trial too, which is real arrogance.

People, the lefties are very desperate and are obviously grabbing at straws to stop Trump form stopping their criminal activities. They are no longer sane or rational. Remember that I told you that desperate people do desperate things and this is insanely desperate.

The Republicans should just shut it all down and make the Commierats eat the articles of impeachment.

Mean while, the Republicans have set a new fund raising record, you know, to the chagrin of the lefties. I wouldn't be surprised if half of the lefties wet themselves.

Then I saw a headline on Breitbart by Sean Moran that said, "Exclusive-Sen. Bill Cassidy: Dems Can't Control Themselves - Like a Puppy Peeing on the Floor"

OK, that was funny, very funny. I guess the commies did wet themselves?

College Professors

Remember that I have telling you that the lefty college professors are a huge part of this lefty problem?

I got this from Breitbart by Alana Mastrangelo:

"Hundreds of college professors, referring to themselves as 'American historians,' have signed a letter begging the U.S. House of Representatives to impeach President Donald Trump, claiming that the president has "violated his oath" and citing his "brazen contempt" for the government. The signees even suggest that Alexander Hamilton himself would disagree with the president's "private life" as a reason for impeachment."

Yep, me thinks you are going to have to impeach those lefty college professors too to get your nation back, you know, with the traitor gallows and a little rope.

Cost of Ownership

I want to share with you more about cost of ownership that will teach you a number of things such as financial management, opportunity costs, and how God works.

First, let's talk about opportunity costs. If you buy or work on something, the expenditure costs you the opportunity to buy or work on something else. In business management, that is called "opportunity cost". When you expend resources on one thing, it costs you the opportunity to expend those same resources on other things. That is a very important thing we all have to consider in using the resources God gives us.

For example, when God told me that He was going to give me more than $2 million after taxes and paying off my school loans (but not how much more) and later told me that I was supposed to spend $2 million on that 62 foot sailboat I had designed, you ain't going to buy much more because you are, once again, broke. Spending that much money on that boat costs me the opportunity to spend it on anything else.

Understanding this and being trained to know it, when God first told me that He was going to give me more than $2 million, He did not tell me how I was supposed to spend that money and, based on what I had been taught, had learned on my own, and everything I had just done a lot of research on to design in detail, the thought of buying that sailboat never entered my mind.

The first thing I thought about was that it wasn't enough to build the velodrome I wanted to help kids.

I had just finished designing all of those businesses, toys, homes, and other things so I immediately began thinking about what I COULD reasonably buy with $2 million. The first thing I did there was that, because God didn't tell me how much more than $2 million I would get, to be conservative and say "it was just $2 million" to set the right attitude for safely managing that kind of money. Good financial management starts with good attitude.

One of the first rules I learned in life and financial management was that every well has a bottom and, if you planned to be sure to not get too close to the bottom of your well, you should be OK. Therefore, be conservative in your planning and financial management by keeping a little extra or a "contingency fund" just in case something comes up you didn't plan for and you can bet something will come up that you don't plan for.

Man plans, God laughs.

Know that all good business and financial managers keep a contingency fund of at least 20% of their revenues.

That means that, if I am getting ONLY $2 million, I am going to keep at least $400,000 in a contingency fund earning interest and that is a minimum, not a maximum.

That was the very first thing I did when God told me He would give me MORE than $2 million, I set aside the MORE and another $400,000 for a contingency fund so that I was really only trying to figure out how I could spend about $1.6 million, you know, being conservative and smart, based on worldly wisdom. That also meant that I would have at least $40,000 a year income from the interest on that contingency fund to cover things like cost of ownership. That should tell you that spending $2 million on a boat NEVER crossed my mind, not once. To me, it would have been stupid.

The first thing I thought of was to move out of this cheaply built and aging trailer by buying 10 acres out in the sticks, putting in a well and septic tank, and building that 4 bedroom house I had designed before also designing the hacienda or castle, which were both also too expensive for my budget. Building the hacienda or castle also never crossed my mind, not once, they were out of my budget.

I knew I could build the house I wanted plus the outbuildings and land for no more than $150,000 but, hey, budgeting $200,000 left me a little padding for extras, you know, like furniture for the house or tools for the workshop.

Then I figured on buying a Ford stretch van to have room for the family I knew was coming but not when along with the two hot rods I had designed and wanted to build. Then I added in such things as a Hobie cat, Kayak, cross country skies, a road bike, track bike, mountain bike, and a few other toys.

By the time I had finished planning for everything that I might enjoy having, I still had more than $1 million left and couldn't figure out how to rationally spend that. I had just gone on what I would consider a"wild" spending spree for fun stuff and couldn't spend $1.6 million dollars so I figured, "Hey, that gives me another $1 million to put in my trust fund, which would bring in another $100,000 in interest every year." That was cool because, with that, I could do anything I wanted for the rest of my life and still annually turn back the rate of inflation into my trust fund to stay ahead of inflation for the rest of my life. It was good business management based on worldly wisdom.

After a few weeks of figuring all of that out and having more than $1.4 million left, I decided that maybe I should pray and ask God what He wanted me to spend His money on because, get it straight that everything on this planet, including the planet, belongs to God, He is just letting you use it for your brief stay here, and He will get it all back sooner or later.

Also, I had already learned by this time that, if I put ANYTHING between me and God or before God's will in my life, I was going to lose that anything anyway so it was best to spend the $2 million God's way than to lose it.

I prayed for several weeks about that before God answered and, after He answered, I picked up my socks and put them back on my feet, you know, where they had just been knocked off of in complete surprise. He told me to spend that $2+ million on the $2 million boat, the 32 Ford Roadster hot rod, and hot roding my 71 VW Bus.

"Say what?"

I instantly knew what God was doing. He was using me spending that money on something I thought was stupid to test my faith. He knew that I knew that, if I spent that much money out of that little money on those things, I wouldn't have money for cost of ownership, especially for the boat, and I had to put my faith in God to provide that cost of ownership, you know, just enough, just in time, the way God always works.

God knew that, to me, a well educated human, that would be stupid but God always uses that which we humans consider stupid to test and build our faith in Him.

Think not?

Then why did God tell Abraham to sacrifice his only son on a stone alter and then, at the last minute, you know, just in time, provide Abraham with a sacrificial goat caught in a bush?

The Bible is filled with examples of God doing that, you know, like Noah spending 120 years building boat because God said so, Moses following God to where the Hebrews would be trapped by the Red Sea and Moses would have to part the waters just in time, and many others. God told Abraham that God would give Abraham a son when Abraham was 80 years old, you know, older than even me, and God gave Abraham that son about a quarter of a century later, in part, because Abraham believed and trusted in God no matter how long it took or how old Abraham got. God cherishes and rewards that kind of faith.


Because, when you doubt God, you are calling Him a liar. You're saying, "I don't believe you."

I also knew that, if I didn't do what God told me to do, I would lose the $2 million and not get any more for quite some time, you know, after God put my butt through even more hell to teach me better, and I was just a wee bit tired of poverty about then. Therefore, I accepted God's will and said, "I'll do it." Hey, there just wasn't any other option so it was the logical thing for a Christian to do, you know, do the will of God.

So, the first thing I am going to do, when God gives me that $2+ million, is build that boat and I have done the research on doing that too. I will need to spend some time with some Furuno and other electronics experts to make the final decisions for a few of their new systems for things like navigational equipment, then spend a few days with Hallberg-Rassy designing the boat, pay a down payment on the boat with the rest of the money going into a bank trust fund for the rest of the payments, at key points in building the boat, make trips to Sweden to take pictures of where they put everything like the plumbing and wiring for a binder for later working on the boat so I will know where everything is and how it works, make other payments for the continued building of the boat, with the last payment being after the boat has been built, tested by me and one of their people, and me given ownership of it.

Then I am going to have to figure out which of a number of ways to get that beautiful boat from Sweden to the US, you know, a few thousand miles away, and will have to have already received the money from God to begin covering cost of ownership such as where the heck I am going to keep that big of a boat. It ain't exactly going to fit in my backyard on a boat trailer. The timing on this will be critical because it will only take Hallberg-Rassy 9 to 12 months from the time I make the first payment until that boat is going to be required to leave their shop to make room for them to build other boats. Think about that.

Yep, that is going to take a wee bit of faith but that is the way God works, is with us believing and trusting in Him to do things we consider impossible or stupid for us to try to do on our own. Us believing and trusting in God, is the most important thing there is to God. That is why it is by faith that we are saved and not of works of our own.

So, do you see the difference in how man works and how God works?

And, hey, you learned a little bit about business and financial management that can help you. You are welcome.

John 3:16 For God so loved the world, that he gave his only begotten Son, that whosoever believeth in him should not perish, but have everlasting life.

You better....

Pray long, pray hard, pray often!!!

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