I Told You So 334

Government Corruption

Remember that I have been telling you about how extensive government corruption really is and the left has turned our government into a money laundering racket?

This video gives you a very good example of that corruption but keep in mind that this is just one example of tens of thousands of such crimes committed by the lefties and RINOs.

If you took back all of the money the lefties and RINOs have stolen, you could pay off the US national debt with plenty left over to fix the things which need to be fixed but have been ignored so they could steal the money they stole.

I keep showing you example after example of the upper class trash corruption and I have not even scratched the surface yet.

I have been watching this corruption going on for half a century and it just keeps getting worse. It is now so bad that the lefties have driven the US into trillions of dollars of debt because they have stolen more than the US takes in as taxes. They have plundered our nation and we need to take it back to rebuild our nation.


Remember that I have been telling you that the Commierats are staging a coup RIGHT NOW, not next week, next month, or next year, RIGHT NOW!

I keep seeing more and more bad news videos like this video that provide us with increasing information that the lefties are RIGHT NOW staging a coup of our nation. If they cannot do it at the national level, they will do it at the state and local level and are doing so RIGHT NOW!

People, the left started by saying the lock down would last one to two weeks, then a month and now they are saying 45 days or maybe even 3 months, you know, however long it takes to finalize their coup. Watch this video and this is not the only place I have heard 3 months.

Note that one clear reason they are shutting everything down is so you will become so broke from not having an income, you know, no job, that you will gladly sell your guns and ammunition for money to buy food. The lefties will get your guns one way or another.

People, it is time to wake up. If you vote for a Commierat for any reason, you are voting for them to stage a coup, seize control of our nation, and impose a Marxist dictatorship on you. You MUST wake up before they finish their coup because, by then, it will be too late. You MUST vote ALL Commierats out of office and power for at least the next three to four decades or you will lose your nation, rights, freedoms, and possibly life.

We beat them at the national level and all they did was regroup, reorganize, and continue at the national level plus are staging their coup at the state and local level now just in case they can't regain control at the national level.

You MUST stop voting for Commierats for any political office regardless of what they say and they prove this more and more every day. Remember that Hitler DID NOT tell his people that he would stage a coup and murder millions in death camps. He just did that after he got in power and that is what the Commierats are doing RIGHT NOW!

Think about this. They have cancelled all TV shows and movies "because of COVID 19", when COVID 19 has not even infected 2,000 people or killed even 100 people? They are even shutting down the public school and secondary brainwashing...uh...education system. Really?

We are currently in the middle of the 2020 flu season with, according to the CDC, 16,000 deaths and 280,000 hospitalized by the flu and they are shutting everything down because of COVID 19? Are you really dumb enough to believe that?

People, the left is shutting down its entire propaganda machine during the elections because of COVID 19 and not because of the flu? Really? Why?

Because the lefty propaganda machine isn't even working anymore because too few people believe the lies anymore and the left clearly doesn't plan to even have an election this coming November.

You think the lefty propaganda machine is still working?

This video tells you that most Americans are supporting Trump's efforts to control COVID 19. 73% support his decision to stop travel from China, 61% support Trump stopping travel from Europe, they support most of Trump's other policies, and 47% agree that the lefty media have created an artificial panic. Also, watch this video.

Basically, the lefty plans to use the COVID 19 outbreak are failing at least as bad as Russia gate, Mueller, impeachment, and everything else the left have tried and are even backfiring on them, you know, just like everything else they have tried. This video that the globalist efforts to use COVID 19 to stage their coup has failed and even the UN is backing off.

All of those rich celebrities are going under ye ole commie bus right now because they are useless to the upper class trash, you know, just like I have been telling you for years. Don't be surprised to see those celebrities replaced with computer animations soon. Up until now, the election, which is also being shut down, and the media were nothing but distractions to keep you from noticing their coup. This should all tell you that the lefty upper class trash don't feel they need those distractions any more. Think about that.

The only thing that can mean is that the left is in the last stages of their coup right now.

This is an ongoing soft coup that is about to go nuclear, people. You better pray long, pray hard, pray often and lock and load because it is RIGHT NOW going nuclear.

You think the globalists are not staging a coup to set up a global dictatorship?

I just read the France and Italy are "thinking about" nationalizing the airlines. They are moving to seize control of businesses and using this "pandemic" as an excuse to institute their communist dictatorship, after they destroy those businesses with the quarantines. You know, after they destroy those businesses with their quarantines they set up because of their fear mongering over a fake pandemic, they are going to gallantly save those businesses by nationalizing them.

You still think this isn't a coup in progress using COVID 19 for cover?

Then I read that some states are still having elections while other states are canceling or postponing elections.


Because Bernie is insisting on continuing the elections right up to the Commierat convention and, if they don't, then Bernie's commies will go nuclear on the DNC.


Because Bernie knows that Biden is now under investigation for high crimes, which Bernie knows Biden committed, and, when Biden gets arrested for high crimes, that will automatically disqualify Biden from being president and Bernie knows that, if they have the convention and Bernie is still in second place when Biden gets arrested, it will be easier for Bernie to insist on Bernie being the Commierat presidential candidate but, after the serious defeats Bernie suffered this last Tuesday, he is rethinking his strategy because he may now realize he has no hope of beating Trump. We will see what Bernie decides.

BTW, Trump has enough delegates now that he has already secured his position as the GOP presidential candidate.

After getting severely trounced by Biden in this last Tuesday's elections, Bernie seems to have given up. I guess he finally realized that most people in the US don't want his beloved communism so there is no way he can beat Trump. Hey, if most Commierats don't want his communism that bad, then you know that most Americans don't want his communism at all.

You are right now witnessing the destruction of the greatest nation in history to set up a lefty dictatorship. This is the worst act of treason, worst crime against humanity, and worst case of betrayal and corruption in history and everyone involved should be shot or hung.

But, hey, the lefties who helped commit these crimes are right now getting their up-and-comings and I want video. "Get under that bus."

Believe me yet?

BTW, I expect to see the conservative journalist and preachers end up in concentration camps to silence and control them.

BTW, here is an interesting coincidence. Remember that commie AOC said that, for the "Green New Deal" we would have to shut down the airlines, you know, to immobilize the people so the people would be easier to control?

Now, for COVID 19, they are shutting down the airlines. Think about that. The left is going to get their dictatorship one way or another.


Remember that I have been telling you that this virus is not spreading normally and seems to be in the process of being intentionally spread by someone?

This video tells you that people who have not traveled and have not been exposed to anyone who has traveled are now turning up infected. One medical expert said that "it seems to be spreading on its own." You know, it is getting up, walking around, infection people. People, diseases don't spread on their own.

Believe me yet?

This is not the way even a pneumonic disease spreads. It has to be spread organism-to-organism and doesn't just magically appear here, there, and everywhere, you know, spreading on its own. Something is going on here and it looks increasingly like the lefties intentionally caused the outbreak and are intentionally spreading it here in the US and probably in other nations too. These people are horrible criminals murdering people for greed and power. They should not get away with this horrible crime.

Remember that I told you that the people are most likely to be infected are lefties and why?

I am seeing increasing numbers of lefties turning up infected just like I told you. If enough of them get infected and just 2% of those die, it will make it even more unlikely that the Commierats will be able to win the election but they may already know that, which is why I see them making the moves to incapacitate and disarm us so they can finalize their coup. They won't need voters, just to have the only guns.

Then I got this from Breitbart by Hannah Bleau:

"Hordes of young people defied orders to practice social distancing as coronavirus concerns steadily increase, congregating on South Florida beaches Tuesday despite official calls to limit social events to groups of ten."

Yep, dem smarty pants lefty party, party, party kids are going to keep spreading it because dey just gots to get drunk, stoned, and laid. It is like God said, they love their sins. You know that a bunch of them will be bringing COVID 19 back from their wild parties and share it with their friends at their wild parties here in the US. Don't be surprised to see from 70% to better than 90% of the people who get and die from COVID 19 are lefties, further depleting Commierat voters before November's election.

And they think they are the smart people?

Keep an eye on this.

Biological Warfare

It is time for me to share some stuff I was trained in, both in college and in the US Military, called biological warfare. Remember, I was trained in this stuff, I know this stuff, and I recognize this stuff when I see it and I am seeing it right now. Hang on because this is the great wild ride through Hell and you are about to learn why I told you more than a decade ago that biological warfare is far worse than even nuclear warfare. You are also about to learn just how evil the lefty upper class trash really are.

Let's start with some basic biology concerning germ warfare so you will know how and why this works. People, we have known this crap for far more than half a century. I will keep this as simple as I can but, if you get lost, back up to where you last understood and read again until you understand it. You really need to know this because it may save your life.

When you get a protists (bacterium or virus) in your system, your immune system starts pumping out antibodies to kill the invading protist and remember that your immune system, pending its strength, can only pump out so many antibodies within any 24 hour period of time and it takes your immune system time to ramp up to maximum potential warfare, which gives the protist a head start, which is why you get sick for a while with any protist unless you have a really powerful immune system created by really great health, like I built my immune system up to with a marathon sport.

(BTW, bicycle road racing will build your fitness level or health to a much higher level than even marathon running because, instead of working out for 2 to 4 hours, like marathon runners do, you workout 6 to 8+ hours, which builds your body even stronger. Hey, I know where you can buy a really great book for learning how to train for bicycle road racing. It is called "A Better Way to Train." It is going to take time so the sooner you get started with the mess the upper class trash have created, the better. Every little bit helps and your life is now at stake, thanks to the upper class trash. I have been warning you about this for decades and now it is happening.)

Once your immune system is pumping out antibodies for one protist, it will be limited in its ability to pump out new antibodies for the second protist pending the number of organisms your body is detecting and fighting for protist A. The more of those organisms your body is detecting, the more of those antibodies your body will already be pumping out for that organism so that it will be able to pump even fewer antibodies for protist B.

What happens to the protists your immune system doesn't kill?

They start reproducing, creating millions more protists in an attempt to overwhelm your immune system so they can chow down on your cells in your body with impunity before you die. It is a numbers game, people, and, if you die, you lost the game.

Remember that I told you a number of times that protists kill more people every year than all other causes of death combined?

Therefore, the more types of protists you have in your body, the fewer of each type of antibodies your immune system can produce so the more the protists can reproduce so that even diseases that normally don't kill people can overwhelm your body's defenses and kill enough of the right cells to cause your death. That happens more than they are telling you and is why AIDs patients tend to die from pneumonia and not from the AIDs virus.

Therefore, the strength of your immune system in relation to the strength of the protist invasion is what will determine whether you survive, and this is critical. The strength of your immune system is largely determined by your fitness level, which we KNOW helps build your immune system stronger, the number of other protists you are already fighting, and how much damage you have done to your immune system with things like recreational drugs and those drugs really screw up your immune system.

Now, better cardiovascular and cardio respiratory systems also help your immune system fight off a protist invasion because, with better cardiovascular and cardio respiratory systems, your body can provide more molecules per hour for your immune system to turn into antibodies, carry more antibodies throughout your body faster to kill more protists faster, and help more quickly repair damaged done by those protists to help prevent death.

You see why fitness, good health, and no drug abuse are so important in this numbers game? Do you see why I have been warning you about a polydemic, you know, simultaneous pandemics?

They KNOW this, people. The lefty upper class trash KNOW that, in a polydemic, you stupid lefty commie traitor minions are going to die like flies because they have taught you to live so your health will suck big time and you will have the least possible resistance to biological weapons.

Democratic Socialism?

It ain't going to happen because it is going to be another Marxist dictatorship. So they lied to you...again.

Now, remember that they arrested two lefty college professors and a doctor a few weeks ago for selling COVID 19 to the Wuhan lab just before the outbreak? Where did they get the virus?

From a biology lab in either a university or hospital in the US.

What were they doing with that virus in a biology lab?

They were weaponizing it, baby, you know, to use as a weapon to kill a lot of people very quickly. All major nations do this, which is exactly what they are doing in the Wuhan lab. The Wuhan lab is a biological warfare weapons lab.

Remember that I told you that I studied biology, was trained in biological warfare by the US Military, and I have known researchers doing this biological warfare research?

What do they do when they weaponize a protist?

They do 2 things, 1) develop a strain of the protist that is particularly deadly, resistant to treatment, and will spread very quickly. 2) Develop a vaccine that will protect them from the virus so that, when they turn it loose on their enemies, the virus won't also kill them and their people.

Do you think that maybe the upper class trash have that vaccine for COVID 19 and the people they want to kill don't have it, you know, most of you lefty minions they will no longer need when they have absolute control and no longer need voters?

Probably or they probably wouldn't have turned it loose and you should also know that many of the people who know about that vaccine and "got a shot", probably only got water so the inner core of the upper class trash could easily purge them too to consolidate power. I don't know how many times I have seen that happen.

Remember that I told you that no one can trust a traitor, not even another traitor?

You better bet on it. I have seen that happen too many times in the last half century. If you don't believe me, just study history.

Remember that the lefty deep state brought this protist into the US against Trump's will? Gee, there sure are a lot of coincidences, aren't there?

Remember that the lefties are using this pandemic to shut down and destroy our economy to destroy Trump and they are immobilizing everyone so no one can mobilize to stage a counter coup? And you think the lefty upper class trash are not now waging biological warfare against you?

I know, let's review what has happened here. 1) 2 college professors and a doctor sold COVID 19 to the Wuhan biological weapons warfare lab and the lab turned the virus loose on their people to brutally regain control of their people and stop the protests and rioting, 2) the virus began to spread around the world with members of the US deep state bringing it into the US against Trump's will and it showing up in Iran, 3) Iran turned it loose on their people to regain control of the people and stop the protests and rioting plus a few of their upper class trash also died (most likely they didn't get the true vaccine and only got a shot of water to purge them with the leaders using the lame excuse that "the shot probably didn't take" or "wasn't effective for them"), 4) the virus showed up in Europe, where the lefty leaders like Macron turned it lose on their people to regain control and stop the protests and rioting and shut down their economy to gain complete control of the people, and 5) the virus started spreading in North America and is being used to destroy mom and pop businesses (which employ better than 90% of the working people in the US and eliminating business competition for their upper class trash cronies) and immobilize the people to gain complete control and prevent a counter coup.

Yep, it looks like a very well planned out biological warfare attack against the people to enslave the people.

Get the picture yet? What? You think the evil upper class trash don't conspire or talk together to plan out their evil and they all end up doing the same evil things at the same time by coincidence? Really? Just how many bridges do you plan on buying before they kill you?

Remember that, in espionage, you gotta connect them dots, baby, or you don't get the picture.


Remember that I have been telling you that a big part of our problem is that paganism is increasing in the West?

Our nations have been moving from Christianity to paganism because the public and secondary school systems are using the lie of evolution to convince people that there is no God and we are just an accident. This video shows how bad this has gotten in Europe. They say that these once Christian nations are now about 70% pagan, which is why they have no Christian morals, values, or ethics. With no Christian morals, values, or ethics, you can do as you will so they are getting further and further from sanity and reason.

The reason that things are getting so incredibly bad is because pagans always force their morals, values, and ethics on everyone else, including Christians because they want you to be tolerant of their beliefs but they refuse to be tolerant of your beliefs, which is why you can't let paganism get started by being tolerant of their beliefs. That will only give them a chance to gain control and force their beliefs on you.

Things are just going to keep getting worse until they are completely out of control and people begin to realize that paganism just doesn't work. Then God will begin to build a revival.

You better pray long, pray hard, pray often and be sure to pray for the salvation of everyone on the planet.

Corrupt Legal System

Remember that I have been telling you that we need to get rid of bad judges and DAs along with bad cops?

Watch this video and he will tell you about people being punished for helping others or defending themselves because of bad cops, DAs, and judges. These idiots have really screwed up our nations making people afraid to stand up to bad guys. No wonder the bad guys are taking over.

When you are ready for a Christian theocracy to protect you and your family from bad guys, let God know. I am sure He will be glad to hear it.

Food For Thought

What is the most deadly plague in the last 500 years?

WRONG! It wasn't the Spanish Flu. It was Marxism, which murdered at least more than 100 million people and probably more than 200 million people and is still killing people almost 120 years later.

I dare anyone to name one other plague in the last 500 years that has killed more humans than Marxism. Go ahead, try it. It is a historic fact that Marxism is the worst plague in more than 500 years.

Here is an easy prediction: With the lefty commie traitors shutting everything down because less than 2,000 people have been infected and less than 100 have died, watch millions of now unemployed illegals (A.K.A. lefty voters) leave the US and go home. Hey, no workie, no money, no stay.

Is God cleaning up our lefty caused problems or what? What? Another great sounding stupid lefty idea backfiring? Who would have figured?

Keep praying, people, it is working.

BTW, this quarantine thingy is just opening more eyes because impoverishing millions of people by closing their jobs for purely political reasons is proving that the lefties don't care about anyone but themselves and their bank accounts, you know, just like I have been telling you.


In scrolling down through FB and seeing increasing lefty troll postings, it is amazing the stupid stuff the lefties believe.

The intensity of their posting is increasing by the day with increasing numbers of lefty trolls who have not previously done much posting. The trolls must be getting paid a lot more money in an effort to destroy Trump.

Their problem is that only the stupid people are believing it so they are "preaching to the lefty choir". If anything, it is turning the moderates and conservatives further to the right.

The lefty problem is that more people are now paying attention and know better than to believe the lies so that, with the lies getting more and more obvious and frequent, the left is just pushing more and more people to the right.

Gee, another great sounding stupid lefty idea backfiring. Who would have guessed?

God is really opening eyes so keep praying.

Think not? What do you think will happen with them closing the bars sooner with ye ole quarantine thingy?

They will get more people in the bars earlier and at the same time so the bars will be even more congested and the infection will spread faster but the lefty upper class trash smarty pants are too stupid to figure that one out. All their stupid quarantine means is that more people will be infected in less time.

This is just another great sounding stupid lefty idea that will make things worse. That is an easy prediction only requiring common sense, people. Those lefties won't quit going to the bars, clubs, and wild parties. They love their sins.

This proves the idiot lefties have absolutely no common sense or they are intentionally trying to infect and murder more of you lefties. I have been watching for more than half a century and can't think of one time the lefties have done anything good or right.

Believe me yet that the lefties are the stupidest people on the planet?

BTW, the lefties are shutting down the local mom and pop businesses to eliminate competition for the big corporations, who often don't have the restrictions the smaller businesses have. This will kill mom and pop businesses, putting a lot of people out of work, destroying the economy, and promote the big corporations.

Gee, I wonder whose pocket the lefties are living in? Does the left putting millions of you out of work so the left can get their power back prove the lefties don't really care about anyone but themselves and their bank accounts?

The lefties are literally destroying millions of people's lives so the left can get their power back.

Trump's trillion dollar bailout for mom and pop businesses is meant to keep most of those mom and pop businesses alive, countering the lefty efforts to help the major corporations take over the markets completely.

See the games the lefties are playing and Trump keeps countering? Believe me yet that the lefties all belong in prison or hung?

Food For Thought

I am seeing pictures of empty freeways from all over the world. If this huge decrease in driving doesn't stop climate change, then the lefties are liars. Think about it.

Is God turning this lefty pandemic against the left and using it to expose their lies or what?

John 3:16 For God so loved the world, that he gave his only begotten Son, that whosoever believeth in him should not perish, but have everlasting life.

You better....

Pray long, pray hard, pray often!!!

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