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I saw a woman post that this COVID 19 lock down was "good intentions gone bad" and I responded, "You assume they had good intentions."

Too many people believe the lefty upper class trash have good intentions because the upper class trash say they do so the people just keep believing the lie. The lefties don't have any good intentions for anyone but themselves and their bank accounts.

People, the upper class trash have been telling us that same lie for thousands of years and have never, ever, ever kept their promise one time. It has always been the same lie that they are superior to us, are natural elites, they know what is best for us, and we should submit to their absolute control so they can take care of us. They just keep changing the name of the government and title of the governors so we won't realize it is the same lie.

Quit believing the lie and get it straight that they have never, ever, ever had good intentions, they never, ever, ever will have good intentions, and they only have bad intentions for us with good intentions only for themselves and their bank accounts. History proves this to be true.

The good intentions thingy is just smoke and mirrors for evil intentions. They have always used that lie to get us to submit to their absolute rule and then they have always oppressed, impoverished, enslaved, and murdered us without one exception.

Hey, the lie has worked for thousands of years so why quit telling it?

Quit believing the lie.


This video will probably be taken down by YouTube because it is a good cop protesting the actions of bad cops but, from what I am seeing, almost all of you will have seen it by now anyway.

There are still plenty of good cops out there, you just don't see them or hear them much compared to increasingly seeing bad cops. Hey, the bad people always make the news. You don't see good people on the news very much.

It is cops like this that will side with the people and create the safe zones I told you about years ago. The bad cops will eventually be held accountable for their crimes.


The left is pushing to start a shooting war but only after they are the only ones with guns. Their latest attempt at a coup is failing and they continue trying to force their failing coup, which is ticking off the conservatives, pushing them closer to a shooting war to stop the treason.

It isn't if but is when is this mess being forced on us by the left going to blow up because the left won't quit. They just can't leave other people alone.


NASA keeps telling you they are looking for life on Mars in spite of the fact that they have proved conclusively that there absolutely was never life on Mars because, if they don't keep telling you that they are looking for life on Mars, the God and Bible hating lefties will stop NASA's funding to do the space research we need them to do.

Don't believe me?

Go to college and study biology.

There is something here on Earth that life simply could not live without and without life it could not be here and that is called "biomatter".

What is biomatter?

Biomatter is dead plants and animals and their waste decomposed and processed by a variety of organisms into biomatter, plant food, or what biologists sometimes call "dead stuff". Without biomatter, plants can't eat and, without plants, bugs and animals can't eat, therefore, without biomatter, there can't be life.

Also, if there has ever been life, there will always be biomatter and that is just common sense biology. Therefore, if there is no biomatter, then there never was life on that planet and, in decades of searching with a variety of robots, NASA has not found ONE HINT of biomatter on Mars.

If there had ever been life on Mars, there would be billions of tons of dead stuff or biomatter everywhere on Mars. If there had been life on Mars, NASA would have already found truck and ship loads of biomatter but they have not even found one hint of biomatter, therefore, life never existed on Mars but, hey, the God hating lefties don't want you to know that because dey gots to keep their fanatical religion of evolution alive so they can convince you that God is just a figment of your imagination and not real so they can continue to call Judeo-Christianity a religion instead of a relationship with a real, living being so the lefties can pretend they don't have to obey God's Laws because they hate God's Law.

NASA can't tell you this but they have already proved absolutely conclusively that there never was life on Mars because there ain't no dead stuff on Mars.

If I am wrong, where is the billions of tons of dead stuff that has to be on Mars? Did you know that Earth is covered and filled with billions times billions of tons of dead stuff proving there was life on Earth? Did you know that ALL fossils are dead plants and animals? Did you know that all coal is dead plants? Did you know that all of the good healthy dark soil you see in places where there is lots of life is dead stuff?

Yep, there was life on Earth but not on Mars because Mars ain't got no dead stuff. If there had been live stuff, there would now be dead stuff.

Don't believe me?

Go to college and study biology.


I believe I have already told you why masks CANNOT work at protecting you but, just in case I didn't, let me briefly repeat the lesson.

If you wear a mask to protect you from being infected and you get exposed to the virus, the virus will not just get on your mask but also on your skin and cloths and can exist there active for hours to days.

When you go from the store to the car, do you first go through a decontamination sight?

No, you just carry the virus to your car, contaminate the car, drive your contaminated car home, then carry the virus from your car into your home, contaminate your home, remove your mask, and get infected. Without proper decontamination, the mask cannot do you any good.

If you are wearing the mask to protect others from you infecting them, do you decontaminate yourself and your car before you get in the car to go anywhere?

No, you just carry the virus on your person to the car, contaminate the car, drive the contaminated car to wherever, get out and carry the virus to other people. Without proper decontamination, the mask cannot do you any good.

The only reason why masks work for doctors and nurses is because they decontaminate before going anywhere or take off the mast and, EVEN THEN, they sometimes get infected.

It is a simple fact that, if you don't decontaminate at least as well as doctors and nurses, masks and gloves don't do you any good. Hey, the mask is just a placebo, baby.

Then there is the myth about "social distancing", which is just another simple minded, ignorance based bull crap being used to scare and control you.

So, you think that staying at least 6 feet away from other people is going to keep you from being infected or infecting other people? Really? Even after you touch the things they touched and contaminated, like items on shelves, doors, counters, chairs, shopping carts, and such?

Oops! Yeah, right. If you touch ANYTHING an infected person touched, you just got infected and may not even be within a mile of them when you touch it. Hey, they already told you that the virus can live anywhere for from hours to days on those things AFTER someone else touched them.

Everyone wearing a mask or gloves or telling you to wear a mask or gloves and everyone practicing social distancing or telling people to practice social distancing is tell you they are ignorant and/or stupid because those things just can't work.

Or, hey, how about sneezing or coughing into your elbow? Just how long do you think it will take you to spread the virus from your elbow to other parts of your body?

Just more bull crap by bull crappers trying to scare and control you.

If you go to college and study biology, NOTHING the lefties are telling you makes sense, not one thing. It is all ignorance based bull crap. It is past time for this bull crap that is being used to destroy our economy to stop and these criminals to go to jail.


Most of you have heard the story about the boy who cried wolf. For those of you have not, here is the nutshell version followed by a very important observation.

A village, which depended on sheep for their livelyhood sent a boy out to watch their sheep with the instructions that, if the boy saw wolves, he was to cry wolf and the people would come running to chase off the wolves.

The boy got out the fields with the sheep and by himself, he quickly got bored, and decided to see if the people would coming running like they said, so he cried wolf. Sure enough the villagers came running and the little boy thought it was fun so he repeated this a number of times so that the villagers no longer paid attention to him.

Finally, wolves did come, the boy cried wolf but no one listened because they thought the little boy was just playing with them, and the wolves killed all of the sheep.

Yeah, I know, when I first heard this, my first thought was, "Why didn't they spank the kid or replace him with a more responsible kid?" But, hey, they needed the story to teach a lesson.

Remember that I told you that we have created a much, much worse situation than our ancestors created 700 years ago that caused the Black Plague by killing off free roaming feral cats because our population density is at least 15 to 20 times greater and our mobility is at least 15 to 20 times greater and we have created a far worse rodent pandemic than they created? Remember that I told you that the upper class trash have created the worst situation in human history that could easily kill off from 5 to more than 6 billion people globally?

Well, I just realized that our stupid all-knowing, all-wise, highly educated, intellectually superior, natural elite, over paid, greedy, power mad upper class trash have made the worst situation in human history even worse.

How did they do this?

They have spent the last few months crying wolf over a RNA based flu virus called COVID 19 that actually only has a mortality rate of less than the other flu viruses currently killing people and PERSIST in continuing to try to scare people by regularly changing their lie so they can control and oppress people. The lefties have pushed this to the point that most people are angry with the lefties and refuse to listen to any more of their scare mongering lies.

Sound familiar?

If you understand human behavior, then you have to ask the question, "What will happen if a truly deadly disease like Yersinia Pestis comes along and starts spreading through our global population, especially as the extremely deadly pneumonic plague?"

The obvious answer is, the people won't listen to the x-spirts because the people will just think the x-spirts are just trying to scare the people to control the people and the end result will be a massive "biological die off" of humans globally.

Yep, leave it to the left to make the worst situation in human history even worse.

Does your brain hurt yet? Do you believe me yet that the left can screw up ANYTHING?

Just stick around, they will gladly prove it to you and it won't take long.

Medical Survey

Yesterday I got a phone call from a guy who said he was doing a medical survey in conjunction with the CDC concerning COVID 19 and health. I thought, "Let's play along and see what is going on. This may be nothing but a regular medical survey."

He started out OK but he kept asking more and more questions that had nothing to do with COVID 19 and was easily covering everything physical, mental, and financial about healthcare. He was soon raising some red flags so I became curious as to what he was really up to. Then it suddenly became very clear what he was doing when he asked if I had anything access, ownership, or other proximity to guns, which has nothing to do with COVID 19. Of course, I immediately ended the "survey".

He was on a lefty fishing expedition to find any excuse they could use to get some lefty judge to give them a warrant to seize your guns, ANYTHING they could twist, bend, or take out of context to get that warrant to get your guns so you can't stage a rebellion to stop their coup.

This is a warning, DO NOT PARTAKE IN ANY SUCH "MEDICAL" SURVEY because it is a lefty fishing expedition to get your guns. Tell your family, friends, and everyone you know to not partake in any such survey unless you want cops coming around to your house with a phony warrant to get your guns.

It shows how desperate the lefties are to get your guns and that they are using whatever means necessary to get those guns so they can finish their political coup without the fear of getting their brains blown out. Be very, very careful from now on and trust no one without question. Make them prove they are who they say and are doing what they say before you believe them. The left is increasingly deceptive and play very dirty. You have been warned, be careful.

Pray for the wisdom of God because we need it. Any more, I regularly pray, "Lord, deliver us out of the hands of our enemy and deliver our enemy into Hell so they cannot harm any more good people." Once again, they are proving that the only thing that will stop them is death.

You might want to start praying that too. Just saying.

John 3:16 For God so loved the world, that he gave his only begotten Son, that whosoever believeth in him should not perish, but have everlasting life.

You better....

Pray long, pray hard, pray often!!!

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