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Biblical Law

Remember I have been teaching you that, to prevent this mess we are in right now from happening again, we need to live under Biblical Law, where no one, not a king or anyone else, is above the law?

This video shows a great example of how the upper class trash set up common or human law so that the king was above the law and that is the problem with common law. The upper class trash can change the law so that they are above the law but, with Biblical Law, no one is above the Law and no one can add to or take away from the Law so that everyone, including a king has to live by the same Law.

I told you that changing Biblical Law is blaspheme because it is elevating yourself above God, saying you know better than God, but adding to or taking away from Biblical Law also turns that law into common or man made law so that the upper class trash can now change the law to make themselves above the law, which is exactly what the Hebrews did when they began adding to and taking away from the Law. The Hebrew leaders turned Biblical Law into common law to make themselves above the law by permitting them to corrupt the law.

This is why the upper class trash hate Biblical Law and teach you lies to cause you to hate Biblical Law. Biblical Law oppresses them to keep them from doing what they want to you any time they want. Biblical Law is given to us to protect good people from bad people.

Now, if you have been paying attention, making themselves above the law is exactly what the Commierats and RINOs have done in the US. A good example is that Congress passed a law a long time ago making it legal for them to do insider trading on the Stock Market, which is illegal for you to do. The main reason for this is so they can take bribes by just getting insider trading information and using that information to turn a quick buck on the Stock Market. That way the bribe is more difficult to prove because no wealth changed hands and it isn't traceable.

Another example is that the Commierats blatantly commit open or public knowledge crimes and get away with those crimes that you would go to prison for. There are numerous things they have done in this impeachment that are great examples of this because no one is going to hold them accountable for their crimes because they have made themselves above the law.

Then you have Biden saying he won't comply with a Senate subpoena. Hey, our American royalty are above our laws too.

Under Biblical Law, they would all already be either in prison or hung and wouldn't be getting away with and continuing their criminal activities.

Are you ready for Biblical Law or are you still believing the lies the upper class trash and their media brainwashed you to believe so you will either fear or hate Biblical Law? Do you better understand why they hate Biblical Law?

In case you have not noticed, their way ain't working for you but is working for them, baby.

Note, God isn't going to put up with all of this pagan crap forever. Sooner or later He will hold everyone accountable for their actions.


Remember that I have been telling you that the left hates law enforcement and they will eventually shove the law enforcement butts under ye ole commie bus?

I got this from American Thinker by Thomas Lifson:

"Some progressive ideas sound good and seduce the young and naive with their idealism. Socialism, for example, pretends that selfishness and indolence would not result from common ownership of the means of production. 'From each according to his ability, to each according to his need,' was so seductive that it helped inspire communists for over a century, and still appeals to those whose needs exceed their abilities.

But some other ideas, currently being taken seriously by American progressive intellectuals are so self-evidently ridiculous that it is hard to believe that anyone could take them seriously. But this, via City Journal, is not a joke:

'The latest call to action from some criminal-justice activists: 'Abolish the police.' From the streets of Chicago to the city council of Seattle, and in the pages of academic journals ranging from the Cardozo Law Review to the Harvard Law Review and of mainstream publications from the Boston Review to Rolling Stone, advocates and activists are building a case not just to reform policing-viewed as an oppressive, violent, and racist institution-but to do away with it altogether. When I first heard this slogan, I assumed that it was a figure of speech, used to legitimize more expansive criminal-justice reform. But after reading the academic and activist literature, I realized that 'abolish the police' is a concrete policy goal. The abolitionists want to dismantle municipal police departments and see 'police officers disappearing from the streets'"

Believe me yet?

They are doing it right now, people. They are right now working to shove cop's butts under ye ole commie bus.

If you law enforcement side with the lefties, you are not just screwing us but also yourselves because the lefties are clearly right now planning to shaft all law enforcement and you can bet part of the reason is so the satanic lefties can "do as they will". "Hey, no cops, baby, means nuttin' is illegal and we can do as we will to whomever we want any time we want."

Get the picture yet? Have you figured out yet why the left hates cops and will get rid of them just like I have been telling you?

Antifa and BLM will be their law.

Now, law enforcement, whose side are you on, the people's side or the lefty commie traitors?

You better chose wisely.

Where do these insane ideas come from?

Remember that I have been telling you that the cause of most of this lefty insanity is the lefty college professors?

I got this from American Thinker by Monica Showalter:

"Bottom line - these bad ideas -- getting rid of jails, getting rid of police, getting rid of visits to the principal, and what next, getting rid of restriction, are all crazy ideas percolating away in prestigious universities and well-monied think tanks, outside the purview of voters. They may be dismissed as ivory tower la-de-da nonsense but because these are fancy and monied places, they are getting into wider society now, not through democratic discussion, but from imposition by leftists with power."

But it isn't just the college professors, though they are the idiots who keep dreaming up all of this insanity, it is also being taught and spread by lefty school teachers. You have to get rid of all of them to get your nation back or they will just regroup, reorganize, and keep right on with their wickedness. Remember that they only have to win once and you have to win every time.


Remember that I have been telling you that, when the lefties are no longer useful to the left, they will get ye ole commie bus ride, you know, via the basement?

I got this from American Thinker by Thomas Lifson:

"The top-rated MSNBC host is taking flak from all sides for her embrace of the Steele dossier as fact, and her unwillingness to present her faithful viewers with evidence of its falsity.

Now comes a stinging tweet from progressive journalist Glenn Greenwald -no friend of Donald Trump -- that doesn't mince words:

There's no getting around the fact - no matter how much one wants to - that Rachel @Maddow's performance on Russiagate was one of the most paranoid, unhinged and fact-free debacles of sustained media propaganda, fear-mongering, conspiracy-mongering and deceit in many years:

Has any conservative used language this strong to denounce her?"

Hey, Rachel baby, how is it riding in ye ole commie bus basement? What? Not useful to the lefties anymore?

Don't worry, plenty of other lefties will soon join you. You will have plenty of company as the others also become useless to the upper class trash.


Remember that I have been telling you that the lefties are running a PR campaign to increase the popularity of Obama so he can seize control of the US Government with a violent coup with enough support to keep him in power?

A recent Gallup Poll shows that Trump and Obama are tied as the nation's most admired men for 2019.

It's working, Obama now has enough support to maintain control of the US Government, after he murders Trump, Pence, and whoever else he has to murder to gain control of the government with a violent coup and, with the increasing anti-Semitism being promoted by the left, if Obama blames Israel, he is in for long enough to send his CNSF army to invade Israel to prove he is the Muslim Mahdi by standing on the Temple Mount and giving the order for Muslims to murder all non Muslims to get 100% of the 1.5 billion Muslims to unite under him to conquer the world.

Don't be surprised to see Pelosi, currently next in line behind Pence, follow upper class trash orders to accept being president (she is no where nearly as popular as Obama), appoint Obama as her vice president, and resign (or commit suicide), making Obama president.

Their PR program is working and the only reason for the upper class trash to commit so many resources to make Obama more popular is to stage a violent coup.

Don't believe me? Why are they not using those resources to make someone else popular enough to win the presidential election?

Keep an eye on this.


Remember that I told you about the increasing numbers of children being made sick and killed by vegan diets and that the real problem is the bull crap they are being taught by the industry authors, who are making a fortune writing those books?

I got this from Breitbart by Chris Tomlinson:

"The vegan parents of a two-year-old girl who were accused of harming the child into a state of malnourishment due to their diet, have managed to avoid prison time despite being convicted for gross bodily harm."

People, I have told you that, if you are following the really bad advice of the people writing those health food books, you are causing gross bodily harm to you and your children. I have told you that, if you want to be a vegan, fine, just make sure that you and your children all have at least two large helpings of something from the corn and bean families EVERY DAY.

People, look at all of these people who are reading and depending on information from those same health food books you are reading and they are killing their kids. Obviously, that CRAP doesn't work and it will make you and your children sick and kill you.

Throw those stupid health food books away before they kill you and your children, eat a variety of reasonable vegetables and fruits, it doesn't have to be exotic stuff, and eat AT LEAST two big helpings of something from the corn and beans family EVERY DAY. Listen, many poor people lived most of their lives on just beans so it should be a little obvious that, if you get plenty of corn and beans, you and your children will do just fine as vegans.

Also, don't push your vegan preferences on other people, especially since you have already proved that you don't know what you are talking about by consistently killing your kids.


Remember that I told you that God showed me in a dream that we would take quite of bit of North, Central, and South America all of the way down from Canada to the southern tip of Chili?

Out of curiosity, I just checked and almost every nation, and possibly every nation, in North, Central, and South America is in a stage of unrest with almost all of that being people rioting to overthrow lefty governments. I only found Belize and Suriname that MIGHT not be having unrest because of the greedy and power mad lefties.

It seems that most of the people's eyes are opening to the simple and increasingly obvious fact that Marxism under any name is just smoke and mirrors for the upper class trash using increasing taxes to steal more from more people faster. The governments just keep increasing taxes, especially with newer taxes, to "care for the people" or "provide free stuff" with the people getting less and less while the upper class trash keep getting more and more wealthy.

The people are realizing enmass that they would be better off without the "free stuff" because the upper class trash are just taking the money from the lower classes, stuffing much of it in their greedy pockets, and giving very little, if anything, back to the people. The people are waking to realize that they would be better off buying that free stuff for themselves, it would cost less, they would get better quality, and have more money left but that would leave the upper class trash pockets empty.

A few lefty dictatorships have been overthrown with the lefty upper class trash media calling those conservative governments "conservative dictatorships" in an effort to turn the people against those governments so the lefty upper class trash can get their power back.

Will these nations become states in the new Republic of the United States of America? Is this what these wars will lead to? Will this lead to the overthrow of all of these Marxists dictatorships by the upper class trash and the establishment of a new American Republic?

After I checked, I was surprised to find it was this bad. I figured that there might be 6 or 8 nations in rebellion but not all but one or two and maybe even those nations. It is much worse than I thought it would be and getting worse.

I am increasingly certain that we will have to take and annex Mexico and Cuba and probably at least Western Canada but it is looking like we may have to intervene to free all of those people and annex all of those nations as states into a new American Republic.

After looking this over, I can't think of any place on this planet the lefties and Muslims have not screwed up for greed and power and it has mostly been the lefties. They just gots to have their slaves so they can live a life of luxury without having to work for a living and they are not going to stop because they will always want more and more and all of these increasing and new taxes prove it. They can never get enough wealth and power.

Keep an eye on this.


Remember that I have been telling Hebrews that the violence against them is increasing more and more almost every day and they should all get home to Israel before it is too late AGAIN?

This video gives a small example that it is still getting worse but the remaining Hebrews refuse to read the writing on the wall and get out before it is too late AGAIN.

Learn from history?

No, like all humans, they will wait until it is too late and many more have died. We humans can be incredibly stupid about such things.

"Why, it can't possibly happen to us. Things like that only happen to other people."

If you Hebrews stick around too much longer, you will be the other people. Get your families out of here before it is too late AGAIN.

John 3:16 For God so loved the world, that he gave his only begotten Son, that whosoever believeth in him should not perish, but have everlasting life.

You better....

Pray long, pray hard, pray often!!!

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