I Told You So 366


Remember that I have been telling you that it would get worse before it gets better? I was right, wasn't I, it got much worse, didn't it?

Guess what, it is still going to get worse before it gets better.


Because you won't turn from your sins back to God so you will remain on your own against Satan and his spawn. You not only continue in your sins but you remain tolerant of other people's sins, which makes you complicit in their sins too.

You have to get your heart right with God and turn back to God or this is just going to keep getting worse and, if it ain't bad enough yet, just wait until tomorrow.

Sometimes I hate being right about this stuff but God keeps showing me stuff and telling me to share it with you so you will know what is coming our way because too many won't get their act together and get back right with God. Most of what I see coming for the near future sucks worse than an SR-71 engine at full speed and it ain't purdy, people.

PLEASE repent of your sins and turn back to God as quickly as possible. Believe me, your sins are not worth the price we are going to pay.

And you think the left has not already started its war against us and are waging a guerilla war against us?

Watch this video. This war is escalating. They need to start shooting these commie terrorists.

Gobally, the upper class trash are grabbing for more and more power and this video shows that the people have had enough and are fighting back.

Remember that I have told you that the only thing that will stop the lefty upper class trash is death?

Here we go again. This video shows that the lefties are back to inflating COVID 19 deaths to terrorize the people so they can control the people and the stupid people are falling for it again. The doctors are being bribed to lie about people dying from COVID 19 so they can run the numbers up to terrorize the people to control the people.

You think I am wrong about this being a violent coup?

In this video Tim gives you a lot of evidence proving the lefty commie traitors are right now staging a coup and will soon accelerated it to the highest level. Now I have also been telling you that the US Military has known for decades that the lefty commie traitors were going to stage this coup, the military has been watching, and the lefty commie traitors are in for one heck of a surprise. That is why I have been telling you to learn to fight, arm yourself, join a militia, and organize that militia with the US Military because they KNOW what is going on. This ain't going to be purdy, folks, and it is now right on top of us.

Liberal Crisis

Remember that about 18 years ago I told you that our nation would start getting more conservative because the lefties are having fewer children, the lefties are murdering off tens of millions of their children with abortions, and the conservatives are still having more children?

This video tells you that this is happening RIGHT NOW! This nation is RIGHT NOW becoming more conservative in part because the conservatives have been out reproducing the lefties and there are increasingly more conservatives than liberals.

BTW, by the strangest of coincidences, those kids from 18 years ago are the "Gen Z" who are increasingly conservative today. God warned you about that 18 years ago, you know, by telling me to tell you about it.

Gee, who would have thought?

Oh yeah, I did. You can find my first post about this right here, posted August 2002. I post at least 17 essays on this up to Liberal Crisis 17, which was posted on November 2008. Those predictions are all coming true RIGHT NOW!

Remember that I researched and found that the CIA's Langley Think Tank had the best success rate in the world for predictions, largely because they have access to classified information I don't have access to, and their success rate is only 10% to 12% of their predictions come true with my success rate being at almost 100%? Why, because I am a smarty pants?

No, I am human just like everyone else. I have to give credit where credit is due. It is because God shows me things and tells me to show you those things. That is why my success rate is almost 10 times greater than the CIA Langley success rate with many of the rest of my predictions just not having come true YET. I am a "man of God", teacher, messenger, "prophet", and ambassador or whatever you want to call it to the people of this planet for the being God/Yahweh/Jesus. My job is to share with you what God has shared with me and 1) there is much more He has already shared with me but wants me to wait until He says for me to share those things with you and 2) He will show me much more in the future to share with you. God shows me new stuff almost daily, some for me to know and the rest to eventually share with you.

You have to understand that, before I got sick and started this blog job for God, I was a work-a-holic who loved working 60 to 80 hour weeks and even worked some 24 hour days. I love challenge and achievement so that, if God had not incapacitated me with my illness and poverty, I would be too busy doing things to write these essays to teach you so God used my illness and that illness caused poverty to nail both of my feet to the floor to where the only thing I could do was read, write, and teach you. Hey, when God heals me and my finances, I will be too busy doing things to write many of these essays and God knows it. That is just the critter I am.

I walk and talk with God every day throughout each day and, most importantly, I have learned to listen to Him. I am what the Bible calls a "man of God" or "prophet" (teacher). To me, it is just a job that I really didn't want. I fought God for at least 2 to 3 years to give that job to one of you but He insisted so I finally caved in and decided I would do my best and God has to do the rest. In doing this job, I have learned a lot about God and had many blessings from Him with many more blessings to come. I now thank God for the job I didn't want. He knows what is best for me.


Remember that I told you that China is building a coalition to spread US troops around the world to make it possible for China and her allies to defeat the US in a war and that Venezuela was one of those nations? Also remember that I told you years ago that God showed me in a dream that our new Christian nation will be spread out all the way south to the southern tip of Chili?

I got this from Fox News by Rich Edson:

"EXCLUSIVE: The United States is warning it will destroy potential Iranian long-range missile shipments delivered to the Maduro regime in Venezuela, a senior administration official tells Fox News."

Gee, I wonder why the Chinese coalition is sending missiles that will reach the US from Venezuela? Gee, you don't think they are planning on staging an offensive from Venezuela, Cuba, and other Central and South American nations against the US to tie down US troops in that area during their WWIII, do you?

Then I found this video that says the same thing years later than I told you. Note that it also shows that the US is building a coalition in Asia against China to counter China just like I told you.

I told you so.

Remember that I told you that God said our new nation will go as far south as the southern tip of Chili?

I just got this from Breitbart by Ben Kew:

"Violence, looting, and disorder erupted in Chile on Sunday evening after an overwhelming majority of people voted in favor of destroying the country's constitution, replacing it with a new document more favorable to the nation's left wing."

What do you want to bet that they commit an act of war against the US by aiding our commies in destroying the US during our escalating war and we retaliate taking their nation?

This ain't going to be purdy, people. We are going to have to fight our commies and Muslims within while also being attack by all of the commies and Muslims without and they are preparing to gang up on us right now. This is going to happen soon, people, because it looks like Trump will win reelection and, if he gets reelected, Obama, Hillary, Biden, and the rest will be facing prison so they are desperate and will do desperate things to stay out of prison.

I have been telling you that I am watching to see which way Russia is going in this coalition thing. It is looking more like Russia will be working with the US coalition or neutral because Russia is regularly working with India to develop new weapons systems but not so with China. Russia will sell some down scaled weapons systems to China but I have not seen her working with China to develop new weapons systems. Russia doesn't exactly trust China either.

Increasing numbers of people realize that this war is escalating and people are arming themselves in mass as this video shows. I love his comment, "dumb and armed".

"Hey, dey knowz hows to use guns, dey watched moobies and played video games. All youze gots to do is point and pull duh trigger."

This video shows that even healthcare professionals are now buying a lot of guns.

You better pray long, pray hard, pray often and lock and load.


Remember that I have been telling you how evil the left is and that many of them worship Satan in some form or another?

This video shows just how bad this really is. The left is more openly admitting that they are Satanists. The left and Commierat Party have been taken over by Satanists. This proves that this is really a war between God and His people verses Satan and his people. This is the ultimate religious war, openly between God and Satan.

Now do you finally see just evil and corrupt the left is and how much they have corrupted everything and why?

These people have no morals, values, or ethics and will do ANYTHING for wealth and power, ANYTHING! Nothing is beneath them and they are the problem. Remember that Satan's only law is, "Do as you will" or anything goes. God has drawn His line and most people have made their decision.

With this election, we are about to find out how evil vs Christian this nation really is. That is what is really on the ballot for this election.

This video tells what I have been telling you in that we MUST repent before we can turn back to God. In this video he tells us that, even if Trump is reelected, if we, as a people, do not repent of our sins, there will still be judgment. That judgment will include our nation being torn apart into 2 or more parts just like the judgment of Israel thousands of years ago and just like God showed me in my dream with the US being divided into 2 parts.

It isn't just who we elect as president but who we elect to be in our hearts, Jesus or Satan and his sins or crimes against God's Law. If we don't repent, there will be judgment regardless of who we elect as US president.

Microscopic World

I have learned that most people don't have a proper perspective on the microscopic world. They think that, if a mask will stop dust, it will stop a virus and that ain't true.

You can see dust with your eyes and small dust particles with a magnifying glass.

You cannot see a bacterium (bacteria is plural) with a magnifying glass because it is so tiny you have to use a microscope just to see it. A bacterium is so much smaller than dust that it will go through a dust mask like a mouse going through an open door in your house.

A virus is so much smaller than a bacterium that you can't see it with the same microscope that you can see a bacterium. You have to use a much more powerful microscope to see a virus. A virus is so small it will go through a dust mask like a mouse going through an open garage door for a two car garage.

The masks almost ALL of you are wearing WILL NOT STOP AN AEROSOL VIRUS. Enough viruses will get through to infect enough cells to reproduce enough to make you sick and possibly kill you.

That is only one reason why masks do not work and cannot work.

Another reason is because you all have your eyes exposed and, if you are exposed to a contagious person, you will be infected within seconds because of the viruses that will go into your eyes. The only thing that can protect your eyes are medical goggles; not glasses, not rap around sun glasses, and not even those open face shields, just medical goggles.

Another reason is because the virus doesn't just go to your magic widdle maskies, they go ALL OVER YOU, contaminating you from head to toe. You will carry that virus out to your car, get in your car, contaminate your car, drive your contaminated car home, take the virus into your house, contaminate your house, take off your magic widdle maskie and medical goggles, and get infected because you DID NOT DECONTAMINATE FROM HEAD TO TOE BEFORE GOING TO YOUR CAR.

The magic widdle maskie CANNOT protect others from you, which is why doctors don't put a magic widdle maskie on someone who is contagious and send them out into the world, they quarantine them in the hospital until they are no longer contagious.

First, assuming you have some super duper medical mask that will stop aerosol viruses from passing through to other people, which almost none of your masks will, while you are walking around your home, you are breathing out aerosol viruses all day and night that will float in the air for hours and contaminate your entire house with you walking around in a cloud of aerosol viruses so they will get all over you, from head to toe.

Even if you take a shower, by the time you move from the shower to put on your clothes, you will be once again contaminated from head to toe.

Therefore, when you leave your home, you will carry that virus all over you to your car, contaminate your car, travel to where ever, and contaminate everything and everyone where ever you go, causing most to become infected, I don't car how good your magic widdle maskie is.

That is why doctors quarantine contagious people. That is the only way to protect people from a contagious person. If you are contagious, you CANNOT PROTECT ME BY WEARING A MAGIC WIDDLE MASKIE!

Listen, if a contagious person were to go into a Walmart Super Store, as big as the stores are, everyone in that store would be contaminated, with most being infected, within an hour because the aerosol virus can stay airborne for several hours, long enough for them to travel through the entire store.

You are being lied to because the magic widdle maskies CANNOT WORK!

I can easily guarantee that, if ANY OF YOU are exposed to a contagious person while wearing your magic widdle maskies, EVERYONE OF YOU will be infected and the recent CDC report showing that 85% of the people who were recently infected were wearing magic widdle maskies proved what I say to be correct.

Gee, that worked well. The magic widdle maskies didn't protect them very well, did they?

"But, hey, I seen it on TeeBee dat the magic widdle maskies will protect you so it gots to be true."

Science and the evidences says it isn't true.

The single greatest threat being caused by these lies about the magic widdle maskie is it causes ignorant people to believe that, if they are contagious, all they have to do is wear a magic widdle maskie and everyone will be safe from them, which this essay proves to be absolutely false.

I wonder how many people have become ill, didn't go see a doctor, and have been going around feeling wonderful about themselves and virtue signaling because they are making the holy sacrifice of wearing a magic widdle maskie to protect others while they are really walking around infecting and killing people.

Why, they should get sainthood, you know, for killing all of those people.

How many people have died because ignorant people believed they could be contagious and protect others from themselves by just wearing a magic widdle maskie because of these lies?

Note that the reason why I call them magic masks is because the masks cannot do what you are being told they can do unless they are magic.


Remember that I have taught you that God changed our genetics twice, once right after the fall of man and once right after the Flood?

This video shows the results of those two changes in global DNA with such things as plants growing thorns and thistles and then people and animals starting to eat meat right after the flood. Both of those changes require changes in DNA for everything.

BTW, that is a very good video.


I went to the store today and realized that all of those people wearing masks were being good, obedient little slaves cowardly submitting to the tyranny, oppression, and slavery of their upper class trash tyrants. By willfully wearing those masks, they were saying, "Yes, masser, I will obediently submit to your will without question or thinking."

Have we become a nation of cowardly, mindless slaves saying, "We will mindlessly obey your every unconstitutional and illegal order, we will JUST DO IT without question"?

I could understand it when this first began and most people just didn't know enough about biology to know they were being lied to but, after everything these tyrants said would happen didn't happen, after myself and others have exposed those lies, after so many doctors have come forward exposing the lies, telling you what you are being told won't work, and then them being censored by the media, and then the CDC report showing that 85% of the people recently infected were wearing masks, proving that the masks obviously don't work, there is no excuse for people to continue to blindly submit to this tyranny, except cowardice.

And what about you attorneys? Don't you realize that, if you make it official in a court of law that the masks, social distancing, and the lockdowns cannot work, have nothing to do with science or medicine, and are, therefore, unconstitutional and illegal, you can bring charges against Fauci, these tyrants, and everyone else helping them or aiding and abetting them in forcing the people to do these things such as government bureaucrats, major corporation CEOs, and members of the media, and then litigate these tyrants for hundreds of billions of dollars in damages for the small mom and pop businesses that have been destroyed along with the jobs they created being destroyed and their people put out of work, with you getting 40% of those damages?

Dear attorneys, that is tens of billions of dollars just waiting to go into your bank accounts, duh, hello! It is first come, first serve, baby.

I hate to be the one to tell you this but getting elected to any political position DOES NOT give you the knowledge or authority to practice medicine and, if I were an MD and got elected as governor, I would not order you to do anything of a medical nature. I would tell you that, if you feel ill, GO SEE YOUR DOCTOR and let them tell you what to do. That is what we have doctors for.

BTW, these crimes prove a few things. 1) Government run medicine does not work because politicians and bureaucrats are not qualified to practice medicine and 2) the things they have been unconstitutionally and illegally forcing you to do obviously do not work or things would not be getting worse while we are doing what they are forcing people to do, things would be getting better. Nothing worked the way they told you it would work.

I got this very good video from Mark. I only disagree with a few things that were said and a lot is said. Much of it confirms what I have been telling you, including MD Ron Paul saying that Fauci is lying his butt off for fear mongering. There are a few things I have told you that they did not confirmed in this video but there is much more they show. These political and bureaucratic criminals are lying to you and the MSM are complicit in those crimes. They should all be held accountable for their crimes, everyone of them.

This video may not stay up long but you can also find it here and you have to scroll down quite a ways to see it.

These power mad criminals MUST be held accountable for their actions. I have been watching this evil crap for more than half a century, people, just like the video shows. Just like I have been telling you for years, nothing will stop these evil people except death.

BTW, this site, "Creation...The Science", has been hacked a number of times over just the last few months to stop me from uploading new essays telling you the truth and, gee, what a coincidence, this started just a few months before the election. I get a few essays up and then they hack it again so I can't upload more essays. While I am writing this essay, I don't have access to upload this essay. They have not damaged anything on the site so it won't be obvious that it has been hacked, they are just preventing me from uploading more information.


Remember that I told you that many of the people who supported Nazi Germany during the war got away with it and just faded back into the shadows to regroup, reorganize, and continue with their efforts?

This video shows a little of this with supporters in places like Spain, Switzerland, Argentina, and other South American countries. But there were some, especially members of the British Royal Family who simply went back to Britain and just quietly faded into the back ground just like I told you. Some of them are very obvious today, such as George Soros (an admitted member of Hitler's SS) and other globalists.


Remember that more than 20 years ago, I told you about fire breathing dragons here, posted August 2000?

This video teaches something very similar. I am not the only one who believes that, according to what I have seen, dragons were animals like dinosaurs and there is quite a bit of evidence supporting this such as ancient pictures and descriptions supporting this.

More and more of what I have taught you keeps being proved true.

John 3:16 For God so loved the world, that he gave his only begotten Son, that whosoever believeth in him should not perish, but have everlasting life.

You better....

Pray long, pray hard, pray often!!!

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