Satan and Demons

I got this e-mail from Mark, which reminded me of something I need to tell you about.

"Carl, I enjoyed the thorough and interesting job you did exposing the Roman Catholic Church. This is not a criticism, but a corollary.

The worship of Mary is a big thing in Romanism. In fact the apparitions of Mary are increasing and have been appearing worldwide of the last hundred years. She has been literally seen and heard by millions. That is too many people top think it is a mass hallucination. These apparitions are really demonic apportions of a being claiming to be Mary, the mother of Jesus.

Here are documented words one apparition of Mary spoke to those who witnessed the apparition:

'Soon, I will come, my children! Soon, I will be in your midst with a great light. I will enlighten the entire world. Many souls will cry because they did not listen to my call. …I will pass above everyone in a cloud and everyone will see me. What will become of those who insulted me and made a laughing stock of me? …I will come soon, my sons, to travel through the entire world. I will give a great sign in the sky for those who will still want to be saved. All those who have recourse to me, who have a look of repentance, this will be sufficient to save them.' - Timothy Green Beckley & Art Crockett, Secret Prophecy of Fatima Revealed, New Brunswick, NJ, Inner Light Publications, 1991, pp. 106, 107. Message received by Italian visionary Rosa Quattrini.

'Compare this Marian message with Zechariah 5, where we are told of a woman, whom God refers to as 'Wickedness,' who goes forth throughout the entire earth. -

There are plenty of others. I got this from a book I downloaded: Tetlow, Jim. Queen of All: The Marian apparitions' plan to unite all religions under the Roman Catholic Church . Eternal Productions. Kindle Edition.

I used to pooh-pooh the idea of Marian apparitions as figments of the imaginations of thos claiming to have seen her. After reading this book and all the documented cases he exposes, now it seems like these may be true.

Just as Mary birthed Jesus at His first advent, apparently when Antichrist comes, his 'mother' will precede him. Even Muslims are seeing these apparitions. One whole chapter of the Quran is called 'Mary.' It is Surah 19. I have the Penguin edition of the English translation of the Quran by Dawood.

Two more quotes from Marian apparitions:

'Until I am acknowledged there where the Most Holy Trinity has willed me to be, I will not be able to exercise my power fully, in the maternal work of coredemption and of the universal mediation of graces.…Sons, let yourselves be transformed by my powerful action as Mother, Mediatrix of Graces and Coredemptrix.'- Gobbi, pp. 264-265. Message given to Father Gobbi, June 14, 1980.

'Once more I am here. - The Co-Redemptrix, Mediatrix, and Advocate is now standing before you. I have chosen this day: on this day the Lady will be crowned. Theologians and apostles of the Lord Jesus Christ, listen carefully: I have given you the explanation of the dogma. Work and ask for this dogma. You should petition the Holy Father for this dogma…On this date 'the Lady of All Nations' will receive Her official title of 'Lady of All Nations.' - Kunzli, p. 83. Message given on May 31, 1954, the Feast of Mary, Mediatrix of All Graces.

This is another quote from Tetlow's book:

'Several million more signatures supporting this dogma have been sent to the pope since this article was written. Is this prophecy given by Isaiah 2,700 years ago about to be fulfilled? According to Marian theologians, the Co-Redemptrix doctrine will be the last and final Marian dogma, and it will usher in her triumphant reign promised at Fatima. Authors Ted and Maureen Flynn explain what they and many other Marian theologians believe will soon take place:'

'The last major event will be the proclamation of the Blessed Mother as Co-Redemptrix, Mediatrix, and Advocate - the last and final Marian dogma of the Catholic Church.'

'The virgin daughter of Babylon proclaims that she will be a lady forever, but God tells her that she does not remember the latter end of these events, namely, that she will be utterly destroyed. That this is the last and final Marian dogma, agrees with Isaiah's prophecy, which indicates that this will occur in the latter end, just prior to her destruction.'

I don't know about you, Carl, but to me this sounds like demonic activity."

It is often said today that the greatest con Satan did in recent times was to convince most people that he does not exist so he can more stealthily work and more easily fool people.

In studying archaeology and history, I have learned that they have made some interesting discoveries concerning Satan and his demons. First, they found almost exactly the same descriptions of Satan under different names from all around the world during times when most of the people had no contact with each other for those similar descriptions to have been shared.

This being has been consistently described as being red with two horns, a head that is similar to a goat or bull, with a tail, hoofed hind feet, and often carrying a trident while being worshiped under such names as Satan, the Devil, Baphomet, Baal, Pan, The Horned One, Lucifer, and many other names going as far back as Babylon and ancient Egypt and this description has come from almost all continents. They don't all include all of the exact same features but they include enough of those same features for this to be much more than a coincidence and is significant proof that these beings are also real, they live, they exist in spite of what the pagan secularists are telling you. I have been watching this for more than half a century.

There are also hundreds of stories from around the world of many other gods and goddesses appearing to pagans throughout history, like a variety of goddesses such as their fertility goddesses under different names, Gaia, Mother Earth, ISIS, and others.

Remember that I told you that one of the things the Catholic Church did with their faked conversion to Christianity was that they kept the idols of pagan gods and goddesses they were worshiping to keep from losing their pagan members and changed those idols names to Christian names to help them assimilate the Christian Gentiles who had converted out of their church back into their church. It is very likely that the idol they currently worship as "Mother Mary" was some pagan goddess like Venus or Mother Earth.

Hey, Satan and his demons will pretend to be anyone you want to draw you away from God/Jesus and, if you don't like any of the other gods and goddesses they have already created, they will create and pretend to be any other god or goddess to get you to worship them instead of Yahweh/Jesus. Satan and his demons are not picky as to which pagan gods and goddesses you worship.

We know from the Bible that Satan and his demons can manifest themselves as themselves and others, even in human forms, just like the scriptures tell of God, Yahweh, manifesting Himself in human form to His followers. With so many similar manifestations from around the world, it is a certainty that those manifestations by Satan and his demons as themselves and as different gods and goddesses are real.

We also know that Satan and his demons know their time is short, they are getting more and more desperate, and, with their globalist followers currently failing in their efforts, it would only be normal for Satan and his demons to increase their activity to save their own butts from eternal damnation.

"Hey, those stupid pagan humans are failing AGAIN, we should show them how to do it right or help them do it right."

The scriptures tell us that, during the soon coming Tribulation, Satan and his demons will be cast completely and forever out of Heaven and down to Earth, where they will become increasingly active. This means that, during the end times, which we are right now in, Satan and his demons will resume making manifestations of themselves and false pagan gods and goddesses and it appears they already are and are increasing the rate at which they make this appearances.

When I read this e-mail from Mark about "Mary" making appearances all over the world, the way Satan and his demons used to make such manifestations, my first thought, was Venus, Athena, and other pagan goddesses just kind of sort of going by the name "Mary" to deceive even more people, especially Christians and poser Christians. Hey, we Christians and poser Christians make up 2 billion people or 25% of the people on the planet, the single largest market for stealing souls.

Don't believe me?

Just take a good look at the message these manifestations were giving. These manifestations were consistently saying that your salvation is through her, Mary, which is not Biblical or Christian. We all know that Jesus is the only salvation for mankind and not by Mary.

What are Satan and his demons doing?

They are trying to con even Christians but mostly poser Christians away from worshiping Jesus to worshiping this false Mary, you know, basically the same con Satan and his demons have been staging against mankind for thousands of years, "Hey, come worship us as false pagan gods and goddesses instead of worshiping the one true God, Jesus/Yahweh." It is just another Satanic con, people, one that one third of the angels in Heaven fell for. Ignore the Christian names and see the Satan pagan gods and goddesses for who they really are.

You are going to see much more of this and it is going to get really interesting, just know in advance what is going on and your eternal destiny is at stake, either eternal salvation or eternal damnation and this is the choice that only you can make.

If you pay attention to the archaeological legends and myths, it is very likely that many of the people who worshiped those pagan gods, saw Satan and his demons manifest as those gods and it is obvious that Satan's ruse of him not existing is not working any more so he is probably returning to what did work before Christianity. Don't be surprised to see more manifestations of false pagan gods by Satan and his demons, you know, like these people are being fooled into believing they are seeing Mary when it is really a demon pretending to be Mary.

Remember that some lefties are still saying that there were and are no witches even with increasing numbers of witches coming out of the closet and admitting they are witches and those stories about witches are about real witches. You are now seeing the same thing beginning to happen about Satan, his demons, and their manifestations.

As a side note, when I was saved via a series of 3 dreams on consecutive nights, Satan got his shot at my soul all three nights and the last two nights he appeared to me in those dreams as the same figure recorded throughout history, a red being with horns, a tail, and a trident. On the last two nights, he started chasing me, almost caught me, and was reaching towards grabbing me with his right hand, only inches away from my back when God woke me and, on the third night, I accepted Jesus as my savior. Satan literally scared or terrified the Hell out of me and Heaven into me.

Rest assured that these manifestations will increase and you will almost certainly see at least a few of them learning that the concept that Satan and his demons not being real is just another pagan lie created and taught by Satan, his demons, and their followers to deceive you.

Just as God and his angels are real, they live, they exist, so do Satan and his demons. God and His angels work for good and Satan and his demons work for evil and to destroy all of mankind to save their own evil butts. God said that He loves you all and wants all of you to be eternally saved but that is your choice, choose wisely because eternal damnation is a very, very long time. Your brief time here on Earth won't even begin to compare to eternity, just a wisp of smoke in comparison, so you just might want to make the best decision for your eternal future.

People, with the building of Modern or Mystery Babylon and such things as these satanic manifestations, this has already become the most interesting, prophetic, and spiritually active time since Jesus, you know, just like God said it would be.

What should all of this archaeology, Biblical scriptures, mythology, and even recent writings by people who have converted to Christianity from the occult tell you?

Satan and his demons are very powerful spirit beings who are what we today would call "shape shifters" because they can take any form they feel will best fool you. Satan's most common appearances throughout history have been either as a humanoid, sometimes with hoofed hind feet, with the horned head of either a goat or bull or as a "being of light" to fool people into believing he is good but he has also appeared as such things as serpents and dragons and is referred to by both in scripture.

Satan's demons seem to appear as any number of pagan deity and in seances as deceased loved ones. I have also read by former occult members that demons often show up during rituals as spirit beings.

With all of this nonsense about space aliens, it would be an easy prediction to say that some of them will inevitably show up claiming to be space aliens and I can just hear their speeches, "We, the space aliens, are superior to you inferior humans so you should submit yourselves to our absolute rule and control so we can take care of you", you know, the same lie their human puppets have been telling us for thousands of years and you can bet that plenty of stupid people will fall for that great sounding lie just like they have fallen for every great sounding lie the pagans have told for thousands of years.

We are not alone, people, but it isn't space aliens that are among us, though Satan and his demons may try to fool us into believing they are space aliens. There are other beings around us all of the time, including but not limited the beings the Bible refers to as God, the angels of Heaven, Satan, and the demons but the Old Testament also describes some other beings in Heaven.

Don't believe me?

Stick around, Satan and his bunch are running very short on time before they get their butts stuffed in the Lake of Fire for a thousands years, probably within the next 12 to 15 years, and they are decreasingly willing to just stand by watching their fool upper class trash and other pagans continue to fail before Satan and his demons become more directly active in trying to save their own butts. Just remember that every day their time left grows shorter by one day and they don't have too many days left. When they get desperate enough, they will come out of their closet and it looks very much like they are already doing that, you know, with their followers already setting up shrines, alters, and idols to Satan, Baal, Molech and other satanic deity. It is already getting very interesting.

John 3:16 For God so loved the world, that he gave his only begotten Son, that whosoever believeth in him should not perish, but have everlasting life.

You better....

Pray long, pray hard, pray often!!!

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