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It has just become a wee bit too obvious what the lefties are doing with this Coronavirus and it makes it very obvious that this was orchestrated and, yes, the lefties do conspire or work together to do such evil things.

They are now shutting down all events, public and secondary schools, the cruise lines are stopping operations, they have already been censoring us for at least a few years now, and anything else that has to do with mobility and information gathering.

They are using the fear they have generated with the Coronavirus as an excuse to immobilize and censor us so we can't stage a counter coup when they stage their violent coup.

People, only about a thousand people are infected, less than 100 (I last read it was only 40) people have died and they are locking this nation down like 100 million people are infected and 10 million are dead. Last year's flu season was much, much worse than this is so there is no real reason for all of these actions, if it has anything to do with health.

The lefties are doing the same thing the Chinese used the Coronavirus to lock down and regain control of their people.

This can be for nothing else but to gain complete control of the American people so why do they want complete control of the American people?

The only reason I can see is so they can finish staging their coup of our government to set up their Marxist dictatorship without getting their brains blown out. This also proves my hypothesis that this Commierat primary election thingy is just a distraction and smoke and mirrors to cover their impending coup because they KNOW they can't beat Trump, which is why they let it get so radical and out of hand, you know, distract the American people from what the left is really doing. Plus they are using this scare to destroy the US economy and shale oil companies to financially and economically handicap the US.

You better pray long, pray hard, pray often and lock and load because it won't be long now until they stage their violent coup or violent part of this ongoing coup.

What Trump needs to do to beat this is use their manufactured Coronavirus "Pandemic" to declare a national emergency, use the national emergency to declare martial law, use the martial law to cancel the 2020 election so he can remain president for the next four years, and watch this Coronavirus thingy magically disappear.

Let me share with you a tactic used by the greatest generals and martial artists I learned a long time ago and taught my bike racers that works really well.

When your opponent attacks you, always turn their attack back against them to defeat them. It will cause them confusion in that you are using their own tactic against them. It works incredibly well.

So, if the left is saying Trump isn't doing enough because of their manufactured crisis, then Trump should do the most a president can do by using their fake crisis to declare a national emergency, use the national emergency to declare martial law, use martial law to suspend the US Constitution, Congress, the Supreme Court, and the election making himself president until either 2024 or until the lefties decide their fake crisis really isn't all that bad, while stating that, as per the law, the next step will be for him to use the martial law to seize control of the lefty media to stop the national panic, at which time Trump should return the nation to its normal function. End game, the people.

Then I saw that Trump just declared a national emergency.

BTW, with so many states closing schools because of this outbreak, how many more parents do you think will start home schooling their kids, especially since the public school system is already just brainwashing your kids instead of educating them? Do you think that, maybe, God is using this fake pandemic by the left to get more people, especially Christians to pull their kids out of the public school system and home school them?

See, it was God who taught me to use your enemy's tactics against them because God has been doing this to beat Satan for 6 thousand years and it works.

Satan had his people started this COVID 19 "pandemic" to seize control of the people and God is turning it back against Satan and his evil spawn by using it to shut down their corrupt sports, schools, universities, and other programs Satan had taken control of and has been using against us.

You watch how much more of Satan's corruption God destroys and how many of Satan's spawn God kills with this and other satanic efforts and how God uses these satanic tactics to draw Christians together and strengthen them.

Man plans, God laughs.

BTW, people are in a frenzy about the schools being shut down for at least 4 weeks, possibly for the rest of the year. They are running around in circles screaming about what are they going to do with the kids.

Uh, home schooling comes to mind. The kids will keep learning, they will get better scores on their SAT tests, and it is safer, especially during a "pandemic".

I have not heard one person mention home schooling when it should just be common sense.

BTW, see this video about how this COVID 19 outbreak is proving Trump's policies and disproving the lefty commie traitor policies. It is backfiring on the left...again, of course.

Remember that three lefties, two college professors and a doctor, have been arrested for selling this virus to the lab in Wuhan just before it "got loose" in Wuhan and then was brought to the US against Trumps will by members of the deep state to make it look like the virus outbreak was caused in China and not by our lefties in conjunction with China.

It is also starting to look like this was done by the left to give China an upper hand against Trump's sanctions by putting the US in a bad situation with China controlling our antibiotics and other medical supplies and, if that is true, this is pure treason and people should be hung.

One thing this is showing is that our upper class trash opening factories in the nations of potential enemies like China to increase their profits by taking advantage of China's slavery is a threat to US national security and should be treated as such.

Good old globalism, screwing things up for all of us.

Also, the DNC is using the COVID 19 as an excuse to cancel the Louisiana primary and possibly even the rest of the primaries, you know, so they can have a contested primary to just appoint Joe Biden the way they were talking about to keep Biden from having to debate Bernie. See this video. You don't think they are shutting down the Commierat primaries so lefties like Pelosi, Schumer, Schiff, and Nadler can't be voted out in the primary elections do you?

Hey, they can just appoint whomever they want. Gee, what a coincidence. So much for democracy. Me thinks me smells a rat, a Commierat.

There are just too many coincidences here. It is looking just too much like the left intentionally caused this disease outbreak to solve a number of problems that were causing the Commierats to lose ground to both the conservatives and the far left Bernie commies.

Do you now understand why the lefties have not been concerned about chasing voters away? Gee, you don't think they were already planning on using this COVID 19 "pandemic" to cancel elections last fall do you?

BTW, Maybe this will save a life or two. I am seeing them talking about "not having enough ventilators" for very many people and that this shortage could cause people to die.

"Panic, panic, aaaaaaah, the sky is falling!!!!" (while running around in circles.)

People, a CPAP machine used for sleep apnea is a ventilator and there are millions of them in the US alone. It blows air into your lungs just like a ventilator.

So, if a doctor tells you that you need a ventilator and only if a doctor tells you that you need a ventilator and they don't have any ventilators available, buy a CPAP machine or the next best thing. Do not buy one if a doctor does not tell you that you need one because stupid panic buying for these could cost the lives of people who really need them. Besides, they are expensive.

People, in a crisis like this, think, learn, adapt, do what you have to, and survive. You do the best you can with whatever you can get and stay alive. It is called "survival of the fittest". Quit depending on others to do your thinking for you.

A lot of stupid people are going to die in this one, most with lots of TP and water.

Social Distancing?

What is the crap about "new" social distancing?

You mean like everyone walking around looking at their phones instead of talking to anyone?

Yeah, it has already been going on for some time.

Chelsea Manning

One of those stupid judges just ordered that Chelsea Manning be released from prison because he tried to commit suicide.

My first thought was, "Did his attorney tell him to 'attempt' suicide to get the judge to feel sorry for him and turn him loose?"

Another thought is that, if he really did try to commit suicide, was on suicide watch and they turn him loose, will he not be more likely to successfully commit suicide because he is no longer on suicide watch?

Gee, that was smart. Either way, the judge was stupid for turning him loose from prison.


Here is a very smart move by Putin. During this COVID 19 outbreak, Putin provided COVID 19 test kits to the former Soviet Union states, when the West didn't.

Understanding basic human nature, what do you think that will do?

It will cause those states to feel more loyal to Russia and more distant from the West.

What should this tell you?

Putin is coercing those states into helping him rebuild the Soviet Union as a democratic, capitalist and Christian Orthodox state, you know, like the US was successful at and the EU is failing at.

Remember that I told you years ago that Putin is smarter than any world leader for the last few decades except for Trump and I also told you to keep an eye on this.


I keep seeing people talking about how Billy Boy and Hillary should go to jail for the crimes they have committed, many of which are pretty much public or common knowledge.

People, it is not POSSIBLE for them to have committed most of these crimes and being able to get away with those crimes WITHOUT them belonging to a massive global criminal organization. They are upper level members in the largest, most corrupt, most ruthless, and most evil criminal organization in history, which is the reason they can do what they do and not hang. All of those criminals in that criminal organization should go to jail or be hung.

Know that, if either one of them is ever convicted, the rest of that criminal organization will "suicide" them.


This is a warning. I am seeing increasing numbers of cities, towns, villages, and states using COVID 19 as an excuse to "lock down" their people, you know, take away your mobility, so they can finish staging their coup.

What they are doing is, they have not been able to grab your guns so they are locking everyone down (read martial law) so no one can move to help others and then they will go house-to-house to get your guns, when no one can come to anyone else's aid, and then they will finish staging their coup without you being able to blow their brains out.

KNOW that the lefties are staging their coup RIGHT NOW!!!! You will soon wake up to realize that you no longer have a republic but are under the oppressive rule of either a Marxist or Muslim dictatorship without the ability to fight back for your freedoms and rights.

They are using fear to get you to submit to their absolute rule so they can incapacitate you so they can disarm you so they can enslave you. They are doing this RIGHT NOW!!!!


You think I am wrong?

Watch this video because he also sees what I am seeing. Then watch this video.

You think this ain't no coup?

John 3:16 For God so loved the world, that he gave his only begotten Son, that whosoever believeth in him should not perish, but have everlasting life.

You better....

Pray long, pray hard, pray often!!!

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