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Love of Money

Remember that I have been telling you that the love of money is the root to all evil just like God says?

This video gives you a number of examples of the damage the love of money causes on a regular basis, you know, like buying or bribing US allies away from supporting the US and making it possible for China to build military bases closer to the US.

Hey, if you can't steal US allies away from the US with diplomacy, just buy them away with lots of money, you know, bribe their corrupt politicians.


Something I have been watching is how many of their voters the left has angered and alienated. People who used to vote for the Commierats because those voters were not paying attention are now paying attention and many of them don't like what they see, are angry, and are either leaving the party or voting conservative.

This has gotten so bad that I have been wondering if Trump could end up taking all 50 states or at least almost all 50 states. With the voting now coming in, this is becoming a real possibility. If the Commierats lose 45 to 50 states, it will certainly be the end of the Commierat Party and I expect the party to break up into at least three different parties, the old school commies, the younger and more radical commies, and the black Muslims/commies.

Some videos that are showing signs of this are this video, this video, and this video.

Keep an eye on this.

Human Trafficking

I have been watching this problem for at least 40 years, knowing that the upper class trash are at least behind this crime and making big bucks from it.

This video shows that Trump is finally fighting this crime by setting up a department to work on just human trafficking. This will really cost the upper class trash billions of dollars and could send some of them to prison. This is great news so keep an eye on it.


Evidence has just been uncovered that could put Obama in jail and, by the strangest of coincidence, Obama just hit the campaign trail talking badly about Trump.

Uh, scared, is he? Trying to keep Trump from being elected to keep from going to prison, is he?

Remember that desperate people do desperate things, you know, like I have been telling you for years.

Keep an eye on him.

Upper Class Trash

I love how surprised and shocked people are when it gets proved that the upper class trash are corrupt, you know, like the recent Biden crap.

Maybe these people should start paying attention, quit believing their stated "good intentions", and quit giving them the benefit of the doubt, especially when so many of their crimes are so obvious?

I have been watching the upper class trash get away with such corruption for about half a century with the media often being complicit. I can't remember the last time I was surprised by such proofs or allegations. It was easily more than a quarter of a century ago.

By at least the 1960s, the DNC and many Republicans were all part of a criminal organization and even frequently in bed with organized crime. What you are seeing today is their sins finally finding them out because Trump got into office.

I knew the upper class trash were involved in human trafficking, pedophilia, drugs, and other such crimes decades ago. I have been warning you for years that they are extremely corrupt and evil. Welcome to reality.

Deja vu

Talk about history repeating itself and the fools never learn. This has to do with those highly taughted peace deals in the Middle East involving Israel. I got this from Arutz Sheva by staff:

"US promised to preserve Israel's qualitative military edge for the next 4 years"


"A senior security official said tonight following the signing of an agreement in the United States between Defense Minister Benny Gantz and US Secretary of Defense Mark Esper that it is a very important agreement, and that 'the very fact that it took place before the US election, when it comes to an agreement that is signed and approved once every four years, is of great importance.'

According to sources who participated in the conversation, Israel will receive armaments, more fighter jets, and the discussion about the v22 helicopter that Israel wanted to purchase will continue.

The source added: 'This is a quick visit that ends three weeks' work that guarantees our benefits. That's it. It's a very good situation for the Americans who want to sell weapons and us who want to buy them.'

'There will be more arms deals and it is important to continue the qualitative military edge. This is not the end of the discussions and the connections between us are very dynamic. The qualitative edge of the State of Israel will be maintained,' concludes the source."

People, this is very similar to what happened to South Vietnam. In February 1973, the US, North Vietnam, and the Republic of South Vietnam signed the Paris Peace Accords in which Nixon guaranteed the Republic of South Vietnam weapons, munitions, and military support required for the Republic of South Vietnam to maintain its independence.

In 1975, after Nixon left office, the Commierats repealed that agreement and said the US could not supply the arms, munitions, and military aid at which time North Vietnam quickly invaded the Republic of South Vietnam while the remaining US forces and almost everyone else quickly tried to get out. Communist North Vietnam overran and conquered the Republic of South Vietnam turning both nations into one communist dictatorship.

And you think our Muslim loving commies today won't betray Israel the same way after Obama and the black Muslim seize control of our government causing the invasion of Israel the Bible refers to as the Battle of Ezekiel 38 & 39?

Deja vu, baby.

And God said they will cry peace, peace and then will come sudden destruction. Think about it.

Every day it gets a day closer.


Remember that I have been telling you that the lefties are the true Nazis and are evil?

This video shows it very much. The Democrat Party were the racists segregationists up until the beginning of the 1970s when they quieted down their segregation crap but just crawled back in their closet with it.

Today, they are bringing back their segregation crap but, instead of openly doing it to other races, they are making it look like they are doing it FOR other races while doing it to those races and the stupid people in those races are buying it just like the stupid whites are buying it but the intelligent people in all races are not buying it. They are still racist segregationist just like the Nazis but they are much worse because they are also sexual segregationists, which makes them sex Nazis.

Another similarity between the Commierats and Nazis is that the Nazis started with their Brown Shirt thugs just like the Commierats started with their black shirt thugs called Antifa. When the Nazi Brown Shirts became unpopular and began turning people away, the Nazis replaced them with their Gestapo thugs just like the Commierats replaced their Antifa thugs with BLM thugs. Later the Nazis replaced their Gestapo thugs with SS thugs.

Another similarity is that both the Commierats and German Nazis were Marxists and they destroyed their German republic to set up a Marxist dictatorship the way the Commierats are trying to destroy the Republic of the US to set up their Marxist dictatorship. That is right, the German Nazis also got voted into power before destroy their republic and replacing it with a Marxist dictatorship.

And you think the Commierats are not evil Nazis?

People, the Commierats are doing the same things the evil German Nazis did so they MUST be evil Nazis.

BTW, notice that more and more liberals are waking up to the fact that the leftist Nazis have taken over the Commierat Party, are doing the same things the German Nazis did, they are not liking it, and they are leaving the Commierat Party. It is just like God told me and I told you, God is opening eyes and people are choosing.

One thing Christians are missing is that they are not turning from Satan's great sounding evil doctrines back to God and His Law, which is why God has to get rid of most of the people destroying our nation and we will have to finish the job by fighting a war. People, you are either with God or with Satan, you can't be both.


Remember that I told you that China is working to put together a coalition of nations to fight the US at the same time in order to spread our troops enough around the world so they can defeat the US?

China is clearly working to put together a coalition with North Korea, Iran, Iraq, Syria, Pakistan, Venezuela, Cuba, possibly Russia, and I am even watching some European nations such as Germany and France along with Mexico and Canada. There is even the strong probability that China is working with our own lefty commie traitors, you know, attack from the outside while our traitors are attacking from within.

Trump and the Pentagon are working to develop a coalition to fight with the US including Japan, Taiwan, Philippines, Vietnam, Australia, Israel, and all of these Sunni nations in the Arabian Peninsula that are making peace with Israel, which is what most of these peace treaties are about.

China is impatient, losing confidence in our lefty commie traitors to bring the US down, and is trying to stack the deck against the US and our allies while Trump and the Pentagon are doing their own deck stacking against China and her allies.

Remember that I have been telling you that our corrupt and greedy business owners and managers are using slave labor in China?

This video shows they are doing that to increase their profits. Yes, they are slavers.

What? You mean the Commierats never really did away with slave labor and just took it out of country following the US Civil War like I told you?

Hey, in China they have 1.3 billion slaves to produce products at a much lower cost. That is a lot of making stuff at a whole lot less overhead to increase profits for the upper class trash.


I am sick and tired of hearing lying lefties say that the US Military lost the Vietnam War. It ain't true.

First, you have to understand some things about President Johnson and McNamara. Johnson clearly stated that he did not want to defeat North Vietnam, he just wanted to "force them to the peace table to sign a treaty" the way Truman did with North Korea and Johnson was making a ton of money selling trucks and jeeps to the US Military via ye ole Johnson Transportation Corporation.

During the Vietnam War Johnson increased his wealth by tenfold by selling those trucks and jeeps to the US Military, which is why he escalated the war until there were more than 500,000 US troops in Vietnam while tying our soldiers hands so they couldn't defeat the commies, you know, drag ye ole war out longer to make more blood money. This is also why Johnson and McNamara wanted a truce instead of defeating the commies, you know, so the war would not be over and Johnson could continue making money selling trucks and jeeps to the US Military. You got it, blood money, baby. But, hey, all of the Commierats were making blood money off of that war, which was the primary reason why I left the Commierat Party at that time.

And God said, "The love of money is the root of all evil."

I told you that I have been watching this lefty commie corruption and treason for more than half a century.

FIVE TIMES, while Johnson was running the war, the US Military beat the North Vietnamese Army to within 2 weeks of being forced to surrender but every time the North Vietnamese government decided to talk peace in Paris so Johnson and McNamara decided to cease hostilities against the North "to show good faith".

ALL FIVE TIMES the North Vietnamese drug out the peace talks while they rearmed, reequipped, and repositioned their troops while our military watched and warned Johnson and McNamara to no avail.

ALL FIVE TIMES, as soon as the North Vietnamese troops had been rebuilt, rearmed, and repositioned, their people at the Paris Peace accords faked anger over nothing, walked away from the talks, and North Vietnam staged an offensive against the Republic of South Vietnam and US forces causing massive casualties within 24 to 48 hours.

FIVE TIMES Johnson and McNamara took a sucker punch right on the chin like the two greatest fools in history.

Then Nixon took over, he untied the US Military hands, beat North Vietnam so badly they were on the verge of being forced to surrender, drove the North to the peace table while continuing military operations, and forced North Vietnam to sign the Paris Peace Accords in February 1973. Wow, it only took Tricky one year to end a war Johnson and McNamara had escalated for 8 years.

So, how did North Vietnam get South Vietnam?

In the Paris Peace Accords, Tricky had placed a promise to the Republic of South Vietnam that, if the North attacked South Vietnam, the US would provide weapons and munitions along with military support to deter North Vietnam from attacking South Vietnam again.

In 1975 the Democrats had gained "veto proof" control of both the House and Senate and they passed a bill stating that the US could not provide the Republic of South Vietnam with weapons, munitions, military or other aid if they were attacked by the North. While the Commierats were busy passing that bill and overriding the veto, North Vietnam staged their troops along South Vietnam's northern and western borders to invade South Vietnam as soon as that bill was passed into law.

Gee, you don't think the Commierats were working together with the North Vietnamese commies, do you?

As soon as that bill was passed, North Vietnam invaded while the US Military was being forced by Congress to quickly get out, giving the Republic of South Vietnam to North Vietnam.


The Commierats tell you that the US Military lost that war to cover up for their blatant act of treason. Anyone who tells you that the US Military lost that war is a bald face lying commie traitor.

Now, this act of treason by the Commierats took place 45 years ago so every Democrat who was in Congress 45+ years ago was part of that act of treason against the US, its troops, and its ally. Biden was in Congress 47 years ago and is one of those traitors and you think these evil, vile Commierats don't want to also destroy the Republic of the US and replace our government with a commie dictatorship?

You better pray long, pray hard, pray often and lock and load.

I would not vote for Joe Biden to be a dog catcher or hire him to manage an outhouse or vote for any of those Commierats for anything. They are very evil.

John 3:16 For God so loved the world, that he gave his only begotten Son, that whosoever believeth in him should not perish, but have everlasting life.

You better....

Pray long, pray hard, pray often!!!

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