I Told You So 31

Some time ago, I told you that the EU and even the countries within the EU would break up because of the financial, political, and other reasons. I told you that the EU and at least some of the countries making it up will shatter like glass because they have been forcing Israel to give up land and divide itself into portions because of the terrorists. We can clearly see that the EU is in the process of breaking up so much so that experts who would not have predicted this even a few months ago are now saying it is not if but when the EU will break up. More and more countries in the EU are in a financial melt down which is shaking the world and the rest of the countries are trying to prevent in a vain effort to keep the EU intact. They won't succeed.

Today, on Newsmax.com, I read an interesting story about Belgium being on the verge of breaking up as a country into two countries, one Flemish and the other French. They have stated that, if the radical Flemish parties gain control in the June 13, 2010 election, the country could easily be divided up into two countries. It goes onto say, "Independence movements from Scotland to northern Italy, and Catalonia and the Basque Country in Spain could be looking to Flanders to lead the way."

This shows that there is an increasing movement within the countries themselves to divide their countries up into new countries based on ethnicity and culture. They are in the process of breaking up to the point of returning to being feudal states. It is possible that, when the dust settles from all of this, there will be few if any countries existing as they do today. Just look at the countries mentioned above and remember the other countries within which there has been such group strife. The author noted potentials such as Scotland breaking away from England, Northern Italy breaking away from Southern Italy, Catalonia in Northeaster Spain and the Basque's in North central Spain breaking away from Spain. But most other European countries could easily break up as well. For example, there are at least 3 or 4 major groups in France with differences and easily half a dozen or more in Germany.

But even Russia is having its problems with occupied satellite states trying to break away. Canada has been on the verge of a split with French Quebec wanting to break away from the rest of Canada for decades. Mexico is in the process of being broken up into drug feudal states which could easily implode into a real mess very quickly.

As I have traveled and watched around the US, I have seen the same signs of the US being on the verge of breaking up. Texas has been wanting to secede since the Civil War and is getting even more eager to leave our company. California may be forced to secede just to survive because she sends the Federal Government more money in taxes than she receives and she really needs that money right now just to stay alive. There are other differences as you move around the country which could easily divide the rest of the states into half a dozen or more countries by the time the dust settles.

We can hope not but history in relation to the folly of the upper class natural elites teach us other wise. They have screwed everything up again and we will have hell to pay very soon. This is going to hurt everyone a lot.

It is time for revival on a global basis. Acknowledge your crimes against God's Laws, repent of those crimes, and seek the amnesty of our Lord Jesus the Christ. John 3:16 - For God so loved the world He gave His only begotten Son so that who so ever believes in Him will have everlasting life.

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