I Told You So 343


Remember that I have told you that most of the people continuing to support Biden do so because they are also perverted and see nothing wrong with his perversions including sexually molesting women and little girls?

This video shows just that. The left finally admits Biden's perverted acts but says they will still support him.

Would good people do that?

Of course not, only evil people would do that. It isn't just the leaders of the left who are evil but also most of the followers and voters who support the lefty leaders' evil. They support that evil because they are also evil.

This should tell you just how many evil people we now have in the US, which is why God is punishing us by letting the evil people almost get what they want, and you will have to wage war against these evil people to get your nation back. This is a huge and telling red flag to prepare you for what is ahead when the shooting starts. These lefty voters are also the enemy. If you just get rid of their evil leaders, they will just vote in new evil leaders.

The lefty voters are just as evil as their leaders, which is why they hate Trump, who is trying to stop their wickedness. Pay attention to this because this is valuable information you need to know for this coming civil war.

They are all your enemy and not just the leaders. If you were to execute all of their current leaders, these evil people would just elect more of the same or worse.

This is all the result of man turning his back on God for sin because we humans love our sins. Note that it isn't just the left who are sinning but many on the right, especially those who believe it is alright to sin because Jesus paid for our sins. They ignore that Jesus said our sins will find us out and our sins are finding us out right now.

If you are a true born again Christian, you won't be happy with your sins, many "Christians" are just poser Christians for whatever convenience and live in sin behind closed doors or believe it is alright to sin, and then many on the right are not Christians at all but only prefer the sins they like and not the sins the lefties like. We have gotten ourselves into a real mess, people.

Our sins are finding us out right now and will continue to find us out until we, as a nation, turn from our sins back to God. The hell you are seeing and living through right now is the result of sin.

So, how is that sin thingy working out? Like the results of our sins, do you? What, it ain't any fun because our sins permit the upper class trash to oppress us, enslave us, steal from us, and murder us? Then maybe it is time for a revival to get God to remove us from under the crushing heal of the upper class trash?

Your choice, choose wisely because you will either have God's protecting hand or your sins and the upper class trash oppression and crimes against us. The latter go hand-in-hand.

Oh yeah, study the Bible and you will see that disease pandemics and the ability of the upper class trash to use the fear caused by pandemics are also a result of sin.

Like disease pandemics, do you? What, you don't and would like them to stop?

All you have to do is sincerely repent of your sins and turn back to God and God says they will go away. Your choice, God and His Law or disease pandemics.

God gave us His Law to protect us from all of this crap we are now enjoying. If we live by His Law, we don't get the crap because it is our sins against His Law that cause the crap to happen, which is why "your sins will find you out." You sins are what causes this crap and living by God's Laws is what prevents this crap.

Gee, you mean we can't just sin as we please because Jesus paid for our sins?

Not unless you like the crap. If you can sin against others, others can sin against you.


I am watching as Obama is being drawn further and further into this mess. He is now under investigation for any number of crimes and this investigation is grounds for uncovering his documents he had locked up, you know, his birth certificate and whether he is a US citizen.

If he is not a US citizen, then as an illegal president of the US and with what he did as president, he would be facing charges for capital crimes like being a spy, saboteur, and being a foreign agent along with many other crimes. Then he and EVERYONE who helped him illegally become president, especially if they helped cover up that he was a foreign agent, you know, like those lying lefty journalists, will be facing charges for capital crimes like treason.

We could end up having a really big necktie party with thousands of lefty upper class trash being used as tree ornaments just swinging in the trees and kicking in the breeze.

And you thought that, when Obama left the White House, he would be out of the picture and have no reason for nuking Chicago, didn't you? I mean, why would Obama risk a very comfortable retirement life at Martha's Vineyard just golfing away every day on your dime to stage a violent coup by nuking Chicago?

After all, if Hillary had won in 2016, she wouldn't have brought charges against her royal cousin for his many crimes. Suddenly, now Obama and his lefty upper class trash pals have every reason in the world to nuke Chicago to save their evil butts from a free French haircut via guillotine, you know, just below the ears.

I have not been writing much now because I spend most of my time reading the news wading through the COVID 19 crap and watching things quickly moving towards what God told me is going to happen. Just remember, man plans, God laughs and God said, "Be not deceived, your sins will find you out."

I guess He meant it?

Obama and his lefty pals ain't getting away with nuttin', baby. That is why they are stampeding terrified and in a major panic. Their chickens are finally coming home to roost.

God didn't lie when He told me what is going to happen.


Remember that I told you that most of the people who would die from COVID 19 would be lefties?

Almost all of the celebrities who have died are lefties. If they had gotten a vaccine to protect them before the left released COVID 19, they got the placebo, meaning they got "depopulated" by the core upper class trash lefties just like I have been telling you would happen to almost all lefties.

We the People

I have told you that you are being taught wrong, that there are three branches of the US Government. There are actually four branches of the US Government, Congress, the president, the courts, and "We the people" are the fourth and most powerful branch of the US Government. You need to start acting like the fourth branch of the US Government and doing your jobs.

Listen, if the leaders either cannot or will not govern within the laws of the US Constitution, they should either resign for incompetence, be arrested by the law enforcement/legal system for violating those laws, or be arrested by the fourth branch of the government for violating those laws, We the People.

The US Constitution was written specifically for the leaders to have to abide and govern by. It was written to control their actions and not your actions.

They like to think of themselves as American royalty and that they are above the law but the US Supreme Court ruled in 1977 that "All laws must be enforced equally and fairly for all", meaning that no one, especially not our leaders, can be above the law AND the US Constitution forbids any of them to be any royalty, even American royalty. There is absolutely no question about it, our leaders MUST govern in accordance with the US Constitution or they are breaking that law and are, therefore, criminals and MUST be removed from office as quickly as possible.

Also, for them to order law enforcement to enforce their illegal laws is a violation of that law because it is illegal to tell someone to commit a crime. Therefore, them ordering law enforcement to illegally enforce their laws is them telling or ordering law enforcement to commit a crime, which is a felony, and they should have been arrested on the sport. When these tyrannical governors and mayors ordered people to surrender their constitutional rights, that was a crime against the US Constitution and the American people and they should have been arrested on the spot. When they ordered law enforcement to enforce their illegal edicts, that was another crime and they should have been arrested on the spot.

When law enforcement illegally enforced illegal laws, they committed a crime and should be held accountable for their actions and precedence was set that using the defence "I was just following orders" is not a valid defense for committing a crime because, when ordered to commit a crime, they are required to refuse that order and should arrest those who ordered or told them to commit that crime.

The Constitution states that, if our government won't do its job in any capacity, then we the people MUST do that job for them, relieving them of duty, and applying that law to them to hold them accountable for their actions.

The US Constitution says that they do not rule over us but must rule for us and the leaders are breaking that law by ruling for themselves and their owners.

Food For Thought

Gee, you don't think those corrupt politicians are keeping the mom and pop businesses shut down because the corrupt politicians own stock in the major corporations who are using this lock down to steal market share from the mom and pop businesses to increase their profits, do you?

It is called a conflict of interest and racketeering or a violation of the federal law known as RICO. It is a federal felony and they should all go to prison for this while paying back the losses or damages for the mom and pop businesses.


Will there be sex in Paradise?

I am certain there will not be sex in Paradise.


For a number of reasons.

First, sex was given to us to reproduce and was only made fun so we would reproduce. In Paradise there will be no more reproduction, at least not for humans, because we are taught by the Bible that life is a test and every human is required to be tested. If just one human is born in Paradise, God will have to release Satan and some of his demons to test that person and this satanic crap will start all over again, which will destroy Paradise.

Second, Jesus said there will be no marriage in Paradise and I know there won't be any adultery because adultery is a sin so there won't be any sex.

After having gone for more than 30 years without sex and the problems it causes, I am looking forward to there being no sex and the problems it causes in Paradise because, if we had sex and the problems it causes, it wouldn't be Paradise, it will just be more of the same crap we are having now.

I believe we will all just be good Christian friends living our daily lives, doing things like farming and trades, and enjoying each other's company with regular visits by Jesus and my friends with me also going to visit them.

I look forward to having my own little cabin in the woods by a stream and pond where I can grow my own food with the fields and orchards and enjoy the company of my pets. I will probably build a little shop where I can make things like bicycles and boats to go riding and sailing with my friends and Jesus.

Easy Prediction

Trump is now making moves against Fauci and I expect Trump to soon fire him.


Because everything Fauci told Trump was wrong, he lied, Fauci committed crimes, and he belongs in prison. Fauci is more concerned with politics than medicine. He is not a good doctor because he cares more about his political agenda than he does about the health of the people.

Since evidence has emerged showing that he and Obama helped create this mess that murdered hundreds of thousands, it is my opinion that he should be hung for premeditated murder or genocide.


I realized that there is a little something about viruses you need to know because there is an incredible and ignorant myth going around that we don't or dogs and cats don't "get" a certain virus, causing people to think that the virus doesn't get inside our bodies.

Wrong, all viruses get inside all of our bodies, the x-spirts know this and are lying to you. Dogs and cats ingest COVID 19 viruses inside their bodies, it is just that the virus doesn't harm them because of genetics.

Viruses are everywhere by trillions times trillions times trillions. All animals ingest them all of the time but most viruses don't cause harm to most organisms because of genetics.

The way a virus works is that it has appendages on its outside and the structure of those appendages is determined by the genetic code the virus is carrying and uses to turn cells into virus factories. If those appendages don't match the outer structure of an organisms cell walls, the virus cannot latch onto that cell, won't be triggered to inject its genetic code into that cell, and turn that cell into a virus factory, ultimately destroying most cells. That virus will usually be destroyed by the organism's immune system or be ejected back out of that organism in some way, such as sneezing or coughing.

For example, when the New Castles virus goes from a bird to a human, the virus can match with the human cell walls and create new viruses (almost all viruses being transmitted from birds and rodents will match human cell walls) but, when that human cell creates the new viruses, the cell puts some of its own genetic code into the virus, mutating the virus so that, when the virus is transmitted back to the bird, the virus can't latch onto the bird cell walls so it doesn't cause harm to the bird.

That is also why we know that viruses from bats can't cause harm to humans. We know that the genetic code put into the new viruses by the bat cells can't match with human cells to inject that virus' genetic code into the human cell so the virus is harmless to humans even though the humans do ingest the viruses all of the time. For a virus to go from a bat to a human and be able to cause harm to the human, the virus must first "pass through" another organism such as a mouse or rat to change the genetic code contained by the virus to "mutate the virus" so it can match with human cells to inject its genetic code into the human cell.

The reason why we get most of our harmful viruses from rodents and birds is because they mutate viruses with their genetic code to match our cell walls better than most other organisms, which is why, as carriers or vectors, they have transmitted more harmful viruses to humans than all other groups of organisms and are more deadly to humans than those other organisms.

That is why they are "suddenly and mysteriously" finding that dogs and cats do get or ingest COVID 19, you know, to continue to scare you, of course they do. It is just that COVID 19 is not harmful to them, their immune systems destroy COVID 19, and they don't transmit COVID 19 back to or to humans. I have not heard of or read about one harmful virus that is transmitted from dogs or cats to humans because of this, you know, just like bats, which is why it is very good for humans to have free roaming feral cats to keep the bird and rodent populations below epidemic levels (population levels low enough that a disease getting into their population won't cause an epidemic or pandemic but may cause a disease outbreak, where only a few people will get sick.) That is one reason why dogs and cats should be mans' two best friends.

What they really mean when they say that a virus won't be transmitted to someone or something is, "Yeah, they will ingest the virus but the virus won't cause them harm."

This is just one more reason why I believe the Bible is telling us that God changed genetic structures or the DNA of most to all living organisms when He kicked Adam and Eve out of the Garden of Eden. I believe viruses already existed because they were needed in God's biological system before God changed things so that we became mortal. It is just that God changed our DNA and the DNA of other organisms so that some of those viruses coming from some of the animals would cause humans harm and even kill humans.

There is a lot of very valid science hidden in the Bible that humans could not possibly have known when the bible was written, making it a very different book for me to read than for someone who doesn't know and recognize the science. I have found that science makes the Bible more interesting and fun to study, which is why God gave us science, to better understand Him and His Word.

We all get almost all viruses but most viruses don't cause us harm, especially coming from certain organisms. Biologically, birds and rodents pose the greatest threat to humans because of the many diseases they carry that cause harm to humans, even greater than mosquitoes, and free roaming feral cats help keep those threats to a minimum, which is why Satan keeps teaching humans to hate and kill free roaming feral cats, you know, so Satan can cause protists like viruses and bacteria to kill as many of you as he can. Satan loves you hating and killing free roaming feral cats.

BTW, have you noticed that, according to lefties, the house cat is the only animal on the planet that "devastates ecosystems"? What, don't much larger and more deadly predators like crocodiles, lions, great white sharks, and dogs devastate ecosystems? But the little house cat, which is much lower on the food chain and eats prey that reproduces much faster does devastate ecosystems? Really?

Why don't I believe that obvious lie?


We are watching a shoe storm, a veritable blizzard of shoes. I see increasing numbers of other conservatives telling you what I have been telling you for years, while I am waiting for the next most significant shoes to hit the floor and looking to understand what is next.

If God tells me to write one essay a month, I write one essay a month. If He tells me to write four essays in one day, I write four essays in that day.

BTW, I am increasingly seeing the current coup fail just like everything else they have tried but many are refusing to quit trying to grab for more and more power. There is a growing backlash against the left for the damage they have already done with court actions now starting against a few of these lefty criminals including at least one injunction, which will probably demand that the responsible governor or mayor make restitution for damages caused by his actions.

There is increasing probability of legal actions being taken against at least the key parties involved in these crimes such as politicians, cops, DAs, and judges.

This is getting interesting.

John 3:16 For God so loved the world, that he gave his only begotten Son, that whosoever believeth in him should not perish, but have everlasting life.

You better....

Pray long, pray hard, pray often!!!

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