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Remember that one thing God has been consistently doing is permitting the left to briefly get what they want so the left will show their true ugly side. Obviously too many stupid people are still blindly believing the lefty lies so God is giving those stupid people another chance to see the ugly truth to finally make their decision between good and evil.

My first thought is, "Wake up, fools!"

My Enemy

I have been watching people posting on FB with many people I had thought were my friends working to destroy my nation, enslave me with their communism, and rob me of everything so they can live lives of luxury on my back. Basically, while I thought of them as friends, they were actively stabbing me and my family in the back.

I recently came to realize that these traitors pretending to be my friends were my worst enemies and, someday, we will have to fight and kill them to get our freedoms and rights back because they will make us kill them to get our freedoms and rights back. Know that, with them trying to enslave us right now, if we don't submit to their slavery, they will kill us so it is now kill or be killed by people who only pretended to be our friends while stabbing us in the back. Think about that.

These people are the worst enemy you can have. If you have any wisdom, you should realize that you can never, ever trust any of them again because of their evil betrayal of you.

Just like in the first civil war, you are going to have to fight and kill some of your family and friends to keep them from killing you and others. This is going to be a tough one because, if you don't kill them, they will kill you because they have no morals, which is why they are working to force their communism and slavery on you. If they cared about anyone other than themselves, they would not do that.


I am seeing too many conservatives and moderates who are behaving like, "Aw, we just lost another election. We will win the next one." This is in spite of the fact that left blatantly and obviously stole this election while openly planning to destroy our republic.

What? These people don't think the left will steal the rest of our elections to prevent losing power again? Really?

These people need to wake up and pay attention. The left stealing elections will only get worse until we have no republic and only a communist slave state.

The first thing I expect the left to do is to use this fake COVID 19 pandemic to declare a national emergency "for the good of the people" and to "protect the people". Then they will use the national emergency to declare martial law, suspend the US Constitution, Congress, and the Supreme Court to set up their dictatorship, at which time you won't have any constitutional rights. Then they will send their Antifa and BLM thugs around to get your guns you no longer have a constitutional right to own so they can enslave you, rob you, and kill whoever they want. The left will be above the law because they will be the law.

After I wrote that, I found this video telling you that the first thing Biden plans to do is name a Coronavirus task force, you know, because it is a national emergency. Here they come for your Constitution and guns and it is the first thing they plan to do. Surprise, surprise!

Gee, who would have figured?

Remember that this is where you get tomorrow's news today.

I cannot emphasize this enough. You better secure your red zones to prevent this from happening and prepare for war to 1) defend yourselves and your families and 2) retake your nation.

People, there will not be any more elections, especially not real or fair elections. Not taking a stand against this illegal vote rigging will be legitimizing and submitting to vote rigging. They are now going to do everything they can to prevent themselves from losing power again. This is a coup to set up a dictatorship, people. These evil people don't play nice and they have no good intentions regardless of what they say. They are not just stealing an election, they are stealing your nation, your freedoms, your rights, and your lives. Welcome to the USSA, the United Soviet States of America unless you stand up and fight back RIGHT NOW!

Most people are not aware of what may be about to run their butts over. Hey, you stupid commies, if Biden succeeds and you dare disagree with him about anything, he will have you killed and it won't matter that you are a commie. Even you commies will not be allowed to disagree with the party concerning anything. If you commies say one thing the party doesn't like, you will get the Epstein treatment. If any other commie decides they don't like you or they want to get you out of the way, they can report you and you will step out of a tall building. Fools!!! Wake up, America.

People, destroying the Constitution that protects others from you is also you destroying the Constitution that protects you from others. If you can do what you want to others, others can do what they want to you.

God said, "Do unto others what you want others to do unto you."

What Next?

Everyone knows that Trump won this election but the left are denying the obvious vote rigging. "Us rig the votes? No, we wouldn't do that. We will burn down your businesses and cities, beat you up, and murder you but we would never rig an election." I find it interesting that the Secret Service is shoring up the White House to protect Trump and keep him in office.

I believe that, if Trump doesn't win in the courts, he, his family, and everyone on his side will have to flee for their lives. I believe the good people in the military want Trump to stay in because he is the first president since Reagan to not sell them out plus they know the left plans to shove their military butts under ye ole commie bus. United we stand, divided we fall.

It is possible that the military will sneak these people away to safety in either Israel or a secret nuke proof underground bunker somewhere such as here at White Sands Missile Range (WSMR), which I believe will fulfill one of my dreams. I dreamed years ago that our nation would be controlled from WSMR. When I was in the military, we used to call this underground facility "the other White House."

After I wrote that, I found this video showing that one of the first things the left plans to do is go after and "hold accountable" Trump and his people, you know, send them to prison or kill them so they can't take back control of the government. They also plan to punish the people who voted for Trump to scare people into not voting for anyone who will try to stop them.

Then I found this at Breitbart by Haris Alic:

"Former Vice President Joe Biden is preparing a bevy of executive orders to issue on his first day in the White House that will reverse some of the key policies of the Trump administration."

This is an all out assault on the people to quickly set up their commie dictatorship.

Do you know that we have a number of nuke proof underground facilities in the US including at least one to protect our federal government officers during a nuke war?

It has everything they have at the White House and Pentagon for fighting and controlling a war and this should be a very secure red zone because of what we have here and it was secretly supposed to be the command and control for the president and Pentagon during a nuke war. The Pentagon only kept talking about the president controlling a nuke war from a special plane in the air but it would only take one air detonated nuke to take care of that plane.

Also, there are increasing reports of increasing numbers of conservatives fighting back such as with this video. The American people were not all fooled and many are very angry. BTW, this YouTube channel is run by a former Marine.

Then I got this from Breitbart by Ildefonso Ortiz:

"Violence broke out between Antifa members and Trump supporters during a rally at the state capitol in Washington State. The supporters of U.S. President Donald J. Trump had gathered at the state capitol to question the legitimacy of the election when the clash broke out."

This is just the beginning for the next phase of this war, mean while, they are finding a huge amount of evidence of vote rigging with a number of whistle blowers coming forward as witnesses. This thing is quickly growing ever way from Sunday.

Then I got this video proving that Trump can never concede and must hold out even if it means there will be two competing governments, one running the blue areas and the other running the red areas. If Trump concedes, our republic is dead and we will be living under a communist dictatorship until we die or take the government back by force. Get it straight, this is a coup by the commies and they will never allow fair elections again because they will never give up power again.

You have to understand that Biden can't concede or he and everyone involved in this coup will go to prison or hang and Trump can't concede or we lose our republic and will have to take it back by force. You should thank the corrupt commie traitors for this mess. Hey, they managed to make everything worse everywhere at the same time.

It is possible that we could end up with a parallel government, one for the people and one for the commies with two presidents, one for each group. One will control the red zones and the other will control the blue zones. That could easily cause our Mexican standoff God told me about in that dream I told you about, especially with the US Military knowing that the commies also plan to stuff the military butts under ye ole commie bus because they hate the military. I am keeping an eye on this.

If this happens, I plan to enjoy watching the people fleeing the blue zones for the red zones until the commies set up their 21st Century "Iron Curtains" or walls to contain those fleeing slaves...uh...people. You good people better get your butts out of those blue zones and help secure the red zones.

Remember that years ago I told you that, after the commies seize control, they will start in fighting for control and power?

They are already doing it and have been doing it for years but it just really accelerated. It is very obvious that they just used Biden as their front man to get Kruella Harris elected and will soon stuff his butt under ye ole commie bus to make Kruella president, which will cause the speaker of the house to become vice president and AOC is now running against Pelosi for Speaker of the House (it seems the Commierats are wanting to stuff Pelosi's butt under ye ole Commierat bus). If AOC wins the election to be speaker of the house and becomes vice president behind Kruella, don't be surprised to see AOC murder Kruella to become president and have all of the power, especially if she doesn't think Kruella is moving fast enough. "Here, get out of my way, I will show you how it is done." These people are all evil and nothing is beneath them.

Now, there has been infighting between the young commies, the old guard socialists, and black Muslims and you think Obama and Farrakhan are going to sit quietly by watching this power struggle knowing that both of the other groups are racist and plan to finish exterminating blacks, you know, them?

Then I got this from Breitbart by Bob Price:

"BLM protesters marched into Black Lives Matter Plaza in Washington, D.C., on Saturday night and criticized 'white liberals' who celebrated 'Biden winning this election.'

BLM marchers took to the streets of DC on Saturday night, shouting 'Burn it down, Burn it down,' Breitbart News reported. As they made their way into Black Lives Matter Plaza near the White House, they became increasingly critical of the evening's earlier celebrations.

'For all of you f-ng journalists, for all of you white liberals who have been celebrating, getting drunk off your asses about Biden winning this election, you are all a bunch of f-ng fools!' one man can be heard yelling on a bull horn, journalist Andy Ngo tweeted."

BLM are black Muslims and Muslims are against drinking alcohol, it is a sin in Islam. This is the black Muslims turning against the white commies. Nope, they ain't sitting by watching.

Gee, why are the black Muslims not happy that Biden is supposed to be elected as president? Because Biden is a racist non Muslim?

They are turning against each other in a desperate power grab even more because they think they just seized control of the US Government and now it is time for each group to fight for the power of being the top dog. This will be interesting.

I think that will be when Obama will make his move for power and control so he can lead an army to invade Israel to prove he is the Mahdi so he can conquer and rule the world. Both he and Farrakhan have stated that they believe Obama is the Muslim messiah or Mahdi. Plus you know that they will believe that, if they can prove Obama is the Mahdi and all Muslims will be forced to join him in finishing conquering the world, they will be able to return to the US with a Muslim army of a few hundred million to finish taking the US red zones from the conservatives and then use the US power to conquer the world. That would be normal human behavior with what they believe.

All Obama and Farrakhan would have to do is throw a formal ball in the top of the Sears Tower for all of the top Commierat racist white power brokers to celebrate their political victory with Biden, show up late enough to miss being nuked, and they will take out all of those racist white upper class trash to seize power and God did show in my dream that this would be a ball of rich white people.

Then all they have to do to get the support of the stupid people and commies is blame Trump, Israel, and conservatives for nuking Chicago to "stage a counter coup" knowing that, if the conservatives do then stage a counter coup, Obama will be able to use that counter coup as "confirmation" that Trump, Israel, and the conservatives nuked Chicago. Hey, the commies and stupid people will believe anything.

Then they put together their commie army, you know, Obama's CNSF, to invade Israel to prove Obama is the Mahdi so the Muslims will all unite behind Obama to 1) take over the US red zones and 2) conquer the world for Islam. That is when God will step in to help us take care of things by fighting the Battle of Ezekiel 38 & 39 for us while killing almost all of their leaders when God destroys Damascus turning those leaders into Damascus asphalt.

But, first you have to repent of your sins, turn back to God, and call on God's name so He will help us. If we try to fight this war without doing this, the same thing will happen to us that happened to Israel when they tried to fight in the Sinai Desert after God told them not to fight. Israel got routed really bad. Pray long, pray hard, pray often and lock and load.

I think God is very likely to let these power mad whackos briefly get at least part of what they want to show everyone how evil they really are. Don't be surprised if we end up with less than 100 million people left in this country when the dust has settled with NONE of these power mad whackos getting what they really want and Hell getting almost all of them.

Hey, these power mad globalists want to depopulate the planet so they don't have to share "their planet" with you so why not start with them?

We will soon see what God has in store for us. Right now, I am just waiting and watching the hand of God move.

Remember that I have been telling you that the lefty media have been a very important part of the crimes that have been and still are being committed by the left and they should be held accountable for their crimes? Believe me yet?

It is my opinion that the lefty media should hang with the corrupt politicians and upper class trash because the lefty media are aiding and abetting in the commission of these treasonous crimes.

People, what the left just did is criminal because they are trying to steal control of your nation away from you to enslave you and everyone who was involved should be tried and at least go to prison with all of the upper class trash, including the media and especially those who financed this, who were involved being hung for treason.

This is a very good and informative video about this mess. It will help you understand the process and tools Trump has to fight this corruption. You better pray long, pray hard, pray often and lock and load. This is another good video showing what is going on. We are also about to find out if the courts are corrupt or whether the system still works. If the system doesn't still work, then the only way you will be able to get your nation back is by armed revolt. Pray that the system still works.

"Lord, deliver me out of the hand of my enemy and deliver my enemy into my hand."

John 3:16 For God so loved the world, that he gave his only begotten Son, that whosoever believeth in him should not perish, but have everlasting life.

You better....

Pray long, pray hard, pray often!!!

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