I Told You So 329


Remember that I told you that Bernie's commies would escalate their civil war to violence?

This video describes that it is already happening with Bernie's commies and other Commierats fighting each other and even calling cops on each other.

How many times did I tell you that the left is violent, especially Bernie's commies and that this would happen but it will get worse. You better prepare for it because both camps are violent Marxists, are already committing violent acts against each other just like I told you they would, and it won't be much longer until the "antigun people" will start shooting at each other, especially when the Commierats screw Bernie out of the nomination AGAIN this coming July, you know, the lefty whackos who want to take guns away from you to prevent gun violence. Think about the irony and hypocrisy of that.

The violent Marxist people want to disarm you to prevent violence. Yeah, that will work.

You better pray long, pray hard, pray often and lock and load. This is not going to be purdy and you can thank the lefties for the horrors of what they are forcing on us.

With so many of the things I have predicted coming to pass, are you listening yet?

I have told you that I have seen these things in the past and recognize it because it is familiar to me.

Do you believe me yet that there won't be a Commierat Party by the time this is over?

This video shows part of why. Even their conservative politicians are deserting their insanity. God is opening their eyes and they are crossing the line.

Do you believe me yet that these power mad whackos don't have any way they can regain power except for a violent coup and they all know it? Do you believe me yet that the lefties will soon stage a violent coup?

Hey, they have already started their violent coup with each other.

Do you believe me yet?

Remember that God has me warning you about things to come so you can prepare for those things. You don't have much time left to get ready for what is already on us. Stock up on guns, ammunition, food, and water, join a militia, and wear out the knees on your pants praying. It is here, it is happening RIGHT NOW!!!!


Remember that I told you that, if Britain left the EU, the EU would implode financially?

Right now, all of the larger and stronger economies in the EU such as France, Germany, and Italy are going into recession. You can bet that the upper class trash knew this would happen, which explains why they used scare tactics against the Brits, telling the Brits that it would be the British economy that would tank. Instead, it is the other nations' economies that are tanking, you know, just like I told you.

US Coup

Remember that I have been telling you that the lefties can't win back control for probably at least a few more decades and the only way they can regain control to set up their Marxist dictatorship is by a violent coup and they know it?

First, in 2016 Trump got about 18% of the black vote and he is currently expected to get about 10% more of the black vote in 2020. He also got about 28% of the Hispanic vote in 2016 and is currently expected to get about 40% of the Hispanic vote in 2020. Plus increasing numbers of white voters are leaving the Commierat Party, who will either vote for Trump or not vote at all, decreasing the votes for the Commierat Party. Finally, the Commierat Party is blowing itself apart with many remaining Commierats stating that, if they don't get the candidate for president they want, they will either not vote or will vote for Trump.

With that math, there is no way the Commierats can beat Trump, they know they will also lose seats in both the House and Senate and, with the Commierat Party either significantly diminished or completely gone, it could be as much as half a century before the Commierat globalists will be able to return to any semblance of power, therefore, the only way they can seize power and set up their beloved commie traitor dictatorship is by a violent coup.

You know they won't quit just because they not only got beat but completely destroyed so, of course, they will stage a violent coup and are accelerating their efforts for that right now.


All of you lefty commie traitors who think your glorious Marxist leaders, who all like China, have any good intentions for you need to watch this video, detailing the wonders of Marxism.

This is the reality of Marxism, people. It ain't what your lefty commie traitor leaders are telling you it is and they know it. They are lying to you.

Also note that China is working with our glorious upper class trash globalists, you know, the criminals running such things as Twitter, FB, Google, and others, to find and silence people in China, you know, torture them, beat them up, make them disappear, and murder them and our glorious globalists know this is going on, making them partners in crimes against humanity with the Chinese Communist Party.

I am sure you lefty commie traitors are so proud of those crimes against humanity, which is why you will probably keep voting for these lefty Marxist animals to keep them in power. If you criminals succeed, you will deserve what you will get and it ain't going to be what they have promised you.

In that video he raises the question as to whether the commies have created a phony pandemic to regain control of their people, which is a possibility. This means that our Commierats using this pandemic to scare you may be part of the same thing, them trying to use fear to regain control of you, which would explain why Trump is saying not to worry about the Coronavirus.

In this video, Tim shows more about the lefty internal civil war and how bad it has gotten. This thing is escalating fast.


Remember that I told you that, most likely, Russia will take control of Northern Turkey following the destruction of the Turkish forces in the Battle of Ezekiel 38 & 39 to seize control of the Bosporus Straits and return Constantinople to the Christian Orthodox Church?

Watch this video and you will see the increasing tension between Turkey and Russia and Russia sailing a military fleet through the Bosporus Straits for a little muscle flexing.

Yeah, Putin has every reason in the world to seize Northern Turkey and, after everybody else's troops are destroyed in the Battle of Ezekiel 38 & 39, who is going to stop him?

Note that, at the end of that video, the UN told Russia to respect international law, you know, with Turkey illegally holding Syrian territory, which, by international law, Syria and her ally Russia are permitted to retake. The UN is corrupt and must go.

I am so sick of all of this corruption from everywhere, including the US. I will not shed one tear when these evil people are ushered into the Lake of Fire by the angels for eternal damnation. Probably at least 90% of Paradise being an eternal Paradise will be these evil monsters not being there. They just can't leave other people alone and just have to steal more from more people faster so they can live the good life and not have to work to earn it. They don't care who they hurt and how many they murder as long as they get more and more and more money from more people faster and they can never get enough. They have earned eternal damnation.

Most of us just want them to leave us alone.

US Academe

Remember that I have been telling you that your wonderful lefty academe are a massive part of the problems we have in the US and those problems have been caused largely to increase their wealth by inflating college tuition to pay their inflated salaries?

That ain't the only corrupt way they are increasing their wealth. This video tells you about the FBI arresting academe who are selling out the US to China by selling China sensitive information and technology.

Believe me yet that the lefty academe are evil?


Remember that I told you that feminists and even lesbians will revolt against this transgender crap permitting men to undo much of the gains women have made, especially in sports?

Watch this video because the transgender thingy abusing women's rights is causing a stampede of women from the Commierats to the Republican Party.

Those idiot lefties can't chase enough voters away fast enough.


I am keeping an eye out for confirmation that China has cancelled construction of her 5th and 6th aircraft carriers.

If this is the case, it is because of what I have been telling you that her economy is in the toilet forcing her to cancel building new major weapons systems, which means she is quickly becoming even less of a threat to the US.

If this is true, then she is now simply incapable of financially sustaining a war against the US and probably not even as one of a number of nations like Iran and North Korea trying to spread our troops out to defeat us with a combined effort.

But it gets better because, with the Coronavirus having further destroyed her economy to where she can't even build two more carriers, leaving her with only 4 inferior carriers (no super carriers), and having decimated her military numbers wise to try to build a better technological military and failed, Xi could be facing a potential coup by his generals or other members of the Chinese Communist Party. This would mean that he is probably fighting for his life right now but, after the hundreds of millions he has enslaved and murdered, he deserves what he is going to get.

China could end up with a new leader and even break apart into two or more nations in the not too distant future. Things are looking really bad for the current Chinese leadership right now.

Keep an eye on this.

Harry and Meghan

Remember that I have been telling you that Harry and Meghan leaving the Royal Family to better rear their child is just smoke and mirrors for the Queen getting Meghan, a US citizen, unlike Obama, elected as the first female US president so the Queen can get her colonies back?

They have been in the news every day with one thing or another and no kid anywhere in sight. I just got this from Newser via CenturyLink by Neal Colgrass:

"Looks like Prince Harry and Meghan Markle have found a little wiggle room. After agreeing to ditch the 'Sussex Royal' brand name-apparently at the Queen's request-they had a pal of Meghan's register the website sussexglobalcharities.com, People reports.

The Daily Mail reports that said pal, fashion stylist Jessica Mulroney, registered the name via her Shoebox Project Foundation charity for vulnerable women. So they're keeping Sussex, but no Royal, at least for now.

'The website name gives a hint of how Meghan and Harry will get around the Queen's decree that the couple cease calling themselves 'royal,' says the New York Post."

People, they have set up a charity, will be working with the media on a regular basis and using that charity to make them look wonderful and caring with the kid rarely being seen by either of them (only by the kid's nanny) so that, when they have the Commierat Convention in July, the Queen can get Meghan appointed as the Commierat presidential candidate. Hey, bribe enough of them Commierats and they will do anything for you.

"Oh boy, we are going to have our first American princess to lead our nation." And you can bet the stupid people will go ape over that one and she is the only one they have who has even a remote hope of beating Trump.

And, if you point this out, the idiot lefties will say, "But dey ain't royals no more." You just know it.

You better keep an eye on this, especially after Bernie kicked butt so bad in South Carolina.

The Poor

Remember that I have been telling you that the rich are not as smart as they like to think they are and the poor are not as stupid as the rich like to think the poor are?

This video does the best job of explaining that the upper class do NOT know what is best for everyone else and the poor know what they need much better than any educated people. Just because you think you know what is best for others does not mean you know what is best for others and the poor can think for themselves quite well.

It also shows that the rich are not the only people who can think and that they are out of touch with reality concerning everyone else. The rich reality is not reality for everyone else, therefore, the rich should never micro manage the lower classes.

Listen, just because a college professor says something about the middle and lower classes, does not mean it is right and usually means it is probably wrong. They are not as smart as they and the lefties like to think they are. To become a college professor, they just had to memorize a lot of great sounding stuff that is all too often wrong.

This is a really great video.


Remember that I have been warning you about the lefty corruption that has infiltrated into everything and the massive mess the left has made in the name of doing good for everyone else?

This video quickly tells about quite a bit of it at the start and then focuses heavily on the corruption in our courts, you know, those lefty judges I have been warning you that you have to get rid of.

You believe me yet?

BTW, when Obama suspends the US Constitution and imposes Sharia Law on the US, this will separate the good judges from the bad judges because the good judges will be removed by the Muslims and only the bad judges will remain for you to remove because you will know who they are.

Also, remember that I have been telling you that our lefty college professors are a huge part of the problem and they must be removed to solve the problems we now face?

This video shows this by telling you that they have spent at least the last 3 decades developing these ideas and propaganda in our lefty universities. They tell you how bad it really is because of our corrupt academe, who you have to get rid of to save your nation.

Most universities have become so bad that you will have to literally shut most of them down to get back control of your nation.

Illegal Aliens

Towards the end of this video he tells you about the backlash of illegal aliens I warned you about. They are now staging a coup in France saying that France belongs to everyone and not just the French, you know, now them.

This is another great sounding stupid idea by the left that is failing and backfiring against the left.

It isn't if but when will the illegal aliens try to take over control of the nation they infiltrate, you know, just like they always have in history.

Believe me yet that the lefty upper class trash are not as smart as they like to think they are?

The idiot lefties just keep proving me right about EVERYTHING and they are incredibly stupid about everything.

Believe me yet that the upper class trash are not more intelligent than you because they have more money than you? Believe me yet that the left has invented infinite stupidity because their stupidity is never ending?

Flash in the Pan

Remember that I told you that, when Butthead became a front runner with most people not even knowing who he was, he was now under scrutiny as a leader and, as soon as everyone began to learn the truth about him, he would probably quickly falter and then be out?

Well, he did just that as more and more people learned the truth about him and he fell further and further behind in the primary elections. He just quit, realizing that too many people found out the truth about him and didn't like what they found.

But we also have Klobuchar quitting at the same time so I am wondering if, because they were losing ground, the upper class trash told them to quit so their votes would go to either Biden or Bloomberg and it is even possible that Bloomberg bribed them into quitting the way Hillary bribed Bernie to quit in 2016 and he went home and built a new mansion with his bribe money.

This is especially suspicious the day before "Super Tuesday" election without them waiting to see how they do.

Any way you look at it, that is now two fewer commies trying to gain power and control of our nation. Bummer!


Remember that I told you that socialism does work for the corrupt members of the upper class but never for the middle and lower classes?

This video shows that to be true in Venezuela just like history proves it to have been true everywhere, which is why the corrupt upper class trash love Marxism. It gives them absolute control over everyone and maximum potential wealth for their nation because they steal everything from everyone, including their minions.

All of you stupid lefties who keep voting for those lefty commie traitor politicians for free stuff, yeah, you're going to get free stuff; free poverty, free slavery, free oppression, free crime, and even free murders.

People, lefties are those evil people in history who have always stolen from, enslaved, raped, robbed, and murdered others because they are selfish, greedy, lazy, and don't want to have to earn a living. It is faster and easier to steal from others than to earn it yourself. Because of this, they are those evil people who just can't leave other people alone.


Are you seeing that more and more people are telling you what I have been telling you for decades as more and more eyes open?

John 3:16 For God so loved the world, that he gave his only begotten Son, that whosoever believeth in him should not perish, but have everlasting life.

You better....

Pray long, pray hard, pray often!!!

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