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North Korea

I got this from AP by Kim Tong-Hyung via CenturyLink:

"SEOUL, South Korea (AP) - North Korean leader Kim Jong Un called for his military and diplomats to prepare unspecified 'offensive measures' to protect the country's security and sovereignty, the North's state media said on Monday, before his end-of-year deadline for the Trump administration to make major concessions to salvage a fragile nuclear diplomacy."

This looks very much like an offensive and not a defensive move and may even be Kimmy Boy using the excuse of this being a defensive move as cover for a true offensive move.

Have Kimmy Boy, China, Iran, and other gotten desperate enough from losing ground and opportunity to stage a coordinated attack against different countries to spread US forces thin like I told you years ago they were trying to do?

You can bet that Kimmy Boy won't move against South Korea alone and will only do it as a coordinated attack with at least China, probably also with Iran and other nations to spread out the US forces.

Have they decided to strike before they lose more ground and completely lose the opportunity to finally get what they want? Do they think the US won't fight back? Are they coordinating this attack with our lefties in Congress promising to interfere with Trump's ability to fight back? Maybe an attack by these nations is being planned in conjunction with a planned violent coup of the US by the lefties, you know, even more treason by the left?

After all, our lefties are extremely desperate. Keep an eye on this.

Celebrity Deaths

Have you noticed that they keep finding a lot of young TV, music, and movie stars dead lately? What is going on? Is it just drugs or something else?

I have been watching this get worse for some time.

Greta Thunberg

I have been wondering how much the upper class trash are paying Greta Thunberg and her parents for Greta to storm around the world lying about climate change. If anyone has any definite information on this, let me know. After all, at first, her father was against this and then suddenly changed his mind.


Putin has been in office 20 years and he is probably the best leader the Russian people have ever had. He has done more to improve Russia and protect the Russian people from the evil plans of the Western upper class trash.

This proves the idea of term limits to be just smoke and mirrors for getting people to accept great sounding stupid ideas for solving our problem.

It does not matter how long evil people are in office, they will still do evil. If they have less time, they will just work faster. It also does not matter how long good people are in office, they will still do good.

Time in office doesn't make you a better or worse person, it just gives you more time to do what you would choose to do pending whether you are good or evil and decreasing the time for good people to be in office won't do us any good.

It isn't how long you are in office but where your heart is while you are in office.


A headline at Breitbart said that in more than half the shootings, first responders arrive after it is over.

Surprise, surprise. Most shootings don't last long enough for police to get there. If you can't defend yourself, you are at the mercy of the bad guys and bad guys know it.

When I was in Los Angeles, I realized that the safest person at any crime scene was the coroner who always arrived after the police had the situation under control. Most of the time, at a crime scene, all the cops do is protect the coroner while he gathers evidence. They rarely get to protect anyone else and that has been true for years.

Personally, I believe that all church pastors should preach with a 45 on their hip and every deacon should be equally well armed, along with every member of the church. This is increasingly true with the increasing numbers of violent attacks on churches.


I keep seeing news items about the raging forest fires in Australia that they can't get under control.

Remember that I told you that I did quite a bit of research on plants, including trees, for designing my home?

The Eucalyptus from Australia was one tree I researched and I decided to not include that tree in my design because it is a very dangerous and deadly tree for several reasons.

First, the eucalyptus tree puts out an extremely flammable gas that, if it gets hot enough, it will spontaneously combust, and it doesn't have to get any hotter than just really hot weather. If I remember right, it will spontaneously combust at less than 100 degrees F. The gas from these trees can form a cloud in an area that will easily cause an explosion that will quickly ignite any nearby trees or other structures when the gas spontaneously combusts and that gas will cause an explosion.

If a tree or anything else catches fire within that gas cloud, everything within the gas cloud will be burned by the combustion and heat from such a fire will cause the trees to spew out more gas, increasing the intensity of the fire. If you get those trees in a reasonable size group, they all go up in flames very quickly when anything causes that gas to combust.

If you get a forest of eucalyptus trees during a hot summer, like they are now having in Australia, it will take months for a forest fire to burn out and forest fires regularly start in Australia during the summer months from just spontaneous combustion. With that gas, you are not going to put it out.

Another reason why I decided against the eucalyptus tree is because, if the tree gets warm enough it starts to dry up, it will just drop entire huge branches killing anything under those branches, which means it isn't a good tree to be under very much, especially if it is warm and/or dry, you know, like here in this high desert.

They used to log those eucalyptus trees in Australia and Papua New Guinea, and the loggers called it the "widow maker" because a lot of loggers were killed by spontaneously falling branches.

It is a very dangerous tree to have or be anywhere around, especially in a desert like I live it. Here, it would only be a matter of time until they all blew up and burned down, probably during the first summer.


This is a very good video.

It gives a pretty good idea of how much Jesus WILLFULLY suffered to pay for our sins, especially when you realize that He could have easily called on legions of angels to save Him from such agony. He did it for us because He loves us.

An important thing about this is that this video was only concerning with the physical anguished Jesus suffered for us because His spiritual anguish was infinitely greater to pay for our sins and eternal damnation so we wouldn't have to pay that price, if we acknowledge our crimes against His Laws, repent of our crimes against His Laws, and then accept the payment Jesus made for our crimes against His Laws.

Satan and Demons

I got the following e-mail from Mark concerning my essay "Satan and Demons".

"A few things. You wrote, 'it is very likely that many of the people who worshiped those pagan gods, saw Satan and his demons manifest as those gods.'

The Bible backs that up. Paul said that when the pagans sacrificed to idols they were sacrificing to demons, just like you said. Paul's words, 'Do I mean that what is offered to a statue of a god is anything? Do I mean that a statue of a god is anything? No! But what is offered by those who worship statues of gods is really offered to demons. It is not offered to God. I don't want you to be sharing with demons.' (1Co 10:19-20 NIrV).

Eze 8:14 Mentions the god Tammuz. Dr. Bob Utley (retired Professor of Religion, East Texas Baptist University, Marshall, TX; Doctor of Ministry, Trinity Evangelical Divinity School, Deerfield, IL), wrote the following:

'This reflects the Babylonian idolatry of the Sumerian agricultural god who died and rose every year. Obviously he became the fertility god of the Babylonians. He is known in Babylon as Dumuzi, Consort of Ishtar. He is known in Greece as Adonis, which is very similar to the Egyptian Osiris. This was the male lover of Aphrodite who was killed by wild boars and sent to the underworld each year for six months. The women wept to identify with Aphrodite, who wept at the loss of her lover during the winter. August to September would have started this cycle. Possibly the worship of Babylonian gods shows that it had already conquered Israel spiritually!'

Women made cakes and crossed them with a 'T'. Now we know where the nursery rhyme, 'Pat a cake, pat a cake bakers man...' comes from, see Jeremiah 7:18.

Ishtar is also Ishhara, Irnini, Inanna, Anunit, Astarte, Atarsamain, Ashtoreth, Eostre, Aphrodite, Ereshkigal, Hathor, Isis, Lilith, Nanna, Athena, Venus, etc. This demon also calls itself Mary the Queen of Heaven. This fertility goddess transcends all cultures. Sex sells, it is even sold by demons.

Mary is called the Queen of Heaven in the official dogma of Roman Catholicism. In 1950, Pope Pius XII, claimed ex cathedra in his Munificentissimus Deus that Mary is officially the Queen of Heaven. (No I do not believe the Pope is infallible. Far from it. The current Pope is a communist).

There is also the legend about Semiramis, Tammus, & Nimrod from which the mother and son cult legend grew. Most scholars claim it is not true and not provable history. That is why I said it is simply a legend. But all legends have some truth in them and they spring from real historical incidents. Read about it here:

It is more likely that another goddess like Inanna and her son Tammuz were the real beginning of the legend. But the Semiramis legend described in Alexander Hislop's book, The Two Babylons, written in 1853, still abounds. I found it all over the Internet.


This is Jeremiah 7:18, referred to by Mark: "The children gather wood, and the fathers kindle the fire, and the women knead their dough, to make cakes to the queen of heaven, and to pour out drink offerings unto other gods, that they may provoke me to anger."

Yep, keeping pagan rituals really ticks God off and God said so, not me, and please note that worshiping the demon called the Queen of Heaven angers God, you know, the goddess the Catholic Church keeps telling you is "Mother Mary", which in a pagan since, is "Mother Mary" but not the true mother of Jesus. That demon is the apparition those people are seeing.

Maybe we Christians should take our religion back from Satan to show our love for God? Maybe we should unassimilate our religion from the pagan Borg (Catholic Church), especially since the Borg is in the process of converting to or assimilating Islam?

It makes sense to me, especially since it just might save our butts from what the pagan lefties are trying to do to us. Right now just might be a really good time to be on God's good side, you know, to prevent becoming pagan lefty slaves.

This is especially true with the pagan lefties insisting that we remove worshiping Jesus from such things as Christmas and Easter, which completely returns those pagan holy days back to the pagan gods and goddesses they were intended to respect and worship anyway. When either Christmas or Easter just become an economic thingy, then they also become just pagan thingies, you know, like they are increasingly becoming.

People, fighting in stores on Black Friday for presents for Christmas ain't a Christian thingy. That is pure pagan, especially when I have not seen the giving of gifts for any of God's holy days but many different pagan holy days do involve giving gifts because Satan knows that the love of money and the things that money can buy is the root of all evil. People, when the pagan lefties insist that we say, "Happy Holidays" instead of "Merry Christmas", that is making it a pure pagan celebration and the pagans know it. See how easy it is to convert people from Christianity to paganism when you are using pagan holy days and rituals. All you have to do is get people to think about presents, worshiping Satan Claus, and change the wording and you are there. Think about it.

The greatest present ever given is salvation through Jesus the Christ and it didn't cost you or me a dime.

Hey, I know, why don't we do what the pagans want, disassociate Jesus from their pagan holy days and associate Jesus BACK with the Biblical holy days God gave us. They can have their pagan holy days back and we can be free of the Borg, after all, the Borg is going to dump Christianity for Islam anyway so we will just help them by setting ourselves free from the Borg. Of course, we will take all of the true Biblical Gentile Christians back with us, probably not the poser Christians.

Start celebrating the birth of Jesus during Sukkot and the death, burial, and resurrection of Jesus during Passover. We can finally undo the damage caused to Christianity by the Church of Rome assimilating Christianity almost 1,700 years ago and set ourselves free to worship God right. That should make the pagans happy and God happy too, which should make us happy too.

We can even start our own Christian calendar to further glorify God, which should make God even happier.

Hey, that is a win-win for everyone.

Note that Dr. Bob Utley stated, "Possibly the worship of Babylonian gods shows that it had already conquered Israel spiritually!"

It wouldn't have taken much because the Israelis were conquered by Babylon and taken into captivity because they had already turned their backs on God, which means that it would have been very easy for most Israelis to take up the practices of the Babylonian pagan gods and goddesses since they had already taken up other pagan practices before they were conquered by Babylon. Only the most devout Hebrews like Daniel would have resisted worshiping the Babylonian pagan gods.

Note that this is also what is happening to us. We have turned out backs on God so many of us are being seduced into pagan religions and beliefs and our nations are rapidly declining because the pagans have taken control. Hey, an empty heart is easily and quickly filled by Satan.

That is also why I warn you about following the advice of the Hebrews. They didn't learn much from their Babylonian captivity and have continued to paganized God's Laws, which is why they have remained in exile from their home land for almost 2,000 years now. They even have what I call the annual Blasphemy Conference where their top religious leaders get together every year to decide what to add to and take out of God's Laws in violation of the Law that says that they are not to add to or take out of God's Laws. They even continue to live by the pagan calendar they brought back from Babylon with the names of Babylonian pagan gods like Tammuz for the months.

But, hey, both Gentiles and Hebrews tend not to learn from their mistakes because God says we love our sins and we don't want to learn so, like all pagan lefties, we either ignore those lessons are make up excuses for ignoring them.

If anything, we should learn from the Hebrew mistakes and not make those mistakes so we can walk closer with God.

John 3:16 For God so loved the world, that he gave his only begotten Son, that whosoever believeth in him should not perish, but have everlasting life.

You better....

Pray long, pray hard, pray often!!!

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