I Told You So 309


Remember that I have been teaching you about the downfalls of radical conservationism?

I believe in being a reasonable and responsible conservationist because God said we are supposed to be "good stewards" for this planet or supposed to properly manage it but nothing like what our conservationists have been doing for more than a quarter of a century, they are very radical and are causing much more harm than good.

Not only does over forestation dry up aquifers, springs, streams, rivers, ponds, and lakes, not only does it kill of entire riparian areas, causing the extinction of unknown numbers species, not only does it cause droughts and drying up our continents, not only does it cause massive forest fires, and not only does it decrease the sunlight reaching the ground and decrease the growth of grass, which causes massive erosion and loss of valuable top soil, but it also decreases food for herbivores by decreasing grass growth, which decreases herbivore populations, which decreases food for carnivores, which causes carnivores to invade human communities and prey on humans, which requires killing the few remaining carnivores.

Is today's conservation destructive enough for you or should we continue with this radical lefty conservation crap until we screw everything up much worse, wiping out even more species just so the feel good nonprofit corporations can make more money planting more trees to dry the land up faster and the lefty upper class trash can better control and enslave you, while making the stupid lefty minions wrongly and ignorantly feel good about themselves?

Do you believe me yet that the lefties need to at least crawl off in a corner and find something shiny to play with so we can begin to clean up their messes?

Yeah, I am just a wee bit tired of their great sounding stupid crap, their treasons, and their other crimes.

Yesterday, I read confirmation that these massive forest fires in Australia killing millions of animals were mostly caused by conservationist great sounding stupid ideas causing over forestation in the Australian forests and drying up those forests, turning them into kindling.

Good News

Another one of the greedy power mad lefty commie traitor presidential candidates just retired from the presidential race. Unfortunately, the rest are still running; that's the bad news or the cloud to that silver lining.

You want more proof that the lefties, especially their academe, have gone completely nuts and are the most evil beings on the planet?

Falsely, in the name of science, one of them is now saying we should move our solar system to "save Earth". (My brain hurts.)

Really? Just exactly where do they plan to move our solar system and just exactly how will that save Earth? Let me get this great sounding stupid idea straight; we will use some fairy dust to move our solar system somewhere else and that will magically save Earth from mankind's stupidity? Really?

What should this tell you?

It should tell you what I have been telling you for years, this cosmos is about to give up ye ole ghost, our sun is about to go super nova, and Earth is structurally failing and will soon give up ye ole ghost with a big bang in the not too distant future just like the Bible said they would and these twits know it AND they think that using fairy dust to move our sun and Earth to who knows where, will magically save them?

Now, to show you how stupid their great sounding idea is, most of why they want to "move Earth to save Earth" is to get it away from the asteroids in our solar system and you are not going to believe how much dope these academe have to be smoking to believe this great sounding stupid crap. You see, they say that, if we move the sun, the sun's gravity will also take Earth with it, moving Earth away from the asteroids in our solar system. Really, they believe this crap.

Now, you have to understand that, to stupid people, that sounds really smarty pants but let's look beyond their dope smoking stupidity and the inevitable crusade to con you into giving them more money by me asking you a few questions.

Isn't the sun already moving through space?

Why, yes it is.

Isn't the sun and its gravity moving through space already taking Earth and all of the planets with it?

Why, yes it is.

Isn't the sun and its gravity moving through space ALSO TAKING ALL OF THOSE ASTEROIDS WITH IT?

Oopsies!!! Just blew the crap out of that great sounding stupid idea!!!

Do you see how easy that was to figure out and just how stupid the academe really are to believe such obviously stupid crap? Do you still believe these idiots are smarter than you because they have stolen more money than you have earned?

One of the most important rules in life for making decisions is to use common sense. But, hey, remember that I taught you that the first and most important requirement for being a lefty is you can't have a lick of common sense? Believe me yet?

Do you believe me yet that the upper class trash have been inbreeding too long and using too much dope to even have anything resembling an IQ or sanity? Do you still think they are smarter than you because they have stolen more money than you have earned?

If you think these nuts were crazy before, their insanity just went to a higher level, much higher level.

But, hey, you can bet the scientifically ignorant stupid people will believe it, fall for it, and vote for Commierats who you know will promise to save Earth with new and higher taxes, you just know it, especially if you have been paying attention to the lefties at all for any reasonable period of time. "Why, dey is are be going to save ur butt with more taxes cause dat always woiks."

SIMPLE MINDED, IGNORANT FOOLS!!!! "Hey, more taxes fix everything, baby!"

Did I tell you my brain hurts? I'm pretty sure I did.



Remember that I have been telling you that ALL of our government departments have been infiltrated at least at the top, including the Pentagon?

I just got this from Breitbart by John Nolte:

"Back in 2004, the Department of Defense released a report assuring the world Climate Change would destroy all of us by the year 2020."

Hey, that is what you get for believing lefties, embarrassed.

Now, do you understand why my prediction rate is many times higher than the best think tanks, even the CIA think tank?

All of those geniuses in all of those think tanks listened to their idiot lefty college professors and it interferes with their analyses, judgments, predictions, and common sense. God taught me not to listen to those over educated fools and to listen to Him because their lefty "education" will destroy any common sense you have.

God knows everything and what do those arrogant twits know compared to God?

Nothing, absolutely nothing and that is why their predictions keep being wrong almost all of the time, they know nothing...well, except bull crap, they know lots of bull crap and they know how to sell bull crap to stupid people.

Time Off

This lefty crap is getting worse and worse, just like I told you, and it has gotten bad enough that I just have to keep taking breaks from reading and reporting on it to keep my sanity. I have to keep getting away from the news and reminding myself that God is in control and they will ALL stand before God on Judgment Day.

I think I am going to try to find some fun videos to watch for a few hours today. Maybe I can find a fun boating or comedy video or two. I can only take so much of this evil crap and can't wait until after Judgment Day when there will be no more evil people to cause trouble for the rest of us.

Speaking of fun, while researching potential businesses, I found a business, Aerodrome Aeroplanes, which makes kits for building a few different replicas of WWI fighter planes that would be fun to build.

For more than a few decades, I thought it would be fun to fly a Fokker D7 because it was the first fighter plane that could do outside turns without the wings folding because it was the first fighter plane to use metal for the chassis and wing supports. It is only an 80% normal or scale size replica and they make it with modern engine technology, which is alright because I would want to build it for fun and really don't like having an exact replica where I would have to clean the castor oil off of the plane and me every time I fly it, the way you would have to with an exact replica, plus the modern technology is safer than the old technology and I don't want to die flying it because of my ego. I want to have fun, not my own funeral.

If God gives me my health back and the money, I would enjoy building a Fokker D7 replica because I enjoy building things, though I would be just a wee bit uneasy to fly something I built, you know what I mean. "Hey, what if I forgot something?" I better take a parachute. You can bet I would triple and quadruple check everything I did and come back and check it again the next day. It would be no fun to be thousands of feet above the ground and have something fall off. Oops! I needed that!

I also love doing outdoors stuff like bicycling, swimming (I used to carry a life guard card), cross country skiing, running, and hiking but would also like to learn to sail, scuba dive, and fly planes. I love being outdoors with outdoors sports enjoying God's absolutely wonderful planet.

See, I don't know everything but I do know a lot about a lot of things and really enjoy learning more, even at 70 years of age. I realized years ago that, if I lived to be 1,000 years old and was healthy enough, I would learn to do everything on this planet that I could and it would be fun. I am really looking forward to Paradise where I get to spend eternity learning and doing stuff. That will be fantastic. After the first few billion years, there won't be anything I won't be able to do.

Do you believe me yet that, when God heals me and makes me a multimillionaire, this old turkey is going to stampede through that open door, I mean at light speed, baby? "Where did Carl go?" Through the door, baby, through the door!!!!

Let's see, for starters, build a $2 million sailboat with a special keel I designed for better speed and performance based on physics, aerodynamics and hydrodynamics and for a large family, hot rod my VW Bus with 500+ hp plus a ton of other fun stuff, build a 32 Ford Roadster with a rumble seat for the mother-in-law, build a specially designed velodrome to coach and help kids (that will be tons of fun, especially when you see everything I designed into it), build a Fokker D7 and fly it...with a parachute, build a castle for a big family just for the fun of it and, with everything I designed into it, including a custom designed swimming pool based on my training and research in athletic facilities design and management and coaching for competitive swimming, diving, and water polo, it will be the most fun castle in history, learn to sail, fly, and scuba dive, and build a gazillion businesses to create lots of jobs for lots of people to help our economy recover from this rapidly escalating war being caused by the lefty upper class trash, and help colonize almost a dozen new planets, courtesy of God.

That should do for starters and then I can get serious about building and creating stuff, you know, like an MTB drome, a new skidrome with a custom designed snow maker based on physics and meteorology, and whatever else I have stashed away in those old folders.

Oh yeah, this will be fun and THAT is a bucket list. God taught me a long time ago that, when you dream, dream big.


Because the bigger you dream, the better God looks when He makes it happen. Any twit can make the little stuff happen. So, when you dream, you put your faith in God, dream, research, study, do your homework about anything and everything concerning your dream so you will know what to do when God causes it to happen, and watch the doors open.

Let me give you an example. Just look at these stupid pagans getting all excited about pagan Hollywood shows like Star Trek and Star Wars, where the people colonized anywhere from a quarter of the Milky Way Galaxy in Star Trek to almost an entire galaxy in Star Wars. Ooooo, I'm so impressed, not. They are also, right now, dreaming of colonizing that dead rock in space we call Mars, which has never had or will ever having any open air life on it's surface because I have proved to you that Mars is not habitable so they are planning on hunkering down in airtight huts losing bone and muscle mass because Mars doesn't have enough gravity.

It sounds exciting, huh?

God let me know that He is about to punk proud, arrogant Hollywood so bad they will hide their faces in shame. Remember He told me that He is going to cause His Christians to colonize nine planets in TWO galaxies in just a few years? We are not going to colonize a dead rock in space but complete planet systems in nine star systems in TWO galaxies. These are all going to be Earth size planets with one G of gravity, breathable atmospheres, potable surface water, fertile land masses, plants and animals. 100% habitable by us stupid humans.

While the pagans are hunkered down in their little space huts on Mars having strokes because they don't have enough gravity for their cardiovascular systems to function right, you Christians and your families will be going to the beaches, hiking, camping, fishing, hunting, farming, herding, and being tourists on NINE different habitable planets in TWO galaxies. Your biggest problem will be deciding which planet to build your home, farm, ranch, or business on and which galaxy you want to live in.

Ha, those pagans don't even know how to dream well. What a bunch of losers.

I believe that, if you understand God, Yahweh, at all, it is most likely that He will create one planet exactly like He created Earth before Adam and Eve screwed it all up so we can see with our own eyes what the truth is about Earth, you know, totally debunking all of this evolution crap. You will get to see how all of those now extinct animals looked and behaved for yourselves. Hey, you will get to punk these smarty pants pagan God hating academe evolutionists by sending back pictures of you riding your pet T-Rex herding Velociraptors and milking Triceratops on your ranch or fishing for Plesiosaurias and you know they will feel really stupid with all of the evolution fairy tales they told about the big, mean "dinosaurs".

"Who, me? I didn't teach that stupid crap." And talk about burning their own books to get rid of the evidence.

Then I believe that the other 8 planets will all be significantly different than Earth II or Eden II and each other.


Because I have learned that one way God shows us His superior intelligence is with the millions of different species He designed and created, which always amazes the crap out of me. Now, multiply that show of Yahweh's brilliance times 9 with 9 significantly different planets, each with millions of different species in two different galaxies to amaze and humble us...while those loser God hating pagans are hunkered down in their tiny space huts dying and thinking they are great big, bad space explorers and colonists.

Hey, baby, the Christian Space Federation is going to colonize two galaxies in just a few years. Think about that. The Pilgrims ain't got nuttin' on us.

Believe me, God is about to put on a show for this planet that will amaze everyone but many will still chose to follow that loser Satan because they love their sins, you know, the stupid people.

And you want to talk about space battles?

God showed me that the first major space battle will have to do with our Christian moon station being hit by a surprise attack by the Muslims with some treasonous insider help. There will then be a space war because, just like I told you, the upper class trash can never be satiated, they can never have enough power and wealth so the Antichrist will want the Christian planets too.

By mid Tribulation, the Muslims will have conquered all of Earth and set up their one world government and one world religion and, knowing that there are other planets they don't control, they will come after the Christian planets starting in mid Trib. That war will last 3 years with the Christian Space Federation starting out defending their 9 planets while building a force for a counter attack to take back Earth and stop the attacks by the Muslims.

I wondered for decades how a bunch of unarmed Hebrews could run the Antichrist and all of his forces out of Jerusalem right after the two witnesses are raised from the dead. I think they will be aided by a Christian Space Federation surprise attack, which will help drive the Muslims all of the way north to the Valley of Meggido, where they will hold, waiting for reinforcements, you know, Jesus with his Heavenly armada consisting of the "hosts of Heaven", while the Antichrist brings every man, woman, and child left in the world to the Valley of Megiddo to sweep through Israel to kill every Hebrew and Christian. I believe that, according to scripture, Jesus will wait until the very last second before the Antichrist will begin his invasion. Then all Heaven will break loose on this planet.

Now, you God hating pagans will read this and say it is preposterous because you don't want to believe that Yahweh exists because you don't want to have to live by His Laws but, if I were to tell you that some pagan space aliens were to come and teach us how to travel to and colonize other planets in this galaxy and the next galaxy, you would eat that up in a heart beat. But, for the all-knowing being God to do it, oh no, that couldn't be possible because you don't want Him to exist. Soon, you won't be able to deny that Yahweh is real, He lives, he exists.

Hey, stick around and we will all find out.

John 3:16 For God so loved the world, that he gave his only begotten Son, that whosoever believeth in him should not perish, but have everlasting life.

You better....

Pray long, pray hard, pray often!!!

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