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In one of my last essays, I made a teasing comment that I have seen "too many coincidences" of people suddenly writing about something shortly after I write an essay about it. I write this site so people will learn and even encourage you to share that information with others. The truth is that I would like to see more such coincidences that will help people. I don't want to be the only person spreading these truths, especially for most of the topics.

It would be nice to get credit where it is due but I am more concerned about helping others, especially for such serious and important matters. Please keep sharing what I write to help me help others.

Also, if you pay attention to the frequency and length of my essays, you should see that it really picked up in January, dropped off just a little in February, and just got super busy in the first of March. There is just so much going on right now and it is keeping me busy so that I can't read all of my news sources and watch all of my videos in one day. I am staying about a day behind right now.

I am also holding off on doing much writing about the Coronavirus because there is just so much misinformation out there, I am waiting to see what is really going on, and I asked the CDC for some information to help clear a few things up. When I get better information on it, I will write about it but I don't want to put out false information about something so serious.


I grew up at a time when a lot of people didn't even have a telephone and we didn't think about not having one until I was in sixth or seventh grade in Los Angeles. I probably didn't use a telephone more than a few dozen times before I graduated from high school. Today's kids use a phone more in a month than I did before I was 18.

Today, I still use a land line phone for a number of reasons. First, I need Internet access so I use my landline for that. I also don't want a microwave transmitter that close to my head because I know what that radiation does to the brain and it ain't good. I also like the peace and quiet of not having to be bothered by a phone going off anywhere around me while I am out of the house.

I just prefer my landline and don't see a need for carrying something like that around with me everywhere. It makes me feel freer and more independent, besides, it makes it tougher for the government to track me. When I leave my house, the government and these greedy major corporations have no idea where I go or what I do and I like that.


Socialism is so simple minded and stupid it is mind boggling and only ignorant and stupid people would vote for it.

For example, Bernie wants to steal half of the wealth of all of the rich and use it to pay for your free stuff. The big problem with this is that almost all of the wealth of almost all of the rich is invested in businesses. For Bernie to steal half of their wealth, they would have to sell at least half of their business holdings, which would crash the stock market and just who will all of the rich sell half of their stuff to when they already own and control better than 90% of all of the wealth? There are not enough people with enough wealth to buy even one tenth of their wealth. I know because I am trained to manage their wealth.

So how can Bernie or any other commie/socialist/Marxist/progressive liars confiscate even ten percent of the wealth of the upper class and give it to you? What are they going to do, give you one or two shares of stock apiece? What are you going to do with that if you can't sell it to anyone?

You won't be able to sell it because no one will have enough wealth left to buy it.

You see how stupid and ignorant the promises of Marxism are?

People who believe in socialism are completely clueless about how things really work in this world.

This video does a good job of explaining this.

Get the picture yet?

All Marxism under any and every name is a lie designed to get you to willfully submit yourselves back into slavery to the upper class trash "so they can take care of you" because dey is are be smarter than you and know what is best for you. Yeah, but they ain't going to take care of you the way they are telling you they will take care of you. Think slavery, baby. It is a con, people, and the stupid people are falling for the con because of promised "free stuff" they will never get.

Surprise, Surprise, Surprise

I just realized something very interesting that I have not heard anyone mention.

I am a registered independent because I can't stand either party so I don't get to vote in the state primaries, as is the case with most independents in most states. Therefore, no one sees us and our voting power until the November election, which will take everyone by surprise and, from what I am seeing, almost all of us will vote for Trump. During the primaries, we are the invisible voters who will only be seen during the main election and there are millions of us.

That is the major reason why Trump so completely surprised everyone in 2016. Everyone was guessing based on what they saw in the primaries and then we independents showed up to vote in November, taking everyone by surprise by voting for Trump.

If you think Trump has a really big advantage now, wait until we independents show up to vote in November and help Trump crush everyone else again and all of the x-spurts will be surprised again.

Do you think the x-spurts will learn from us this time?

Nah, dey is are be smarty pants and cain't no one learn them nuttin' about nuttin'.


I am amazed at how completely stupid and inattentive millions of voters are that they cannot tell that Biden is mentally incapacitated and shouldn't be president. He shouldn't even be a dog catcher.

People, wake up and realize that Biden is just being used as a front man or face to hide behind by the corrupt, evil upper class trash. They are trying to get him elected, will set up other corrupt people in his cabinet to use him, and then they will do what they want and when things go bad, they will just blame Joe, who won't be able to defend himself.

Those upper class trash belong in prison and Joe belongs in a mental institution getting help. What the upper class trash are doing is pure evil and I am amazed that millions of voters are so stupid and inattentive they keep voting for Joe. Those stupid people voters are a big part of our problem. If you don't pay attention or you can't figure such things out, you shouldn't be voting.


Remember that I told you that most likely Butthead and Klobuchar quitting was because they were told or ordered by the upper class trash who own and run the left to quit and give their votes to Biden?

Well, they did just that with both of them endorsing Biden just before the voting started. Gee, what a coincidence. Then, the next day, Bloomberg also quit to give his votes to Biden.

What? You mean billionaire Bloomberg isn't even one of the upper class trash political pimps?

People, you need to realize that the upper class trash are only keeping Biden in the race so they can keep Bernie from getting enough delegates to win the appointment as Commierat Presidential candidate without a contested primary because then Bernie will take over control of the Commierat Party from them. They need the contested primary to keep Bernie from being the presidential candidate for their party. With a contested primary, the lefty upper class trash can appoint whomever they want.

Also, if Biden does win the primary and then the presidential election, they intend to use him as a front man to hide behind while doing their evil so that, when their evil fails, they will be able to blame Biden.

As sick as Biden is, he couldn't manage an empty closet so the upper class trash have already decided who will be in his cabinet to do the upper class trash bidding for them. Biden belongs in a hospital getting care for his medical problems, not being some greedy, rich people's puppet and front man at his expense. The man should be judged by doctors as being mentally incompetent for holding ANY office. But, hey, you know that even the doctors they will use are on the take.

You think not?

Watch this video. The upper class trash don't care about Biden or you. You are both just useful tools they will dispose of whenever they are finished using you. This video also tells about that.

Now you should know that the upper class trash intend to keep Warren in the game to keep taking votes away from Bernie to prevent Bernie from outright winning the primary and them screwing Bernie out of the appointment causing a rebellion by Bernie's commies in July.

Think not?

Watch this video and this video. Obviously, I am not the only one telling you this stuff any more, people. Others are also realizing what I am telling you and telling you too.

It is working so when do you think the shooting will start?

I keep waiting for Bernie to offer Warren the opportunity to be his VP to get her out of the race and give him her votes so he can still beat brain dead Biden and Warren is clearly playing both sides right now looking for the best deal she can get. Warren clearly doesn't care about anyone but herself and her bank account.

This video details some of this.

People, there is no guarantee that Biden can win the primary and keep this from being a contested primary for the DNC, which the upper class trash KNOW will result in all out warfare.

You better pray long, pray hard, pray often and lock and load.

I think that what the upper class trash are trying to do in order to save what is left of the Commierat party is have a convention that goes to the second round or be a contested primary so they can appoint whomever they want and then appoint Meghan as their presidential candidate because Hillary is washed up and no one else can beat Trump. The upper class trash need new family blood.

Remember, they have one goal in mind, which is to get rid of Trump AT ALL COSTS and Meghan is the only one on their side who has even a remote possibility of being able to do that as "America's first true princess president", which you know they will play to the max to pull on all of the stupid people's heart strings. Keep an eye on this because she and a violent coup are all the left has left to stop Trump from destroying their evil plans for their global dictatorship and putting their evil butts in prison.

People, the left has gotten almost everything it has achieved using emotionalism to con people into supporting what the upper class trash want. Greta Thunberg is a great example of this method of operation. The climate change thing was based entirely on them using her to develop emotionalism in people instead of using science to convince people. Obama is another example of the upper class trash using emotionalism. The upper class trash are masters at this kind of con and can fool the stupid people every time.

Look, people, the lefty upper class trash KNOW that Biden can't beat Trump, Bernie can't beat Trump, Warren can't beat Trump, Hillary can't beat Trump, and neither can anyone else on the left. They clearly KNOW this.

What? Do you think the upper class trash are dumping tens of millions of dollars into this primary to lose the election and permit Trump to continue destroying their evil plans for a global dictatorship and put their evil butts in prison?

No, they have to have something else up their sleeves and this is the only thing I can see that is even possible but, to pull this off, they have to stop Bernie. If they can't stop Bernie, then all they have left is a violent coup and a shooting war, which is why they are desperately committing crimes to seize people's guns.

You think I am wrong about the election being rigged against Bernie?

Watch this video. Also watch this video, which shows that Bernie's commies are getting mad with potential for violence.

This is getting interesting and the best and most insane soap opera on TV is the Commierat Party.

Meghan and Harry "leaving the Royal Family" at this time was no coincidence. It was all planned out in advance because the US president CANNOT hold a royal title of any sort from any other nation but they have to stop Bernie from screwing up their plans. The upper class trash corner is getting smaller every day.

Man plans, God laughs.

Open Borders?

Hey, what happened to the left's open borders policy?

This is just too funny. Watch this video. The left's open borders scam is coming back to haunt them.

Man plans, God laughs and laughs and laughs.

Remember that I told you that the idiot upper class trash have not figured out after thousands of years that the people who depend on their nations protecting them the most are the upper class because, when a nation is overthrown, the invaders ALWAYS pillage and loot the upper class and never the lower class because the lower class has nothing worth stealing? Remember that I taught you that, when the upper class trash weaken a nation so they can seize control of that nation that it also makes it possible for others to seize control of that nation, putting the upper class at risk? Are the upper class trash finally figuring this out?

I don't think they are that smart but I think they are starting to see some of the writing on the wall and they don't like what they are seeing.


This is hilarious. Remember that power mad Erdogan is trying to seize control of Northwestern Syria, can't get the US or EU to support him in a war against Russia, is using refugees to black mail the EU into supporting him in a war against Russia while he is waging war against Syria?

Putin "invited" Erdogan to Moscow for a meeting about this Syria mess Erdogan is causing and, after the meeting, they had this press announcement

Before you watch that video read this: keep a close eye on exactly what Putin said that he and Erdogan "agreed on", Erdogan's facial expression and body language, and Erdogan suddenly being nice in agreement with Putin.

Behind closed doors, Putin laid down the law to Erdogan, knowing the US and EU won't come to Erdogan's aid, and is using the press announcement to set up Erdogan and provide him with a way out without unduly embarrassing him and forcing Erdogan to suddenly decide, "of his own", of course, to play nice in Syria by "respecting the integrity of the nation of Syria", you know, exactly the opposite of what Erdogan has been doing.

Bwahahahahaha!!!! Basically, the mighty Ottoman Emperor wannabee, Erdogan, got his butt reamed by Putin behind closed doors! Erdogan got sent packing home with his tail between his hind legs. This is just too hilarious.

Don't you just love it when the power mad get put in their place the way they should be? Wouldn't you have loved to be a fly on one of those walls?


I got this from AP via CenturyLink by staff:

"HONG KONG (AP) - Pet cats and dogs cannot pass the new coronavirus on to humans, but they can test positive for low levels of the pathogen if they catch it from their owners.

That's the conclusion of Hong Kong's Agriculture, Fisheries and Conservation Department after a dog in quarantine tested weakly positive for the virus Feb. 27, Feb. 28 and March 2, using the canine's nasal and oral cavity samples.

A unidentified spokesman for the department was quoted in a news release as saying. 'There is currently no evidence that pet animals can be a source of infection of COVID-19 or that they become sick.'"

Did you know that there are very few diseases that transmit between humans and dogs and cats that adversely affect each other? Why?

Because of genetics. Remember that I taught you that, when a virus enters a host, it implants either DNA or RNA into cells to turn those cells into virus producing factories for the virus and, when the cells create new viruses, those viruses are made with some of the DNA/RNA of the host cell. That host DNA/RNA determines which organisms the virus can adversely affect, even though ALL organisms will enjest some of those same viruses. There are a lot of viruses that, if they come from rodents, birds, and pigs, will harm or kill humans but there are very few that will adversely affect humans when they come from dogs and cats because of the way dogs and cats change the DNA/RNA of the virus.

Just rats alone can transmit at least 75 KNOWN diseases to humans that will harm or kill humans. That doesn't include the diseases we have not yet found out about that rats can transmit to humans.

That is why pandemic populations of rodents and birds are so deadly to humans.

BTW, hold it, aren't we getting close to the Muslim holy day of Ramadan, you know, where tens of millions of Muslims travel from Muslim countries infected with the Coronavirus to Mecca to kiss that black rock to share the Coronavirus with tens of millions of Muslims returning to Muslim and other countries that are not yet infected with Coronavirus?

Talk about a coincidence, out of curiosity, I just looked up the date for Ramadan 2020 and it starts April 24th, just 49 days from now, you know, right at the height of this Coronavirus spreading around the world. Oops! Gee, and I was wondering how the Coronavirus was going to go globally pandemic. I ain't wondering no more, baby.

That will be interesting. Good old paganism, hard at work killing hundreds of millions of people globally. 49 days and counting, baby. Islam USED TO HAVE 1.5 billion people globally.

Did a light bulb just come on or what?

Me thinks I am going to stop shaking people's hands and start doing the Vulcan "how-do" thingy instead. It just could help you live longer and prosper.

The Poor

Remember that I have been telling you how the lefties use poverty and poverty programs like Welfare to create and keep voter slaves?

Read this article, it is just like I have been telling you. If you are poor and don't vote right, you don't eat tonight. All of these poor people programs are just poverty traps that enslave people into poverty to control them, which is why they designed the college loan program to impoverish and financially enslave people.


Maduro is telling his people that every woman is to have 6 children.

Gee, I wonder why Maduro is telling his people that every woman is to have 6 kids? Could it be that his imposed Marxist slavery has either killed off or run off too many of his people so he needs more slaves to run his Marxist dictatorship?

Probably. You see, even dictatorships have to have people or they end up just ruling rocks and trees, which don't make good slaves.

There is a wee bit of a problem with this. Biology teaches that during famine, you know, like Marxism causes, better than 90% of the women won't have enough nutrients to even ovulate, much less successfully carry a baby full term. This means that starving women CAN'T have 6 babies because of their beloved Marxism. Oops! Get it straight stupid Maduro, you can't just order starving women to have 6 babies. You have to feed them enough for them to have babies, fool.

Hey, I know, why don't we Americans send our lefties to Venezuela to be Maduro's slaves?

Hey, they love Marxism and he loves slaves, they should be absolutely happy together. They can get their beloved Marxism without forcing it on the rest of us and Maduro can get his slaves. It's a win-win, baby.

So, all of you lefty commie traitors get your evil butts to Venezuela to enjoy your beloved Marxism.

People, I hope you have realized by now that the lefties leaving these lefty run cities and states for conservative cities and states is not them having learned from their mistakes, it is them spreading their communism across the nation, destroying this nation one city and state at a time and they are using the greed of your conservative leaders to achieve this.

You see, your greedy conservative leaders want more people to come to their cities and states to "grow the economy" so they can make more money. This makes it easy for lefty commie traitors to move into and take over those conservative cities and states with your stupid conservative leaders not realizing that, because of their insane greed, they are eventually putting themselves out of business because those lefty commie traitors are not going to vote to keep the conservatives in power, they will vote them out of power and lefty commie traitors into power but the conservative leaders are about as stupid as lefty politicians importing illegal aliens to keep them in power.

And you think rich people are smarter than you?

And God said, "The love of money is the root of all evil."

I have watched the lefties take over entire conservative states that way for more than 50 years. It is a trap and the lefty commie traitors are using the greed of your corrupt conservative politicians and leaders to do it.

You DO NOT want these lefties fleeing these lefty rat holes to turn your homes into more lefty rat holes.

Hey, those commies will destroy our nation one way or another, even if they have to do it one city or state at a time.

People, the commies are using our public and secondary education systems to take over our nation one brain at a time. Think about that.

Are you ready for a true Biblical Christian theocracy without all of this greed and insanity yet? Are you ready for a Biblical 10% flat tax on income so the evil, corrupt politicians can's steal more than a maximum of 10% of your income under the guise of doing something good that they never do with plans to eventually force you into some form of slavery like Marxism so they can steal everything you earn? Are you finally ready to choose God's way over Satan's way?

BELIEVE ME, I can't wait for post Judgment Day Paradise, when we will NEVER again have to put up with the cons and corruption of satanic lefties again. They WILL leave us alone FOREVER and these evil human demons WILL pay for their crimes against us and God FOREVER!

John 3:16 For God so loved the world, that he gave his only begotten Son, that whosoever believeth in him should not perish, but have everlasting life.

You better....

Pray long, pray hard, pray often!!!

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