I Told You So 353

White Supremacist Liberals

Remember that I told you that the white lefties think they are superior to all non whites, which is why they think they have a special privilege by being white and the blacks are now realizing this?

This video shows just how the white lefties think they are the superior race with their white supremacy. They think whites invented almost everything including things like the nuclear family, you know, just like the German Nazis believed whites were superior.

Did you figure out yet that what I told you about the Nazis going underground to develop this lefty movement is true? Gee, they sure think a lot alike, don't they?

Let me explain the nuclear family and how it came about IN ALL CULTURES going back thousands of years.

The man was always the stronger and faster person than the woman so he was expected to be the hunter and warrior, especially when hunting bigger game, where strength makes a big difference in trying to kill the game with something like a spear and surviving the fight.

Because of biology, the woman bore the kids, nursed the kids, and protected the kids. They therefore became the gatherers because it didn't take as much strength to gather fruits and vegetables as gathering bears, lions, and mammoths.

Therefore, the women stayed at home from the hunts, gathered the fruits and vegetables, watched the children, and took care of things like the dwelling and cooking. The stronger men risked their lives taking the lives of the big violent food. It was just natural for all groups and not something only superior whites invented.

Also, it was common practice for the tribes that, when confronted by something like a bear or lion, the men would confront the beast, while the women got the children to safety, which was crucial back then because the children are your tribe's future.

If the children get killed, your tribe has no future because, if the children get killed, who will take care of and feed everyone when you get too old to take care of and feed yourselves?

Therefore, the women getting the children to safety was a very important job, which women were best suited for, while the men confronted danger. Protecting the children was a team effort.

The nuclear family is not because men are better than women but because men were better at some things than women and women were better at other things than men so, together, they made a great team with each doing what they were better at. It was not something just invented by white people because white people are superior and taught by the whites to other inferior people. That belief is racist white supremacy practiced by Nazis.


Remember that Obama openly committed a number of crimes and got away with them because he is a lefty and is above the law?

This video shows that Obama and company are now no longer above the law and may soon be facing it in a court of law.

Me thinks this just might be the motivation for Obama to risk staging a violent coup to get control of the government, you know, to keep from going to jail or being hung anyway. Hey, what does he now have to lose?

Plus a lot of other lefty criminals will probably soon be facing criminal charges with their coup failing so they will be more inclined to take their coup to the final level in an act of desperation with them getting increasingly desperate. It sounds like the lefty corner is getting pretty small right about now.

Keep an eye on this.

The Black Muslim Coup

Remember that I have been telling you what God told me about the soon coming black Muslim coup and there are some dots we need to connect that show how God is going to use the black Muslims to clean the corrupt lefty upper class trash out of our government and nation.

First, remember that God showed me that the lefties would be submissive to the black Muslims and that the blacks know the upper class trash are white supremacists who only pretend to be submissive to get their minions to be submissive. Also remember that the lefties took control of BLM for their commie purposes, stabbing the blacks in the back, with the blacks now leaving BLM in mass while calling the lefties "white supremacist liberals". This has caused the Nation of Islam to make public knowledge some of their own troops, telling me that the Nation of Islam is getting ready to move.

Yeah, there is just a wee bit of tension there now with the blacks being just a wee bit upset about the white liberals stabbing them in the back again.

This alone means that for the lefties to be completely submissive to the black Muslims, the black Muslims will have to kill off all of the lefty leaders leaving the lefty minions under the control of the black Muslims but it gets better.

Remember that I told you that for more than 50 years Farrakhan has been infiltrating his black Muslims into different US Government agencies like the military, FBI, CIA, NSA, and others for training and experience and then bringing those highly trained black Muslims back to the Nation of Islam to work together to set up their own professionally trained Muslim government?

Yeah, they easily have one of the best trained, organized, and ready governments in the world as the Nation of Islam with tens of millions of black Muslims trained to be part of this government and its military. You can bet that those trained, experienced, and organized agents all have jobs for and after this coming coup and they know where to go and what they will each do when it comes time to make their moves to seize control of and replace the US Government for quick and complete control. You can also bet they have made numerous dry runs at doing those things because our government trained them to make dry runs and remember that I told you that years ago I saw them practicing dry runs for military operations.

Also remember that the Nation of Islam has millions of black gang bangers in every medium to large size city they can use as assassins to quickly kill everyone they need to kill to gain control of the nation and those gangs know where the important people live in all of those cities. Yeah, this is really well organized.

Then you have to study the differences between a Muslim government and our republic to understand how few people they will need to replace the people running our government and impose Sharia Law on us.

First, you have to understand that a Muslim caliphate style government only has a council of ten Muslim leaders at the top. They won't need the hundreds of people we have in Congress or the US Supreme Court (the council is their supreme court). The Nation of Islam will only need a council of 10 Muslims to replace the President, vice president, Congress, and the Supreme Court so they can easily kill off all of those hundreds of people their council will not need, will replace and they know where all of these people live and sleep so it won't take much more than a few hours to kill them all and their entire families at night so there will be no witnesses and they can blame Israel plus to prevent any of them trying to stage a counter coup.

They will only have to replace 50 governors and a few hundred mayors and chiefs of police to quickly gain control of the states and medium to large cities, where most of our industry is to control the US economy.

Then the Nation of Islam will have to replace all of the corrupt judges and DAs in the US with Muslim clerics to enforce Sharia Law on us, meaning that they can also kill all of the corrupt US judges and DAs to prevent any attempted counter coup. This will only require replacing a few thousand judges and DAs with Muslim clerics and those clerics and the local gang bangers know where all of these people live.

The Nation of Islam only needs a few thousand people to seize control of all of our governments and courts to impose Sharia Law on us but it gets better.

You can bet they know how to use the media to control most of the people, especially the lefty sheeple. In just one night, they can easily kill everyone at the top of all of our media, including the Internet, and replace them with just a few "Muslim journalists" to control information. One small team can broadcast all of the "news" over all of the TV stations, one small team can broadcast all of the "news" over all of the radio stations, and one small team can publish all of the "news" in every publication in the US.

All they have to do is kill off all of the current journalists, editors, managers, and owners and start broadcasting and publishing from offices already set up in South Chicago. Talk about hitting the ground running.

They will simply shut down most schools, especially universities, (which the left has already shut down) and start "remote teaching" (which the lefties have already set up) using Muslim clerics to teach the young people about Islam. With remote teaching, one small team of teachers can replace hundreds of thousands of teachers and college professors nationally from already existing offices in South Chicago.

Also, they will need to kill off all of the rich business people currently involved in this current lefty coup to seize control of their businesses and wealth to increase the Muslim power and remove any threats for a counter coup and local gangs can handle most of that with some more professional assistance by better trained troops, which they have plenty of.

This can all take place within just one 24 hour period of time and God will have used the Muslims to get rid of all of our traitors because we won't.

Now, why would Obama and Farrakhan nuke Chicago? Don't they and their people live in Chicago?

No, they all live in South Chicago, which is miles south of downtown Chicago. Downtown Chicago is almost all an administrative center with lots of offices and mostly white white-collar workers and administrators, who live in the white suburbs west and north of downtown Chicago while South Chicago is business industries and factories with most of the black workers and administrators.

Remember that I told you that God told me it will be a 10K nuke?

A 10K nuke will only do maximum damage out to one mile from the point of detonation or ground zero (GZ) and does no damage beyond 2 miles. A 10K nuke being detonated in downtown Chicago will not even break windows in South Chicago and the prevailing winds will carry all of the nuclear fallout east into the lake, where the heavy materials will quickly fall to the bottom and be buried in the deep mud. Nuking downtown Chicago with a 10K nuke will be no threat to South Chicago.

Destroying downtown Chicago will cause most of the businesses to rebuild their offices in South Chicago quickly making South Chicago even more important economically.

Besides, none of the stupid people will believe that Farrakhan and Obama nuked their "home town" and will be more likely to believe Israel did it.

Can't you just hear the stupid lefties, "Who, Obama nuked Chicago? Oh no, he would never nuke his home town." Even though Chicago isn't their home town, South Chicago is but, hey, stupid people don't know that.

Upper Class Trash

Remember that I have been telling you that the upper class trash are evil and all they care about is themselves and their bank accounts?

Watch this video because I am not the only one who knows this. Others are finally figuring this out too.

Remember that it is these lefties who want to legalize pedophilia and that is because they are all pedophiles who don't want to have to worry about getting caught and going to prison.

Eyes Opening

Remember that I have been telling you that God is opening eyes and people are making informed decisions instead of ignorance and emotionally based decisions?

This video points out that this is causing many on the left to turn to the right and it looks like there is going to be a big surprise waiting for the left on November 4. People are finally waking up, seeing the ugly truth about the left, and not liking what they see.

BTW, this video shows the commie guerillas and terrorist running into a very small US military style fed police unit and they were put to flight very quickly with just gas and rubber bullets. Wait until they meet our Marines and Army with live ammo. This is very hope filled.


Remember that I have been telling you that you are being lied to about COVID 19 and that the masks can't prevent the spread of the disease?

This video is a real eye opener. My science is good science.


Remember that I have been telling you that God and Trump have been holding back and waiting to let the lefties show their true colors to open people's eyes before they make their move?

This video is now telling you the same thing, especially at the end of it. Others are now figuring it out.

Remember that this is where you get tomorrow's news today.

Trump is starting to push the idea of conservatives wearing masks to keep the lefties from having an excuse for mail in voting.


Remember that I told you that it looked to me like the feds in Portland were conducting intel gathering for later arrests?

Read this article at the Oregonian by Maxine Bernstein.

It is just like I have been telling you. They are gathering intel for making arrests for cases they can win in court. They do this a number of ways such as gathering intel to get warrants to get more intel with things like "discovery", getting intel from interrogations, and just filming crimes for intel.

One way the feds work is to get enough evidence against a low level operative to put them away for a very long time and then make a deal with that operative to turn state's evidence against higher level people for less time in prison with a guilty plea and no court trial. The FBI has taken down quite a few mob bosses this way. It is very likely that the feds are working to get enough evidence on the lefty upper class trash running and financing the left's crimes to put them away for a very long time and even to execute some of them for their crimes.

I have worked with cops in Albuquerque and LA, I have worked with the FBI to put dope pushers away, I have been trained in espionage for the military and how it works for the CIA, NSA, Russian KGB, and other US government agencies. I have seen it before so that, when I see it again, I recognize it.

The feds are systematically gathering intel on Antifa and BLM to start making busts and the number of people they will bust will suddenly increase to really large busts going all of the way to the top, which is why lefty governors and mayors are trying to keep the feds out of their states and towns, you know, they don't want to go to prison or hang for the crimes they are committing. Know that the local politicians do have to abide by the US Constitution and federal law.

You will suddenly see the feds arresting tens to hundreds of criminals at the same time in big busts. With Trump sending more agents to more cities, this is quickly spreading into taking down a national terrorist crime ring, which will probably include some corrupt politicians.

In the last 50+ years, I have seen this a number of times. This is going to get interesting because Trump and Barr are clearly going after these criminals but it takes time to make solid cases they are more likely to win in court so be patient.

BTW, the Seattle, Oakland and Portland mayors have all recently been turned on by Antifa and BLM after supporting both of them.

Does that mean these political criminals don't have the control of the lefty terrorists they thought they had?

There is no loyalty among criminals and this should tell you that the far left has no intention of sharing power with the establishment lefties. This is a sign of funnier things to come.

Remember that I told you the lefty rioters would go after the rich celebrities soon?

I got this from channel 4 NBC news. This is at least the third time I have seen the rioters try to get into Hollywood and Beverly Hills and they have attacked a number of lefty gated communities, you know, where those rich lefty celebrities live.

Yep, keep supporting those lefty commie rioters and your house will be next to burn. BTW, I want video of you lefties supporting these terrorists while your homes burn.

One thing I have learned in this is that many people I used to respect and call friends or good people are lefty activists and trolls now waging war against me and my nation. They are traitors and I will choose my nation over them. They are some of the people I will soon have to fight to get my freedoms and rights back. God is definitely opening all of our eyes about everything and everyone, even people we thought were our friends but were planning and committing treason against us. I am finding out who I can and cannot trust.

This ain't going to be purdy or pleasant.

John 3:16 For God so loved the world, that he gave his only begotten Son, that whosoever believeth in him should not perish, but have everlasting life.

You better....

Pray long, pray hard, pray often!!!

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