I Told You So 362

Moving People

Remember that I told you that God is moving people and businesses to safer places before all hell breaks loose?

This video is an announcement by "Daily Wire" that they are moving from Commiefornia to Nashville and why.

Daily Wire is a conservative YouTube channel that is very good so God is taking them to safer ground before God lets go on the lefties running Commiefornia. Their judgment gets closer every day.

This business moving is exactly why the upper class trash insist on their global dictatorship.

If the upper class trash rule the world, where will such businesses and people run to? How can you flee tyranny if the entire world is ruled by the same tyrants?

You will all be under the upper class trash absolute control and power. You will all be their slaves and the upper class trash will be able to steal everything from everyone including their lives. This is exactly why the upper class trash want their globalist government.

Stupid People

Remember that I have been telling you how stupid the left is and about their great sounding stupid ideas?

This video is a great example of just that concerning a great sounding and really stupid idea by the left along with the fools reactions to the results of their stupidity.

If you keep voting stupid people into office, you are going to keep getting great sounding stupid crap for life.


This video tells me that Barr is putting together more and more solid evidence for more serious cases or he would not be making such moves. One has to wonder what evidence Barr has compiled to bring such charges as sedition. Barr is making things happen that are getting increasingly serious for the left. This is getting interesting.

Don't be surprised to see Barr bringing charges against lefties such as treason. He is getting there.

Note how much time Tim gave to talking about organization. Remember that I have been telling the right to organize and this will help you see why. The right really needs to organize better.


I recently realized that one of the worst sins or crimes against God's Law that Satan always works to get us Christians to commit is tolerance of pagan sins or crimes against God's Law, you know, we tolerate their religion and they pretend to tolerate our religion until they don't have to anymore because they set up their pagan dictatorship. They teach us that tolerance of their paganism is a good and virtuous thing but we always end up paying for it.

God makes it very clear in the Old Testament that tolerance of other people's sins is a sin and makes us complicit in their sins or crimes against His Laws, which is why Satan loves to infiltrate his spawn into our churches to teach us to be "New Testament churches" that don't study the Old Testament and God's Law.

What happens is that we tolerate the pagans' sins and they repay us by seducing our children into their pagan religions and use our children to destroy our nations and religion.

That is what is going on in the West right now, especially the US but this isn't the first time this has happened.

If you study the Old Testament, which too many modern Christians don't do, you learn that God told the Hebrews to not be tolerant of the Canaanites and their pagan religions and to drive the Canaanites and their pagan religions out of the land but ye ole Hebrews of the 10 northern tribes fell for that tolerance thingy because Satan always makes it sound so virtuous and let the Canaanites and their pagan religions remain in the land. What happened is that the Canaanites seduced the Hebrew children into their pagan religions over a few generations until most of the Hebrews were pagans so God let the Assyrians invade and conquer the 10 northern tribes, you know, destroy their parts of their nation, and carry them away into slavery. Wow, that worked well.

Gee, does that sound familiar or what?

So here we are today with our pagan children destroying our nation because we also fell for ye ole tolerance lie by Satan. Gee, what a coincidence.

Now our pagans on the left are telling us to be tolerant of their fellow pagan criminals to the extent they keep being tolerant of those criminals' crimes and turning them loose on us to commit more crimes against us and are even telling the people in some blue cities to be completely tolerant of these criminals' crimes against the people so the people will not try to defend themselves or fight back against the criminals committing crimes against them. You know, don't resist the pagan criminals when they commit crimes against you and be compliant, A.K.A. tolerant.

People, that is the end game for Satan's tolerance strategy so his pagans, including his corrupt politicians, will be able to commit any crime against you they want without you trying to stop them or hold them accountable for their crimes against you, especially if there are no cops. That is the ultimate tolerance of other people's crimes and you better realize that they WILL eventually come for you too.

So, how is that lefty tolerance thingy working out? Not too well? Don't like having to tolerate lefty crimes against you?

Ready for God's Laws that were given to us to protect us from these criminals?

God is permitting the left to destroy our nation because we persist with our sin of tolerance, you know, the way God did with the 10 northern tribes of Israel for the same reason.

Tolerance is a satanic sucker punch, not a virtue.

Health Update

I just realized that maybe I should give my readers an update on my medical situation. Note that I write and share this in hopes of inspiring some of you to keep fighting. I do not want anyone's sympathy because I have had better good times than most people will ever have and, according to the doctors, have had worse bad times than most people can survive.

Phase 1: This phase started in LA about 30+ years ago when I realized my health was slowly declining and I started trying to find a doctor who would run tests on me to find out what was wrong.

The problem I had was that, when I saw these doctors, my resting heart rate was 88 bpm and doctors are trained to see 60 to 80 bpm as normal for everyone so they would say my HR was a little high but close enough in spite of the fact that I kept telling them that my resting HR should be 42 bpm because it had been 37.5 bpm when racing bikes but they wouldn't listen even when I told them I had studied premed biology, all of the sports sciences, and sports medicine.

You see, they are wrongly taught by their college professors that athletes with very low resting HRs have their HRs return to the magic 60 to 80 bpm within just a few years of stopping competing. The truth is that our resting HRs should never increase by more than a MAXIMUM of 10% to 20% if we live to be 150 without ever training again unless we are sick. That is because you make permanent changes to your cardiovascular system that will always keep your resting HR low.

They wouldn't listen to their patient because "I kaint know nuttin because I ain't gots me no MD." Der college professors told dem dat 60 to 80 was magic for ebry one because dey neber studied exercise physiology so I couldn't know what I was talking about.

After more than 15 years of this crap in LA, Albuquerque, and Alamogordo, my illness plunging me into poverty because I was so sick I couldn't do anything but sleep 15 to 20 hours a day, fix 2 TV dinners for meals, and just stare at four walls in a chair (I was almost dead, literally), I finally found a pcp in Alamogordo at a clinic who agreed to run tests on me and were they surprised at what they found. I was literally told, "You should have died at least 2.5 to 3 years ago." That is a quote, baby.

Really? Surprise, surprise.

Phase 1 finally worked AFTER I finally found a pcp who would run tests on me so I could know what I was dealing with.

Phase 2: This phase began when we began running tests, finding out the many things more than 15 years of chronic illness had caused me to develop, and started treatment for all of those things. This included things like several surgeries, radiation therapy, and lots of different drugs to kill lots of different things my weakened immune system was working overtime to keep me alive from, many of which kill thousands of people every year in just the US.

This phase took about 6 to 8 years and I couldn't begin using physical therapy for recovery because I was diagnosed with "Severe Chronic Fatigue Syndrome" so I had to just sleep and watch the walls to make sure they don't go anywhere. You can't treat fatigue with exercise, only with rest.

Phase 2 worked because it was mostly recovering from the "severely life threatening sleep apnea", which was exacerbating my chronic fatigue syndrome so I could begin exercising for therapy. I still have to stay on top of the low salt blood level caused by the virus by taking in extra salt.

Phase 3: This phase began about 4 years ago when I realized that I might have recovered enough to begin light exercise for therapy but still couldn't even ride a bicycle. The last time I rode a bike was about 15 years ago, I rode 1.5 miles, for which I spent the last mile trying not to collapse and fall off my bike. It only took half a mile to fatigue me that bad. Yep, I was puuuuuurdy sick.

I decided to use gardening for my therapy where I watered everything every day with a 2 gallon water can for brief walking with rests while filling the can, carrying a 2 gallon water can (16 pounds when full), getting fresh air, and getting sunlight for vitamin D because I had become vitamin D deficient from sitting in the house all day.

I am trained to do physical therapy on athletes and studied under some of the best in the world.

It started slow and didn't seem to show much progress for the first few years but my HR started coming down before the second year, showing some recovery so I hung in there with this therapy. Persistence really helps with such things.

The gardening was all I could do for therapy. A year ago this last spring my HR got down to the 45 to 50 bpm range, still a little high for me, but was showing considerable promise.

Phase 3 worked because the exercise brought my fitness and health level up so my body could better deal with the virus.

Phase 4: For the last few months, I was wondering if I had improved enough for me to be able to start riding my bicycle for physical therapy, which would give me much better control over my program because weather controlled the gardening too much (I couldn't take off for needed rest or this desert heat would kill the plants leaving me nothing to water for therapy) and, therefore, controlled my therapy program. If I took time off from riding my bicycle for rest, my bicycle wouldn't die. I didn't have the flexibility I needed to get the best results but it had been all I could do.

About 1.5 weeks ago I suddenly couldn't get on the Internet and, after a few days of trying, I was told my modem was old and too slow for today's programs so they said they sent me a new modem but it would take 5 days to get here so I would be off the Internet for at least 5 days.

I turned around in my swivel chair wondering what I was going to do for a week and suddenly realized I was looking at my bicycle, which I had not touched in more than 15 years. It dawned on me that maybe God was saying do it and I decided that there is only one way to find out. It took me a few days to get my bike ride-able, I test rode it 1.7 miles (without falling off), and was surprised at how well I did.

Then it also rained for several days so I didn't have to water the garden for a few days and got complete rest so I could do my fitness test fresh to get a more accurate result. Gee, what a series of coincidences.

My fitness test showed that I could start at 5 miles on flat ground in low gears so I set up a program to begin a few days later where I would ride 5 miles Sunday (low traffic day), Tuesday, and Thursday for 3 weeks to get my body used to the exercise and riding the bike. At that time I will decide what to do next based on my results and progress.

The chosen course is a 4 tenths of a mile long straight road 3 tenths of a mile from my driveway with no traffic and a 1% grade climbing from west to east. I have to do 180 degree turns on a two lane road at both ends which really brings down my average speed. Again, it is the best I have access to right now because, if I go away from this area, I will have 3% grades that I know I am not ready for yet. Hey, on day one, the 1% climb seemed like Alp de Huez.

My readers who don't ride bikes need to know that the average person rides at about 13 to 15 mph, which, in bike racing, we jokingly call "doing a track stand" or a balancing act. Also, I can't get parts for my old, outdated pro road bikes so the only bike I have is a Trek 1000 touring bike the bike snobs call "a piece of junk" but, hey, the wheels are round.

At least now I can finally ride a bike again and it is wonderful after more than 15 years of not being able to ride one. I have improved a little with every ride. I started on Sunday 9/13 at an average speed of 10.8 mph and max speed of 15.4 mph and the second Sunday had a very nice day with an average speed of 13.2 and max speed of 17.2. So far my PT program is working and showing good promise.

Hey, at least I am faster than a fire hydrant. :-)

On Sunday, my ride started out feeling great for the first time in more than 15 years so I decided to let myself play and go harder than I knew I should so I could see how long it would take me to recover, how hard I should try to go right now, and how I would do after I recovered plus the extra intensity helps build strength, which helps build endurance.

By Tuesday I had not properly recovered so I rode easier for recovery. It told me about how hard I can ride right now and I also saw improvements in my riding habits and skills.

Today, Thursday, September 24th, I had an even better day than Sunday but held back because of what I learned Sunday. Even with that, my average speed was 13.6 mph and max speed was 17.6 mph with my leg strength being significantly improved like I knew it would be. My riding techniques and habits are also improved but, as my leg speed increases, my flaws in my pedal stroke become more obvious so I can better work on improving them. As expected, even my upper body strength and muscle tonus are improving noticeably. Hey, I am starting to feel like a human again.

It will be interesting to see what happens this coming Sunday, September 27th. I should see continued reasonable improvement in all areas. I am getting there by the grace of God because He taught me good science that works and taught me how to use it. You have to do it one pedal stroke at a time.

The last 30 years have been a long hard road, baby, and I am finally improving after I finally found doctors who would run tests on me, after all, you can't treat something if you don't know what the problem is.

After I wrote this, it was pointed out to me that many of today's snowflakes would have just given up and either died or committed suicide when facing much less of a challenge and for a fraction of the time than I have fought through this and even more would have given up when most of the doctors gave up on me and died or committed suicide instead of continuing the fight the way I did. The young person's suicide rate pretty much proves this with increasing numbers of young, healthy people killing themselves for much less. Their attitude is, "If life ain't perfect, end it."

People, Hell is even less perfect than the worst life.

I thank God for making my life hard enough to make me a "scrapper" or fighter. It has kept me alive so seek the will of God in your life, put your faith in God and fight your butt off for what you need or want. If it is God's will in your life, you do your best and He will do the rest.

Phase 5?

Finally have some fun racing bikes again to see what this old fart can do after all I have been through. That should have made me tougher for racing again. That should motivate anyone.

Hey, I just over came the challenge of a life time by staying alive when the doctors felt I should have died long ago so why not see how far I can take this by seeing how good I can be at racing bikes too?

And I don't mean how well I can do racing against candy butt old farts. I want to see how well I can do against the hot shot young studs...again. That is where the greatest challenge and achievement is.

Where did they put that pro-am pack? And me with only a "piece of junk touring bike" and not a pro bike? Hey, wheels are round. You just have to pedal harder and isn't that what bike racing is all about, pedaling harder?

Just remember that life is 90% attitude. If you don't believe you can do it, you can't do it but, if you do believe you can do it, you might and I will take might over can't any day of the week.

Remember: Nothing is impossible with God.

Don't believe me?

Stick around; God is proving it through me. Just ask the doctors who gave up on me because they felt I was just going to die anyway.

"Hey, why bother? The old fart is going to croak soon anyway." Mean while, 15 years later...

Note that, if I had been in Europe, they would have sent me to one of those Marxist death panels, which would have murdered me 15 years ago and you would have done without 15 years of my writings to help you much more than any of those smarty pants on those death panels. Smart move, Marxists. Just another great sounding stupid idea by the left.

Food For Thought

It is a law that, if a criminal is considered a threat to society, they can be held without bail.

Why are the rioters not being held without bail?


Remember that I told you that they want to do away with the cops so the left can replace the cops with their thugs or street gangs?

I got this from Fox News by Evie Fordham:

"Seattle is paying an ex-pimp $150,000 a year to act as the city's 'street czar' and offer 'alternatives to policing' after protests morphed into the no-police-allowed Capitol Hill Occupied Protest."

BTW, these "Louisville protests" are just an excuse to substantially escalate the current guerilla war the left is waging against the US and its people. This war will only get worse and will use other phony excuses to escalate until it is either crushed or full blown.


Remember that I told you that Meghan gave up her royal titles and came to the US to run for president?

A "close friend" of Meghan's told Vanity Fair that Meghan "has ambitions to run for the White House". Leaking such a story through a "friend" is a subtle way of declaring they are running for office.

Really, who would have figured?

The story also stated, "One of the reasons she was not so keen to give up her American citizenship was so she had the option to go into politics."

You mean she was planning all along to go into politics and run for president just like I told you?

The story also told that Meghan and Harry gave up their royal titles so she could run for president, you know, just like I told you.

Remember that I told you that the president cannot hold any royal titles from any nation?

My question is, "Did the Royal Family plan on running Meghan this year but, when they saw the Covid 19 and rioting actually helping Trump instead of hurting him, did they realize that even Meghan can't win against Trump and change their plans to run her in 2024 when Trump can't run again or did they plan all along to run her in 2024 when Trump can't run again?"

If they planned to run her all along in 24, why did they not wait until 22 or 23 to make the move instead of now? Do they plan to run her for a Congressional seat for Commiefornia in the 22 midterm election and use that as a springboard to run for president?

Don't be surprised if she runs for a seat in Congress in 22.

Remember that no one else told you she was going to run for president but me and I told you at least 6 to 8 months ago. This is where you get tomorrow's news today.

States Seceding

As increasing numbers of lefties realize that they will probably never regain complete control of our national government again and, therefore, the nation, increasing numbers of lefties are calling for leftists to secede from the Union with the states they now control before they also lose control of those states.

In other words, things are getting worse so save what you can while you can.

Is this the Democrats causing 1860 to happen all over again?

It sure looks like it and it is looking increasingly like the lefties are trying to secure and keep their blue zones before conservatives can take those blue zones back again, you know, the way the Democrats seceded from the Union causing the US Civil War.

Do the idiot Commierats expect this to end differently this time than it did last time?

Their plans are failing so they want to just give up and run away with whatever they can.


Remember that I have been telling you that China can't fight a sustained war against the US?

This video tells that, if China were to commence hostilities against the US or any of our allies, all the US would have to do is sanction China's financial borrowing and it would pretty much end China's economy. China doesn't dare to go to war against the US. It would be suicide.

The greatest threat to the US is our own lefty commie traitors, just like I have been telling you for years.


Remember that I have told you that science can't prove evolution and has actually proved it isn't possible, creation must have happened, and God must exist?

This video teaches you more about this using the words of the top evolutionists themselves. The conference mentioned at the begining was the evolution community grabbing at straws in desperation because the evolutionists have lost the battle and know it, even though they will not publically admit it.

Man plans, God laughs.

After watching this video, you will better understand why increasing numbers of scientists are turning to creation, the Bible, and God. Satan lost this fight but won't let his people admit it.

John 3:16 For God so loved the world, that he gave his only begotten Son, that whosoever believeth in him should not perish, but have everlasting life.

You better....

Pray long, pray hard, pray often!!!

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