I Told You So 342


Remember that I have been teaching you that our universities are corrupt and causing many of the problems we are having?

Watch this video to get just a glimpse of that corruption.


Remember that I told you about the two college professors and one MD who were arrested for helping the Wuhan biological warfare lab in China?

This is a story about one of the professors having bail set at $1 million and he and his wife were required to surrender their passports because he is considered an extreme flight risk, probably to China and you don't want someone who knows what he knows and has betrayed his nation for money to go to a potential enemy. They put some very heavy restrictions on this guy and his wife. They are required to stay within the District of Massachusetts, must get court approval for any withdrawals of more than $20,000 and must inform the court of any bank accounts they have outside of the US.

Their cases are proceeding to trial and should begin in months.

I have also heard and am looking for verification that the FBI arrested a male student for trying to illegally transport "biological matter" to China but a female student managed to elude the FBI and get to China with such material.

There will probably be other arrests and prosecutions in this case.

And you think this "pandemic" wasn't planned out as a power grab?


Remember that I have been telling you that God has drawn a line and is making us all make an informed decision as to whether we will chose to be on God's side of the line or on Satan's side of the line?

God is not only doing this to open eyes but to do things I have been wondering how we would clean up such massive and complex messes as the lefties have made in this nation. I have told you about how we must clean up our universities, lefty media, the lefty deep state in the government, our corrupt politicians, the corrupt upper class trash, bad judges, bad DAs, corrupt sports, and others involved in this lefty corruption.

God is using all of the things the lefties are doing to get most of that job done with us being required to finish the job later. He is currently destroying the lefty media, the lefty universities, the lefty run public school system, sports, and just about everything else screwed up by the left, which is most things. We are going to have to start all over again from scratch in rebuilding our society and culture.


Remember that I told you that a pandemic spreads based on a combination of population density verses mobility and that the medium to large cities will have the highest infection and mortality rates?

The doctor in this video tells you the same thing.

When the lefties turned COVID 19 loose on us, they were turning it loose even more on their own voters and that lefty voters would be more likely to be infected and die.

Gee, who would have figured that?

Home Schooling

Remember that I told you that home schooling is better for your kids than public school and it is safer for your family?

This video telling that and more about home schooling.


Remember that I have been telling you that the lefty commie traitor upper class trash and their political whores are staging a coup and depopulating the planet at the same time?

This video shows that is true. They are working to starve everyone to death, you know, those "kind, caring lefties who just want to take care of you" but not in the way you think. Hey, those mass graves will be good for you.

You believe me yet that they are the spawn of Satan and human demons? Do you believe me yet that the lefties are the worst thing to ever happen to this planet? Do you believe me yet that the greatest threat to US national security is the lefties and their evil? Do you believe me yet that the upper class trash have gained too much power and are willing to murder billions of people to get what they want?

People, this is sabotage, genocide, crimes against humanity, and should be a capital crime.

Also note that he points out that more Commierats have died from COVID 19 just like I told you, which should tell you stupid lefties that you have been sold out by your glorious lefty leaders, you know, just like I told you that you would be. Most of the people dying are not conservatives but are lefties.

The lefties are doing to you right now what I have been warning they would do to you for years and they are killing their own in mass to get their power. The people who are at greatest risk by this shutdown are lefties and Tim points that out. If you stupid lefties keep supporting and blindly believing your corrupt leaders, they will kill you and are doing it RIGHT NOW. It is Trump who is trying to save your stupid lefty butts. Think about that.

Remember that I told you that the lefties are using this coup to "get their planet back from the rest of you", you know, so they can have it all to themselves and not have to share their planet with you?

This video shows you that, while you are locked down at home unable to enjoy God's planet, the upper class trash go where they want, when they want, and do what they want with "their planet."

Get the picture yet? You still think this lockdown has anything to do with COVID 19 and protecting you? Really? Yeah, it is clearly all about them controlling you to get "their planet back" and not have to share it with you, isn't it?

They have made themselves our royalty and above the law you have to obey.

In this video Liz Wheeler says it like it is. She is really good.

Here is an interesting video of a judge blocking a lockdown order for a community.

Are the judges waking up and realizing that their freedoms, rights, and lives are also in jeopardy?

Increasing numbers of doctors are coming out against this lockdown.

Here is a video which shows about two such doctors who openly stated the truth and the left is now going after them and then YouTube took the video down. I love when they said that this isn't about science or COVID and then said, "Something else is going on here".

You mean, like a political coup?

This lockdown isn't about COVID 19 and the leaders being concerned about you but is about power and control. It is clearly about the left staging a coup to set up their Marxist dictatorship over you, ALL of you, including you stupid lefties.

You think not?

Watch this video about the abuses of power under the guise of "saving lives". These politicians have seized powers the Constitution forbids them to have and have set themselves up as dictators when they are not supposed to be above the law, especially the Constitution. They are tyrants staging a coup to destroy this nation so they can set up their Marxist global dictatorship.

These power mad Caesars, emperors, and pharaohs must be brought down off of their thrones and held accountable for their crimes before it is too late.

In watching all of this criminal activity, I have realized that many on the left, probably most, will support Obama having nuked Chicago to stage a coup and set up their Marxist dictatorship and will only pretend to not know that he did it, while blaming Israel. They are that evil, tens of millions of them are.

They are what is called "altruists" who believe that "the ends justify the means" so that the end of them getting their evil Marxist dictatorship will be a valid justification for nuking Chicago and murdering about a million people, you know, they believe it is not only alright but is good to murder people to get what you want. In case you have not noticed, that is the left. Don't ever forget that the lefties are altruists and they will do ANYTHING to get what they want. Absolutely NOTHING is beneath them.

Not Stopping

Remember that I have told you for decades that the left will never stop until they die, they will always continue their evil? Also remember that I told you that the left will try to stage another fear mongering pandemic to regain or extend their control over you and the economy to destroy both?

The left is already threatening a "second wave" for COVID 19, trying to scare you even more by telling you that COVID 19 does other damage to the body, and now they are saying there is a "new mutant strain" that is even more contagious so they can continue with the lock down and their power grab, you know, "be afraid, very afraid so you will hide at home instead of rebelling while we take our planet back." Dey just gots to have their power and control to destroy your nations and set up their Marxist global dictatorship so they can steal everything from you including most of your lives.

The lefties have to keep you too scared to leave your homes for fear the boogey man will get you so they can control everyone enough to finish staging their coup. People, this is an act of terrorism that is killing people by the hundreds of thousands.

Trump is trying very hard to stop the lefty coup and this video shows him trying to dispel the lefty fear mongering to stop the left from continuing to use fear to control and destroy you.

Have you figured out yet that either you are going to kill (execute) the lefties or they are going to kill you and they have been telling you that for 30 years by telling you they plan to "depopulate the planet", you know, murder you off?

The lefties are making it very clear that they are only leaving you two choices; kill or be killed. They are trying to murder you off RIGHT NOW!

Depopulation is just a nice sounding way of saying they are plotting to murder off more than 7 billion people globally in the greatest genocide in history. Hey, the upper class trash criminals are so evil they all make Linen, Hitler, Stalin, and Mao look like saints. They are RIGHT NOW committing the greatest criminal act in history.


The people are starting to rebel against the coup by the lefty upper class trash. They are staging protests and bringing guns with the cops not interfering. A number of police unions have stated that their cops refuse to enforce the coup and illegal laws of the upper class trash. As with everything else, the coup is failing.

Of course, the upper class trash don't want to give up the power they stole from the people and are making excuses to fight back and keep their illegal power.

It is like I told you, the military has to wait for the people to take a stand against their oppressive Marxist government and, if the shooting starts, I expect to see the military step in on the side of the people to enforce the US Constitution just like they swore an oath to do against both external and internal threats.

Remember that I told you years ago that the military saw this coming, put some of their best people out of the service to form, train, and guide civilian militias to work with the military to stop this coup. If these tyrants force the issue too far, especially if shots are fired, the military will step in.

You can bet that these cops who are abusing their power to enforce these unconstitutional laws will pay at some time in the future. Don't be surprised to see some of them go to prison. People are watching and taking names.


Do you know why they are keeping the pot shops open when much more important things are being closed?

They have to keep the stupid people stoned so the stupid people won't figure out what is going on.

Kimmy Boy

I got this from Arutz Sheva by staff:

"Kim Jong Un, Supreme Leader of North Korea, is in a vegetative state after surgery went wrong, Japanese report says."

If this is true, most likely he was assassinated but it may have gotten botched. Some people wanted him out and someone else in. This is why dictators get paranoid and purge but Kimmy Boy only purged a few people.

Since I wrote the above, they showed a picture of Kimmy Boy clearly being held up by a couple of his generals. There definitely is something wrong with Kimmy Boy and it seems the generals are afraid that, when Kimmy Boy is dead or incapacitated, China will take over, probably executing all of the North Korean generals so don't be surprised that, if Kimmy Boy dies, the generals all "surrender" to South Korea to save their butts.


They told us that they cannot build more F-22s because the plans were lost.

Do you mean to tell me that the mighty Lockheed-Martin engineers can't reverse engineer an F-22 to recreate those plans to build more F-22s? Really? Why do I not believe that?

There has to be another reason.


The politicians are going to micro manage restarting the economy they screwed up? Really?

You know that isn't going to end well.

Just get out of the way and let the people do their things. That is the best way to restart the economy the idiot geniuses screwed up but, hey, dey gots to choe us dat dey is are be smarty pants and probably take some bribes along the way, you know, we will open your businesses now if you pay us some money.

You just know they are going to screw this up just like everything else they have done. You can bet they will just make it worse.

You know what the problem is, dey gots dem duh right degree from the right u-knee-ber-citee so dey is are be arrogant and tinks too much of demselves. Basically, they think they are smarter than they are and that you are dumber than you are.

Just how much more do they have to screw up before they figure out that isn't true?

They are so stupid they can screw up everything a dozen times over and never figure that out. "Hey, dey kaint be supid, dey gots duh right degree from duh right u-knee-ber-citee."

Dear geniuses, please, please, please crawl off in a corner somewhere, find something shiny to play with, and leave the rest of us alone.

What a mess THEY have created, you know, with their "superior intelligence".


They know that Biden can't beat Trump plus we know that Biden is "looking for a VP" who is a woman of color. We know that Meghan Markel is a woman of color and undamaged in political debates.

I am wonder if the DNC plan is for Biden to pick Meghan as his VP and then after the DNC convention, for Biden to retire making Meghan the DNC presidential candidate to throw off Bernie's commies and surprise Trump?

This may be especially true with the lefties right now demanding they get rid of Biden.

Keep an eye on this.

Conspiracy Theories

I don't usually respond to lefty posts on FB because I don't want them to unfriend me so I can continue to see the crap they are putting out there for stupid people to believe but I kept seeing a post by lefty trolls having a great time mocking "conspiracy theorists" and I just couldn't resist after a while, you know, a few days.

Pretending to be one of them I asked, "What? Don't conspiracy theorists know that our leaders are too stupid to work together to do their evil? Our leaders don't work together to do their evil, they just blunder around accidentally doing the same evil at the same time in the same place. Don't they know that we are so stupid we keep voting for people who are too stupid to work together to do their evil?"

Surprise, surprise, the thread suddenly stopped with no further comments. That is how you respond to lefties who try to intimidate you by calling you a conspiracy theorist and tin hatter. Show them just how stupid they sound by calling you a conspiracy theorist.

"What, your leaders are too stupid to work together to do their evil? And you are stupid enough you keep voting for such stupid people?" Think about it.


I keep seeing conservatives posting on FB about Biden being a pervert but they don't seem to realize that will not only not make lefties not vote for Biden, but will encourage many to vote for him.

The people supporting Biden with all of these sexual problems being made public either don't think there is anything wrong with what Biden is doing or they like what he is doing, which should tell you that those voters are also sexual perverts supporting Biden's perversions. They will still vote for Biden because they are birds of the feather with Biden. Remember that these lefties are the people who have been trying to legalize things like pedophilia.

John 3:16 For God so loved the world, that he gave his only begotten Son, that whosoever believeth in him should not perish, but have everlasting life.

You better....

Pray long, pray hard, pray often!!!

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