I Told You So 326

Law Enforcement

Remember that I have been teaching you that law enforcement will eventually be screwed by these upper class trash political whore Marxists so the law enforcement better not turn on the citizens for those political whores?

When the lefty fecal matter finally hits the fan, those cops are going to need the people as much as the people are going to need those cops.

God is taking care of it by opening the eyes of law enforcement to the fact that law enforcement's worst enemy is the upper class trash by causing the criminal upper class trash to keep turning loose violent criminals. The cops are quickly finding out that those violent criminals being turned loose by the upper class trash criminals are more of a threat to the officers than to private citizens because the cops are the ones who have to always deal with those violent criminals at their own peril or risk as increasing numbers of cops keep getting shot by the violent criminals the upper class trash keep turning loose on the people AND on the cops.

You have to understand that when the upper class trash, whether political whores or evil lefty judges, turn violent criminals loose, they embolden those criminals to be even more aggressive and violent and not just towards the citizens but also towards law enforcement.

"Hey, they got away with the last crimes with just a slap on the wrist, why not commit more and worse crimes?"

I got this from Newser via CenturyLink by Bob Cronin:

"A New York City police union blamed the shootings of two officers over the weekend on Bill de Blasio and said it's 'declaring war' on the mayor.

'We do not respect you, DO NOT visit us in hospitals,' the union tweeted. 'You sold the NYPD to the vile creatures, the 1% who hate cops but vote for you.' One officer was shot while sitting in a patrol van, and another was wounded in a Bronx police station less than 12 hours later."

Yeah, that is going to tend to make the cops not like you and work against you, you know, "waging war" against you. I guess the cops don't like being betrayed by the lefties and more cops' eyes are opening to this.

Guess whose side they will be on in this rapidly developing coup?

Think about that.

I am waiting for these criminals' bodyguards to realize the upper class trash won't be any nicer to them and are actually increasing the risk and threat to them by doing what they are doing. That will be interesting.


Remember that I have been telling you that Trump has been forced to wait until these phony "investigations" were completed before he could start getting rid of the "deep state" and drain the swamp?

This video, by a liberal, tells you the same thing in more detail. He is systematically analyzing how and why Trump has been doing what he has been and still is doing and why it has taken him so much longer to get this far. The guy does a pretty good job.

Now, do you better understand one of a number of reasons why they kept up the impeachment crap, even when they knew it was hurting them politically?

It was to keep Trump from investigating them and their fellow deep state criminals, which, now that the impeachment crap is finally at least temporarily over, Trump is vigorously doing before they can start a new impeachment effort and it is putting the left on a terrified run for safety, which is why they MUST either soon stage a violent coup or go to prison. Trump has them cornered and is closing in on them for the kill and they know it.

These lefty criminals are not scared, they are terrified, desperate, panicking, and planning to do something that is extremely desperate to save their terrified and panicked butts, stage a violent coup, which is why they are frantically grabbing guns as fast as they can. Everything else they tried has failed so it is all they have left and they have nothing left to lose because, if they don't, they will lose everything and they know it. All of their plans have failed and it is "hail Mary" time.

I have warned you that it is normal human behavior that, when you have nothing left to lose and everything to gain by resorting to violence, people will resort to violence, especially evil people.

Now, you MUST understand that this violent coup MUST take place before they start getting arrested AND before this next election, when many of them will get voted out of power, they will lose control of the House, and won't have even half as much potential for stopping Trump and staying out of prison.

Now, do you understand why they are not concerned about what they are doing hurting their chances of being reelected?

No matter what happens, they won't be reelected and they know it so why bother even having an election; just stage a violent coup to regain the power they cannot regain any other way to keep their butts out of jail. They are cornered evil rats panicking and they will bite.

You think not?

Then why are the former DOJ attorneys' insisting Barr resign?

Because they know Barr is investigating their crimes and they don't want to go to prison.


Everybody is making a big stink out of the idea of Bloomidiot making Hillary his vice president. My first thought was, "If they get elected, how long will it take Bloomidiot to 'commit suicide' so Hillary can be president?"

You have to be the stupidest person on the planet to run with Hillary as your vp. You just know that, if you get elected, she will kill you so she can be president.

I guess we are about to see just how stupid Bloomidiot is.

Remember that I have been telling you that having more money than someone else does NOT mean you are more intelligent than them, it just means you have more money and absolutely nothing else?

This video is another great example of that because Bloomidiot was by far the most wealthy person at that debate but did the worst because he wasn't even the smartest lefty there. Bloomidiot is easily one of the most wealthy people in the world but is clearly one of the stupidest.

Do you still think people are more intelligent than you because they have more money than you when research in 1936 proved CONCLUSIVELY that there is ABSOLUTELY no correlation between wealth and intelligence. Someone being poorer than you does not mean they are less intelligent, it just means they are more poor than you.

There are plenty of stupid rich people.

Don't believe me?

Just watch the Commierat presidential debates.

Unfortunately, for most people, especially really stupid people, wealth and ego go hand-in-hand.

Don't let anyone convince you that you are not as intelligent as them because they have more money than you.

Government Corruption

Remember that I have been warning you about government corruption and crony capitalism? Remember that I have been telling you that the conservation movement is just a smoke screen for stealing more money from more people faster?

This video gives you just one example of how this goes on all of the time and for a long time. I have been watching this crap going on with our politicians taking bribes and otherwise profiting from such rackets for more than half a century. It is like I have told you, most of our government is just a big money making racket, mostly run by the left to steal more from more people faster.

Did you notice the little Marxist racket or pattern of the government forcing things on you in the name of some good so they can steal more from more people faster, you know, like Obamacare?

Do you believe me yet that every time the left starts a new "well meaning" crusade, it is just another phony excuse to steal more from more people faster?

The lefties don't care about anyone or anything other than themselves and their bank accounts. They are criminals, not leaders. Everyone involved with any lefty crusade should go to prison for fraud.

Legal System

Remember that I have been telling you that the lefties have taken over and corrupted quite a bit of our legal system?

More than 1,100 prosecutors and former prosecutors are "asking" Barr to step down to stop his investigations into their criminal actions.

Wow, that sure is a lot of corruption in our legal system, isn't it?

You know, just like I have been telling you.

Remember that I have told you that God is driving the rats out in the open so people will see the ugly truth, know who the real criminals are and to open everyone's eyes? Are you paying attention to the criminals exposing themselves?

They are letting you know exactly where they stand, on God's side or Satan's side. You just might want to pay attention because God is exposing the criminals so you can know the truth and the criminals are hating it.

Remember that I told you that these deep state criminals are running terrified?

This video points this out.

Do you think that these criminals are going to just sit there waiting to go to prison without staging a violent coup to save their butts? Do you believe me yet that God is opening everyone's eyes to the truth?

God is forcing everyone to take a stand on the side they have chosen and is exposing the truth about them.


Remember that I told you years ago, probably more than a decade ago, that the total reproductive rate of the US is declining but that the reproductive rate for conservative Christians is not declining, it is that the reproductive rates for liberals is declining so fast that it is CURRENTLY out pacing the reproductive rates for Christians.

I explained at that time that a big part of this is that liberals are being brainwashed to not have children, to murder their unborn, they are having increased infertility being caused by increasing STDs because of their adultery, they drug abuse, and other reasons being caused by their liberal culture.

I also pointed out that it would only be a matter of time until Christians once again outnumbered liberals and then the total reproductive rate would begin increasing again with it being almost all conservative Christians. God is taking back His nation and Satan and his people are hating it.

This video shows that this is happening right now, which is adding to the panic of the left because the left knows this and, therefore, they know that, if this current effort to set up their global Marxist dictatorship fails, they won't get another chance for their global Marxist dictatorship for generations to come, especially if we turn our nation into a Christian theocracy.

This means the left knows they have one more very important reason why they must soon stage a violent coup or possibly lose a chance to set up their global Marxist dictatorship for at least a century or longer.

Keep an eye on this because it is RIGHT NOW happening like I told you it would years ago.

Dream Partly Fulfilled

Remember that I told you about the dream where I went to the "big show", where Obama was speaking in front of the nation or people at the show or theater, I stood against him alone in the center of the room, and, after Obama finished speaking, he turned and left to his left to leave to invade Israel, then several rows of black Muslims stood up to follow him to invade Israel and next several rows of whites, who were being treated and acting like second class citizens, stood up to follow all of them to invade Israel.

Well, I just saw a video of lefty whites already being willingly subservient to blacks and being humiliated and mocked by those same blacks with the whites not showing any shame for their submission. You can see the video here.

The lefty whites have already been brainwashed and conditioned to be subservient to their black masters and have no shame about it. That part of the dream has already been fulfilled. We are not very far from the rest also being fulfilled.


I love the way the God haters keep their fairy tale of evolution going by always making up more and more new versions of their fairy tale saying, "See, it gots to be true because we said so with another great sounding stupid fairy tale and really nifty looking pictures. Why, you seen it wiff your own eyes."

People, they not only do not have a beginning at the macro level but they don't have a beginning at the micro level either. As a matter of fact, science has conclusively proved beyond any reasonable doubt that evolution by accident and coincident is scientifically impossible, it is mathematically and scientifically impossible and could NEVER HAPPEN! Therefore, there are only two ways all of this could have happened, whether you want to believe in Biblical creation or evolution. God MUST exist and MUST have caused it to happen, which is, by definition, creation and completely negates any reason to continue the lie of evolution or evolution was magically caused by their fairies riding their unicorns over rainbows spreading fairy dust everywhere, which is much more preposterous than they try to make Biblical creation sound.

I love the way the liars just keep creating new and great sounding fairy tales about what this animal was like and that animal was like because, have you noticed that their fairy tales keep changing?

Gee, what, were all of the rest of their previous "factual" fairy tales wrong so they had to create a new fairy tale?

That is the only reason why they keep changing their fairy tale and science says that all of their fairy tales are wrong. Science REQUIRES that a "superior intelligence", you know, God, MUST have caused the entire cosmos to come into existence AND also MUST have caused life to begin because there ain't no way it could possibly happened by their false pagan gods of Accident and Coincidence, therefore, science has absolutely and conclusively proved beyond any reasonable doubt that God MUST exist and MUST have caused all of what we see to come into existence. There simply is NO OTHER scientific possibility.

Quit believing their increasingly obvious lies. The Bible tells the truth they hate and they are the liars.

Pauper's Garden

Remember that I told you about how I decided to try a new technique I developed for germinating seeds where I use a thermostatically controlled electric heater under a bathroom sink to control the temperature in a small space and it was really surprising me at how well it is doing?

I put all of those seeds in those containers and put them away knowing the earliest germination date on the packets was for 5 days, meaning that nothing should even begin playing peek-a-boo for at least 5 days, but I didn't have enough seeds for pear tomatoes so I bought some and, when I went to put those pear tomato seeds in those containers on day 3, I was amazed at all of the roots I was already seeing. The seedlings were already so advanced I had to plant 20 seedlings on day 3, then 16 more on day 4, and today, day 5, I just planted 12 more with more roots showing that I will probably have to plant tomorrow on day 6.

I have 48 plants from 6 different types already planted on day 5, when none of them should be showing more than barely a little bit of roots for only a few of them with more roots showing in almost all of the rest of those 12 types. I have tried a number of different ways for germinating seeds and NEVER had results even close to this. Absolutely amazing! I have ALL of the plants I want plus a few for five types of plants planted plus 4 plants for one type for which I want 14 plants out of 12 types of plants I want in just 5 days of germinating seeds WITH seeds from most of the rest of those 12 types already showing some roots but not enough to plant. Even my pear tomatoes, which have only been germinating for 2 days are starting to show bits of roots.

The only problem so far is that I have to keep checking to make sure the seeds don't dry out because of the heater. "Yeah, get them molecules excited with a little heat, baby, and they just take right off." Sproing, sproing, sproing, sproing...!

What I have learned is that trying to keep the seeds warm in a larger area like a room permits the temperature to fluctuate too much so the seeds get too cool but keeping them warm in a smaller space keeps them consistently warmer, which accelerates the germination. That means that a small area like under a bathroom sink is perfect for germination purposes and it keeps your energy bill lower because it requires less energy to keep a smaller space warm.

Later in the evening on day 5, I planted 12 more plants with more still showing roots. This is really incredible. Only 5 days after I started the germination process, the hollyhocks, pear tomatoes (which got started a few days later than the rest), and carnations are the only types of plants out of 12 types for which I have not planted any of them yet. That blows me away.

I only need about 38 more plants to have everything I want plus some only 5 days after starting the germination process and I could easily plant about a dozen of those in the next day or two.

Day 6: I just planted 24 more plants with only 6 days of germination!!! Some of them were the extra seeds I had planted for those I already had enough of what I wanted because not all plants will survive even in the pot so it is best to have extras. With that planting strategy, the worst you will have to do is find someplace else to plant the extras.

I only have one type of plant for which I have not planted any of them and only need a total of 24 more plants out of 80 that I still want with only 6 days of germinating seeds. I think this system works just a wee bit so the best thing is to keep a small space warm and the seeds moist.

For seedlings, I use little one inch seed pots and you want to keep all of the soil moist but, for seeds and seedlings, it is especially important to keep the top inch of soil moist because that is only as far down as the seeds and seedlings can get water. As their roots grow, it becomes important to keep the soil moist deeper and deeper and this is also true after the plants are in the ground. The most important thing is to keep the soil around and near the roots moist, which is difficult to estimate.

BTW, Mark said he is sending me some 4 inch pots because of what I wrote in my last essay about the Pauper's Garden. Thanks, Mark, it is looking like I will need them before our last frost in mid April. I may even get me some good sized watermelon this year. That will be good. Truly, God is blessing me. It is fun to be blessed by God!!!

John 3:16 For God so loved the world, that he gave his only begotten Son, that whosoever believeth in him should not perish, but have everlasting life.

You better....

Pray long, pray hard, pray often!!!

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