I Told You So 349

Red Zones

Remember that I told you that the conservatives, moderates, and some liberals will secure red zones to prevent the left from taking over the entire nation?

This video shows that they are ALREADY doing that. The people, including liberals, are fighting back to protect their communities.

People have had enough and are turning on the left.

This stuff is now moving very fast. Keep an eye on it.


Remember that I told you that the lefties plan to replace their cops with Obama's CNSF, which is a combination of such organizations as Antifa, BLM, and other criminals?

Have you heard of the John Brown Gun Club?

They are an armed, organized, and trained "security unit" of Antifa, you know, the anti gun lefties. They are currently being used at CHOP in Seattle as you can see in this video. Gee, what a coincidence that anti gun, anti cop, and anti leader Antifa has all of those things that they don't want you to have.

Note how violent the Antifa and BLM people are, you know, just like Hitler's Gestapo. These are not good people.

You think that maybe we are being lied to by the MSM and the rest of the lefties?

Hey, do as I say, not as I do.

Also remember that I told you that there are a number of different violent groups armed and not agreeing on the government organization and leadership for CHOP and that it wasn't if but when will they start having gun fights over power?

How do you like the gun fights they are already having in CHOP? Boy, I barely warned you about that one in time, didn't I?

Talk about the wild, wild west and they want that all over the US. Think about that.


Remember that I told you that, in one dream, God told me that we will end up owning and annexing a number of nations from Canada to the southern tip of Chile by the end of this accelerating war?

Obama has been traveling around the world, including Europe, to get nations backing him for his coming coup and invasion of Israel. By the strangest of coincidences, he just had a meeting with leaders from 17 nations in North, Central, and South America concerning the US.

By international law, if those countries agreed to support Obama in destroying the Republic of the USA with a coup, they are guilty of conspiring to commit an act of war against the US and, if they are involved in that act of war, they will be guilty of committing an act of war against the US, which will justify the US invading those nations, killing everyone involved in waging that war against the US, and then annexing those nations to form a new Christian Republic of the United States of America, after they helped destroy the US, you know, just like God showed me in that dream years ago.

Gee, what a coincidence. That prophecy is right now in progress of being fulfilled. Everything is coming together just like God told me it would happen.

You see, the lefties have failed at every turn to get all of America's guns and Obama knows that his lefties can't defeat the US patriots so he is enlisting help from other nations and making deals for them to aid him in defeating the patriots in his soon coming coup.

Based on what God told me and I am seeing happen, what may happen is that these other nations will send troops to the US to help Obama defeat the patriots (patriotic Americans, US veterans, good cops, and good military) but the patriots will quickly fight them to a stand still, at which time Obama and company will set up defensive positions to hold ground while they send troops to invade Israel to prove Obama is the Muslim Mahdi to get hundreds of millions of Muslims to help finish off the US patriots. God will destroy the troops invading Israel and turn their leaders into Damascus asphalt, leaving only the relatively small defensive forces that will be left behind, at which time the patriots will go on the attack, take back almost all of the US along with parts to all of those other nations to be annexed into our new Christian Republic.

Man plans, God laughs.

I recently realized that I will soon have to make the time to go back over all of those prophecies to see which are no longer waiting but are now in progress or may have already been fulfilled to change the notes on the left side or column because at least some of them are now in progress, instead of just waiting.


Did you know that all of these media, trolls, and others spreading lies, misinformation, and propaganda against conservatives like Trump are "bearing false witness against their neighbors" and it is a violation of the 10 Commandments?

If you Christians are repeating those lies, you are complicit in their sins.

And you think this isn't a spiritual war?

Think about it.


It seems that at least some of the businesses the lefties are destroying in their blue cities and states are just picking up and leaving for more friendly red states. Surprise, surprise.

But the lefties are surprised the businesses are leaving instead of staying there to keep being shut down and destroyed by fake "pandemics" and rioting, especially since the Commierats are talking about defunding and even doing away with their police.

This video talks about that.

If the Commierats keep up their commie crap, soon their states won't have any businesses left and will be economically as bad or worse than Venezuela.

But, hey, commies hate capitalism so let them live on their beloved Marxism. After all, about three fourths of the people who will have to live under those conditions will be the people who keep voting the lefty criminals into office.

But hold it, what is this? The commies are now pleading with the businesses to not leave their corrupt cities and states to keep from being burned down by the rioters the corrupt politicians are supporting as noble? What, the commies can't do without the capitalism they so hate and want to destroy?

Over the last 3.5 months, I have been getting a little of my tax dollars back in food stamps, a great, big, whopping $53/mo. I maxed out my account three times in the last four months with about 40 to 55 dollar purchases but, at the beginning of June, the cashier pointed out that I had a whopping $606 in my account (your store receipt shows how much you have left in your account.)

I thought, "Oh crap, the government screwed up again by giving me too much and, if I spend it, I will have to pay it back." I called the government (it took a lot of computer messages to finally get a human) and I was told something interesting. It seems there was supposed to be a stimulus amount of food stamps starting in March. I was supposed to get $58/mo plus over $150/mo since then but apparently either someone screwed up and I wasn't getting it or it was being laundered into someone's account. Someone caught it and they cooked the books to make it look like I had been getting it all along with me having built up over $600 in my account. She gave me the details for every month concerning every dime "I was getting."

So I thought that maybe God wanted me to stock up a little so I researched stocking up and found out that I couldn't.


Because these lefty commie traitor lock downs have shut down factories and the lefty riots are destroying factories so that a lot of things are out of stock for ordering online.

You see, when the lefties first started this mess, the empty shelves were being caused by hoarding but now those empty shelves are being caused by the lock downs causing businesses to not be able to fulfill orders and Antifa and BLM burning factories down. So, when you see empty shelves now, be sure to thank your power mad lefty commie traitors because they are causing those shelves to be empty with their lock downs and riots.

Think Venezuela, USA, baby. Gee, what a coincidence that the lefties only got a limited amount of power for only a little while and they have already almost turned the US into Venezuela II.

Now that increasing numbers of businesses are leaving the blue areas, we might start getting our shelves filled back up soon.

This video shows that these lefty riots are back lashing against the corrupt lefty politicians in a big way.

Do you believe me yet that lefties are the stupidest people on the planet?

Then Tucker tells you what I am telling you, that the lefty defunding cops is just them getting to replace those cops with their own thugs to enforce their control over you. Gee, what a coincidence.

Towards the end of the video, Tucker tells you that BLM is increasing in power, making everyone else in the Commierat Party, especially whites, subservient to BLM, you know, just like God told me in that dream about white lefties being subservient to their black overlords back in 2009. The whites failed with their coup so the blacks are taking over to stage their coup. Gee, what a coincidence.

Remember that BLM is a black Muslim organization started during the Obama administration with his help and encouragement.

Note that a commie traitor college professor openly called for an "armed coup to overthrow the president" with no penalty.

The stage is set for the left and BLM to stage a violent coup killing Trump in such a way as to blame Israel to justify invading Israel just like God told me and I told you more than a decade ago in November 2008. It is happening right now just like God told me it would happen.

Think not?

The rioting is not only failing but is back lashing against the left just like everything else they have tried with their coup. This video shows just how bad. With this moderately violent coup having failed, the only thing the left has left is a very violent coup that kills the primary people in their way, you know, just like Marxist Linen murdered the Czar's family to take over Russia and set up his Marxist dictatorship.

You good people MUST arm yourselves, get trained as best as you can, join a militia, organize within the militia, organize the militia with other militias, good cops, and good military, set up safe red zones, move your family to safe red zones, pray long, pray hard, pray often, and lock and load because ye ole fecal matter is hitting the fan right now. It is quickly becoming a veritable fecal matter blizzard.

Brain Pain

This will make your brain hurt so think about this.

The Democrats are destroying statues of Confederate military officers, who were ALL Democrats, while grabbing land and seceding from the US just like those Democrat Confederate officers did whose statues they are destroying and they are racially segregating the land they seize just like those Democratic Confederate officers segregated between blacks and whites.

Is that stupid or what? Gee, you don't think they are trying to remove the evidence which proves the Democrats are and have always been the racists, do you?

Food For Thought

I have not heard anyone even mention this idea about Noah's Ark.

Did you know that the people and animals were on Noah's Ark for a year with half being males and half being females? Don't you think those animals would have begun to mate and reproduce within the year with most bearing young one or more times before they got off of the Ark?

How many times they reproduced and how many offspring they produced per birth would depend on each species' reproduction rate.

For example, if two mice produced four pups every 30 days, half of the offspring were females, and the young started reproducing right after leaving the nest, in just one year, there could have been more than 1.5 million mice when they left the Ark.

On the other hand, the female elephant would have still been pregnant because their gestation is two years.

After one year, there would have been small to large herds of almost everything that left the Ark so they would have quickly scattered and begun repopulating the planet. Think about that.

Except for the clean animals, two of each went onto the Ark but many more of each left the Ark, pending species. You know God had that as part of His plan to quickly repopulate the planet.

Even Noah went into the Ark a father and probably left a grandfather.

I have never seen or heard anyone write or talk about that but you know it would have happened. It is just common sense biology.

Just imagine being on that ship for a year with all of that mating and birthing going on. Yeah, you can bet they were all in a hurry to get off that ship by the time God opened the door. No one wanted to stay on that ship for another year. You can bet Noah and his family were kept very busy with the feeding, stall cleaning, and birthing they had to do or help with.

Lefty Polls

The lefty polls are saying that Biden has a lead and will win this coming election, you know, the same lefty biased polls that said Hillary would win by a landslide in '16. Yeah, those lying, fraudulent polls being used by the left to get their voters out and discourage conservative voters that few even listen to now.

The left never quits and keep proving me right because the left is just so predictable.

Question: Are these polls showing Biden leading for the election in part to cover for the left's coup and killing of Trump?

After all, why would they risk a violent coup if they thought they could win?

If their rigged polls make it look like Biden is going to win, then people won't dare suggest the lefties staged the violent coup and will be more likely to believe Israel did it.


They are now saying that the "new Coronavirus is more contagious."

What did they do, reengineer it and turn it loose on us again?

I would not doubt it. Here we go again because the left never quits their sick, demented games. They just can't leave other people alone.


One reason why the left wants to do away with cops and replace them with their CNSF is because the lefties are heavy into illegal things like drugs, pedophilia, human trafficking, and other such crimes.

If the law is being enforced by the left's CNSF, then who will arrest the lefties for the same crimes the CNSF commit?

White Supremacy

What are the white lefties saying when they claim white privilege?

They are saying they have an unfair advantage or privilege over other groups because they are white, which means they think they are superior to others because they are white. They are telling you that they believe they are the true white supremacists because they think non whites, especially blacks are inferior to them and are therefore disadvantaged to the superior whites. That is the only way that whites can have a privilege or advantage over non whites.

The white lefties are openly practicing white supremacy racism, while calling conservatives white supremacists, and getting away with it while also insulting all non whites.

People, if you think you have an advantage or special privilege over other people because of the color of your skin, you are a racist.

John 3:16 For God so loved the world, that he gave his only begotten Son, that whosoever believeth in him should not perish, but have everlasting life.

You better....

Pray long, pray hard, pray often!!!

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