I Told You So 367

Remember that I have been telling you that it is going to keep getting worse until you repent of your sins and turn back to God?

It just got a lot worse, didn't it?

People, you cannot turn back to God until you repent of your sins because you will either be facing God or your sins but you can't have both at the same time because your sins are away from God. This also includes the sin of tolerance of other people's sins. As long as you are tolerant of other people's sins, God won't hear your prayers and you will remain at the mercy of Satan and his spawn.

How much worse is this going to have to get before you pay attention and turn from your sins back to God?

I am still watching to see what God is doing here. Will Trump or Biden win and why?

I am convinced that we have ignored God and remained in our sins too long so we are going to lose our nation just like Israel did for the same reasons and God showed me this in a number of dreams I have already shared with you. Our nation will be divided but, if we repent and turn back to God, we will be given a second chance by building a new nation.

In "I Told You So 358", posted in August, I mentioned under the title "DNC" that one thing I was watching was that the left has rigged this election so much that they will win even by running Biden. I have been quietly watching this but even I was amazed at how obvious and extensive their vote rigging is. The left clearly had millions of pre printed fake Biden ballots in storage facilities to bring out and count to insure they would "win" or steal this election. They obviously are so desperate, especially with so many of them facing criminal charges like I told you, that they were willing to risk starting a revolution without first grabbing everyone's guns and getting their brains blown out.

Remember that I have been telling you how extremely desperate the left is and that desperate people do desperate things. It turns out that they are so desperate that they are willing to stage an open and obvious coup without first seizing everyone's guns to keep from getting their brains blown out. Obviously, they felt they had nothing left to lose just like I told you they would do. The only thing that will stop their continued coup is success or death. For them it is do or die time.

It turns out that the mail-in-ballots are just a disguise or cover for their fake Biden ballots.

It turns out that they had enough fake ballots to win even with so many Commierats voting GOP or not voting. This election is super rigged and openly so. This is a blatant coup.

If Biden steals this election, it is a judgment of the US for turning from God and being evil. It is like I told you, this election is really about how good or evil we are as a nation. We will be losing our nation because the commies will steal it from us and you better get right with God very quickly, if you want to save anything of this nation. For the good people of this nation it is also do or die time. Before this is over either the good or bad people are going to die and the only question is which will it be and that will be decided by the good people and God. The bad people have already made their decision.

If the left does not succeed in stealing our nation right now, this is a very serious warning shot, you better pay attention and get right with God very quickly.

I have told you that God showed me that we will temporarily lose partial control of our nation and end up with a divided nation that will also expand in some other areas by annexing other nations or parts of nations, IF we get right with God before it is too late. We have sinned too much and for too long for us to not be punished at least some. Note that God will not let us keep even part of this nation, much less annex other nations, if we are still living in our sins.

I told you that God told me that Obama will nuke Chicago to stage a violent coup of the US and I have been wondering how God will get us there. At first, I thought Obama would do that while still in office but that didn't happen. Then I thought he would kill Trump, Pence, and everyone else he needs to kill to be able to seize control but that has problems I was watching to see how God would resolve those problems.

For example, Obama is going to nuke Chicago while there is a rich man's ball in the top of the Sears Tower. The only way I could see Trump and company attending a formal ball in the Sears Tower on a Monday that was not a holiday and was during work hours would be if Trump saved Chicago from its Commierats and they staged the ball to celebrate and, if Obama nuked Trump and seized power, he would be so suspect that the government might not permit him to seize power. If Trump stops Biden from stealing this election, something like that could still happen.

Another thing I am now watching with the DNC so openly trying to steal this election is that God may let the left succeed in stealing this election to let them have what they want and then use the coup by power mad Obama to punish and kill all of their upper class trash who have destroyed God's republic.

It has become open and very obvious that these lefties are the true racists and plan to eradicate the blacks. You can bet that Obama and Farrakhan know this and will have to make the first move to save their butts, especially after the left seizes control and sets up their commie dictatorship so they will have the absolute control to commit genocide against all non whites. Plus you know that power mad Obama never really intended to share that power with the white lefties when he and Farrakhan can have it all.

Also, this is a much more probable scenario because, if Obama nukes his "home town" to kill Trump, he will still be suspect but, if he nukes his "home town" to kill his fellow Commierats and coconspirators in this coup, who will suspect Obama, especially if he blames Trump, Israel (like God showed me in the dream he will), and the conservatives for staging a counter coup?

All of the lefties and most moderates will believe that lie so I think that would be a more probably scenario. Just think about it, in one swift move, Obama could eliminate everyone between him and absolute power over the US including all of the evil, racist, white puppet masters like Soros, Zuckerberg, Dorsey, Bezos, Schumer, Pelosi, Schiff, the non black lefty journalists, and others while also eliminating Trump by blaming Trump, Israel, and conservatives. Plus, remember that I told you that Obama is a member of the British Royal Family so, if he also invites everyone in the British Royal Family between him and the British Throne, he will put himself in a position where he can claim the British Throne and consolidate the power of both the US and the UK under his absolute control. This is even more important when you realize that the British Royal Family have control over at least 30 to more than 40 other nations via such organizations as the Common Wealth. In just one move, Obama could easily have absolute control over 40 or more nations and he could easily blame Trump, Israel and the conservatives because, after all, he wouldn't nuke his friends and his own "home town".

One thing I am now considering is that God may be letting Biden steal this election to save Trump's life so Trump can help rebuild our economy after the civil war that will follow the Battle of Ezekiel 38 & 39, after all, everything works for the good with God. If this is true, then, after Biden steals this election, Trump better get him and his family to either Israel or a secure red zone to save his butt and do it quickly and I have an idea where that secure red zone might be.

Regardless of which way this election goes, we know there will soon be a war between the left and right so you better secure your red zones as quickly as possible to protect your families and prepare for the soon coming war or it will cost you dearly. SECURE.YOUR.RED.ZONES.NOW!!!

You all need to arm yourselves, join a militia, get trained as well as you can, organize your militias within, with other militias, with the good cops (who better get in militias to save their own butts), and with the military (who will need to work with the militias to save their own butts), and secure your red zones as best as you can. You should realize that you now have very little time to do this.

To the cowardly preppers who plan to run off and hide I say, "Just where are you going to hide?"

Let me share some intelligence information with you to show you how ignorant and futile your prepper plans are.

When our spy planes and satellites fly over or near enemy borders, some of the things they are looking for is hidden military units our cameras can't see. To do this they gather electromagnetic waves given off by electrons flowing through different things.

ANY TIME an electron flows through ANYTHING, it ALWAYS gives off an electromagnetic wave specific to that thing that will travel at the speed of light forever. Our spy planes and satellites have equipment sensitive enough to pick up any electromagnetic wave given off by any electron flow from things like light bulbs, wrist watches (they can tell what time your watch says), or ANYTHING ELSE!

When those spy planes and satellites fly over or near enemy territory, they are looking for electromagnetic waves from any device that uses electron flow to show that the enemy has a new tactical position hidden somewhere our cameras cannot see.

For example, if they get electromagnetic waves from light bulbs, that can tell them if someone is using a flash light, there is a building there, what type of building it is by the relative positioning of the bulbs and number of bulbs, and if they are using anything else like small calculators or night vision. They can tell if a building is a barracks, office building, dining building, meeting room, or anything else by the number, type, and relative positions of just the lights being used.

If you ignorant preppers take ANYTHING with you that uses electricity, even just a small battery (as those batteries slowly discharge, they send off electromagnetic waves), our satellites will pick you up and track you. You can't hide anywhere for very long. The satellites will also use infrared to pick up your body heat and campfire, even inside of caves. You cannot hide and, when they have finished taking care of the more important targets, they will send in satellite guided kill teams to eliminate you and your family. You would be amazed at what we could do 50 years ago and they have better today.

You better stand and fight with militias and the military to make sure the commies don't get control of that technology or you will die. You cannot hide from it.

"But, what about Osama Bin Ladden, he hid from that technology for years?"

No he didn't. I watched and could see what was going on while you and he were busy thinking the US Military could not find him, you know, like the military kept telling everyone to throw OBL off. You see, we used a strategy we learned in fighting guerilla armies because all guerilla armies have a centralized control system run by one leader and, if your unit wanted approval and funding for operations, you had to get it from that leader. So we developed the strategy of watching one leader to see who his lieutenants were so we could track those lieutenants and, when they had planned everything out, had all of the funding they needed and were handing out those funds to the different leaders for their operation in their last pre operation meeting, we killed them destroying their entire team, all of their funding, and their operation plans. When OBL got replacement lieutenants, they had to meet with him to be approved by him and we then knew about them.

Did you noticed that we kept killing OBL's lieutenants, as many as 5 in one month, but we couldn't find OBL, who they all had to get approval and funding for their operations from?

Yeah, right.

What happened was that the terrorist lieutenants learned that working for and reporting to OBL was a death sentence so more and more of them began working for "Big Al" and staying away from OBL. When it got down to where OBL only had a few remaining lieutenants we could easily track and the PR for killing OBL was more important for us, then they killed OBL and made Obama watch.

Remember that?

They knew where OBL was years before they killed him, they just used him and his lieutenants to find out their entire organizational structure from top to bottom to prevent more terrorist attacks on the US and our allies while making the terrorists think we didn't know who and where they were until it was finally more beneficial to kill OBL. When they killed OBL, that should have told you that our military already knew the entire Al Quaeda network so they didn't need OBL any more.

Now they watch Big Al and others to keep their lieutenants from staging attacks against the US. It is a standard military control system.

Besides, what, you think you are the only person out of more than 300 million people who has been out looking at your "perfect hiding place"? Really?

You are going to show up to your perfect hiding place to find hundreds to thousands of other cowards there using all types of electronic devices that will give away the location of your perfect place, now a village of ignorant, cowardly fools who can all be killed with just one big bomb.

You MUST stand and fight with the militias or become commie slaves or be murdered by the commies. You have no other choice because of our technology.

I have also been watching the sailboat cruising people during this COVID 19 fiasco and, if you are a US citizen outside of the US when this war soon goes full blown, you better get your butts back to the US very quickly or you are going to be in really big trouble. Only a few people in certain countries will escape the persecution of US citizens during this time. It is going to be really bad, people. The US won't even be able to trust most of our current allies.

Now, you have already seen that there are good people or patriots still in government positions in red states, most law enforcement and military are good people with the military having known this was going to happen decades ago so the good people inside the US Military have been planning and preparing for this for decades. The commies are in for a really bad surprise.

For example, the military began putting some of their people out into civilian life decades ago to help recruit, train, and organize civilian militias to stop this coup and to organize those militias with the US Military. The military is in a position to where they must wait until the people revolt to take back their nation before the military can "come to the aid of the people against the corrupt government." You, the people, have to start this revolt.

People, if you all run and hide, how can the military come help you win the fight?

That is why I have been telling you to arm, train, join a good militia, organize that militia internally, with other militias, with law enforcement, and with the US Military. Know that the NSA spy agency is also run by the US Military, they know what is going on, and everyone from the top down who is involved.

Secure your red zones, now!

John 3:16 For God so loved the world, that he gave his only begotten Son, that whosoever believeth in him should not perish, but have everlasting life.

You better....

Pray long, pray hard, pray often!!!

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