I Told You So 344

Question: How many of these lefty politicians, bureaucrats, and others staging this lockdown own shares in the major corporations which are using this lockdown to steal market share from the mom and pop businesses that are forcefully shut down "to protect us" to increase the profits of these major corporations and their share holders?

People, that is not just a "conflict of interest", it is called racketeering, a violation of the federal law called RICO, and is a federal felony. That will answer your questions because our corrupt upper class trash are openly and blatantly committing a series of crimes. :-) Follow the money.


I have warned you cops to not enforce the lefty upper class trash dictatorships on the people.

For your own good, you need to listen to me. History teaches that, if you enforce the dictatorships on the people, when this fails and it is all over, the people will hang you.


Because the people know that, without law enforcement enforcing the dictatorships on the people, the corrupt, power mad upper class trash cannot have a dictatorship. Therefore, the people will rightfully hang all law enforcement who enforce these lefty dictatorships on the people.

The Nazi work or death camp guards all used the defense at the Nuremberg Trials, "I was just following orders" or "I was just doing my job." The court said that just following orders or doing your job is not a valid defense for doing something you know is wrong so they hung every one of them.

The court said that you law enforcement are required to refuse orders to commit crimes.

Do you want your spouse and children to watch you hang?

Listen, telling or ordering someone to commit a crime is a crime. When the lefties order you to commit the crime of enforcing their dictatorship on the people in violation of the US Constitution, you should immediately arrest them for that crime. If you don't, then you are derelict of duty. If you commit the crime, then you become complicit in their crime.

Think not?

If I order you to rob a bank, does that make it OK or legal for you to rob that bank? If I order you to murder someone, does that make it legal for you to murder them? If I order you to violate the US Constitution, does that make it legal for you to violate the US Constitution? Think about it.

I am seeing increasing numbers of good cops who are risking their jobs to publically warn other cops to abide by their oath to obey and uphold the US Constitution. This tells me that those and many more cops are becoming concerned with what they are seeing bad cops doing by not obeying or upholding the US Constitution first and foremost. This is an increasing movement by good cops against bad cops and corrupt politicians.

If all of the cops refuse to enforce the left's dictatorship on the people, then the upper class trash can't have a dictatorship and these good cops know that.


Remember that I had told you that they had arrested some people, including some college professors and a doctor, in conjunction with the COVID 19 and Wuhan case?

They just arrested another college professor for this. This isn't over and, like I told you before, I expect more arrests.

Remember that I told you that the COVID 19 that was intentionally turned loose on us by the lefty upper class trash to simultaneously seize control to set up their Marxist global dictatorship and start depopulating the planet would kill more lefties than conservatives? Remember that I have been warning the stupid lefty minions that they will be stuffed under ye ole lefty bus when they are not needed as voters or activists anymore?

I got this from Reuters by Andy Sullivan:

"WASHINGTON (Reuters) - As America's response to the coronavirus pandemic splits along partisan lines, a Reuters analysis may help explain why: Death rates in Democratic areas are triple those in Republican ones."

My prediction and observations were correct, 3 out of 4 who died were lefties and I explained why this would happen. Yeah, that will really help the left in the coming elections.

You commies just started getting your butts shoved under ye ole commie traitor bus. Enjoy the ride, fools.

Man plans, God laughs.

Conspiracy Theorist

I have decided that I will take being called a conspiracy theorist as a compliment because it means I am intelligent, knowledgeable, and have enough common sense plus I pay attention to know that a social animal called humans will socialize or conspire to do things.

People who do not believe in conspiracies are telling you that they are too stupid, ignorant, and lacking in common sense plus they don't pay attention to know that a social animal called humans will socialize or conspire to do things, which should be seen as an insult.

So, please do call me a conspiracy theorist and thank you for the compliment.

Sailboat Cruisers

Something I have thought about for some time is what will happen to these sailboat cruisers who are in another country when the US ends up in a civil war.

What I am seeing with them being caught in other countries during this COVID 19 fiasco is interesting and telling. The cruisers are finding themselves restricted to and confined aboard their boats except to buy food and necessary items. They are not allowed to leave the ports they are in and, if they do, they won't be allowed to reenter that port or enter other ports so they can't sail back to the US. Most of them are kind of stranded.

Many of them are not being treated in a friendly or positive manner and it isn't just indifference but with a little hostility.

What I expect will happen to them when our civil war starts is that they will almost all be robbed of everything they have with some being kidnapped and ransomed and many being raped and murdered while the governments of those nations look the other way. Some of them will probably end up living in those nations as second or third level citizens in perpetual poverty.

It isn't going to be pretty, could just about kill the sailboat cruising industry in most nations and I believe that piracy against the cruisers will be rampant with most of them at least losing their boats and having to find another way home.

I believe that the Americans who make it back home will be in the fortunate minority.


Remember that I told you that the DNC was only using Biden to get Bernie out of the way and they would pull a slick move to replace Biden with someone else at the DNC convention?

Even the DNC has publically admitted that Biden may not necessarily be their presidential candidate and he may be replaced at their convention like I told you he will.

Then I saw this video which shows the DNC is accelerating the move to replace Biden with someone else but they just have not named his replacement yet.

People, this was all planned out starting in 2018 when Meghan married Harry, their efforts to impeach Trump had already failed, and there wasn't anyone else who could beat Trump with his economic and other successes.

Keep an eye out for Meghan Markle to be pulled out of the closet, you know, like a rabbit out of a hat, and nominated as the DNC presidential candidate in hopes of taking Trump by surprise on a very short notice to beat him.

Remember that Biden "is looking for a female VP", preferably of color and Meghan is a female of color (she is black by way of her mother's ancestry.) Gee, what a coincidence that she and Harry "had a falling out" with the Queen and gave up her royal titles that no US president is permitted to have just a few months ago.

I believe that it will probably go something like this: Biden will select Meghan as his vp, he will be forced to resign to avoid prosecution, and Meghan will be promoted to being the DNC presidential candidate too late for Trump to put together much of a campaign against her so the lefty media can try to use their lies, misinformation, and propaganda along with sensationalizing her as the first American princess to get her elected.

They are not going to run Biden against Trump.

Remember that this is where you get tomorrow's news today.

BTW, I am watching and, if Putin and Russia have really converted back to Christianity, God will protect them from being taken over by the Western upper class trash/Muslims. Keep an eye on this.

Eyes Opening

God is continuing to let these evil human demons and spawn of Satan get what they want just long enough to open people's eyes to just how evil those people are so the people can make an informed choice between Satan's people and God's people.

My first thought about this is, "Would you people please wake up and pay attention so God will save us from these evil beasts?" Open your eyes, read the writing on the wall, smell the coffee, and anything else that will cause you to realize the truth so we can get on with this.

Mean while, God is causing groups to take these evil, power mad tyrants to court, where the tyrants are losing. I am wondering if these criminals will appeal the court decisions because, when the first of these cases goes before the US Supreme Court, this crap will come to a screeching halt and the lefty criminals will have to find another way to seize power and control to set up their lefty commie traitor/Muslim dictatorship. I am keeping an eye on this.

Mean while, these lefty tyrants are refusing to give up the power and control they have stolen from the people and are trying to seize even more power. Dey just gots to have their power and control over the lowly peasants, baby.

Their latest excuse is that they need to bring back the economy slowly. People, I have an M.B.A. and they are still lying to you. If they "bring the economy back slowly", it means they don't have to give up their power and control, while being able to continue to destroy mom and pop businesses and put more and more of you out of work to destroy the economy even more. The longer they maintain a strangle hold on the economy, the more businesses and jobs they destroy, the more of you will be impoverished and easy to control, and the more of you will die. That is the ONLY reason why they are trying to bring the economy back slowly, the only reason.

They are still trying to murder you off, people, you know, depopulate "their planet" so they don't have to share their planet with you lowly peasants. Dey is are be royalty, you know, a royal pain in the butt.

The lefties have no good intentions and have never had any good intentions regardless of all of the lies they have and are still telling you. Their intentions are and have always been evil towards you. Quit drinking the lefty Kool-Aid, it is poisoned and will eventually kill you. The lefty Kool-Aid has already killed many of you and is killing more right now. They are the problem and they are evil human demons and spawn of Satan.

The best thing the upper class trash can do for the economy is just get out of the way, turn the people loose, let the people do their things and this economy will explode but they are lying to you telling you that they must "bring the economy back gradually or there will be problems." The only problem they will have is that they will lose control, stop destroying the economy, and you will get back control of your lives.

What you need to do is arrest, try, and hang everyone who was responsible for this mess, including the lefty media, who aided them in committing this crime against humanity with their lies and propaganda, take all of their money and wealth, give that money and wealth to the mom and pop businesses the upper class trash destroyed so they can restart their businesses, creating more jobs, and just leave the people alone. Make these human monsters pay for the damages they caused so the people can get back to work and just living.

Remember that these evil beasts are STILL trying to murder you as you read this.

Another thing God is doing by opening people's eyes is He is destroying the lefty propaganda machine called the MSM as shown in this video. Like I have told you before, the lying lefty MSM are dying as more and more people find out the MSM are lying to them and those people are turning to the conservative media for the truth.

As the lefties continue to suffer these losses, they will not give up, they will just get more and more desperate until they realize that their only hope will be to stage a violent coup and risk losing their lives while taking other people's lives, including many of their own, but God has let me know that He will cause even that to fail with you having to fight the last part to get your freedoms and rights back from them.


It is time to stop playing defense and go on the offense against these criminals. You people need to form or act using groups because united you stand, divided they will keep screwing you.

In groups, you can hire better attorneys to fight for you and you need two different types of attorneys. You will need attorneys who know and practice criminal law to file charges against these criminals and you will need attorneys who know and practice "tort law" or civil law for litigations against the criminals for damages.

You have to understand that these corrupt politicians and everyone aiding them in these shutdowns in any way violated the US Constitution, federal law, their state constitutions, and their state laws. They need to face criminals charges and to be litigated against for civil damages caused by their criminal actions. They are ALL liable.

You need to start by filing charges against the governors, mayors, and everyone else involved in and supporting these crimes, such as their cabinets, DAs, chiefs of police, police officers, college professors, and the media (putting out propaganda to support criminal actions is aiding those criminal actions - remember that freedom of the press does not give them the right to commit crimes) involved in committing and aiding these crimes against the people. These people have all violated the US Constitution, federal law, their state constitutions, and their state laws so they MUST be held accountable for their actions, both criminally and civilly, or they will just keep doing it until they are held accountable for their actions.

If you don't want these crimes to be committed against you again and soon, you have to do this to discourage anyone from doing it again.

When these governors and mayors staged these shutdowns, they violated the above laws and their cabinets and everyone else involved were complicit in those crimes. When they ordered law enforcement to commit or aid in committing those crimes, they committed other crimes because it is illegal to tell or order another person to commit a crime and they should have been arrested on the spot. When the heads of their law enforcement did not arrest those corrupt politicians for ordering law enforcement to commit those crimes, those heads of law enforcement were negligent in doing their jobs and, when those heads of law enforcement passed those orders to commit those crimes onto their officers, they committed the same crimes and became complicit in those crimes so they should have been arrested by their officers on the spot. When those officers did not arrest the heads of their law enforcement agencies, those officers became negligent in their duties and, when they complied with those orders to begin enforcing those dictatorships and their decrees on the people, they became complicit in those crimes.

When the media began putting out lies, misinformation, and propaganda supporting those crimes, they became guilty of aiding and abetting those crimes and should be prosecuted for their parts in committing those crimes. This is true for EVERYONE who in anyway aided in committing those crimes.

Everyone of the above people should be prosecuted in committing those crimes so criminal charges should be filed against ALL of them.

Then, because they caused harm to people and businesses by committing those crimes, all of the people involved in committing those crimes are liable for all damages incurred by those crimes and they should ALL be litigated for causing those damages to other people, especially the damages caused to small businesses and people who lost jobs and other properties because of those crimes. This will require "class action law suits" or litigations against each and every person individually who was involved in committing those crimes and there are literally hundreds of billions of dollars there to cover those damages.

Basically, you take everything they have and throw their butts in jail or hang some of them.

Some of the arrogant American "royalty" who committed those crimes and think they are above the law should also be held accountable for their parts in committing those crimes. From what I have read, this should include people like George Soros, Bill Gates, Zuckerberg, Jack Dorsey, CNN's Zucker, Jim Carey, Alex Baldwin, and many others. The corrupt media also need to know that they are not above the law and will be held accountable for their actions in committing crimes.

NONE of them can be above the law or it will just start all over again.

Note that Cuomo is talking his butt off like crazy making excuses to dodge manslaughter charges for ordering sick COVID 19 patients be sent to nursing homes. He and everyone who aided in putting those sick people in those nursing homes should be facing serious criminal charges for things like manslaughter and even murder.

We the people need to use the courts to really wage a war against the lefties, especially their upper class trash, to hold them accountable for their crimes against the people.

You have to really go on the offensive and put these criminals away for keeps and strip them of their stolen wealth so they can't bribe anyone to prevent this from happening again anytime soon. You just cannot let these criminals get away with their crimes and you MUST get all of them you can as quickly as possible.

God's Warnings

What does God's warning tell you about what to expect from these devouring brute beast upper class trash?

First, God has been telling you that these upper class trash won't stop trying to seize control of our nations and the planet until they die. Death is the only thing that will stop them and they prove that to be true every day.

Second, that these evil monsters will murder people on an unheard of scale to get what they want and these spawn of Satan even began telling you that 30 years ago when they began telling you that they want to "depopulate the planet by better than 90%" or murder off more than 7 billion people.

People, they have been telling you that they plan to murder more than 7,000 times one million people to get their planet to themselves and are right now knowingly murdering tens of thousands of people to get their power and control over you, using the excuse they are sacrificing those people to save other people, which just doesn't make any sense.

God warned you that they will nuke Chicago and kill about a million people to get what they want and, when they already plan to wipe out entire nations, hey, what is a city or two?

Third, God is telling you that everything else these monsters do to try to get power and control to set up their global dictatorship will fail forcing them to stage a violent coup that will murder about a million people with a nuke.

This current attempt to seize control with COVID 19 is failing because it has angered the people so that the people are standing up and fighting back in increasing numbers with the upper class trash desperately trying to keep and increase their stolen power and control over you.

People, the lefties losing this attempt will not stop them any more than them losing all of the attempts before this stopped them. The only thing that will stop these beasts is death.

Fourth, God warned you that, when they do nuke Chicago to save their butts and their coup, it will take most of you by surprise, which is why God sends people like me to warn you so you will be ready and can set up free zones to protect yourselves, your families, and your friends.

Fifth, God has told you that He will permit them to succeed just long enough to wake everyone up, open everyone's eyes, and for everyone to chose between God and Satan and then this attempt will fail too with us having to finish the fight by finishing them off in a war so they will finally stop.

Get ready, it is coming and soon.

John 3:16 For God so loved the world, that he gave his only begotten Son, that whosoever believeth in him should not perish, but have everlasting life.

You better....

Pray long, pray hard, pray often!!!

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