I Told You So 314


Remember that I told you that Trump did the right thing by attacking Soleimani to prevent a war?

I got this from Breitbart by Joel B. Pollak:

"Put simply: you need to use force to prevent war.

That is not some Orwellian "War is Peace" rationalization. It is exactly what history teaches us - or what it ought to have taught us, were Democrats interested in learning from it."


"The reason Nazi Germany was able to conquer most of Europe in the first place - and murder millions - was the world failed to stand up to Hitler's many provocations, most notably his remilitarization of the Rhineland in 1936."

Hey, at least someone paid attention in history.

Listen, I grew up having to study and learn about bad guys to survive. When I got into college and then later in LA, while studying all of those stupid psychiatrists, I NEVER head one of them say anything about bad guys that was right. Their problem is that they violated the most fundamental principles in biology for studying animal behavior by bringing the bad guys out of their environment into the shrink white palaces to "study" them. That is like going to the zoo to study animal behavior for lions and zebras, it ain't going to work. They cannot possibly know what they are talking about concerning bad guy behavior.

For example, they keep telling you that the big problem with criminals is that they grow up with no father figures.

Why do these smarty pants know-it-alls think this?

Because dey went down and looked at the paper work the mothers filled out to get Welfare with those mothers KNOWING that, if they had a man in the house, they couldn't get Welfare.

So, do you think those women told the truth about there being no man in the house?

Of course not but the idiot experts do and I guarantee that NONE of them went to the homes to see for themselves. They just blindly believe the lies the women put on the paper to get Welfare. "Why, dey wouldn't lie to get money, would dey?" Hey, their live in lovers are professional thieves, stupid! Of course they lie.

I know they did because I used to live next door to them in different cities like Albuquerque and Los Angeles with those women openly admitting they lied about there being no man at home so they could get the Welfare (Welfare NEVER checks and the women know it) and they also taught me that is the way I should do it to be one of them. They trained me to do the same thing they did.

Yes, those children do have a father figure at home, it is just that those fathers are criminals by trade and they, just like all fathers, teach their children their trade, you know, how to commit crimes. Duh, hello, no brainer, stupid. You can bet that not ONE of the x-spurts know that.

AND the idiot x-spurts keep feeling sorry for the criminals and turning them loose so those criminals can keep teaching their kids how to commit crimes! Think about that. The x-spurts are a big part of the problem.

The bad guys tried to get me into their criminal activities and even trained me to be a criminal, teaching me many of their dirty tricks, but I still refused. They taught me how they think and how they outsmart the academic experts, shrinks, judges, government, and others. They make fools out of shrinks and social workers and mock them behind their backs with jokes and I have to admit they are pretty funny jokes too.

They have a saying on the street that, "You think I am stupid because I am a criminal but I know you are stupid because you believe my lies," that they use to mock these x-spurts behind their backs. You know, I have to believe the bad guys, the x-spurts are stupid because the x-spurts do believe the bad guy's lies, without question.

You know what kills me?

These idiot x-spurts, who gots the right degrees from the right unibersities, believe there is no father figure at home for the kids while those women keep pumping out more kids.

Who do the fools believe keeps knocking up those women, gold fish?

Those must be some really great gold fish, people.

What? Did these all-knowing, all-wise, overpaid x-spurts who got the right degrees from the right universities flunk sex 101?

Of course they have men living at home to be father figures for the kids, stupid!!! They are just criminals by trade who keep teaching their trade to their kids, you know, the criminals you keep feeling sorry for and turning loose to keep teaching their kids their trade of crime.

Anyone who tells you that the problem with criminals is that the criminals were raised with no father figure is telling you just how incredibly brain dead stupid they are.

Common sense? What's that? Believe me yet that a liberal education destroys common sense?

Now, to keep the simple minded fools who gots dem the right degrees from the right unibersities, you know, lefty college professors, shrinks, journalists, politicians, and bureaucrats, from getting carried away with this and take it to the other extreme, like they always do, causing harm to a lot of good people, are all people, especially single women, on Welfare criminals?

No, but almost all criminals are on Welfare. There are honest people on hard times living on Welfare and we need to respect that.

Let me give you a little clue here, the "single women" living on Welfare who keep pumping out babies are NOT living alone. Duh, hello! Or dey gots dem really great gold fishies.

Let me give you another clue here, if they got a liberal education, they are out of touch with reality and don't have a clue what they are talking about UNLESS they were smart enough to question what they were taught to get in touch with reality.

I have learned that the only significant difference between these street bad guys and evil tyrants like Hitler, Linen, Stalin, Mao, Kimmy Boy, and the leaders of Iran is the amount of power. The street bad guys have guns and knives but the bad guys running nations have tanks, planes, and ships. That is almost all of the difference, right there, you know, the size of their armies.

BTW, the lefties defending Soleimani and Iran, the number one terrorist state in the world, is just one more and the biggest proof so far that the lefties and upper class trash really are closet Muslims who converted to Islam in 2012 just like I told you they did. Hey, baby, they are all bed partners.

Political Shift

Remember that I have been telling you that God is opening eyes so people can make an informed decision as to whether they will be on God's side or Satan's side and more people are moving to the right or toward God's side?

We have some dots to connect and math to do so hold on tight.

The latest Gallup Poll, which has ALWAYS been biased left for at least several decades now (remember they said Hillary would win in 2016), stated that the nation is definitely moving to the right with conservatives increasing to 37%, moderates being 35%, and liberals dropping to 24%, you know, just like I have been telling you, folks, but there is just a wee bit of a problem with that.

If you do the math, that only equals 96% of the population so what happened to the other 4% of the population, are they space aliens, who don't count?

You put that together with the fact that the Gallup Poll is always lefty biased and it looks like the Gallup Poll is hiding something, you know, "manipulating ye ole numbers."

Does that 4% actually belong to the right?

If it does, then 41% of the American people are now conservatives so that, if less than one third of the moderates or only 10% of the population also votes for the GOP this coming fall, that will be 51% and the GOP will easily take the election in a crushing land slide.

You think that maybe the Gallup Poll doesn't want to discourage lefties from showing up to vote?

Now, if the GOP gets half or more of the moderates, which it almost certainly will, that will be 58+% of the vote or a complete route of the Commiecrat Party because, even with this biased poll results, the best the Commierats can hope for is 41.5% of the vote. Gee, I guess God really is opening eyes by permitting Satan's people to get what they want and increasing numbers of the people are realizing "that ain't for me".

Do you understand why the Commierats just started running a known lefty as a "Libertarian" to sucker punch moderates into voting for him and not for Trump?

But, even that won't be good enough, not even with more than their normal vote rigging. The lefties are pretty much screwed and are realistically looking at about 30% to 35% of the vote, at best, pending how biased the poll is, not enough to get elected for dog catcher.

What the lefties are trying to do by running a lefty as a phony Libertarian is draw enough votes away from Trump so he can't get the required minimum to be elected and Congress will get to decide who will be president. Don't be stupid and vote for the fake Libertarian but, hey, you know stupid people will and that is what the lefties are betting on.

So, what is going on here?

1) People are definitely moving to the right just like God told me and I told you because the conservatives are growing. (Note that the liberals are in denial about this spinning all kinds of great sounding fairy tales.

2) The Commierat Party is in the process of a internal civil war being led by AOC (A.K.A. Ms Linen) and is moving so far to the left that the party is literally moving AWAY from its membership leaving increasing numbers of them identifying as moderates. People are waking up and realizing that their party is leaving them so they don't have a party anymore and are either becoming independents or joining the Republican Party, if for no other reason than to vote against the insanity of the lefties.

The Commierat Party (A.K.A. Commies R Us Party under Ms Linen) is quickly becoming so far to the left that it is easily the most radical and scary party in the nation, at least as radical as the KKK, Nazis, or anything else. The Commierat Party is scaring people away from it in droves because of their obviously illegal and unconstitutional behavior. Most people understand that, if these criminals will deny Trump his constitutional rights, they will deny all of us our constitutional rights and freedoms, therefore, the Commierat Party is a tyranny or party of the tyrants, you know, just like all other Marxist governments in the past. They are showing their true colors and people are not liking it.

And God said, "The truth will be made known" and "The truth will set you free."

Suddenly, to increasing numbers of people, Christianity ain't looking so bad.

Now, you put this together with the fact that Barr has already opened investigations into half a dozen different open criminal activities by the upper class trash lefties while stating he is bringing back the death penalty and dey is are be just a wee bit terrified.

Look, the lefties are not going to have control of the presidency, House, or Senate next January so they won't even be able to play any of the desperate games they have been playing the last three years to try to save their evil buts from Barr AND since the people will have voted some of those criminals out of office or rejecting them, it will make it easier for Barr to get the death penalty for them.

Now, I understand that you conservatives are excited because "we are winning" but you need to get your heads out of the cloud and feet back on the ground to anticipate what the lefties will do because I have told you and they have proved that the only thing that will stop them is death. You should KNOW by now that they are not going to stop their evil just because they know they cannot win the comming election and are going to lose even the House. You should KNOW by now that they will just regroup, reorganize, and keep on with their evil and, if anything, they are going to step it up a few notches.

"Hey, nothing worked at the last level, let's go to a higher level."

What we have to do is what all great military leaders have successfully done in order to anticipate the actions of our relentless enemy is to study their perspective and how they think. I know this looks incredibly great to you but you have to look at how it looks to them because they are right now in the most desperate situation they could possibly be in because, just like God said, their sins are right now finding them out.

There is absolutely no way they can win this coming election and they are certainly going to lose control of the House, Pelosi will no longer be third in line for president, a Republican will, their little last ditch impeachment kangaroo court will come to a crashing end and complete failure this next week or two, their political party is involved in an internal civil war with most of them losing ground to Ms Linen and their commie/Muslim party, they are right now under investigation for their crimes by Barr and his team, after openly committing numerous acts of treason and other high crimes so they are facing anything from multiple life sentences each to the death penalty, knowing that treason by a political leader is called high treason and carries the death penalty.

For example, John Kerry meeting with the leaders of Iran, you know, an enemy of the US, after Trump was elected is high treason and carries the death penalty for colluding with the enemy. You know he is going to hang.

Basically, they have NOTHING left to lose because, just as soon as this impeachment fiasco finishes crashing, they will have lost it all except their freedom and lives, which Barr will take from many of them. There is only one thing they have left they can even try and that is a violent coup AND they have proven again and again that they WILL use violence and murder people, anyone they have to, to get what they want. They have proven there is nothing beneath these human demons.

Then there is another dot we have to connect in this picture.

Remember that Luis Farrakhan guy, who is one of their pals?

He and his Nation of Islam are the wild card in this game.

Remember that he has been preaching for more than half a century, the violent overthrow of the US Government by his Muslim Nation of Islam? Remember that Luis Baby has spent more than half a century using the US Government to train up and provide experience for his people so he could build his own equally well trained and organized fifth column government within the US for his violent overthrow of the US Government by his Nation of Islam? Remember that, when Billy Boy Clinton was being impeached that Farrakhan was ready to go to war to stage that violent overthrow of the US Government and Billy Boy had to talk him out of it?

We have to look at his perspective on this too.

Today, Luis Baby is almost a quarter of a century older than when Billy Boy talked him out of staging his violent overthrow of the US Government so that he doesn't have much time left and is going to be much less patient. No one will talk him out of it this time. This situation is at least 10 to 20 times worse than it was when Billy Boy had to talk Luis Baby out of staging his violent coup. The power mad whackos in the Commierat Party are tearing the party to shreds so there is no hope for them to regain the power they had so they can set up their dictatorship EXCEPT with a violent coup, you know, just like Luis Baby has been preaching. (Can't you just hear Luis Baby saying, "I told you so"?)

Now, do you think that, for one second, Luis Baby is NOT planning the violent overthrow of the US Government, you know, like he has been for fifty years? Really? Who do you think Luis Baby wants to have as his puppet leader or Caliph for his US Muslim Caliphate? Yeah, Obama, huh?

Especially with Luis Baby having publically stated a number of times that he believes Obama is the Muslim Messiah or Mahdi, Obama having publically stated that Luis Baby is his idol and roll model, and Obama still being so popular with the blacks and other lefties.

Now do you understand why they have been spending so much money and time promoting Obama's popularity? Gee, you don't think Obama traveling around the world having meetings with other lefty world leaders, who are also failing, is to get them to support him being the leader or Caliph of the US Caliphate after he and Luis Baby stage a violent coup, you know, ye ole getting their ducks in a row thingy, do you?

Now, remember that Islam FORBIDES a Muslim, you know, like Farrakhan, to have any loyalty to any government other than Islam, including cities, states, and nations. Also remember that Farrakhan's base of operations is not downtown Chicago but is South Chicago, which is at least 3 to 5 miles south of downtown Chicago. Remember that Luis Baby's US Government trained organization knows that a 10K nuke only causes significant damage to a range of 1 mile and no damage to a range of 2 miles so that South Chicago is completely out of the range of a 10K nuke detonated in downtown Chicago and that destroying downtown Chicago will make South Chicago the power base for that area. Hey, kill two birdies with one stone, baby.

Now, if you are Luis Baby and you want to stage your coup, do you do it this year, while Pelosi is still third in line for president, she can declare a national emergency, declare martial law, suspend the US Constitution, can name Obama as her vice president, then retire or be suicided, making Obama president so he can institute Sharia Law to set up his Caliphate and establish himself as Caliph so he can blame Israel for nuking Chicago so he can take his CNSF army to invade Israel and prove to all of Islam that he is the Mahdi so they will unite behind him to finish conquering the world or do you wait until next year when the Commierats won't have ANYONE within a mile of becoming president with the demise of Trump and Pence?

Hey, baby, Obama, a devout Muslim, seizing control of the US, the greatest power in the world, will automatically make him very popular with Muslims.

Do you think Obama and the lefties will NOT blame Israel for nuking Chicago?

Look at all of the things they have blamed Trump for that Trump obviously didn't do and the lying lefty media ran with every bit of it. Yeah, they will blame Israel regardless of any evidence and the lefty commie traitor media will run with it.

As desperate at the lefties and Muslims are right now, do you really think those human demons won't do this, especially after everything else they have already done in just the last 3 years? Really? Why? Just because you don't want to believe it?

I am sure the people of the US didn't want to believe Pearl Harbor was going to be bombed or that the Muslims would fly commercial aircraft into the World Trade Towers on 9/11 either but that didn't matter, it still happened.

You think these same evil people who flew those planes into those two buildings won't nuke Chicago? Really? Why?

Listen, Obama nuking one of the biggest cities in the US will make him a hero to all 1.5 billion Muslims on this planet, even bigger than Osama Bin Laden. He will "one up" Bin Laden and will be the greatest Muslim hero since Muhammad.

Get the picture yet?

Evil people do what THEY want to do and not what you want them to do and they don't care how many people they have to murder to get what they want. Hey, just look at Tunisia, Libya, Syria, Ukraine, Iraq, Afghanistan, and the Chinese and North Korean death camps, just to name a few. These satanic human demons are not decent human beings. They don't think the way you think so you have to learn how they think to anticipate their actions, which I have shown again and again, God has made me very good at.

Suggestion: You better pray long, pray hard, pray often and lock and load, baby. The evil people are NOT going to quit because you have beat them, they are just going to get more evil and this is going to be a wild ride.

When asked by the Apostles as to whether they should buy a sword, Jesus said, "No, buy two swords." Maybe you should obey Jesus?

John 3:16 For God so loved the world, that he gave his only begotten Son, that whosoever believeth in him should not perish, but have everlasting life.

You better....

Pray long, pray hard, pray often!!!

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