I Told You So 336

Lefty Coup

Remember I told you that the lefties will be able to seize control of large parts of the US with their current lefty coup but not all of it? Remember that I have been telling you that COVID 19 is being fear mongered by the left?

Watch this video.

When the dust settles on this and the end statistics are nowhere as bad as the fear mongering lefties said they would be, the lefties are going to look really stupid, many people will wake up to having been lied to and their lives ruined by those lies and the fear mongering, and very few people will believe anything the lefties, especially the media say.

People, this video is telling you that is already starting to happen, you know, just like with EVERY OTHER fear mongering crusade the lefties have caused. In a few months, maybe in weeks, this will backlash really bad on the lefties and you will probably see Trump's ratings go over 60%. If there is an election, Trump will probably win all 50 states after this fear mongering crusade that is destroying our economy.

People, the left is beginning to realize that, once again, they started something they can't win. If this continues and Trump even just lessens its severity, which he already has, the left loses and Trump's approval increases. If this comes to an end faster with less severity than the left claimed, Trump's approval increases.

This pandemic the left clearly created and used to destroy the economy and people's lives will backfire on the left no matter which way it goes at this time. With Trump insisting he will be able to restart our economy by Easter, April 12, you could see his approval rating go over 70%.

This video that the pandemic is backfiring and increasing Trump's popularity and also watch this video.

Remember that I told you that the left is also using this to destroy mom and pop businesses to give big corporations more control of the economy?

I got this from Breitbart by John Binder:

"Private equity firms are reportedly using the Chinese coronavirus pandemic as an opportunity to cheaply buy up businesses, which will have a crippling impact on America's small business owners.

While small and medium-sized businesses struggle to stay afloat in the midst of the coronavirus crisis - awaiting aid from the federal government - reports indicate that private equity firms on Wall Street "have been waiting" for economic devastation to capitalize on those hardships."


"Federal Trade Commission (FTC) Commissioner Rohit Chopra has blasted the predatory practices currently being used to further devastate American small businesses and monopolize economic power."

Gee, you don't think ye ole puppet masters were planning to use this to destroy the economy to eliminate competition so small businesses would have to sell out to the upper class trash to keep from going completely broke, do you?

Remember that I have been warning you about the pandemic potential caused by our rodent, bird, and bug pandemics caused by us not learning from history and killing free roaming feral cats?

There are any number of diseases in this world, especially Asia and the US, which are within just two to three days of the US, that, if they get into our rodent, bird, and bug pandemic populations, will be 10 to 20 times worse than COVID 19 because a lock down won't keep the rodents, birds, and bugs from spreading those diseases to your homes and very quickly. Currently, the mortality rate for COVID 19 is about 1.2% or less in the US, 1,696 deaths out of 104,142 infections in the US.

Remember that I told you that there are strains of Yersinia Pestis in the US and some strains are not treatable and curable?

If we get a treatable and curable strain of Yersinia Pestis in our national rodent population like the strain that recently killed more than 3,000 people in Madagascar, even with our medicine, the mortality rate could easily be 10% to 20% or at least 10 to 20 times worse than COVID 19. If we get an untreatable strain in our rodent population, the mortality rate could be 40% to more than 50%, probably more than 50%. If any of those strains get into people's lungs and turns into the pneumonic plague, the mortality rate could be 60% to more than 80%. Note that the pneumonic plague is what killed more than half of the people who recently died in Madagascar.

And you think COVID 19 is a bad bug?

Oh, baby, I know some really bad crap. When it comes to telling scary stories, Stephen King has nothing on a good biologist. We know the scariest stuff and COVID 19 ain't even in the top of that list.

Are you listening yet? Do I have your attention?

Me thinks this might be a warning from God that we better get our act together soon and clean up the mess the lefties, especially conservationists, have caused before it is too late? Think not?

Watch this video about a new more lethal virus starting to spread in China, which is transported by mice.

BTW, this guy is really funny, which helps make the news more tolerable and I want to nominate him for "king of sarcasm". Also note that this guy and his staff really do their homework and I have not seen their news be wrong once.

Remember that I have told you that it looks like the left is intentionally spreading COVID 19?

I have seen a number of reports of them arresting people for terrorism who were intentionally spreading the disease. Usually, what they do is intentionally sneeze on fruit and vegetables in the stores. There was one case where the guy went around to different stores licking the handles on shopping carts.

BTW, the people they are putting most at risk are liberals because they committed these crimes in large cities and most of the people shopping in those stores in those large cities are liberals and most liberals are living and shopping in those stores in those large cities.

If they can stop this, the disease will quickly go away and the left knows it. Keep an eye on this.

Also, I am seeing increasing numbers of the upper class trash who are diagnosed with COVID 19 and almost none of them get sick, much less die, even the older ones.

Does the upper class trash already have a vaccine like I told you they probably do and are not telling us about it?

Watch this Weinstein thingy where he has contracted COVID 19. Is the upper class trash going to use this to get him out of jail because he was a good boy and didn't go belly up on them or are they going to use it to kill him?

Keep an eye on this.

Remember that I told you that the areas that would be hardest hit by COVID 19 would be the big cities?

This article shows that. It is happening just like I told you it would happen.

Note that better than 90% of the infections are in less than 20 of our largest cities and they are all liberal cities.

Who lives in the big cities?

Most of the lefties and most of the people who live there are lefties.

Remember that I told you that the media telling you that most of the people getting and dying from COVID 19 did NOT mean all but more than half and that young people are still at risk in spite of what the lying lefty media have been telling you? Remember that I told you that, after this disease gets established in this nation the dynamics of the spread will change until most of the people getting and dying from the disease will be young people?

Watch this video because it tells you that is already happening. Increasing numbers of young people are getting and dying from COVID 19 just like I warned you. My science is good science.

Note that he said that the young people who died did not have "underlying" medical conditions but they obviously had weak immune systems and I told you about the different things which weaken your immune system they didn't even talk about, you know, things like smoking, drugs, STDs, and not being in good physical shape. Biology teaches that she probably had one or more of those things weakening her immune system.

If you put this together with the big city and lefty thingy, it should just be common sense that increasing numbers of the infected and dying will be liberals, mostly young liberals, until at least 70% to 80% will be liberals, mostly young liberals. I am already seeing increasing numbers of liberals getting and dying from this disease with increasing numbers of them being those lying lefty Hollywood celebrities who keep endorsing the people who are now killing them.

Remember that I told you that age is only one of a number of factors that will determine how a disease will affect you? Remember that I told you that other things like fitness, drug abuse, STDs from adultery, smoking, and other things will have at least as great affect on whether you live or die?

We have KNOWN in exercise physiology for more than half a century that regular exercise builds you immune system increasing its ability to overcome diseases but that is only one part of how exercise helps you to be resistant to such diseases. Stronger and healthier cardiovascular and cardio respiratory systems also help because it makes them more disease resistant, it increases their ability to get more oxygen and nutrients to the immune system so that the immune system can pump out a maximum of antibodies, and it also helps your cardiovascular system transmit more antibodies throughout your body faster to take out the infection faster.

That is why I survived all of that deadly crap I survived while still having an STD I got from my ex-wife.

Does it make you bullet proof?

No, but it definitely makes you more bullet resistant and, with a deadly disease, every little bit helps.

Also note that overtraining weakens your body and immune system, which can increase your potential for death so a properly and scientifically designed, managed, and controlled exercise program is crucial and not just exercise fads or doing what other ignorant people are doing. Your exercise program has to be science based to work best.

Listen, with their age and health, if people like Jim Carrey, Bill Maher, Michele Moore, Hanoi Jane, Barbara Streisand, and many others get this disease, they will probably die. Science says so. Many of those Hollywood celebrities who have been lying for the left will probably soon be killed by the left. All of that free loot they got to lie ain't going to do them any good in the grave. Keep an eye on this.

And God said, "Be not deceived, your sins will find you out."

You think maybe that increasing numbers of those young, brainwashed commie liberals are going to start questioning their lying lefty media, college professors, and politicians and learn they are also being lied to about everything else, the way I did while I was still in college a billion years ago?

That is my guess. At least the more intelligent ones will.

BTW, increasing numbers of blacks are leaving the Commierat Party AND the control of the Commierat Party because of some blacks teaching them how the left is using and killing them off. You know this is going to tick off Farrakhan, Jesse James Jackson, Al Capone Sharpton, and Obama and increase their potential for staging a violent coup before it is too late. Keep an eye on this.

Oh yeah, almost all of those lefty controlled blacks live in those big cities and do a lot of socializing, drugs, and other dangerous things. Think about that.

Remember SAR?

It was spread by birds and it also came from China.

Are you listening yet? Do you believe me yet? What are you going to do about it?

Hopefully before it is too late, which could be any time.

Easy prediction: With people not being able to work, these people making a living on YouTube, especially with Patreon, will find it tuff to continue because, as people make less money, they will have less money to help these YouTube people live the good life. Many of the professional YouTubers will have to quit what they are doing and get a job.

Eyes Opening

Why is everything the Commierats do backfiring on them?

The Commierats woke the people up with all of their hoaxes to get rid of Trump because it got the people's attention, the people wanted to see what is going on and it got them to paying attention so they are now seeing through the lies. The lies work less and less as more and more people pay attention. When everyone was sleeping, it was easier to fool everyone.

Climate Change

You want to see something else I just found out about that is going on with climate change?

Watch this video all of the way to the end for a real surprise and eye opener.

This is just one example of the bogus science I have been seeing for half a century and have been warning you about.

Space Force

This is a very interesting video. Note that it tells you that we used a missile to shoot down a defunct US satellite in 1957, pretty much the beginning of the Space Force, you know, 63 years ago.

This is true but there is a little problem with that, which includes this information from Wikipedia:

"Sputnik 1 ... was the first artificial Earth satellite. The Soviet Union launched it into an elliptical low Earth orbit on 4 October 1957, orbiting for three weeks before its batteries died, then silently for two more months before falling back into the atmosphere."

Question: if Sputnik 1 was the first satellite in October 1957, how did the US Air Force shoot down a defunct (read not working and probably old) US satellite in 1957?

Oops, even in that video, they are not telling you everything but what it does tell you is what I told you, which is that space warfare began a long time ago, much earlier than they are now telling you. Note that they said the Ruskie space warfare missile started testing in 1963 and was operational in 1972. Believe me, that still ain't everything but it does let you know that space warfare began when I said it did in the 1960s, you know, when I was trained to know when it began.

Gee, you don't think the Ruskies began developing that space warfare missile to take out our killer satellites that were taking out their killer satellites, do you?

Yeah, we were kind of beating them at that game so they tried to change the game with a star wars missile.

Connect those dots, baby.


Remember that I have been telling you that the faltering Chinese economy may bring down their communist government?

Watch this video that tells you the same thing years after I told you.

Gee, you don't think that would be adequate reason for China to help our lefties murder millions of US citizens to get rid of Trump, do you?

Decreased Taxes

Remember that I told you that the lefties shutting down our economy to crash the economy to turn people against Trump would cause tax revenues for cities, counties, states, and the national government to decrease?

This is just too funny. I got this from Breitbart by Robert Kraychik:

"Marc Morial, president and CEO of the National Urban League and former mayor of New Orleans, LA, warned that city governments' may lack necessary funds for essential services as a result of decreased tax revenues during shutdowns in response to the coronavirus outbreak."

Gee, who would have thought that destroying the economy would destroy tax revenues?

Definitely not those stupid lefties who shut down the economy. They are not just bankrupting you, the fools are also bankrupting themselves.

Now, all of those cities and states that shut down their economies to destroy those economies should be forced to live with new budgets and laying off at least some of their employees.

Easy prediction: Every mayor or governor who shut down their economies and is up for reelection in November, is probably not going to get reelected. Once again, a lefty great sounding stupid idea fails showing just how stupid the lefties are.

And you think they are smarter than you because they stole more money than you can earn?

Hey, they have stolen more money than THEY can earn, that is why they went into politics. They are probably too stupid to earn as much money as you can earn.

Not only will this horrendous crime not cause the lefties to be able to seize control of the US government but it will cause many of them to lose control of local governments and their jobs.

This is just too funny. What a bunch of bozos. I told you this would happen.

Have you noticed that I just keep making predictions and they just keep coming true?

Cost of Ownership

Remember that I have been teaching you about the cost of ownership in that you don't just buy something and own it forever without having to keep spending money on it?

This video is an excellent example of one such cost of ownership created by time and the sun. These boating or cruising videos are really great for teaching a lot of the things I teach. The owners are always having to spend money and time to maintain their boats because time, the Law of Entropy, and the elements just keep taking their toll on everything you buy, you know, like Jesus said about storing up treasures here on Earth, "where the moth and rust doth corrupt".

Yep, if you buy it and you are going to keep it, it is going to keep costing you time and money. Ye ole cost of ownership.

Hey, it is me helping make you smarter so you can make better decisions and do better in life. You are welcome because I love helping people because God taught me to care about good people.

The Flood

Remember that I teach about Noah's Flood and what caused it?

Here is a very good video showing a significant number of proofs for the global flood but they don't tell what caused those geological phenomena that caused all of that evidence and, using science and scientific evidence, I did explain what caused all of that in my earlier essays.

The nutshell version is that God exploded a planet that we know was orbiting between Mars and Jupiter, which caused a massive asteroid shower, much of which hit the Earth and moon during a period of just a few hours causing the Atlantic Rift fracture, which started the entire thing.

Originally, I wrote that the asteroid shower hit during a period of a few weeks but, after reviewing it, I realized that the strike pattern required the majority of the shower to hit within about half a dozen hours because of the grouping in North America and Europe and on one side of the moon.

John 3:16 For God so loved the world, that he gave his only begotten Son, that whosoever believeth in him should not perish, but have everlasting life.

You better....

Pray long, pray hard, pray often!!!

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