I Told You So 345

Eyes Opening

Remember that I have been telling you that God is opening eyes so everyone can make an informed decision between good and evil?

Watch this video, which tells you that increasing numbers of people are turning to the right.

God has let the evil lefties get enough of what they want so everyone can see the ugly truth about the lefty great sounding stupid ideas and what they will really be like. Most people are not liking what they are seeing and having to live through. They are seeing the increasing poverty and destruction of our economy just like has always been caused by all forms of Marxism and realizing the conservatives are right and the lefties are wrong.

They were lied to and promised that our lefties "would make it work" and that all the other Marxist states were not true Marxism but the people are seeing those other Marxist states were the true Marxism and our Marxism will end up just like their Marxism did.


Remember that I have been warning you about our rodent "problem" across this nation, which is really at pandemic levels in almost all places, especially cities?

I got this from Newsmax by Eric Mack and this is according to the CDC:

"'Jurisdictions have closed or limited service at restaurants and other commercial establishments to help limit the spread of COVID-19. Rodents rely on the food and waste generated by these establishments,' according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. Community-wide closures have led to a decrease in food available to rodents, especially in dense commercial areas.

'Some jurisdictions have reported an increase in rodent activity as rodents search for new sources of food. Environmental health and rodent control programs may see an increase in service requests related to rodents and reports of unusual or aggressive rodent behavior.'

Rodents are a health risk, whether or not they are aggressive, carrying rodent-borne diseases. With rats on the hunt, populations are going to move into residential areas more and more, per the CDC."

So ye ole lockdown is driving the pandemic rodent populations into your neighborhoods and homes. Nice job, lefties. I keep getting the feeling this is going to hurt soon and have been warning you about this for about two decades.

Fitness and Health

Remember that I have been warning you that the best way to prevent serious problems and death from disease is with fitness and exercise because that does a number of things for you, especially enhancing your immune, cardiovascular and cardio respiratory systems? Remember that I have been telling you that smoking ANYTHING will increase your chances of death from such things as lung ailments like the flu and COVID 19?

This video by a doctor lists all of those things as significant factors for deaths from COVID 19 based on research.

Note that he specifically says that a lack of fitness or exercise is a significant contributing factor for death.

Believe me yet?

Note that he doesn't speak English, he speaks science so ignore what you don't understand and learn what you do understand but this is a very good video to watch to the end because he gives you information to help you do better in fighting off illness, especially COVID 19 and that part is in clear English and not science.

BTW, note that he talked quite a bit about blood clotting in the cardiovascular system and I just saw a headline saying, "High Blood Pressure a Killer COVID Mystery". I couldn't read the article because it is behind a pay wall but it appears they are saying the high blood pressure killing some people is a mystery.

Do you think all of that blood clotting in the system just might be the cause of the increased blood pressure?

The greater the resistance, the greater the pressure to overcome that resistance. That seems logical to me.


Remember that I have been telling you that the Masks don't work and can't work for a number of reasons?

I have also been wondering and thinking about writing about carbon dioxide poisoning from wearing a mask, especially while exercising, which can kill you.

This video explains other reasons why masks do not work and can cause health problems and she (a doctor) even touched on the carbon dioxide poisoning, telling about a woman who passed out while driving a car because of it. She even explains why masks increase the potential for infection.

The carbon dioxide poisoning is caused because the mask prevents proper and complete exhaling of carbon dioxide from the body so the carbon dioxide builds up inside the mask and in your blood until you become hypoxic enough to pass out or even die, usually from cardiac arrest.

Basically, between what she tells you and what I told you, masks do not protect you and are a danger to use. They can kill you.

Therefore, all of this crap about masks and social distancing is not scientific and is just being used to terrorize people to control people for power. The people who pushed and ordered these things should be prosecuted for a number of crimes including terrorism and criminal homicide and they should also be individually litigated for damages.


Remember that I have been telling you from the start that there was something funny or suspicious with the stories about COVID 19?

I just got this from Newser via CenturyLink by Rob Quinn:

"'The World Health Organization tells AFP that three workers infected on mink farms 'would be the first known cases of animal-to-human transmission,' but they are 'still collecting and reviewing more data to understand if animals and pets can spread the disease.' Dutch authorities say they detected the virus at four of the country's 155 mink farms.'"

"would be the first known cases of animal-to-human transmission"? Hold it, wasn't this virus supposed to be transmitted to humans from a bat? Are they inadvertently admitting that they lied and the virus was intentionally released by the Wuhan lab?

The problem with lying is that you have to remember all of your lies so you are careful to not contradict yourself. Everything they have been telling you about COVID 19 has been lies to scare you into submitting yourself to their absolute Nazi rule so they could finish staging their coup to set up their Marxist global dictatorship.

Have you noticed that increasing numbers of people are figuring this out and are restarting their global protests and riots ignoring more scare mongering about a second wave of a virus that has an actual mortality rate of less than 1%?

Their fear mongering only worked for a few months because the upper class trash are not as smart as they think they are and most of the people are not as stupid as the upper class trash think they are.

God Laughs

Remember that I have been telling you that "man plans, God laughs"?

This video is an excellent example of man planning and God laughing as man's plans by the richest and best educated failed miserably. Note the ecological problems they caused with their "brilliant" plans, you know, like stagnant water around super expensive mansions.

You know that God is laughing at these smarty pants.

Maybe the upper class trash are not as smart as they like to think they are?


Remember that I have been telling you that Trump is fighting back against the corrupt left for the people?

This video shows Trump finally fighting back against the corrupt big tech companies for the people in a big way, making these big tech companies abide by the law they have been ignoring under lefty rule. Basically, he is saying that no one, not even the super rich big tech companies are above the law.

Please pay attention to Zuckerberg's face and speech on the video, which clearly shows he is terrified. It looks like he is about to cry.

What do I expect next?

Let's do the math, you know I like math.

I expect thousands of law suits against these major corporations who were being protected from being sued by pretending to be "platforms" while acting like publishers. Now that they are being reclassified as publishers, they are liable for damages and you can bet the greedy attorneys are already putting together class action lawsuits for tens of billions of dollars, of which they will get at least 40%. I expect the law suits to quickly over whelm the upper class trash legal teams. You can bet the buzzards are already circling.

When these big tech companies suddenly have to start making settlements for billions of dollars, you can bet their CEOs and other top managers will lose their jobs.

You can also bet that the better legal firms will "pierce the corporate veil" and go after the top managers and CEOs individually for damages, you know, millions and billions more dollars.

You now have to understand how the rich live and, with my MBA, I was trained to manage their businesses and finances so I know how they live. They all love to live heavily in debt with as little equity as possible so they can invest and spend as much as possible.

When you hear that Mr. X is worth millions or billions of dollars, that is only "on paper", meaning it is a lie to blow up their egos and make them feel and look more important and intelligent. What rich people throw around is not their "net worth" or how much they are really worth.

For example, if you "own" a business or mansion worth a market value of $100 million but have it mortgaged so that you owe the bank $90 million in principle and you only have $10 million in equity, then you will say you are worth $100 million but you will only really be worth $10 million because you only have $10 million in "equity" or your net worth. The bank owns the rest of that investment. If the value of that investment decreases to only $90 million, then all of your equity disappears and the bank owns it all, the bank will reposes the investment to sell it and get their money out of it before the market value drops more causing them to lose money, and you will have ZERO dollars in net worth. You are broke, baby.

When I was in LA, I knew a man who was worth more than $200 million on paper when the economy took a down turn causing all of his properties to drop in value below his equity. The banks immediately foreclosed on everything he had leaving him worth zero dollars.

Almost all rich people live that way and you can bet these smarty pants CEOs like Zuckerberg and Jack Dorsey also live that way. When they lose their overpaid jobs, on which all of their loans are based, they won't be able to make payment on their loans, all of their loans will go "default", the banks will reposes all of their investments, sell those investments to get what the banks own, and, if there is anything left after the banks take theirs and the cost of sales, the former owners will get that much.

They will almost certainly have to sell off from huge amounts to all of their investments to save what they can, if anything, which will cause those stocks to plummet, causing them to lose even more and end up with even less.

Who will hire these people?

No one, they will be considered unemployable and they have no marketable skills.

For example, I owned my own business, was very competitive in national to international sports, and have an M.B.A. so I have been informed that no one will hire me. I am "over qualified" for just about everything. For me to go back to work, I have to start my own business but my illness plunged me into poverty so I don't have any seed capital to start a business and I don't have the health to start a business. I am unemployable. If I had my health back, I do have skills I could use to start a mom and pop business but I am too sick to use those skills.

Do you know what the two biggest differences are between most of you and most rich people?

1) They have the money to hire people to do the things they cannot do and you don't and 2) most of them cannot do anything but hire other people to do things for them.

This means that, if they lose all of their money, they can't hire others to do things for them and they can't do anything so they end up homeless or living in mommy's basement.

Did you know that about half of the homeless people living on the street have college degrees and some of those used to be rich people who lost everything and cannot do anything for work?

Do not be surprised to see some of these rich people like Zuckerberg or Jack Dorsey end up living in cardboard boxes in alleys. This could get very interesting and could happen very quickly.

And you think these mega rich people are more intelligent than you because they have more money?

No, they were just in the right place at the right time doing the right thing and it got them rich or they got rich because mommy and daddy got horny. They are proving this with their arrogant stupidity.

They arrogantly want to believe they are more intelligent than you but they are not. Note that most of what they have accomplished was actually accomplished by the people working for them and not by them. Think about it.

BTW, I love Mark Dice. He often makes my day.

Yersinia Pestis

Remember that I have been warning you about our pandemic rodent populations and Yersinia Pestis getting together?

After COVID 19, there is something I have been watching and thinking about, which is the upper class trash turning an untreatable and incurable strain of Yersinia Pestis loose on us for control and to "depopulate their planet". There are just too many coincidences making this look inevitable.

They began teaching us to hate house cats more than a century ago, they started putting out bogus science teaching us that the house cat is the only animal on the planet that devastates ecosystems, they began working to get us to kill and outlaw free roaming feral cats more than 30 years ago, they began preaching depopulating the planet "to save the planet" about 30 years ago, when some people began protesting killing free roaming feral cats, they "compromised" by having us sterilize free roaming feral cats, which still destroys their populations, now they used the Wuhan lab in China to turn loose COVID 19 on us killing almost a million people globally and bringing your protests and riots under control, even though its real mortality rate is less than 1%, they are trying to scare you about COVID 19 again to maintain the control they illegally stole from you but it isn't working, and I am increasingly waiting for them to turn Yersinia Pestis loose on us to finish the job because EVERYTHING else has failed to get them the control and power they want. They got closer but they didn't get it all.

You can bet that "The Black Plague", already feared by most, will terrify everyone, especially when it starts ravaging our big cities. The stupid people will beg the upper class trash to save their butts in exchange for complete control and power over the entire planet and, with a mortality rate ranging from 50% to 100%, pending the strain, nation, and health of the population, it will depopulate this planet just like the upper class trash want better than anything else I know about, especially when it becomes pneumonic.

If you see Yersinia Pestis show up in our cities, know that the upper class trash turned it loose on us and don't be surprised to see Bill Gates and/or others with a patent on a vaccine that also has a tracking device in it. You know, "If you want to survive, you have to let us track and control you." "You gots to submit to being our slaves, baby." Keep an eye on this. I am.

These upper class trash are already genocidal murderers and that is when I will crowd fund a guillotine factory and the smart people will buy them to put an end to all of this evil and insanity.

BTW, since this black plague will take place mostly in the cities, it will effect mostly liberals and lefties. Based on what we have seen with COVID 19, it will kill about 3 lefties for every conservative it kills and you lefties just keep voting your murderers into power so they can murder you.

John 3:16 For God so loved the world, that he gave his only begotten Son, that whosoever believeth in him should not perish, but have everlasting life.

You better....

Pray long, pray hard, pray often!!!

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