I Told You So 339

Lefty Media

Remember that I have been telling you that the lefty media are rapidly dying and this pandemic has accelerated that death?

Watch this video.

The lefty media are dying while the conservative media are growing because God is opening eyes.

Gee, you don't think people are figuring out they are being lied to and are not liking being lied to, do you?

The only reason why many of the lefty media are still alive is because lefties like Zuckerberg are spending hundreds of millions to keep them in business in spite of the fact that fewer and fewer people are watching so these geniuses are wasting money, which is a good thing for us. Hey, the more money the upper class trash waste on things that are clearly not working, the better for everyone else.

Also, these lefty media, especially PBS, are receiving government money from various different government programs, you know, ye ole money laundering thingy.


Remember that I told you that Trump is really great at using what the bad guys use against us by turning it back against the bad guys?

The upper class trash are using COVID 19 to destroy out economy and impoverish us while they continue to get rich from the drug and human trafficking trades.

You have to understand that, 50 years ago, the lefties got their corrupt judges to say we could not use our military and their advanced technologies to stop the drug trade in spite of the fact that the US Military can be used for domestic reasons when it threatens national security and law enforcement can't get the job done so the upper class trash could continue to make a fortune from the drug and human trafficking trades.

The upper class trash literally own these drug cartels that are illegally bringing drugs and human slaves into the US and they make tens of billions of dollars from these trades every year.

So Trump is using "stopping the cartels from bringing COVID 19 into the US" to finally wage war against the drug and human trafficking trades being run by the upper class trash, which is going to cost the upper class trash a massive fortune.

Now, the upper class trash have created unnecessary fear of COVID 19 and are using that to shut down our economy to impoverish us and Trump is using the fear the upper class trash have created to shut down THEIR economy to financially hurt them and the upper class trash can't stop him without admitting their fear mongering is a lie.

That is absolutely brilliant and, believe me, the US Military can completely shut down those trades. They have had that ability for more than 50 years, which is why the lefties had their corrupt lefty judges rule that we couldn't use the military to fight the war against drugs.

This one move will decrease the upper class trash income by tens of billions of dollars a year, which is going to really tick them off. This is hilarious.

BTW, this was in the news about a month ago, I have been telling people about it, and I have been amazed at how many people don't know it. Watch this video and know that he was only one of two college professors and one doctor arrested for this crime and they sold COVID 19 to the Wuhan biological warfare lab in China just before the outbreak.

I am looking for confirmation that the virus actually came from a lab financed by Soros.

And you think this thing was NOT planned out in detail by the upper class trash to finish staging their coup while Pelosi, Schiff, and Nadler distracted everyone with their impeachment gig?

BTW, the lefties are winning most of the conversation and their lies are being believed by more and more people, you know, that we should all be staying at home when this thing isn't going to kill more than the flu has.

I keep seeing reports that the doctors and hospitals are inflating the number of people infected and killed to scare the people and get more government money. I am looking for confirmation on this.

I have been watching Fauci and it looks increasingly like he is a lefty deep stater trying to sabotage Trump's efforts and others are seeing this. He is making claims about very high mortality rates that he could not possibly know because we have not done the research required to get that information and I am seeing increasing numbers of MDs saying this. We simply don't have the data for him to be making the outrageous claims he is making to scare people.

People, doctors are human and most doctors who work for the government (not all) work for the government because they are too stupid or lazy to have a good private practice or work for a major hospital.

I am also seeing the lefty trolls bombarding everyone with lies, misinformation, and propaganda meant to scare everyone and it is really working on the stupid people. I have never seen so much troll activity before. This is pure terrorism. I am even seeing the lefty propaganda being repeated by increasing numbers of conservatives.

Based on what God has shown me and I see going on now, the lefties will destroy our economy much worse than they already have. I tried on FB to get people to start researching to start up businesses but they are being so terrified by the lies they wouldn't even think of researching to start a business now.

I pray that God will deliver us out of the hands of our enemy and deliver our enemy into our hands. You all need to pray this too. You better pay long, pray hard, pray often and lock and load because this is quickly getting worse.

With the lefty controls getting more and more strict as they increase their control over us, do you believe me yet that this is really the left finishing their coup?

It has gotten so obvious. I told you so. You gotta connect those dots, baby.


Remember that I told you that the lefty commie traitors are not planning on having an election this year?

More and more of their governors are putting up quarantines to prevent even lefties from voting so the DNC can have a contested convention so they can appoint whomever they want, you know, just like I told you they would. Biden is just a front man.

And you stupid lefties believed their lies about "democratic socialism"? Feeling like a sucker and a fool, are you?

They played you for a sucker and a fool. You see, if they don't have the primaries and elections then the Commierat incumbents, who would lose an election because of their behavior over the last few years, you know, like Pelosi and Schiff, don't have to worry about losing elections that don't happen.

Gee, you don't think the lefties planned this all out in advance, do you? Getting obvious, is it?

You don't get to decide who your dictator will be, they do. There is no such thing as democratic socialism because democracy requires the leaders to submit to the control of the people but Marxism/communism/socialism/progressivism require that the people submit to the control of the government. Therefore, democratic socialism is an oxymoron.


Right now, at the local level, the Commierats have almost enough control over the people and economy to finish staging their coup. The most important thing they still have to do is get rid of Trump and Pence, you know, murder them and blame someone like Israel. The coup is almost finished but can still fail.


Remember that they are having a shortage of ventilators and I said they should use CPAP machines?

This video tells you about the problems in building a ventilator.

Guess what, the CPAP machine solves all of those problems. As a matter of fact, they more than solve all of those problems. In the video they talk about the problem of regulating air pressure for a number of reasons, one being to not have the air pressure too high and damage the alveoli or air sacks in the lungs, which can cause a pulmonary embolism or bleeding that will fill your lungs and drown you.

Guess what, the CPAP machines are set so that they will not create enough pressure to damage the air sacks and you can adjust the air pressure within a safe range to whatever you need.

You mean a CPAP machine does the same thing as a ventilator for much less?


Then why don't they use CPAP machines?

Because the ventilator companies wouldn't make as much money, the problem would be quickly solved because there are tens of millions of CPAP machines just with in the US, and they would not be able to cause you to panic so they can use fear to control you.

So, if you need a ventilator and they don't have enough ventilators for you, just get a CPAP machine and fight for your life.

I get so sick of the upper class trash being willing to murder people for money while pretending that they care about you.

Do you believe me yet?

Remember that I have been telling you that something is wrong with the information we are being fed about COVID 19, especially with them saying it will overwhelm our medical services when the flu, with many times more infections and deaths doesn't overwhelm our medical services?

This video shows that they are now sending healthcare workers home because they stopped "nonessential" medical procedures to prevent our medical system being overwhelmed.

Hold it, it doesn't sound like our medical services are being overwhelmed with them sending medical people home on furloughs because they don't need them.

Yuh think that maybe we are being lied to so they can shut our economy down and destroy it?

And now, suddenly, the doctors and scientists are changing their tune about how dangerous COVID 19 is in this video. Suddenly it is looking more and more like we are being lied to and this was all for nothing.

Remember that I told you the left is shutting down our economy to destroy the economy to cause people to vote against Trump, to impoverish and control the people, to force people to sell their guns for food, and other traitorous reasons?

This video tells you that they didn't have a plan or legitimate reason for shutting our economy down and they don't have a plan for restarting our economy. Gee, what a coincidence.

Gee, you don't think it is all about control, power, and greed, do you?

Climate Change

Remember that I told you that climate change was bogus?

They are now banning reusable bags for plastic disposable bags because reusable bags are more likely to spread COVID 19.

This is just too funny and shows they were lying.

Do you believe me yet?


Remember that I told you that, if Britain left the EU, the EU would quickly cease to exist?

This video shows that France is getting closer to leaving the EU with even Marxist Macron talking about leaving the EU.

This will finish the EU off. So much for the EU being the one world government of the Tribulation.

Royal Family

Remember that I have been telling you about all of the upper class trash being at least distant members to the European Royal Family, especially the British Royal Family?

With Billy Boy Gates pushing a "vaccine" for COVID 19 that includes a tracking device and MIT having stated that Gates got them to start working on that "vaccine" so they were working on it in December, you know, before COVID 19 broke out, I started getting curious about Billy Boy Gates so I looked up his royal ancestry and it is very interesting, telling a lot of stories and confirming what I have been telling you.

He is related to a lot of interesting people but here are just a few:

William the Conqueror, King Robert I, Alfred the Great, Charlemagne, Queen Elizabeth, Princess Diana, Winston Churchill, JP Morgan, Jr (the rich banker - he is royal family? Yep), president Bush (both), FDR, Henry Fonda, John Kerry, president Nixon, president Ford, president Carter, Hillary Clinton (via Catherine Parr, 6th wife of Henry VIII) and many more.

And, if you think that is something, here is one that will open your eyes. I checked the royal ancestry for John D. Rockefeller and that was very interesting. Here are a few eye openers (there were many more than this):

King Edward I, King Henry III, King Luis VI, William the Conqueror, King Robert I, Alfred the Great, Charlemagne, Queen Elizabeth I, Queen Elizabeth II, King Henry VIII, Mary Stuart Queen of Scots, Catherine Parr (therefore Hillary), Alec Baldwin, JP Morgan, Jr., president Harding, Theodore Roosevelt, Princess Diana, Prince William, Prince Harry, Cokie Roberts, Winston Churchill, President Bush (both), president Adams, John Kerry, FDR, John McCain, president Nixon, president Carter, Mitt Romney, Anderson Cooper, Warren Buffett, president Ford, Meghan Markle, president Obama, Brad Pitt, Tom Hanks, and on and on and on.

He is probably related to at least half of Hollywood and everything else.

If you look up a few of these people, you see they are related to almost everyone who is or has been anyone, just one great big happy lying thieving royal family.

Here is rich and powerful lefty, Tom Hanks:

William the Conqueror, Alfred the Great, King Robert I, Charlemagne, Catherine Parr (Hillary), King Henry VIII, George Clooney, Queen Elizabeth I, Queen Elizabeth II, Mary Stuart Queen of Scots, FDR, JP Morgan, Princess Diana, Winston Churchill, Anderson Cooper (CNN), John Kerry, president Ford, Chevy Chase, John D. Rockefeller, Ellen Degeneres, Bush family, Cokie Roberts, president Carter, Mitt Romney, and many others like Obama.

For fun, I looked up Pete Butthead (Buttigieg) and it is the same old family. Here are a few:

King Robert I, Alfred the Great, Charlemagne, Queen Elizabeth, Winston Churchill, JP Morgan, Bill Nye, FDR, Bush family, Chevy Chase, Richard Gere, Fonda family, John Kerry, Princess Diana, Matt Damon, President Nixon, President Ford, Anderson Cooper (you know, CNN), Alec Baldwin, Ellen Degeneres, Brad Pitt, Obama.

Justin Trudeau is interesting so here are a few of his relatives:

King Henry III, William the Conqueror, King Robert I, Alfred the Great, Charlemagne, Jim Carrey, Hillary Clinton, Madonna, Justin Bieber, and everyone they are related to, you know, like Queen Elizabeth.

Do you see the pattern in this?

They are all the same family and they are everywhere and almost always "successful" because their rich and powerful mommies and daddies got horny. Gee, no wonder so many of them act like elitist royals, they are.

Gee, you don't think they were all successful because they were born into the right rich, powerful, well connected family, do you? Kind of obvious that the real truth to success is who were your mommy and daddy? Do you see why all of those lefty Hollywood people keep coming out in support of the lefties, you know, like cousin Obama.?

Their success had little, if anything, to do with intelligence but because of who mommy and daddy were.

Gee, no wonder Meghan and Harry moved to Hollywood, they have so much family there.

They are all family, baby. Don't believe me, check it out. Just search for "Royal ancestry of XXX" or go to https://famouskin.com/ and you will see some interesting things explaining a lot. They are all members of the European Royal Family and dey just gots to get der planet and widdle slavies back. There have been some good members of their family but a lot of bad members.

It is like I have been telling you that the corrupt members of the upper class or the upper class trash are all members to distant members of the European Royal Family, you know, an international crime family. You would be amazed at who are members of the European Royal Family that we never are told about being members of that criminal organization.

Gee, why the cover up? Get the picture yet?

John 3:16 For God so loved the world, that he gave his only begotten Son, that whosoever believeth in him should not perish, but have everlasting life.

You better....

Pray long, pray hard, pray often!!!

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