I Told You So 333

Commie Bus

Remember that I have been telling you that, when you are no longer useful to the lefty upper class trash, they will stuff your widdle commie butt on their lefty commie traitor bus?

Cuomo is changing the secondary education into learning online, eliminating the need for college professors to give lectures because the computers will teach and test you.

The idiot lefty college professors brainwashed their students into voting for the corrupt lefty commie traitor politicians and those politicians are betraying the college professors by stuffing their now worthless butts under ye ole commie bus and, if they will do it to the college professors, they will do it to the rest of you lefty commies out there.

Think about it, the corrupt lefty politicians getting rid of the government funded, corrupt, overpaid, lefty, commie traitor college professors will save a lot of government money for those corrupt politicians to stuff in their bank accounts.

This is just too funny because it was the lefty commie college professors who started, managed, and did the most important ground work for this treason and now they have made themselves worthless so they will have to get real jobs making a lot less money and be just like the rest of you, you know, disposable. I guess I was right when I told you that no one can trust a traitor, not even another traitor.

And God said, "Do unto others as you would have others do unto you."

I am still waiting for the lefty upper class trash to fire the rest of their corrupt, overpaid, lying lefty "journalists" and replace them with computers and animated people, which won't be too much longer, especially with their media going broke.

Hey, all of those liars on CNN, MSNBC, ABC, CBS, NBC, PBS, New York Times, and Washing Post will have to get real jobs, you know, cleaning toilets, sweeping floors, and taking out the trash. You know it is going to happen and it will save those media a ton of money, which will make the upper class trash even richer.

Can you see those overpaid clowns actually trying to learn how to work for a living?

I want video.


I am wondering about this Coronavirus "pandemic" that has only infected about 1,600 people with less than 100 people dead out of more than 300 million people in the US but has shut almost everything down and everyone in a panic like a bunch of spooked sheep.

Really? What are they distracting us from? Are they clamping down on everything and scaring everyone to stage a violent coup without the fear of getting their brains blown out? They sure are quickly increasing their control over everyone and everything a lot, aren't they? For what, a disease outbreak that isn't even close to epidemic levels yet, much less a pandemic? That sure puts them in a very powerful position, doesn't it? Is this poser pandemic what they will use to safely stage their coup and keep the people from fighting back?

BTW, I just saw a picture on FB of a man in line at the cash register with toilet paper and water stacked on top of his shopping cart to well over his head.

It dawned on me that it wouldn't take many twits buying that much stuff to quickly empty the shelves so I posted that picture on my wall, saying, "It doesn't take many twits buying this much stuff to quickly empty the shelves. It only takes a few stupid people to make things look worse."

Then God said, "Hey, stupid, what about this?" and stupid listened.

Did the lefty upper class trash pay a bunch of their lefty activists to buy up all of the toilet paper and water to help the upper class trash cause a panic to crash the economy to get rid of Trump?

I mean, after all, two lefty college professors and a doctor have been arrested for illegally selling COVID 19 to the Wuhan lab just before the COVID 19 "epidemic" started and the lefty deep state illegally brought infected people into the US against Trumps orders.

Gee, there sure are a lot of lefty coincidences, aren't there?

If this is true, everyone involved in trying to make people panic to crash the economy and stage a coup against the US by getting rid of Trump should be tried for treason, murder, crimes against humanity, and other major crimes and hung. They should not be allowed to get away with this horrible crime.

BTW, with our computerized cash registers, we can quickly find the people buying all of the toilet paper and water and find out who paid them to buy it all. I bet they didn't think about that, did they?

Do you believe me yet that lefties are evil human demons?

You better keep an eye on this.

Also, would you please quit calling out-right commies socialists to make them look nicer than they really are? What, aren't they proud of being the commies they are?

Oh yeah, they just don't want you to know they are full blown commies. I am so sick of this evil crap. I just want to get this evil crap over with.

Judicial System

Remember that I have been telling you that the legal system has been seriously corrupted by the left and we must clean that up?

Watch this video because she talks about injustice in the system. She tells you what I have been telling you, which is that we MUST clean up our courts of bad DAs and judges.

She tells you just how serious and critical this is.

Upper Class

Remember that I have been telling you that the upper class trash are not rich because they are superior to you and that most self made rich were simply in the right place at the right time?

This video the narrator literally tells you that Ford was successful because he was in the right place at the right time doing the right thing. If he had been a few decades earlier or later, he would not have succeeded just like Bill Gates, Zuckerberg, and others.

They are not more intelligent than you. That is a lie the upper class made up to intimidate you into submission.


Trump is using this COVID 19 thingy to waive the interest on student loans.

Yeah, he knows what I told you about the student loan interest racket and how it is being used by the lefty upper class trash to trap people in poverty.

He is using the "crisis" created by the left against the left to help the people and it is going to cost the upper class trash billions of dollars. You just know this will tick off those criminals.

BTW, the lefty trolls are using this COVID 19 thingy to really hammer FB with propaganda and, if you are not careful, it can get depressing. They are pumping out enough crap to fertilize the Sahara Desert several times over.

You can tell this was all planned out by the amounts and type of propaganda the lefty trolls are spitting out to scare everyone and destroy Trump.

Rush Limbaugh is also telling you about this being a conspiracy by the left with the left using their normal cop out and cover of calling it a "conspiracy theory". People, remember that they have already arrested at least two lefty college professors and a doctor for this conspiracy so this ain't no conspiracy theory, it is a conspiracy fact.

You need to understand that the lefties conspired with the Chinese Commies to stage this global act of terrorism that has panicked many and killed at least thousands so these criminals need to be facing a number of criminal charges and the death penalty, including but not limited to global terrorism, premeditated murder, and crimes against humanity.

You watch, when these lefty terrorists, from the lowest to the highest levels, find themselves facing the death penalty for their crimes, many of them will go belly up to save their own buts and give up the people who gave them their orders, which will eventually result in us hanging the highest level upper class trash who are causing all of this evil, which is already murdering thousands and potentially millions of innocent people.

People, this is the worst act of terrorism in history designed to terrorize and murder billions of people so the upper class trash can set up their global dictatorship to depopulate the planet and enslave everyone else. These upper class trash are the WORST criminals in history and should ALL be executed, some have earned being drawn and quartered to send a message to the rest of the upper class to behave and not do this again.

Do you believe me yet that the lefties are human demons?

But, hey, remember that we are still almost 7 months away from the election and that I told you that the lefties are the ones most likely to get and die from the virus. Know that, if either Biden or Bernie gets COVID 19, they are almost certainly dead. Oops! God will turn this conspiracy back against the lefties just like He has all of the rest.

Don't believe me?

I have been watching and, as the left's acts of terrorism have increased to overwhelm the people and put all of the people into a panic so the left can control them, they have actually overwhelmed most people's emotions, causing those people to get fed up with all of this scare propaganda, turn against that propaganda, and start either ignoring it or making jokes about it.

This terrorist attack by the left has already started backfiring against the left by turning more of the people against the left. More and more people are paying attention, seeing the truth, and turning against the left. God is opening eyes just like He told me and I told you so.

I am using FB, my training and research in human behavior and psychological warfare to stage counter attacks against the left's terrorist attacks against the people by posting funny posts to make people laugh and relax and causing people to actually laugh at the COVID 19 thing. It is working and some even thank me for the laughs.

Know that laughing causes people to relax and settle down so they won't be panicked. So, do like me and post everything funny you can, especially about COVID 19. Hey, baby, beat those lefty trolls at their own game, you know, by making people laugh.

I have also noticed that increasing numbers of stores are countering this "panic buying", you know, with lefties being sent out to clear shelves to further panic people. What the stores are doing is barricading the isles with water and toilet paper and rationing out the water and toilet paper so there is now plenty for everyone.

See, I told you God would turn this lefty tactic back against the lefties just like He has turned the rest of their tactics back against the lefties. Pray long, pray hard, pray often because it is working and also lock and load because God has let me know that you will need it soon to protect your families.

Note, they are telling you that the elderly are the ones who are most likely to die but most means more than half and not all. This should tell you that many of those who die will not be the elderly, just less than half.

Remember that I have also told you that the lefties are most likely to be infected (we are already seeing this at the upper levels with people like Tom Hanks) because they live in cities, where the population density is highest, they are far more social with them running the pick-up bars, clubs, and wild parties for sex and drugs, and they have weakened their immune systems with their sexually transmitted diseases and drugs. Just like I told you, we are already seeing increasing numbers of lefties being infected and it will only be a matter of time until they start croaking in mass, further depleting lefty voters for November, which will also take out a lot of the lefty terrorists, you know, trolls, activists, "journalists", politicians, bureaucrats, and celebrities.

Hey, the lefties can die just as dead as you can.

Note, I also saw a joke on FB that Tom Hanks is once again stranded on an island with Wilson (Rita Wilson.)

I am noticing that God is already turning this horrific act of terrorism against the terrorists themselves and will continue to do so. This latest great sounding stupid idea of the left is already failing and backfiring on them just like all of the rest of their great sounding stupid ideas have.

And you think they are smarter than you because they stole more money than you can earn?

I am noticing that Harry and Meghan are still in the news every day with another story that is 1) making it look like they are no longer royalty and 2) the poor widdle things are victims to play on the emotional heart strings of the stupid lefties so the stupid people will accept and even want to see "poor widdel Princess Meghan" run for president against Trump but, by then, there ain't going to be too awful many lefty voters left and, get it straight, by attempting to destroy the economy and your lives to destroy Trump, the left is trying to win back the lefty voters they have already lost so they can beat Trump in November.

Yeah, the left really cares about you when they are willing to destroy your lives and even kill you to get their beloved Marxist dictatorship. Nothing says love like destroying people's lives and murdering them for money and power.

Do you believe me yet that the ONLY thing the lefties care about is themselves and their bank accounts?

BTW, you think the left is not doing this to "quarantine" and control you so they can impose their dictatorship on you?

Read this "Emergency Powers Act" being voted on by the lefty run Albuquerque City Council (it is only 3 pages long) and this ain't the only lefty run community doing this. Please notice all of the controls highlighted or circled in that item. That is all about using a crisis to gain complete control of the people to prevent a counter coup by the people. If the lefties shut down the streets, WE, the people, can't get together to organize a counter coup, especially with them also censoring our communications.

Did a light bulb or two just come on? Do you really think this is not the left trying to finalize their coup without getting their brains blown out?

Remember, I told you so.

John 3:16 For God so loved the world, that he gave his only begotten Son, that whosoever believeth in him should not perish, but have everlasting life.

You better....

Pray long, pray hard, pray often!!!

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