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Stupid People

I realized this morning that the Gallup Poll showing that Trump and Obama tied for the most admired man for 2019 shows just how many stupid and/or corrupt people we have in the US.

People, it should be common sense that Trump could not possibly be making the huge improvements in our nation, its economy, and our national security he has already made if Obama had not screwed this nation up at least that much. All Trump is doing is fixing the problems Obama caused. Trump could not possibly be fixing so many problems if Obama had not caused at least most of them.

And there are as many people who think Obama was as good of a president as Trump is? Really?

That tells me that there are huge number of stupid and/or corrupt people in the US and/or the Gallup poll was lefty biased. That should concern everyone.

Maybe the problem in this nation isn't just that we have bad leaders but that we also have bad followers who are either very stupid and easily controlled by the lefty media or they have sold their nation out for free stuff, meaning they are not trustworthy.

That is our problem.

Then I got this from Breitbart by Hannah Bleau:

"Former First Lady Michelle Obama is the most admired woman of 2019, followed by others, including teen climate activist Greta Thunberg, who made Gallup's top ten list.

Obama maintained her title as the most admired woman for the second year in a row, with ten percent of Americans choosing the former first lady. That is down five percent from last year, when she saw 15 percent. support.

First lady Melania Trump came in second place with five percent choosing her as the most admired woman. Oprah Winfrey, Hillary Clinton, and Greta Thunberg followed with three percent support each."

This tells a lot about how valid this poll was. Melania was the only conservative woman in the top 5 with only 5% of the votes, while the other 4 women are all hard core lefties (really, Hillary made top 5 and Michelle got 15%?) with 24% of the votes, with 29% of the voters polling for someone who made the top 5. That means that only 17.2% of those voters voted for a conservative and 82.8% voted for a hard core lefty and not one moderate. It is pretty safe to say that better than 80% of the people polled were lefties so the poll was rigged to make lefties look better than most people believe they are.

You think not?

About 35% of Americans are conservatives and only about 30% are liberals and 4 of the top 5 women were lefties with 82.8% of the top 5 voting? Really?

If the poll had not been rigged for the lefties, then slightly more than half of the top 5 should have been conservatives, at least 2 to 3, with slightly more than half of the votes. Gallup showed their bias and deceit with the results.

Used to, Gallup was a reliable and honest poll but, several decades ago, the lefties took it over and you can't believe much of what they say because their polls are now clearly rigged for the lefties to make them look better. It is just more PR and propaganda. You just can't believe ANYTHING the left says, not one word. Every day, they destroy their own credibility again and again with more lies.

So I contacted Breitbart and challenged them to run their own poll and you should too. I am willing to bet it will be very different.

There are still too many stupid people in the West but not as many as the lefties are making it look like. You intelligent people must all show up and vote.


Touchy, feely Joe Biden said he is considering choosing a Republican as his vice presidential running mate, you know, to try to steal some moderate votes. You can bet, if he does, it will probably be the worst RINO in history.

And what is really funny is that Butthead said that "he wouldn't want his son on Burisma's board". Now that is funny and shows that the lefties know Joe is dirty, very dirty. Even the Communist News Network said that Hunter's actions in Ukraine "stink".

They just don't want an investigation of Joe and Hunter because a bunch of them and their kids were involved in that crime. The only reason those criminals are working so hard to cover up for Joe is because they are also covering up for themselves.

Their blatant actions and history tell me that the whole bunch of them should be hung.

Now, do you understand why Obama had the CIA stage a coup to replace the Russian friendly leader of Ukraine with a "US friendly" leader of Ukraine?

The lefty upper class trash don't care how many people they murder with their wars as long as they get more wealthy.

Do you believe me yet that they should all be hung for crimes against humanity?

And God said, "The love of money is the root of all evil."


While I was writing that last essay about the Catholic Church, I realized that God has just given Christians an opportunity we have not had since Constantine assimilated Christianity into the Church of Rome in the early 4th Century, especially with the Catholic Church dumping Christianity to convert to Islam. We Christians need to seize the day on this and not miss this great opportunity to get back closer with God.

The Catholic Church and many protestant churches don't want Christianity any more, they want Islam and/or the occult.

OK, that is fine with us, we, the people will take back Christianity AND we can completely divorce it from any and all paganism, what we might call Christianizing Christianity.

They can have their winter solstice back and we will celebrate the birth of Jesus during Sukkoth, they can have Easter back and we will celebrate the death, burial, and resurrection of Jesus during Passover, they can have their Yule tree, presents, prayer beads, pagan idols, and their holy day, Halloween, back.

We will gladly take back our own Biblical holy days and celebrations including the 7 feasts, which will actually give us more holy days than we have had under paganism plus we are supposed to feast at least once to celebrate each festival. Just think how much happier that will make God and how much closer we will walk with Him by getting rid of all of that paganism.

Stupid Lefty Humans

They just found out via research something I figured out half a century ago.

Recent reviews of 28 research projects have shown that children who drink low fat milk are 40% more likely to have unhealthy weights, you know, be malnourished.

People, the stupid lefties, especially the scientifically ignorant health food nuts and lefty college professors taught you long ago that sugar, salt, and fat are bad, evil, and you should stay away from them in spite of the fact that sugar is the most used energy source for the body and fat is the second most used energy source for the body.

The only other energy source for the human body is protein and you can't burn that much of it plus your body can't store that much of it to burn later. THEREFORE, you NEED both sugar and fat in significant quantities to be healthy but the idiot lefty health food nuts and college professors refuse to admit they could possibly be wrong.

Don't believe me?

They showed their obsession with their insanity in hating sugar and fat with their analysis for this research by stating that you shouldn't drink 2% low fat milk but you and your children should drink "reduced fat milk", which has more fat than low fat but not as much fat as whole fat milk because, "after all, we all know that fat is evil."

Get it straight, fat is not evil, it makes up a significant part of your body structure (your cells walls are almost all fat in two layers) and you use it at night to do most of your rebuilding or recovery work from during the day and you also use some of it, about 20% with just normal daily energy burn.

Sugar is not evil either because it is the primary and best source of fuel for energy in the human body, without which, you will really screw up your body.

Don't believe me?


Oh, but I forgot that your idiot lefty college professors, journalists, and health food nuts are too stupid to pass freshman and sophomore level college biology and they refuse to keep their ignorant mouths shut so they keep teaching you really stupid, ignorance based bull crap that kills people every year, especially children.


Listen, when the stupid idiot lefties first began spreading their bull crap about sugar, fat, and salt being evil and that we should fear and flee them like vampires, I already knew that these things are needed for a healthy human body and knew not to do their health food and crappy exercise fads and now, half a century later, scientific research is proving me right, after a lot of people, especially children, have had their health destroyed and even been killed by the lefty bull crap.

now the whackos are saying that meat is bad for you and the climate.

I WILL NOT consume anything that is low sugar, low fat, low salt, diet, no salt, no meat, or any of that other lefty fad food bull crap or follow any of their really bad fad exercise crap because I know better. I stay away from that crap because I know that what they put in those things to replace the sugar, fat, meat, and salt is really bad for you and research began showing what I had already suspected decades ago that the replacement crap really is bad for you, you know, like aspartame, which is very bad for your health but it sure makes the chemical companies that own the lefties rich.

Until I got this virus, I was easily healthier than better than 95% of you. As a matter of fact, the doctors have said that the only reason I am still alive is because of what I did to take care of my body before I got this virus and almost all of you would have been killed by what I went through, especially the lefties following their stupid ignorance based fads. Those lefties would have croaked decades ago.

Here is another really great example of a quickly growing fad the scientifically and common sense ignorant lefties are quickly jumping on ye ole crusade wagon for. I just saw a headline that said, "Vertical farming is the wave of the future".

Let's do some math here for you scientifically ignorant and common sense deprived lefties. If you put one group of plants above another group of plants for vertical farming, what happens?

The top group of plants block out the sunlight for the bottom group of plants so you have to use grow lights and grow lights use man made energy, which will require increasing CO2 production and haven't you idiot lefties been taught to hate and fear CO2 "because it is evil"?

Of course, we intelligent and properly educated (read not brainwashed) people know that CO2 isn't evil and is required for all plant growth so it won't matter to us but you idiot lefties should be running around in circles on another one of your ignorance based crusades screaming that the sky is falling because of vertical farming.

See how stupid lefty humans are? Do you believe yet that the lefties are having a global stupid contest and they are all winning?

Hey, it is the participation trophy thingy.

BTW, what the lefties are doing with this Virginia gun grabbing thing is testing the American people to see how many, if any, will stand up to their criminal efforts to seize your guns. You better pass this test or it will quickly spread everywhere the lefties are in control.


The US is sending 4,000 troops to Iraq because of the Iran caused unrest.

You can bet Iran is doing this to tie down troops in Iraq so they can't be used to invade Iran and this may be a coordinated effort for Iran, China, North Korea and others starting WWIII.

Keep an eye on this. If others start such unrest to tie down more troops, it probably is.

Trump and Obama

This article shows the difference between Obama and Trump.

Trump protected the people at the embassy by quickly sending in troops and Obama just let the people at the US Embassy die, probably to cover up what he was doing.

On another note, people, let me give you a hint that none of the all-knowing, all-wise stupid journalists have figured out, look closely at the protestors and, if almost all of them are military age young men who are clean cut by the standards of their military, they ain't civilians. That constitutes a military operation.

I saw an idiot journalists on Fox asking whether this "protest" might be a result of the economy and, you know, it was only a coincidence that it is happening right after the US bombed Iranian forces? Really?

These idiot journalists always have to give protesters and rioters "intellectual" psychobabble excuses that the protestors are poor widdle victims in order to show dat duh journalist is a smarty pants intellectual. Dey knoze psychology and can eben spell it. No, it just can't be that they are military, militia, Antifa, or BLM hired thugs sent to riot; dey gots to be poor widdle victims.

I hate most journalists, they have less common sense than a fool and are always trying to show us dat dey is are be smarty pants, when they are usually really stupid.

Every time I have seen "news" items about rioting and protesting in China outside a US embassy, you know, where a civilian rioting will get them sent do a death camp to be an organ donor, the rioters were always clean cut young military age men and NOT ONE journalist ever stopped to think that maybe, just maybe, the rioters were not civilians but were Chinese Army soldiers sent to put on a show for the commies and stupid US media, which always, I mean always, fall for the con. Not ONE TIME have I heard one journalist state that those crowds look like soldiers in civilian clothes.

Do you believe me yet that most journalists are either traitors or so stupid they can't pass an IQ test?

I am convinced that most journalists get a degree in journalism because they are too stupid to get a degree in anything else, even underwater basket weaving.

Then I saw this video from Fox News where, at the end, they actually pointed out that these were not civilian protesters but were Hezbollah soldiers. I was stunned, absolutely stunned! I guess there is a first for everything but you have to also keep in mind that the person she was talking to probably told her about that.

Now the conservative media need to be consistent in pointing these things out when they occur.

John 3:16 For God so loved the world, that he gave his only begotten Son, that whosoever believeth in him should not perish, but have everlasting life.

You better....

Pray long, pray hard, pray often!!!

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