I Told You So 310


Remember that I have told you that we should kill bad guys from the top down instead of from the bottom up?

The reason for this is because most people in almost any bad nation do not suport the bad leaders of that nation but permit that leadership to continue to rule out of fear. Therefore, it is only common sense that, if you kill far enough from the top down, you will remove enough of that bad leadership to permit the good people to take back control of their nation.

But, we have a problem with that in that the European Royalty decided during the feudal period that it was bad to kill the leaders instead of the troops to protect their own rotten lives. You know, "It is bad for you people to kill us, your glorious leaders." This was done because leaders kept being killed very frequently and the upper class trash leaders who eventually took over finally came to this agreement and taught it as being bad to kill leaders to save their own sorry butts at the expense of their troops and people.

This was so bad that, by the time of the US Revolution, the Royalty "had an understanding" that the troops, you know, those lowly peasants, shouldn't target the military leaders and they were surprised and appalled when the American colonists started targeting them.

Remember that they are humans and bad guys and, just like all other bad guys, they will only do what they think they can get away with. If you prove to them that they can't get away with bad behavior, they won't try it. Fear works both ways, baby.

Remember that the upper class trash and their minions are in the minority so, if we kill off enough of that minority, the problem is solved.


Remember that I told you that the journalists are over reacting to this thing about Trump killing Iran's top general, Soleimani?

First, keep in mind that Trump and the Pentagon know a lot of things that NONE of these all-knowing, all-wise, overpaid journalists know or should know. The journalists are basing their judgments on their opinions, which are almost always based on ignorance for such things. I have not seen one journalist, with the exception of a Green Beret turned journalist, who knew as much about the military and military matters as the average sergeant.

These verbose clowns have no idea what this general was working on doing to Americans but Trump did and acted on it. The journalists have no idea what violent actions Trump stopped by taking the Iranian general out and Pompeo told us that Trump did prevent violent actions by this general but, hey, you know idiots, it went right over most of their heads.

These idiots all too often base their ignorant judgments on the false concept that we should avoid making ANYONE angry at us because they might attack us and, even if they do attack us, don't do anything about it because they might attack us again.

It is that completely stupid and cowardly mentality which has emboldened so many such tyrants to take on the US and cause trouble for us, especially under Obama, who coddled the bad guys, and now we are paying for it. These bad guys now believe that they can get away with doing anything they want because, if we stand up to them, all they have to do is use the sensationalism of the US media to scare the American people and we will all run screaming for cover while demanding our leaders to not stir the hornet's nest.

The only way you are going to kill a nest full of hornets is to stir the nest and you may get bitten but Trump knows that, if you are going to get bitten anyway, you kill the hornets and take a few bites, especially after what our twit-in-chief, Obama, did for 8 years. We are going to pay for Obama's presidency for a long time.

Because of these idiots pushing that stupid mentality, we are now going to have to take some damage to reeducate these evil people to the idea that we will stand up to them and stop their mischief. You can thank the stupid lefties for this damage because it is their fault because of their great sounding stupid ideas that have obviously failed again.

Personally, I think that if Iran attacks us again, we should send a few hundred cruise missiles into Iran and take out a few hundred leaders for a quick education on this. You just keep killing their leaders from the top down until the leaders left are the ones afraid instead of us being afraid and the next person in line knows he is next, causing him to decide that maybe they should behave. At that time, you get peace.

This idiot lefty pacification crap has never worked, it has always backfired, it has gotten us in the mess we are currently in, and now we have to clean up that mess with a price for having permitted it to get started. Yet, the idiot journalists ignorantly persist with this crap.

A really great example is Tucker, I agree with him on most things but he is showing that, when it comes to military matters, he is just as much of a twit as any lefty because he obviously listened to his lefty college professors about military matters and I have never even HEARD of a lefty college professor who knew more than bull crap about military matters.

Don't believe me?

Study military history and then join the military and serve in the intelligence area for at least four years. I guarantee you will see just how stupid and ignorant the left is concerning military matters. I have never heard any of them that have even come close to knowing the truth, not even in the same ball park with the truth. When it comes to military matters, the lefties live on a completely different planet, you know, with their fairies riding unicorns over rainbows and Tucker has proved he is right there with them.

I believe that Tucker has enough credibility so that, if he knew the truth about military matters, he would quickly publically apologize for what he is currently saying.

We now know that Soleimani had carried out previous attacks against the US and was working to carry out more attacks against the US BECAUSE he got away with the first attacks and thought he would get away with more attacks.

Now, think about what these idiots are telling the world, "No, no, don't kill Soleimani and stop him from attacking and murdering more Americans. Let him attack and murder more Americans because we are stupid enough to believe that, if you kill Soleimani, Iran will attack and kill more Americans."

Does that make sense to you?

By killing Soleimani, Trump sent the message to the evil people on this planet that 1) he held Soleimani accountable for the attacks and murders Soleimani had already committed against Americans, 2) Trump prevented Soleimani from attacking and killing more Americans, and 3) Trump also sent the message to Iran that, "If you attack and kill more Americans, we will also kill you".

Doesn't that sound more intelligent than what the idiot journalists and lefties are saying?

Tucker should be ashamed of himself.

Listen, if you want to quickly stop a significant amount of the upper class trash crimes being committed in this world, the two best targets are the big government meeting places where the Chinese and Iranian upper class trash meet to plan their criminal activities, you know, their big government assembly halls. You wait until all of those greedy, power mad upper class trash leaders are in those halls planning their next crimes, park a few cruise missiles in them, and problem solved.

Dead people don't plan more crimes, people, and, if the living are scared enough, they won't either.

But you know the Western upper class trash wouldn't like that because it just might give their people the idea that, if their people want to quickly solve a bunch of their problems, they should do the same thing to their corrupt upper class trash and you know those upper class trash don't want their people to get any good ideas.

Closet Muslims

Remember that I told you that the lefties converted to Islam in mass in 2012 and became closet Muslims?

Look at the lefty behavior of taking the side of the Muslim terrorists and being so furious about Trump taking out one of them.

You still think they are not closet Muslims?

Their actions speak louder than words. Hey, the lefties were already traitors and, if converting to Islam increases their ability to topple our government, you can bet they will convert.

Still don't believe me?

Just keep watching, they will eventually prove it to you.

BTW, AOC stated in a tweet, "Last night the president engaged in what is being widely recognized as an act of war against Iran, one that now risks the lives of millions of innocent people", you know, right after Iran engaged in numerous acts of war against the US for years, risking the lives of millions of innocent people AND was planning on committing more such acts of war against the US.

And you think she ain't a traitor?

At the very least, she is an idiot.

So, you choose, idiot, traitor, or some combination of the two?

Then I saw good news that, even after taking out Iran's top general and staging even more attacks against Iranian targets in Iraq and Syria, Trump's approval ratings are higher than any time in the last 3 years.

Which should tell you what?

Most people's eyes have been opened enough and they are smart enough to see through the treasonous smoke and mirrors of the lefties and know that Iran is the problem and Trump is the cure.

The bad news is that there are still lots of stupid people called lefties.

People, think about this: Do you know what started WWII. Hitler gave you the answer in his diary. In his diary, Hitler stated that, after he marched his troops into Czechoslovakia, Chamberlain met with Hitler and, playing the idiot pacifist, Chamberlain backed down to Hitler, placated Hitler because Chamberlain was afraid he would start a war by standing up to Hitler, and so Chamberlain didn't stand up to Hitler. Hitler stated in his diary that, if Chamberlain had stood up to him, he would not have gone into Poland and the war would not have started.

These idiots today, who are saying Trump should not have killed Soleimani are our Chamberlains because they have not learned from history and, if they get their way, they will embolden the evil Iranian leaders even more and THEY will cause WWIII. Obama already placated the evil Iranian leaders years ago, which is why they were already attacking and murdering Americans, because Obama placating Iran and emboldened Iran to be more aggressive and violent. Obama started this war and, by standing up to Iran, Trump is trying to stop the war before Iran goes into their Poland.

Look at it, Obama placated Iran, China, and North Korea and all three of them have been increasing their aggression since. Obama, our Chamberlain, started WWIII years ago and it was escalating towards troops marching when Trump stepped in and tried to stop it. Now, the question is, "Did Trump stop WWIII soon enough or are the Iranian, Chinese, and North Korean leaders still emboldened enough to begin marching troops?"

History teaches that Trump is doing the right thing and those attacking him are the worst people, they are our Chamberlains, who will be the ones to start WWIII with their great sounding stupid ideas, you know, the way Chamberlain started WWII. Ah yes, history repeating itself because the fools never learn from history.

My replay to these modern Chamberlains is, "Shut your mouths, you don't know what you are talking about, crawl off in a corner, and find something shiny to play with while Trump cleans up your mess to prevent your war you started years ago."

Trump is doing the right thing. He killed Soleimani to hold him accountable for the attacks and murders Soleimani had already committed and to stop him from committing more attacks and murders, then Trump warned Iran, then the next night Trump attacked Iranian targets again to send the message home to Iran that he is not just talking the talk but is walking the walk, then he just stated that, if Iran attacks the US again, Trump will attack 52 Iranian targets. Now we have to wait and see if Iran got the message or whether we have to attack again.

Brig. Gen. Esmail Ghaani, Soleimani's replacement, said for everyone to be patient and they will soon see dead Americans all over the Middle East. Hey, we have a cruise missile with his name on it too and I bet Trump knows where he sleeps at night.

I just got this from Breitbart by staff:

"Washington (AFP) - President Donald Trump warned Saturday that the US is targeting 52 sites in Iran and will hit them 'very fast and very hard' if the Islamic republic attacks American personnel or assets." Note that those 52 targets are IN Iran.

Put one cruise missile in the right bedroom at 2 am and you watch things get quiet.

Hey, Trump ain't Chamberlain, Obama, an idiot lefty, or an idiot journalist. Just remember that bedrooms plus cruise missiles at 2 am equals peace.

How many times do the lefties get to commit open treason and get away with it?

One thing about it, the stupid people, you know, lefties, are consistently stupid.

John 3:16 For God so loved the world, that he gave his only begotten Son, that whosoever believeth in him should not perish, but have everlasting life.

You better....

Pray long, pray hard, pray often!!!

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