I Told You So 348

The Coup

Remember that I have been telling you this is a violent coup and everything they are doing is about power and control to set up their Marxist dictatorship?

This video by Tucker tells you this is all about power and control. Gee, what a coincidence. He shows you how serious this coup has gotten and is quickly getting worse.

This video also shows how bad this coup has gotten and how much worse it will get. You better get your families out of blue Marxist zones before it is too late.


Remember that I told you that putting out the truth about Joe Biden will not discourage Commierats from voting for him and will probably encourage at least some of them to vote for him because the lefties don't see anything wrong with what Joe has done and is doing and many are doing the same things?

The Commierats just elected Joe Morrissey, a convicted felon and child rapist, as a state senator for Virginia. He is much worse than Biden and the Commierats didn't think what he did was bad enough to not vote for him. Think about that.

The Commierats are satanic pagans who do not have your Christian morals, values, and ethics so they do not see things the way you see them and do not think the way you think. Remember that they are trying to legalize things like pedophilia. That should be a huge red flag and clue about the left. Most of them want to do the same things that people like Biden and Morrissey do so they will vote for satanic human demons to get the evil they love legalized.

This is a spiritual war where we are being waged war against by the spawn of Satan. You better pray long, pray hard, pray often and lock and load.

Note that for the lefties to be able to believe what they believe, they have to be able to lie to themselves and be stupid enough to believe the lie because it sounds good or supports what they want.


Remember that I have been telling you cops that the lefties are planning to sell you out?

Well, the lefties are doing it right now.

Still don't believe me?

Watch this video, which shows how bad the left is selling you out. This thing in Seattle is just a dry run at replacing you cops with their CNSF (Antifa, BLM, and other criminals) just like Obama told you the left would right after he first became president. You cops better make the right moves really soon because, after they get their power, you will die even faster than you are dying now. The lefty criminals will hunt you down and kill you.

The City of Minneapolis has just voted to replace the entire police department with a "New Public Safety Model", you know, their CNSF or Antifa and BLM.

Good cops are now quitting in droves across the US and people are fleeing the Commierat run cities in droves across the US. This video tells you why cops are quitting in droves in the blue cities. If this keeps up, the left won't have to defund the cops to get rid of them and to justify hiring their CNSF (Antifa, BLM, criminals, and others) as their law enforcement. The lefties are setting up their city state Marxist dictatorships right now to seize control of the US one city and one state at a time.

I would not want to be a cop in a medium to large city being run by Commierats in a state being run by Commierats. Increasing numbers of cops are figuring this out and getting out.

Here is another video about the cops leaving those lefty run cities.

And what about you lefties who keep voting the lefty politicians into power who keep punishing the cops for protecting you from bad guys?

You are losing that protection and will have to protect yourselves against those bad guys with you having continued to elect lefty politicians who have made the rule that you cannot use "excessive force", you know, enough force to stop the criminals, against the criminals BUT those criminals can and will use all of the force they want to use against you. Those criminals have never been punished for using "excessive force" against you but you will be punished for using excessive force against the criminals.

Hey, the cops are saying, "If you care more about the criminals who want to rob, bully, rape, and murder you than you care about us cops, who want to protect you from those criminals, then you can have your beloved criminals and we will stop protecting you from them."

Wow, that was smart, wasn't it?

You stupid lefties now have to defend yourselves and your families with your hands tied the way your lefty politicians tied the hands of the cops against criminals, who don't have their hands tied. Now the lefty politicians can't punish the cops for protecting you anymore because those cops are leaving lefty run cities but they will punish you for protecting yourselves against the lefty beloved criminals and you deserve every bit of it for betraying the cops who were protecting you, so keep voting for those lefty politicians who don't care one bit about you.

And you are going to have to defend yourselves without the guns you hate and the lefty politicians you keep voting for will take away from you while the criminals will be sure to have a bunch of illegal guns to use against you.

And God said, "Do unto others as you would have others do unto you."

Be careful what you wish for because, if you insist on it long enough, God will eventually let you have it and you won't like what you get.

Autonomous Zones

I got this e-mail from Mark:

"I have to laugh.

Another or your prophecies is coming true. The Left have established their own la-la-land in Seattle called a C.H.A.Z. (Capitol Hill Autonomous Zone, or "ANTIFASTAN"). They want to establish these utopias all over the USA. The joke is on them. Their leader is a war lord. Everything in the zone is free, including food. And there are no laws and no law enforcement. Now the homeless have taken all the fool and none is left for the "citizens" of the zone. They are asking for people outside the zone to give them food. They still don't realize that there is no such thing as a free lunch. Someone must pay for it. This may be the start of the idiots on the left getting their own area to live in away from the rest of us. Exactly as God showed you.

Still laughing,"

What Mark is referring to is the dream I had where God showed me that, at the end of this currently escalating war being caused by the left, the lefties will set up a small blue zone on the Northeast coast for all of the remaining lefties to flee to, where it will be an economic and social disaster. This is funny because this autonomous zone is a preview of how bad that zone will be but there is more to this than that.

Listen, the people holding this turf consist of several different small groups or terrorist cells trying to work together or on their own to set up their preferred form of government, none of which had succeeded at Occupy Wall Street. One of the leaders they say they do not have actually claimed he was the head or leader but that only lasted a day or two. They can't even agree on their own government and created their own armed and untrained police and border patrol.

Now you add guns to this mix of disagreeing violent terrorist groups and it isn't if but when will we get to see a gun fight for power? It will be a real Wild West shoot out.

One disagreement too many and this could easily turn into a mini Libya with dead bodies everywhere and Trump having to send in Delta and the SEALs to clean up another lefty mess.

People, listen to these terrorists. They are preaching a religion of chaos or no government and law enforcement or ye ole Wild West, where the law was "might makes right" and many people died because the law wasn't there. Put that together with human nature and it won't end well.

BTW, have you noticed that the gun hating lefties immediately set up their own police force armed with AR-15s?

They clearly are not against guns. They are against YOU having guns to prevent or topple their dictatorship. Oops!

Also, the rioters say they are protesting the brutality and violence of the police. Watch this video and pay attention to the violence and brutality of the protesters. The protesters are more violent and brutal than the police and cannot be against violence or they wouldn't be so violent and brutal but are instead against the police using violence against the protestors and criminals to subdue and arrest resisting rioters and criminals.

The lefties have already set up one autonomous zone in Seattle called CHAZ (now CHOP) and the lefties are rioting in other blue cities trying to set up other autonomous zones to take over the US one zone or city state at a time. This is a creeping violent coup.

It has gotten so bad that any time the police kill a black man, who is resisting arrest, that death is used as an excuse to riot, destroy businesses, and continue their violent coup. People, the white lefties don't really care about blacks, they are just using blacks to hide their lefty commie coup.

What will happen next is that the right will begin to set up their red zones, which God showed me will be the conservative safe zones following Obama and the BLM nuking Chicago God showed me in another dream. All of these things for fulfilling those prophecies are falling into place right now.

These commie autonomous zones will be set up in the big and medium cities being run by lefties but they will be kept from spreading to seize control of the entire nation by red safe zones set up by the conservatives. When this move to finish their coup also fails, the left will be forced to make their final violent coup by killing Trump and Pence to seize control of the US. These blue autonomous zones will be the parts controlled completely by the left with the red zones being relatively safe for conservatives, moderates, and liberals which will cause the Mexican standoff God told me would happen following the black Muslim coup by nuking Chicago.

After the Battle of Ezekiel 38 & 39, it is from these red zones that we will fight our war for our freedoms and rights against the Marxists/Muslims remaining in control of the US Federal Government.

We are almost there. We are close, very close and we get one day closer every day. I am waiting and watching everything moving into place to fulfill those prophecies God gave me. This is one more significant piece of the puzzle falling into place telling me we don't have much time left so you better get ready.

You better pray long, pray hard, pray often and lock and load.


Remember that I told you that the European Royal Family, under its different family branches, including the British Royal Family, the French Royal Family, the German Royal Family, and others, had control of every nation on the planet just a few hundred years ago and globalism is really just about the European Royal Family under the control of the British family branch getting "their planet" back?

Here is a sample of some of what the British branch of the European Royal Family currently have control over. I got this from a site named "Pocket" by Jennifer M. Wood and Paul Anthony Jones:

"The Queen is the head of state of the United Kingdom, of course, as well as 14 overseas territories (including Gibraltar and the Falkland Islands) and the 16 so-called Commonwealth realms (including Canada, Australia, and New Zealand). But as the current reigning monarch, the Queen also technically owns three British island territories-namely, the Isle of Man, and the two largest of the Channel Islands, Jersey and Guernsey-which together comprise her 'Crown Dependencies.'"


"The 1964 Continental Shelf Act decreed that the Crown, as an extension of its ownership of the seabed, could lay claim to the UK's continental shelf, up to a distance of 200 nautical miles in some places. The queen ultimately bears rights to the subsoil and minerals that lie in the UK's marine shelf, while the government lays claim to the coal, oil, and gas deposits."

People, not including most of Europe, which they also still have control over, that is a total of 30 nations just under the control of the British branch of the European Royal Family and doesn't include the nations still under control of the other remaining branches of the European Royal Family.

They want their planet back.

You can see some of what else the British branch of the European Royal Family own here. Queen Elizabeth is the richest and most powerful woman in the world. She dwarfs Oprah.

Cleaning House

Remember that I have been telling you that God is using and going to use the lefties taking over our nation and imposing Sharia Law on us to clean up the mess we have made of God's nation over the last 200+ years?

He is just a wee bit ticked at us.

Think about this; what will happen when the black Muslims under Obama stage their violent coup and impose Sharia Law on us?

They will be doing away with all of the parts of our government we stupid humans have corrupted. The first thing they will do is to suspend the US Constitution and the laws we have added to corrupt it all. Then they will do away with the corrupted system like the Supreme Court and its corrupt judges, our corrupted Congress, and our corrupt deep state bureaucracy. All of those evil people will be forced out of their closets.

Basically, the Muslims will clean house for us so we can start over from scratch, having learned from our predecessors' mistakes, and try to do a better job. Their coup will do all of the most difficult dirty work for us and will the lefties be surprised when the lefties lose their government jobs and incomes, especially the ones like Congress who currently get big monthly checks for life.

God is right now cleaning up most of our mess we refuse to clean up ourselves and then we will be forced to finish the job to get our freedoms and rights back...and, oh yeah, it ain't going to be purdy, it is going to hurt just a wee bit with many paying for our mischief with their lives. Oh yeah, that is already happening.

It is going to get much worse before it gets better just like I have been telling you and it has been doing so you better pray long, pray hard, pray often and lock and load.

Just think about it. In one move, we will get rid of all of our bad judges and DAs we have refused to get rid of because they will all quickly be replaced with Muslims, who we will get rid of during the war.

See how God is working it?

Just think about it, when this is all over, NO ONE will have any constitutional rights and we will be forced to implement Biblical Law in order to have reasonable law and order. You won't have a choice because it will be to continue under Sharia Law or start fresh under Biblical Law.

BTW, since the Muslims will suspend the US Constitution and not one will have any constitutional rights so we will be forced to live under Sharia Law, the Muslims will either slaughter or draft and send off to die fighting for them such groups as homosexuals, feminists, transsexuals, and others protected under laws and court decisions passed over the last half century. Under Sharia Law, all of these lefty groups will be hunted down by the Muslims and disposed of one way or another.

We won't clean our own house so God is going to clean it for us by letting the lefties get what they want, which will make it possible for the Muslims to clean most of that house for us. God uses what Satan does against Satan and his spawn. The lefties are proving every day that they are their own worst enemy. Ultimately, their great sounding stupid ideas will destroy them.


This is why you should remember and pay attention to the seemingly unimportant little details that most people completely forget about or ignore.

Who founded BLM?

The New Black Panthers under Obama.

Who founded the New Black Panthers?

The Nation of Islam, which is a black Muslim organization run by Louis Farrakhan, is the head of all black gangs in the US, terrorized people in their areas to vote for Obama in 2008, and Obama spent entire days in conference with Farrakhan and without his Secret Service officers before BLM was founded.

What should all of this tell you?

That BLM is a black Muslim terrorist organization run by the Nation of Islam, Farrakhan, and Obama. It is a front group for black Muslims used to commit crimes without the true leaders being held accountable.

These are not coincidences, they are evidence telling you what is going on. Pay attention to such things and you will know what is going on.

BTW, you don't think that, if BLM nukes Chicago to murder Trump and Pence, blame Israel, whom they hate, so they can justify invading Israel to get rid of Israel and prove Obama is the Muslim Mahdi, appoint Obama as their leader or the new president, and that large numbers of Americans won't support them?

This video shows that you would be wrong. If BLM were to right now stage the violent coup God told me the black Muslims will stage, blame Israel to justify invading Israel, and appoint Obama as our new president, enough people would support Obama taking the reins of government in that coup and staging an invasion of Israel for Obama and the black Muslims to succeed.

After viewing that video, you should realize that enough people will support BLM suspending the US Constitution and imposing Sharia Law on us just like God told me they will. You should know that anyone, especially whites, who do not support BLM seizing control of the US government and appointing Obama as our leader, president, caliph, or whatever will be called "racist" and you know how terrified most Americans are of being called racist. Most will submit to the BLM rule rather than risk being called racist.

Do you now understand why, in one of the dreams God gave me about this, He had me standing alone in the middle of the large theater room, representing the US, facing the front, you know, taking a stand against Obama and his Black Muslim dictatorship alone?

There will be relatively few of us who will take a stand against Obama and their black Muslim dictatorship because most will be too afraid of being called a lefty dirty word or name, you know, racist, which is happening right now. There will be just enough of us to secure the red safe zones God told me about but few enough so that Obama will feel safe in taking most of his CNSF to invade Israel.

Remember that I told you that Obama will be facing a strategic and tactical problem for invading Israel, for which he will need to have the largest and best army there. He has to be the first Muslim leader to stand on the Temple Mount and give the Muslim prophetic order to murder all remaining non Muslims in the world and, if he does, he will prove he is the Muslim Mahdi and all Muslims will be required to submit to his rule so he can finish conquering the world.

In order to achieve this, he must be the first to punch a big enough hole in the Israeli Army, rated as the fifth most powerful army in the world, to quickly get the rest of his army through for a mad dash to Jerusalem and still have a big enough army to win any running gun fights on the way and still have a big enough army when he gets to Jerusalem to win a pitch battle against all other Muslim armies trying to get their leaders to stand on the Temple Mount to give that order and be proved to be the Muslim Mahdi.

Obama and Farrakhan know that, if they can achieve that, they will be able to return to the US with a Muslim army in the hundreds of millions to quickly overwhelm the US patriots taking a stand against their black Muslim dictatorship.

God is going to make the number of patriots who will take a stand big enough to secure the red zones but small enough so that Obama will feel free to take as much of his CNSF army he wants to invade Israel.

But remember, man plans, God laughs.

Remember that God said He will destroy 5 out of 6 members of that army or 83.3% of them.

Also remember that all of the lefty commie traitor leaders, including the upper class trash, business leaders, political leaders, media, and others will have to converge in Damascus before this battle starts to make deals with the top Muslim leaders to provide support for those Muslim leaders in exchange for the best possible deals they can get within the Muslim Caliphate after they have conquered the world and that God said He is personally going to destroy Damascus forever, you know, turn their corrupt commie/Muslim butts into Damascus asphalt. That will get rid of almost all of their leaders.

That is when we patriots will start fighting for our nation back and it clearly won't be much longer because BLM almost has the support they need to stage their violent coup of the US Government and they are using psychological warfare to intimidate and scare most people into not standing up against the black Muslim coup. Hey, if they can't steal your guns, just scare most of you into not being willing to use them, after all, the lefties might call you a name. That will work too.

When all of this happens, all but the true born again Christians will convert to Islam to win favors with Obama. You will see a massive exodus of poser Christians from the church to Islam and it will happen very quickly. I will be surprised to see more than 50 million Christians left in the US and you will be amazed at who some of the deserters will be with entire churches converting.

God is cleaning house to get rid of the satanic infiltrators. He wants His church back.

Keep an eye on this because we are close. Remember that 12 years ago this coming November, I warned you this would happen and it is happening right now. I told you that this war would begin in 2012 under Obama and it did with all of the rioting, formation of BLM, and other Marxist/Muslim crap with Obama supporting the rioting. Yes, this violent coup has been going on for 8 years already.

Do you see how God works?

You better pray long, pray hard, pray often and lock and load. It is almost fight time.

Russia WWII

Remember that I told you that Europe, Russia, and Canada all tell their people that the US help during WWII was "insignificant" but that isn't true?

Watch this video and remember that I told you that the Yak fighter planes were clearly P-51Cs and P-51Ds and that two thirds of the tanks they used against the Germans were US Sherman tanks and not their glorious Russian T-34s. Note that this video shows the Russians did get P-51s, that their stated production and use of their own aircraft were grossly over stated by a factor of at least double what they really made.

It looks like the Ruskies got P-51s, made a few cosmetic changes, painted them with Ruskie colors, and changed their names to Yak for Russian propaganda.

If this is the case, then one must ask just how many other Ruskie weapons systems were slightly modified US weapon systems with a name change?

I know we sent troops there to train their troops and provided a lot of other help but it was insignificant?

But, hey, Europe and Canada say the same thing when the US actually provided them with a lot of help they could not have won the war without.

Maybe, in their next war, we shouldn't send our "insignificant help" and let them take care of themselves? If our help is insignificant, then they should be able to save their own butts without our trillions of dollars and our troops dying fighting for them, right? I mean, we wouldn't want to get in their way, right? Also, why would we want our troops to die fighting if their deaths are insignificant?

John 3:16 For God so loved the world, that he gave his only begotten Son, that whosoever believeth in him should not perish, but have everlasting life.

You better....

Pray long, pray hard, pray often!!!

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