I Told You So 358

The War

Everything the left has tried to do has and is failing miserably. This video shows they are losing on all fronts, including on all sides of their internal civil war within the Commierat Party. Absolutely everything they have tried has failed, their using their terrorist thugs to terrorize people into submission, their COVID 19 abuses, everything as shown in that video.

With every failure, they get more desperate and the different groups are turning more on each other to go their own way or take control of the Commierat Party. With their beloved Marxism failing so badly, it is no wonder why they will eventually turn from their beloved Marxism to Islam for their final desperate and violent moves, you know, just like God showed me they will.

So one must ask, "How bad is the left's terrorist guerilla war going against the people?"

I got this from Daily Wire by Emily Zanotti:

"Attorney General William Barr announced Wednesday that the Department of Justice has arrested at least 1,000 people in a handful of major cities following the launch of Operation Legend - a national, anti-crime push named in honor of a young victim of gun violence.

In a press conference, Barr also stated that more than 200 people have been charged with federal crimes, and the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, and Firearms has seized more than 400 illegal weapons in just under a month of operations, Fox News reports."

Since I posted this article, the number of arrested lefty terrorists has gone to more than 1,500 and is still increasing.

Me thinks not too well. Barr is making moves on the left but ye ole commie media seem to be ignoring it. "Hey, we don't want to discourage our terrorists from intimidating the people into submission." I have been noticing the left's mobs getting a little smaller and this just might explain that.


I have known for decades that the lefty media are fed talking points from a centralized source so they all pretty much say the same things using key words or phrases to cause people to believe things that are not true. You can see this in videos like this video which shows news clips from different news sources one after the other.

Gee, there sure are a lot of coincidences, aren't there?

Note how they always keep saying the same basic phrases to cause people to believe the same thing, which is often false. You would think at least some of them could get it right.

Keep an eye on this in ALL videos which show clips from different media about the same subject or event. Your lefty media are all told what to say by one central group of people and it should be obvious but the lefty upper class trash know that most people won't see more than what their favorite medium shows for any item.

All lefty news is fake news because they all say what they are paid to say.

Food For Thought

Here is something that I have never heard a preacher speak about. The Bible tells us that God confused all of the languages to stop the people from building the Tower of Babel.

This means that God created every major language and they all evolved since. The original languages were all created by God to confuse the people into not building the Tower of Babel.

Ancient Cities

Remember that I told you that Babylon was not destroyed by being conquered but was made desolate because it was abandoned?

Today, we are watching the fall of many "Babylons" caused by the corruption and oppression by the upper class trash as people flee those cities, you know, just like the real Babylon fell about 800 years ago. You can see it happening in this video.

And people thought that New York, LA, or some other major city was what the Bible was actually referring to with the prophesy about the fall of Babylon during the Tribulation?

Remember that I told you that God is destroying the EU because the God hating pagans are using the EU to falsely create the one world government of the Bible?

God is also destroying New York and LA because people falsely believed they were the Babylon of Revelation. You are seeing the death of the biggest cities in the world without invasion.


This is funny and you know what will happen. You can bet Trump is doing this on purpose.

Trump's campaign is selling "branded face masks", you know, with "Trump 2020" on the front.

You know, you just know that, when those masks start showing up everywhere, the lefties will stop forcing people to wear masks. Hey, use the trouble the lefties are causing against the lefties.

This is just too funny. Another great sounding stupid idea by the left fails because Trump is using their own corruption and abuse of power against them. Everything the left has tried has failed and the stupid people just keep voting for them.

More Lefty Failures

I got this from Newsmax by staff:

"U.S. home construction starts increased in July by more than forecast and applications to build surged by the most in three decades, indicating builders are responding to robust housing demand fueled by record-low interest rates."

People, the economy is still growing by leaps and bounds or this would not happen. People have money and are spending it. The lefties' efforts to use COVID 19 to destroy the US economy have failed.

Man plans, God laughs.


Remember that I told you that Bernie and his "Bro's" would probably try to prevent Biden from being appointed as the DNC presidential candidate?

I got this from Newsmax by Michael Dorstewitz:

"Members of presumptive Democrat presidential nominee Joe Biden's own party, including Sen. Bernie Sanders' supporters, will likely keep Biden out of the winner's circle on Nov. 3."

I also got this from Newsmax by Brian Freeman:

"This week's Democratic National Convention will be the high-water mark before the collapse of the Joe Biden-Kamala Harris ticket, former House Speaker Newt Gingrich wrote in a Newsweek opinion piece on Tuesday."

Then I saw this very short video where AOC seconds the nomination of Bernie for the DNC presidential candidate, meaning someone else already nominated Bernie.

Oh, gee, who would have figured?

After I wrote the above, the commies, Boris and Natasha, were appointed as the president/VP candidates for the Commierat Party. So, either the lefty upper class trash are trying to cause a rapid acceleration of this war by intentionally losing the presidential race for 2020 that they can't win anyway, they have this thing very well rigged so they can win it, or they really are stupid enough to believe Boris and Natasha can win.

Remember that I have been telling you that the Commierat Party is breaking up?

I got this from Breitbart by Hannah Bleau:

"Marianne Williamson - author, self-help guru, and former Democrat presidential candidate who rose to national attention for her quirky style - will speak at the upcoming "People's Convention," where attendees will discuss the possibility of forming a third party.

The People's Convention, geared toward progressives who feel ignored by the Democrat establishment, is slated for August 30 and will feature speakers including Williamson, former Sanders campaign national co-chair Nina Turner, former Sen. Mike Gravel (D-AK), Amped Up host Ryan Knight, comedian and The Jimmy Dore Show host Jimmy Dore, and Dr. Cornel West."

At this point, they will just be discussing forming a new party but that can happen quickly.

Note that these are the commies, you know, "The People's Convention", and will definitely draw in the Bernie Bro's, which will make it impossible for the Commierats to get anyone elected as president. It is the civil war within the DNC. "If we can't win, no one wins."

If this happens, you can expect to see the blacks, who are already talking about forming their own party, form their own party and probably also the Latinos and Asians.

But, hey, the socialist white establishment can always use their "white privilege" to win elections. Let's see how that works.


I first became aware of such things as child trafficking for sex in about 1978 while in San Diego, CA. Over the next 15 to 20+ years, I saw a number of stories interviewing sheriffs and cops about human trafficking with most of it being for sex with children. All of the law officers interviewed stated that their investigations into these crimes were always shut down by "the pillars of our society" or the upper class trash who manage and profit from this form of slavery called "human trafficking".

As I watched this over the decades, it became clear that these criminals were the lefty upper class trash who own our corrupt lefty politicians and RINOs. It also became clear that these criminals are above the law because they own the politicians who control the cops, the DAs, judges, and others involved in stopping them.

I couldn't see any way to stop their corruption except to pray until the Internet came along and now increasing numbers of people have started fighting to stop this form of slavery as in this video.

Note that the child slaves are not just used for sex and are usually murdered to get rid of the evidence but are also used as human sacrifices by the occult. I have seen quite a few officers of the law tell pretty grizzly stories about this practice by the occult.

Also note that, right now, the people being exposed and prosecuted are at the lower levels in this international slave ring. They need to start taking down the people at the top but the legal system, especially judges and DAs, is protecting those criminals, probably in part because many of the judges and DAs, being human, are also pedophiles. Judges are not perfect people, there are good ones and bad ones.

John 3:16 For God so loved the world, that he gave his only begotten Son, that whosoever believeth in him should not perish, but have everlasting life.

You better....

Pray long, pray hard, pray often!!!

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