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Upper Class Trash

Remember that I have been telling you that the upper class trash can't steal enough from enough people fast enough?

This video shows a guy having to pay annual taxes on his vehicles based on their worth and I want to know why he considers that fair at all. Any time the government can tax you on anything you own, that government is effectively seizing control so that you don't really own it and are paying them what I call commie rent, where you have to pay them an annual rent just to be able to keep that property, which should be unconstitutional.

With this kind of taxation, you can't own anything because you are always paying rent on it to the government to keep it, therefore, the government owns it.

Remember that I have been telling you that, when the upper class trash no longer needs you, they will stuff your butts under their lefty commie traitor bus?

In Commiefornia they passed a law doing away with subcontracted workers, including but not limited to writers, you know, the lefty people putting out the upper class trash propaganda, and others such as truckers, who are now being forced to fight back against the traitors for their jobs.

I guess the lefties don't need those propaganda writers anymore, do they, you know, just like I have been telling you?

Also, have you noticed that the lefty upper class trash keep turning criminals loose on you to commit more crimes against you and those criminals don't stop to ask whether you are lefties or conservatives? Gee, do you think that these lefties are increasing crime to scare you into complete dictatorial submission to their tyrannical rule?

They are probably creating a problem for them to fix because Trump is fixing the rest of the problems they got elected by promising to fix them but never did.

Can't you just hear their next campaign promise, "Hey, if you vote for me, I will fix this rising crime rate that I caused by turning criminals loose on you."

Remember that I have been telling you that the commies have turned our government into one big money laundering machine?

I got this from American thinker by Monica Showalter:

"As homelessness proliferates in California while declining everywhere else, someone out in California, Michelle Mears at the California Globe, has decided to do what reporters (used to) do: She followed the money. What she found was the kind of thing you find when you turn over a rock.

'The homeless crisis appears to be manufactured for groups and people to profit through social programs and government positions. Those claiming to be able to fix the crisis continue to hold their hands out for state and federal funds - placing their value on how much public funding they can raise and spread around to campaign donors instead of results.'

She calls it 'a strain for the average California resident but a booming business for others,' and names some of the richest profiteers:

'What do disgraced congresswoman Katie Hill, Los Angeles Councilman Mike Bonin, the non-profit PATH developer Thomas Safran, and Executive Director Peter Lynn of the Los Angeles Homeless Service Authority have in common? They are all profiting or have profited from the so-called homeless crisis. There is also a connection among this crew of self-proclaimed homeless advocates of receiving six-figure salaries stemming from ballot initiatives to public donations, campaign contributions, and sweetheart deals.'

Mears goes into just how much money has been raised from sales taxes, such as Measure H, raised by the Los Angeles County voters to raise sales taxes to "help" the homeless. Years ago that measure passed, and now the gravy is flowing. The state's homeless crisis is now the worst in Los Angeles as a result. And the hands of these NGO profiteers are still being held out, the old need for more "funds, funds, funds" despite the good times. "If you build it, they will come."

Notice several things with this, 1) the use of corrupt nonprofit corporations to help launder that money, you know, just like I have been warning you about corrupt nonprofit corporations for two decades now, 2) the blatant money laundering by the political whores stealing your tax dollars from you, which is why they keep coming up with excuses to charge you more and more new taxes, you know, just like I have been telling you, and 3) that the corrupt politicians never fix any problems because then they would have to come up with new excuses for new taxes, you know, just like I have been telling you.

Here is another video showing some of the corruption of the upper class trash and their political whores abusing the power of the US Government to increase their own personal wealth at your expense. Their evil criminal tentacles reach around the world.

This video is really great because it confirms much of what I have been telling you for years, exposes the truth about why the lefties are in a panic to get rid of Trump and Barr, and shows just how corrupt and desperate the lefty commie traitors are.

Believe me yet that these criminals all belong on a gallows or in front of a firing squad? Do you get the picture yet about how they have corrupted every part of our government including law enforcement, judicial, and other parts, just like I have been telling you? Do you understand that the upper class trash are trying to get rid of Trump to keep Trump from stopping their illegal money making rackets? Do you understand why I am so fed up with their evil crap? Do you believe me that the upper class trash are running scared, are extremely desperate and getting close to staging a violent coup to stay out of prison and off of the gallows? Do you understand why I keep saying that it is time to vote straight GOP to send a message to the upper class trash and their political whores?

They are quickly running out of options as more and more of their criminal activities are being exposed.

I have been watching this evil crap grow and develop for decades with no way of telling you about it until I started this blog 20 years ago because the lying lefty media are in bed with these criminals. Now you know too!!!!

It is time for you, the people, the fourth and most powerful branch of our government, to stand up to the criminals and traitors who have seized control of the other three branches of government and start hanging them for treason.

More and more states are suddenly passing laws to grab guns, the lefties are getting very desperate and making the final moves for their coup to set up their Marxist dictatorship and make you their slaves. Your move.

This last video gives me hope because it shows that God is opening eyes just like He told me and I have been telling you, that the people are organizing, and they are fighting back. It is just getting started and you must also get started because it will get much worse before it gets better and God has shown me that, if we turn back to Him and stand up to them, it will eventually get better.

Remember that the US Constitution says it is a government of the people, for the people, by the people and it does NOT say it is a government of the tyrants, for the tyrants, by the tyrants.


Remember that I have been telling you that China has plans to conquer the world but their economy isn't strong enough to support a sustained war against the US?

This video shows that they are trying a different route of conquest in the Pacific Islands using money and greed to buy out the corrupt politicians in those small, impoverished nations.

And God said, "The love of money is the root of all evil."

But it seems that those corrupt politicians are not getting the money they thought they would and were promised because, instead of using money to buy out the corrupt politicians or traitors, the Chinese are using false promises for money to buy out those traitors.

Hey, greed blinds men and women and turns them into fools.

The Chinese are using lies to achieve what the Japanese tried to achieve with force.

WWII deja vu all over again, you know, like with Guadal Canal. Here we go again, people, repeating history because the greedy, power mad upper class trash just can't leave other people alone.

You can see the Chinese plans and goals because they are repeating Japanese history. China is positioning her forces so that, when the US traitors make their grab for power, starting our civil war, China, Mexico, Cuba, and Canada (remember commie Trudeau?) will stage their invasions to grab all the turf they can grab. This is not going to be a one or two or even three front war, this will be an "everywhere is a front" war, both externally and internally. Because of the lefties, you will soon be fighting in your streets just to save your butts, which is why China is complaining about US citizens having too many guns. Gee, what a coincidence.

This video shows a few of the examples for how these evil nations are spreading US troops as thin as possible over a wide area to weaken us.

You can thank your lefty commie traitors for this mess the idiots have created because they probably have another one of their simple minded plans to depose China after destroying the US with the help of China but will probably end up as organ donors in a Chinese concentration camp.

One thing about it, our Western fools have proven themselves to be the greatest fools in history and only God can save our butts now so you better pray long, pray hard, pray often while you can still pray.

Japan, South Korea, Philippines, India, Australia, New Zealand, and others in that part of the world better ramp up for war much, much faster than they are now. This will get worse before it gets better.

The Chinese know they can't fight a prolonged war against the US, like I have been telling you, so they are using deception to get as close as possible to surrounding the US for one very quick and deadly strike, when our commies stage their coup, for a quick win. They can't and won't fight the US alone but will take advantage of our civil war to invade, especially if they and their friends have our troops spread out around the world.

If you can't see the rapidly approaching wars and treasons, you better very quickly study a lot of history because these criminals are just doing things that have already been tried in the past. If you see enough of this crap in history, you recognize it when you see it today. Same game, different criminals.

Note that this military person in this video points out the "reams and reams of military analyses" by know-it-all think tanks that were wrong while I have been warning you and being right. Good ole Marxism spreading tyranny everywhere.

Rule number one for seeing the train coming down the tracks is to pull your head out of your butt.


Remember that I have been warning you about the corrupt politicians and traitors now in charge of Virginia and that the people are now standing up and fighting back to preserve their Constitutional rights?

This video shows that this fight is growing, the people are organizing, and the people are standing up to the corrupt lefty commie traitors staging a coup but this won't stop the traitors. You have to continue this fight to the finish for a true and lasting victory. You, the people, the fourth and most powerful branch of our government, must win this fight or be lefty slaves.

Remember that the First and Second Amendments are law and not just suggestions, laws that the criminal lefties MUST abide by or face criminal charges.

John 3:16 For God so loved the world, that he gave his only begotten Son, that whosoever believeth in him should not perish, but have everlasting life.

You better....

Pray long, pray hard, pray often!!!

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