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Coincidences Abound

Trump has been getting huge campaign donations while the Commierats have barely been getting anything. Now, suddenly, by the coincidence of all coincidences, the Commierats presidential candidates are also getting really huge campaign donations and it ain't hard to guess where they are suddenly getting all of this loot to compete with Trump, you know, ye ole upper class trash gotta keep their political whore puppets in the game and you can bet that it probably isn't legal money.

Surprise, surprise. I have been wondering when this was going to happen.

Come on, people, the upper class trash have been spending billions in this coup and they can't cough up a few million more to win the coup?

It wasn't if, it was just a matter of when and you can bet that Soros wasn't the only upper class trash rat coughing up big dough.

Food for Thought

Some people think that only the Hebrews can really understand the Bible and God because the Hebrews can read, write, and speak Hebrew, the language the Old Testament was written in. Yep, the stupid people really do believe that in spite of the fact that quite a few Gentiles can also read Hebrew.

Questions: Is that why the Hebrews have spent almost 2,000 years in exile from their land...this time...and more than 100 years the two previous times they were also exiled from their land because they refuse to learn from their previous mistakes? Did you know the Hebrews are so in touch with God that they have spent much more time in exile out of their land by God than they have spent in the land that God gave them?

As a matter of fact, out of the last 3,500 years, they have spent more than 2,070 years in exile from their land because dey is so in touch wit God that He has punished them that much of the time and more. That doesn't include all of the other times God has punished them with things like invasions, wars, famines, and other problems listed in the Bible. They have screwed up so much that God has spent far more time punishing them than He has spent rewarding them for their good behavior.

And you want to learn from the Hebrews how to understand, obey, and worship God? Really? Why? Maybe it would be best if you learned from the Hebrews what not to believe, how not to disobey, and how not to worship God?

They don't exactly have the best track record in history. Listen, we Gentile Christians have screwed up in this regard really bad too over the last 1,700 years but are now only really beginning to compete with them on that level of stupidity. It has taken us Gentile Christians 2,000 years to reach that level of stupidity but it only took the Hebrews 1,500 years to reach that level of stupidity. Think about that. The Hebrews are much more proficient at being stupid than we Gentiles are and we Gentiles ain't no amateurs, baby.

Does that mean the Hebrews are better stupid pants than we smarty pants Gentiles?

Maybe, just maybe we should learn from the Bible about God, how to obey God, and how to walk with God and not from ANY humans, Hebrew or Gentile?

Neither one of us has been perfect in our relationship with God and we both need to improve a lot. Repeating each other's mistakes ain't going to do it.


Trump just killed Iran's top military leader in one of his air strikes.

I got this headline from Arutz Sheva:

"Zvi Yehezkeli: 'Iran will put Israel on its list of targets'"

And the sub or secondary headline is:

"'The US essentially eliminated Iran's president, and Israel is on the list of targets,' Channel 13 analyst warns."

So the journalists go running around in circles screaming "the sky is falling, the sky is falling" to scare the people to increase reader or viewership to increase advertising profits causing stupid people to panic in fear and start digging holes to hide in because we killed the top military leader of a nation that is using terrorists in a proxy war against us because they are a second rate power (at best) who cannot toe the line against us in a conventional war.

Does that sound sane, rational, or responsible at all?

Fortunately , the article was slightly more rational with statements like:

"Yehezkeli has said several times, during interviews with 103 FM Radio, that Israel should eliminate Soleimani, who was the most powerful Iranian after Iranian Supreme Leader Ali Khamenei himself.

'I would hit the head of this terror arm,' he said. And on Thursday night, it happened: Soleimani and six others were killed in a US drone strike in Iraq."

Maybe, instead of running around in circles screaming the sky is falling and making stupid people afraid to fight back against such evil governments, we should pick the top 100 to 200 most violent of their evil leaders and park cruise missiles in their bedrooms at 2 am? Doesn't that sound more rational?

If they really want a fight, give them our best fight and see what happens. And I don't mean tying our troops hands behind their backs in fighting back. I am a firm believer in the strategy of quickly crushing your enemy and then leaving them to rebuild their own remaining smoldering rubble to give them time to think about messing with us again while giving them something to do other than messing with us, you know, rebuilding their own nation.

It should be blatantly obvious that Bush II screwed up when he let the lying lefty media pressure him into tying US soldiers' hands and not going into Iran but, instead, doing that nation building bull crap, which also has not worked out, you know, like in Afghanistan and Iraq. Yeah, just one more example of that lefty academe great sounding stupid idea crap.

Maybe we should finally try something else?

Trump has done better for this nation than any president in history but one thing he has done very well is prove that this great sounding stupid lefty sanction bull crap doesn't work so well, you know, with the continued aggressive behaviors of North Korea, China, and Iran. The bad guys just make their people take it on the chin economically for their nations while the upper class trash continue their military aggressions. Yeah, that is working well.

Maybe it is time for Trump to park a few cruise missiles in some top leaders' bedrooms at 2 am to send a message to the other bad guys that we don't play nice with bad guys who don't play nice with us?

What goes around, comes around, baby, only in spades. "If you mess with me, I mess back, I mess better, I mess last, don't mess with me", sounds like the only message these bad guys will listen to so give them that message.

We have tried this lefty patsy bull crap and it has failed every time but history shows that the bad guys don't ignore piles of smoldering rubble, especially when it can be their rubble that will be smoldering next.

The truth is that we should have killed Soleimani, Khamenei, and a few hundred others a long time ago and we would have peace now.

Hey, when all of the bad guys are dead, who is going to do bad things to you, good guys?

Have you ever wondered why the lefties insist that we should be nice to bad guys? Gee, you don't think it is because they are bad guys too and want you to be nice to them instead of properly punishing them for their crimes, do you?

Of course it is. Hey, if bad guys think they can get away with their crimes, then they will be more likely to try those crimes. Hey, if they do the crime, make them do the time, all of it.

Under Biblical Law, no one gets away with anything. After Judgment Day, no more bad guys will do bad things to good guys.

Then, of course, this is what the criminal Commierats say (I got this from Newsmax by staff):

"Democratic presidential candidate Joe Biden said Thursday that President Donald Trump has 'tossed a stick of dynamite into a tinderbox' with the targeted killing of Iran's top general in an airstrike at Baghdad's international airport."

Hey, then Trump should toss a few more sticks of dynamite into ye ole tinderbox and see who is still causing the US problems.

Poverty Racket or Trap

There was something I have been wanting to share with you that I learned from being plunged into poverty by my illness but was concerned that most of you wouldn't believe it. I only recently realized that, after that article recently exposing the corruption in the lefties making really big money off of the homeless, while not helping the homeless, which is why they are driving up homelessness, more of you will probably believe what I have learned about what I call the "poverty racket or trap".

I first became aware of this poverty racket or trap years before my illness finally forced me to retire early on Social Security. This was during my increasing illness and I was still trying to find a way to make money to take care of myself but was forced a number of times to get help from Human Services or Welfare.

Over a period of about 6 or 8 years, I was having a really bad time and went to Human Services a number of times for financial help, after all, I had spent most of my life working and paying taxes, believed the lefty lie about Welfare being a "safety net" for us in the advent something happened and we needed help, and figured that since I had paid decades of taxes and was in need, I should be able to get some of my tax money back to help me through my hard times. But it don't work that way, baby. Yeah, the lefties lied to you again.

Over those years, I sat down with at least 4 different Human Services agents, independently of each other, looking for any financial help I could get and they just openly told me that, if I would quit trying to take care of myself and would just go full time on Welfare, they could give me $1,500 a month but, as long as I was trying to take care of myself, the most they could give me, with me only making about $500 to $600 a month, was about $150 to $200 a month in food stamps.

I asked them why they couldn't just give me the difference between what I was earning and how much they pay people living full time on Welfare and they flat said that it doesn't work that way.

They ALL made it very clear to me that the system was set up to pressure me into going on Welfare full time and that, if I tried to take care of myself again, after going on Welfare, they would suddenly and completely stop helping me for at least 3 months and for possibly as long as 6 months, leaving me in complete poverty before I could get back on Welfare, you know, pull ye ole rug out from under me.

Wow, they sure are in the business of helping the poor, aren't they?

It is very obvious that the system is intentionally designed to pressure people into going on Welfare full time and punish anyone who tries to take care of themselves to get off of Welfare.

Remember that, with my M.B.A., I am trained to manage this government crap and recognized what I was seeing.

After I went on Social Security and was only making a little over $600 a month, they also told me that, if I had quit trying to take care of myself and gone on Welfare full time before I went on Social Security, I would now be making more than $1,500 a month on Social Security.

Basically, they are punishing me for the rest of my life for trying to take care of myself and not going on Welfare full time before I went on Social Security. This is even more obvious when you realize that people who lived on Welfare all of their lives without paying any taxes and illegal aliens get at least $1,500 per month on either Welfare or Social Security.


It is because of the bureaucratic reward system I told you about years ago, which functions on the false idea that, if you are managing more people, you have to be a better manager so you should be paid more. The more people you manage, the more money you make. So grow that government, baby.

You see, the more full time people they have on Welfare, the more people Human Services has to hire to take care of those accounts, the more people those managers are managing, and the more money the bureaucratic managers get paid, therefore, it is to the benefit of all of the managers in Human Services to get and trap as many people as possible in poverty on Welfare.

That is why Human Services are not complaining about more and more illegal aliens getting Welfare. Hey, they love it, baby, but they are not the only people or groups who love it and are making a lot of money from it.

The government employee union also likes using Welfare as a poverty trap because, the more government employees they have to have to take care of those Welfare accounts, the more government employees there will be paying union dues, and the union will be making more money to stuff in their greedy pockets and, also, the more power the union will have in negotiating deals for the employees and themselves to get even more tax payer money for themselves.

Then you have the nonprofit corporations who also make more money by having more poor people because it makes it much easier for them to raise more money in donations and government funding to "help the poor" so they can stuff more money in their pockets, you know, just like those nonprofit corporations that make money "helping the homeless".

Then you have the very corrupt lefty politicians who keep getting elected to "help the poor" and keep using increasing poverty to increase taxes so they can stuff more money in their greedy pockets just like they do with the homeless problem and then they also have more people they can scare into voting for them because "dem dirty rotten Republicans will steal your money", you know, leaving us poor in even worse poverty.

Have you noticed that, after more than 50 years and hundreds of billions of dollars "helping the poor", almost all of us are still poor and are going to stay poor? Why?

Because, if we stop being poor, they won't be able to use us to get more money to stuff in their greedy pockets, won't be able to get you to vote for them to "help the poor", and won't be able to scare the poor into voting for them. With the lefties, helping the poor is a racket and a poverty trap they use to steal more from more people faster and the more of you they can eventually plunge into poverty by stealing more from you with their taxes, the more of you they can trap in poverty and use you to steal more from other people. Once they get you here in poverty, the lefties are going to do their best to keep you here.

Yeah, the lefties are helping the poor...stay poor.

Right now, because of my illness, I am trapped in poverty and they have made it very clear they are going to keep me very poor because it is much easier to control poor people than rich people.

Now, do you better understand one of a number of reasons why God permitted my illness to plunge me into poverty so I could learn about this corruption and warn you about it?


I just realized that I need to point out that there are at least three different groups currently working to set up a global empire or dictatorship to enslave you and steal from you.

The first and most obvious group is the Western upper class trash calling themselves "Globalists" and Marxists. You should already know about them and their efforts, if you have been reading this site or just paying attention.

Then we have China who is working to conquer the world, either by a cold war and/or via their military in a hot war to set up their global Marxist dictatorship. We know that they are working towards setting up their global communist dictatorship because they have posted it a number of times on a number of different government web sites, especially their military web sites. I don't know how many times I have heard and read about China just openly discussing their efforts to seize control of the planet to set up their communist dictatorship over the years and wipe out almost all people who are not Chinese. From what I understand they don't even try to hide it on those web sites.

Note that North Korea is just a Chinese pawn to help spread out US and allied forces.

Then we have the Muslims, who are commanded by Muhammad to conquer and rule the world for Islam with the most radical and aggressive group being the Shiite Muslims out of Iran but don't under estimate the efforts and intentions by the rest of Islam. I told you that I learned about this from studying Islam and watching what is going on around us. I have been teaching you about this for almost two decades now.

After I wrote the above, I found this video that says the same thing I just told you about. More people are seeing what I have been teaching you for years because God is opening their eyes and they are teaching it.

This is just one reason why I have been warning you that, when our globalists stage their violent coup, they won't be the only ones we will be fighting. We will certainly have to fight our evil globalist, the Muslims, both Shiites and Sunnis, within the US, brought into the US by the lefties, especially Obama, and probably elsewhere, China, and also other countries who are showing they will try to seize US turf when our fecal matter hits the fan, such as Mexico, Canada, Cuba, and others from Central and South America, possibly also some European nations still being run by their globalists trying to grab their piece of US turf. It is like I have been telling you, this is going to be an "everywhere is a front" type of war that will be fought on our streets and just about everywhere else so you better pray long, pray hard, and pray often.

Get the picture yet?

We, the people, have a really big problem because we don't just have one enemy we have to defeat to remain free but at least three major enemies plus others, they know it, and I have told you that they are working together and coordinating to bring us down with intentions to beat out the others after our demise, probably by sending us, their new slaves, to die fighting to defeat those others for them.

Listen, people, these evil human demons have already murdered almost a billion people in just a little over 100 years. The Marxists murdered at least 100 million and probably as many as 250 million in just the 20th Century with just their concentration camps and that doesn't include the tens of millions more they have murdered with their wars since just the start of WWI. Then the Muslims have murdered at least 125 million Christians and at least as many pagans up to the 20th Century, another 500 million Muslims since 9/11 along with only God knows how many non Muslims, and they are all still murdering millions more with their current war, terrorist attacks, and other evil AND they are openly admitting that they all plan to "depopulate" at least another 6 to 7 billion people after they conquer the world.

Do you better understand why I keep saying that EVERYONE of these upper class trash should at least be hung for their crimes against humanity and the worst should be publically drawn and quartered?

Today's upper class trash are the worst and most evil human demon criminals in the history of this planet and they ALL dwarf evil Hitler with their wickedness.

Do you better understand why I so detest the upper class trash and their evil plans regardless of whether they are Marxists or Muslims? They are so greedy and power mad that they just can't leave others alone. They are obsessive, compulsive evil spawn of Satan.

The only people they intend to help are themselves and their bank accounts. That is the ONLY thing they care about.

John 3:16 For God so loved the world, that he gave his only begotten Son, that whosoever believeth in him should not perish, but have everlasting life.

You better....

Pray long, pray hard, pray often!!!

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