I Told You So 322

Closet Muslims

Remember that I have been telling you that at least the upper class trash and their lefty activists are closet Muslims?

I got this from Breitbart by John Binder:

"Five mosques were used as Iowa Democrat Caucus sites for the first time in United States history in an attempt to drive up voter participation among Muslim voters."

Gee, how come the Commierats don't use Christian churches to drive up Christian voters?

Hey, baby, dey gots to get dem Muslims brudders of ders to vote for dem or dey cain't win.

Lefty Academe

Remember that I have been warning you about the corrupt lefty academe being a huge part of the problem? Remember that I told you about the academic head of a Harvard department that has been indicted for spying?

This video explains more about his treason and, yes, it was because of money because the most important thing for all lefties is money. Their only loyalty is to their bank account.

And God said, "The love of money is the root of all evil."

And you think the lying lefties care about you at all?

Yeah, right. Notice towards the end of this video that the EU lefties are selling out people for money, you know, greed.

And you really think the lying lefties care about you or anyone else when money means more to them than people?

The lefties "caring" is just smoke and mirrors, people.


Remember that I told you that oppressive nations tend to fall behind in wealth, even for the upper class, to free market capitalist nations?

This video shows that well. The evidence is there, it proves this well, but the lefties just keep lying and making up fairy tales to keep the stupid people falling for Marxism so the upper class trash can keep stealing from the people because the upper class trash only care about themselves and their bank accounts and only care about immediate gain in wealth and not long term gain in wealth, which, in the long term, decreases their potential wealth. Marxism only works well for the short term and only for the wealthy. It never works well for the people or for the long term.

Do you believe me yet that greed destroys common sense?

Trump vs Bernie

Remember that I have been telling you that the "diversity" of the Commierat Party is tearing it apart?

This video shows how great the Commierat diversity is destroying the party.

No matter which Commierat presidential candidate buys or cheats their way into being the Commierat presidential candidate, at least 10% of the Commierat voters are vowing to vote for Trump and it is likely that number will increase as we get closer to the election and more evidence comes out just how bad all of the Commierats really are.

If ALL of you conservatives and moderates show up to vote, it is going to take a huge amount of vote rigging for Trump to lose but don't put that above the Commierats to at least try. If you all show up and vote for Trump, the Commierats know who is going to win, keep destroying their hopes of seizing control of the US Government, and setting up their Marxist dictatorship.

How long do you think it will be before the Commierat party finally and officially splits into two or more parties?

The left would have to try really hard to screw up worse but, hey, I have the utmost faith in their ability to screw things up even worse because they are professional screw ups.

Upper Class Trash

Remember that I have been telling you that the government has just been turned into one big money laundering racket?

I got this e-mail from Mark:

"I just realized something. I wondered where the Obamas' millions came from. They came from the Ukraine money laundering system, of course. They filtered our tax dollars through Ukraine and then back into their personal bank accounts.

My guess is so did a bunch of other Democrats and a few Republicans like Romney. Send over a few billion, rake in a few million. The real quid pro quo.

There are probably a few other countries were also involved in this money laundering scheme."

Thanks, Mark, for the info.

Yep, it is just like I have been telling you for years, the lefties have turned our government into one huge money laundering racket, always using the disguise of doing good to stuff more of your money in their pockets. All of the foreign aid involves kickbacks from those countries in the form of such things as "consultation fees" to them or their families.

Remember that only 3 months after Obama took office, he gave a few billion dollars in grant money to a nonprofit corporation run by Georgie Boy Soros to explore for oil off the coast of Brazil, after, of course, Georgie Boy had made a significant donation to Obama's campaign the previous year and I told you that Tunisia, Libya, Egypt, Ukraine, and Syria coups and attempted coups were all about Obama helping the upper class trash steal oil from those nations with Obama getting really nice kickbacks.

I have been telling you for more than 2 decades now that the lefties and RINOs have turned our government into one huge cash cow for themselves, Trump is trying to stop it, and he is having Barr investigate their crimes, which is the real reason why the Commierats are in a panic and trying to get rid of Trump, 1) they are losing really big money and 2) they don't want to go to prison and some of them have committed capital crimes so they don't want to hang, especially since Barr has brought back the death penalty.

If you did away with all of the corruption in our government by the lefties and their RINO pals like Romney, you could easily save a few trillion dollars a year and still increase military spending because the upper class trash are stealing from the military spending to stuff more in their pockets, which is why none of the European nations have a military capable of defending their nations without help from the US and, since they don't appreciate us sending our young men to die to save their butts, you know, teaching their kids that the US was "inconsequential" in WWII, we shouldn't send our young men to die saving their butts again. Hey, just let the Germans, Ruskies, or whoever have them and see if they appreciate that. Hey, they all had Hitler beat so the US entering the war didn't really matter.

I found out decades ago that the lefties are laundering money in international aid to France under the condition that France give some of that aid money to Cuba to keep the Castro brothers in power so the lefties could point to Cuba and say, "Look, communism works". Yeah, if a capitalist nation props it up.

ALL of the Western governments have been turned into massive international criminal organizations stealing from their people and laundering the money through things like the homeless program, all poverty programs, and anything else they can find to use to launder the money. Easily more than half your taxes are just to steal more money to launder through more great sounding programs to "help people" right into the upper class trash pockets.

They clearly don't care about anyone but themselves and their bank accounts.

Don't believe me?

Just watch because God is making it more and more obvious by the day.

There is NOTHING good the left does for anyone but themselves. All of these government programs to "help other people" are just smoke and mirrors to hide them money laundering your tax dollars right into their greedy pockets. Just get an MBA and watch them. It becomes more obvious.


Remember that I told you that, if you have been smoking dem expensive see-gars to show ebrybody how sofisteekated you is are be and you find out you have lung cancer, don't expect me to feel sorry for you, especially since we have KNOWN for more than half a century that smoking causes lung cancer?

I just realized that I need to say that, if you have just been smoking dem expensive see-gars for just a few years, you better go get your lungs checked because, if you have studied ANY college level biology, you should KNOW that you already have cancer cells in your lungs happily growing to eventually end your life. Oh, you may not be showing any of the symptoms yet, but they are there because you have already caused them with the toxins you have putting in your lungs. As a matter of fact, if you have been smoking or sucking ANYTHING into your lungs to get any kind of "buzz" or feeling for just a few years, you better go get your lungs checked for damage because you should KNOW that it is already there. I don't care if it is pot, crack, vaping, or anything else, you have already caused lung damage by sucking that crap into your lungs and I don't care why you started and/or continued it, whether to impress others or get a buzz, you have already damaged your lungs.

Don't believe me?

Go to college and study biology or just go get your lungs checked, remembering that, if it is just at the single cell level, they still may not be able to detect it but it will still be there. Know that the more you have been doing it and the longer you have been doing it, the worse the damage is but even just a little bit for a little while will have caused damage that will take time to manifest itself to where they can see it. Those itty bitty cancer cells you have already created will happily grow for years to come.

If they don't find anything today, go back in five years and get your lungs checked again. The damage you caused, especially cancer, will be bigger by then and easier for them to see it.

Hey, common sense should tell you that, if you intentionally damaged your body, your body will be damaged, I don't care what other dopers, pushers, or others tell you.

The Mess

I really, really need to make this clear because I am amazed that no one else seems to be seeing the full picture of what is going on and where it is going. You really need to know this so you can prepare for what is next. People, this mess ain't going to be purdy, it is going to get very, very ugly and soon.

This will also show you how God is working to eventually give us an opportunity to clean up the lefty mess but first, He has to make it very obvious just how evil and stupid the lefties really are so more of you will turn away from them.

I have already taught you that the left is irrational and desperate, making them very dangerous because irrational people pushed to the point of desperation become dangerous because they always turn to violence when everything else they can think of fails.

Think not?

They have been beating a dead horse for more than 3 years now, trying to get that horse up and make it run. When that failed they put together an obviously phony kangaroo impeachment that they should have known would fail because it was all they had left to get what they wanted. Now that dead horse also did not get up and run, they are telling you that they plan on beating the same dead horse again and again and again in irrational hopes of it getting up to run.

People, that isn't rational, it is not in touch with reality, it is not sane, it is not intelligent, and it is pure frustration and desperation.

Now you have to understand that their followers have been brainwashed to believe that only stupid people fail (not because they are human and we are all human) and the constant stream of failures by their leaders have caused their followers to lose faith and confidence in their leaders and they have been taught to turn on those leaders, take control themselves, and make it happen because they have been taught to believe that it could not possibly be because their ideas are flawed but because their leaders didn't do it right and didn't do enough of it.

This means that most of their followers no longer have leaders and, without leaders, the group is breaking apart into a number of different groups who have all been taught to believe that they know better and, if THEY can get in control, THEY can make it happen, if necessary, with brute force. After all, dey is are be smarty pants, in spite of the fact that they really know very little about anything that has to do with reality.

This is what is causing the civil war or breaking up and fighting for control of the Commierat Party by these different all-knowing, all-wise, frustrated and desperate groups. Without effective leaders, they are in chaos and panicked, which only adds to their frustration and desperation. Their lefty world is falling apart around them and they are ignorantly grabbing at straws to try to scotch tape their failing Marxist world back together.

All of these different groups the upper class trash had glued together with their great sounding promises are turning against each other and trying to find new leadership to succeed at what the upper class trash have failed at, thinking they can succeed, if dey gets in control. The focus for every group is for THEM to get in control so THEY can force their great sounding stupid ideas to work. "Why, they will make it happen!"

The basic groups of the left are the failed, older upper class trash, the younger commies, the younger socialists, the blacks, the Latinos, and the Muslims and these groups have all shown they will use or support the use of violence to get what they want with groups like Antifa and BLM. They are altruists, which means that the "ends justify the means" or that doing anything is alright to get what they want and that they have no morals, values, or ethics about getting what they want. They have already and will literally commit crimes to get what they want, including murder and genocide.

They are proving this with their recent and irrational attempts at disarming the American people in places like Commiefornia, Oregon, Colorado, and Virginia so they can force their great sounding stupid ideas on you without getting their cowardly brains blown out because they know you will blow their brains out for doing to you what they want to do to you because they know that what they want to do to you is evil and they don't care who gets hurt. They are obviously and openly obsessive, compulsive irrational and nothing can stop their insane determination but death.

Now, because of some undercover videos, we have all learned that Bernie's commies, Bernie himself, AOC, and their friends have been planning the violent overthrow of 1) the Commierat Party, if Bernie doesn't get elected as the Commierat presidential candidate this coming July and 2) if Bernie doesn't get elected president in November. They have obviously been planning this for at least the last 3 years. When this was made public knowledge, Bernie's support jumped by at least 9% and is still climbing, which should tell you that the crazy lefties are flocking to Bernie's army to force their insane and evil Communism on you. It has given some of them a new leader so they are rallying around ye ole Bernie banner and it has the rest of the left in a panic.

This is increasing the tension and strife within the Commierat Party and is breaking it apart into apposing groups even more with the younger, very radical commies trying to seize control of the Commierat Party and they have stated that they are ready to start a shooting war to get that control so they can force their beloved communism on you.

But there is one group which has ominously gone missing from this fray. It is Obama's and Farrakhan's Nation of Islam or black Muslims.

Have you noticed that, over the last year, formerly very active and present Jesse James Jackson and Al Capone Sharpton have almost completely gone missing? Now, what do you think they are doing, sitting in a corner playing with something shiny?

No, you should know they are talking about this, they are thinking about this, they have publically stated a few times that there isn't anyone in the Commierat Party who can win this fight so that they are telling you they have completely given up on the Commierat Party, and they are planning.

What do you think they are planning, a birthday party?

No, you should know that Farrakhan has been preaching for the violent overthrow of the US Government for more than half a century now and that Billy Boy Clinton had to talk Farrakhan out of staging a violent coup of the US Government when things were no where nearly as bad for the left as they are now.

What should that tell you?

Obviously they have gone missing because they are now making their final plans for their long awaited and wanted violent overthrow of the US Government because they have completely lost faith in the Commierat Party and the upper class trash so they know that the only thing they have left to get what they want is a violent coup. They are quietly playing their cards very close to their chest to prevent showing their hand to anyone else. Farrakhan has been waiting half a century for this moment and it is finally here so no one is going to talk him out of it this time.

Remember that I taught you how Farrakhan used the US Government to train up and build his own smaller US Government for his Nation of Islam and, with more than 41 million blacks in the US, there are probably only about 10+ million members of the Nation of Islam, you know, more people trained to stage a violent coup than there are in the US military. They have their own intelligence system, they know what everyone else is planning, and they know they have to strike before anyone else can strike, especially Bernie's commies. They also know that, when they strike, they must also take out all of the leaders of the other lefty groups to force those leader's followers to join their group as second class citizens.

It isn't if but when will they strike and time is getting very short because Bernie's commies inadvertently told you recently that they intend to strike to stage their violent coup sometime between this coming May and November.

Farrakhan knows when they will strike and has to strike first. The man ain't stupid, he is just evil. I have been quietly watching him for more than half a century.

You better get ready for this violent coup because Farrakhan and company have been planning this for more than half a century and you are starting right now. You better pray long, pray hard, pray often and lock and load.

Now, you take all of this division, tension, hatred for each other, and strife and send it in a big army to Syria to invade Israel, then God causes confusion with a massive earthquake, and what do you think will happen?

They are going to think they are being attacked by the other groups in their invasion force composed of armies from different nations they know they can't trust, turn their weapons on each other, and almost wipe out each other, you know, just like is described in Ezekiel 38 & 39. Gee, what a coincidence.

Do you see how God is turning them against each other so that when He "puts hooks in their jaws" to draw them to Syria to invade Israel, He can destroy most of their army simply by causing confusion with a huge Earthquake?

John 3:16 For God so loved the world, that he gave his only begotten Son, that whosoever believeth in him should not perish, but have everlasting life.

You better....

Pray long, pray hard, pray often!!!

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